Temporary bans.

Tyler and GZP.  You fellows are just too personal.  You are "gone" for a while.  pl

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  1. Al Arabist says:

    Here is something more “constructive.” Anyone know who Obama’s Bechtel link is? http://in.reuters.com/article/2013/07/28/saudi-metro-contract-idINL1N0FY0DA20130728

  2. MS2 says:

    Bechtel is a founding element of Aramco, and skews Republican by board membership. They got this contract due to some combination of competence, legacy contacts, and maybe some belief by Saudi Arabians that the western Republican oil/defense/engineering establishment is quite robust and a reliable friend of the rulers there.

  3. Alba Etie says:

    If memories serves Mr George Schultz is on the BOD of Bechtel –

  4. elkern says:

    Thx. It’s hard not to gloat; I’ll try to keep it to myself. (but isn’t “gloat” a great word? I have to look it up in the OED. I bet it’s Scottish).

  5. elkern says:

    Hrrmph. OED sez (maybe) it (“gloat”) is Old High German, c. 1500. I’m stickin’ to my theory ’cause it’s more fun.

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