“Texas County Declares ‘Invasion’ of Migrants at Southern Border”

“Kinney County, Texas, has declared the ”existence of an invasion” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The county’s declaration also calls for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, to ”acknowledge the existence of an invasion on our border with Mexico.”

Five other counties — Uvalde, Terrell, Medina, Burnet and Goliad — spoke in support of Kinney County’s declaration.

Officials from Kinney and the other five counties met on Tuesday to discuss their concerns regarding the increasing number of migrants crossing the border from Mexico into Texas. 

A press release from Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan detailed the increase in human smuggling in the county, stating that in June, ”Kinney County law enforcement has prevented over 67 smuggling attempts along our roadways.

”This past weekend included the unfortunate deaths of 3 illegal aliens who were involved with human smuggling in Kinney County. Kinney County (Brackettville) has been forced to militarize our school campus with vehicle barriers to prevent high speed chases from entering campus and injuring children.

”As a Texan, this is not acceptable. We will no longer allow the sovereignty of Texas to be invaded by those unwilling to obey our laws,” Shahan continued. ”That is why today, July 5, 2022, Kinney County, joined by several other counties on the Texas border, are declaring the existence of an ”invasion” as used in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution and in Article 4, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution.”

Comment: The memory lingers on in Texas of the state’s ten years or so as an independent country. The Mexicans had enough of these madmen after San Jacinto and walked away. There are several US states that have an experience of independence before admission to the Union. Vermont is another, but in Texas the experience left strong marks. They feel their state sovereignty.

Will Abbott join them? What will Joe Joe the Chinese laundry guy do about this? pl

Texas County Declares ‘Invasion’ of Migrants at Southern Border | Newsmax.com

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6 Responses to “Texas County Declares ‘Invasion’ of Migrants at Southern Border”

  1. Schmuckatelli says:

    NORTHCOM’s battlespace being overrun.

  2. Whitewall says:

    Our own government really hates us it seems. My bet is China Joe will have his AG henchman Garland make an ugly face at this Texas county and then bring legal action to stop them.

  3. Deap says:

    Law of unintended consequences: The Roe decision return to states rights just might trigger more inter-state squabbling.

    Florida dunks California’s Gavin Newsom big time, after his California state unions paid for a really dumb ad to run in Florida. Florida keeps landing in the win column, while California keeps stepping on a rake:


    Be sure to watch both ads, if you have not already seen the first one funded allegedly by SEIU and the teachers unions in California, to run in Florida. Liberals now take themselves so seriously; while GOP forces are quickly becoming the fun party.

  4. Fred says:

    If only our politicians cared as much for our Southern border as they did for Ukraine’s border with Russia. Maybe we should Build Bribes Better?

    “human smuggling” Biden the Butcher let 53 smuggled immigrants die in a trailer, but at least the press didn’t mention that for long. Except CBS, which labels it “Texas Migrant” tractor trailer. Narrative uber-alles. I wonder what they’ll have to do to the balloting in November to avoid losing 100 seats in Congress.

    • Deap says:

      Make sure all Border Wall builders are Democrat-voting, union workers. Biden will snap to attention and give this too long delayed Border Wall project the funding it needs.

  5. KjHeart says:

    Hoping Texas pulls through this – I heard some really harrowing experiences told by people who own land/ranches on the border… They are tough people in that state.. hope their Gov supports them properly – they deserve the assist

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