The Biden kids (admin.) think daddys’ money is free.

Little children typically think that mommy and daddy have infinite material resources and it is only selfishness that keeps them from raising children’s allowances.

The people Joe Joe hired into his administration are like that. Most of them have never worked in the private sector where assets must be earned. They are from the world of the unearned cash balance, the world that can exist only because savage people have fought fiercely for those assets and then are willing to give them to foundations or the governments where they are used to support parasites of the sort who now run the Biden Administration.

Why not? Biden himself has never had a real private sector job.

I have lived on both sides of the great earned asset divide. In the final years of my time as a public servant I had a budget of a billion or so to justify to Congress every year and after enduring hearings, they were always approved and Voila! the numbers magically appeared on our books where we were careful to spend or obligate all! To do otherwise was to risk having the amount unspent deducted from the next year’s budget.

Then I left government and life got a lot harder when I had to participate in earning the money in order to get some of it.

The Kids in the Biden Administration are busy spending their parents’ money and can’t understand why the old grouches object. pl

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  1. Deap says:

    I divide politicians into two classes:
    1. The Lady Bountifuls spending “free” OPM (D)
    2. Those dedicated to efficiently delivering basic government services, funded by our tax dollars (R).

    Too often (R) become (D) once elected; and want to get re-elected.

    • TV says:

      Who are those “R”s?
      It has been obvious for years that government is populated by drones with no real world experience, certainly never having to know the meaning of “P&L.”

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    According to accounts I read, former President El Tricky Dickystanovich Nixonocles the first very quickly recognized the young Congress organism Josefiend Biledenoneccy as “a democrat ok but a ruthless guy someone who understands how things work here, isn’t he though, someone we want to keep close so we can .. “

  3. Fred says:

    “…we were careful to spend or obligate all! To do otherwise was to risk having the amount unspent deducted from the next year’s budget.”

    The same thing rules academia. Having worked in corporate America also I second your observation that “life got a lot harder when I had to participate in earning the money in order to get some of it.” There are a couple of generations of leftys, and an entire class of inherited money, that have no idea what it takes to earn a living; and complete contempt for those who must.

    • Pat Lang says:


      You were unaware of that practice?

      • Fred says:


        Well aware of it, just seconding your observation. When I lived in Ann Arbor I found it amusing that the grad school crowd wouldn’t admit to what they were doing with department budgets. (I remember being invited to a department Christmas party that they lavished close to $5,000 on rather than turning in the money year end.) They are the same people that recommended walking away from mortgages when they were underwater and now want to get bailed out on their student loans.

      • JK/AR says:

        A anecdote – This time tho NOT of Arkianese Origin

        Or : The Road Not Taken:

        “Despite being called “the least electable man because of his many odd habits and beliefs, He proved a durable politician. He won reelection five times. .. Often considered by his opponents to be too easygoing, He demonstrated his effectiveness as a campaigner. During his first campaign, when he was accused of carpetbagging, he published newspaper advertisements featuring a photograph of his grand-uncle Duncan, who had served as Lieutenant Governor during the 1860s, thus demonstrating his association with the state. When [an opponent] called him a “creampuff” during their 1966 campaign, he turned that to his advantage and mocked [the guy] by obtaining an endorsement from a local baker’s union.”

        ‘He was known for unusual beliefs and behaviors, including wearing threadbare suits, purchasing cheap used automobiles despite his wealth, and his interest in the paranormal. His interest in the paranormal was critiqued: “In my opinion, however, no one in Washington has rivaled Senator [He] in the combining of science with extreme gullibility toward the performances of psychics.” He also wore his father’s belt as a memento, despite the fact that Dad was stouter than the rail-thin son requiring the son to wrap the belt around his waist twice to make it fit.”

        “In a 1972 book an author wrote about his alleged arrest during a raid on a Greenwich Village homosexual bar in 1964. He denied the allegation and there were no police records, witness statements or other sources to corroborate what the author published. Despite legal advice to sue for defamation. He declined, deciding that it would draw undue publicity to the allegations.”

        “At the funeral he was eulogized by former President Bill Clinton, Senator Edward Kennedy and then Vice-President elect Joe Biden.”

        (Heh heh! Y’all thought you had me there didn’t y’all, right up until the moment revealt it was JoBeau hisself gave the invocation?)

        Identity Reveal tomorrow – Bring sweets!

      • walrus says:

        Esso taught me zero based budgeting. They refused to use historical cost budgeting for exactly the reason Col. Lang mentioned: if you didn’t spend it you got less the following year.

        Historical cost budgeting is inherently wasteful because of that end of FY rush to get everything spent and nobody cares what you buy.

        Zero base – you get nothing. You build a set of line items based on exactly what you intend to do for the year. You get given the money you asked for and you get judged on what you did with what you got item by item.

        First year is hard., the rest are easy. I was punched and yelled at until I got it right by our five foot tool pugilistic operations manager – nickname: “the angry ant”.

        • leith says:

          Walrus –

          Reminds me of an after hours ECON 101 course 50 years ago on Okinawa taught by an Air Force finance officer. During discussions on budgeting he would regale us with tales of AF shenanigans regarding “that end of FY rush to get everything spent”. He said in the last day or two of the year AF bases would transfer any unspent funds to another base in a different time zone. That would happen again and again all around the globe until every dime was spent.

          It was an eye opener. Us poor dumb Jarheads had been ingrained or brainwashed since boot camp with the necessity to cut corners and save money so that the Corps could return unused funds to Congress every year. It was a tradition back then.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Hmmn, I never considered my mother an angry ant b/c when she gave you a wallop you felt it. Her budgeting was zerobased. “If you don’t have the money you don’t spend the money. Then, later on, you may have the money”. Mom, a proto zero based budgeting advocate. Who knew? Hey, could zero based be just common sense?

    • Deap says:

      A recent book about wealth in America claims only 17% comes from inheritances; the rest is still earned the old fashion way.

      This country needs to spend a lot less time on class envy; and a lot more protecting equal opportunity for its legal residents.

    • scott s. says:

      But isn’t that a problem in any large organization? A manager gets judged on budget execution. In particular if the work area is considered overhead. Though I guess there are attempts to turn things like IT into profit centers through charge-backs.

      But for the prog wing of the Dems, MMT means you can spend without constraint, as the purpose of taxation is to provide incentives, not revenues.

  4. Deap says:

    An aside, I suspect everyone has noticed the new “woke” advertising that now includes virtually 100% happy, affluent people of color enjoying middle to upper middle class lifestyles. Anglos have pretty much disappeared from Madison Avenue marketing.

    Great for portraying the diversity checklist, but I wonder if this also foments more division and resentments, just like whites were subjected to an idealization of their perviously dominant role in American culture.

    No, we Anglos were not all skinny, blond and flashing giant cleavages, or tall with steely square jaws and full heads of hair as the 1950’s disingenuously portrayed the white culture as well. That false portrayal, and often intentional led to a lot os insecurity and class envy as well. Is this now happening to POC, who also don’t find their lives reflect this new “woke” marketing ideal?

    But back to the real question -why the grotesquely different media response to the Trump kids (constant attacks) vs the Biden kids ( blatant peccadillos consistently ignored?

    What is the media payoff for this disparate treatment – is it really all about maintaining Sec 230 immunity protections that puts Big Media in bed 100% with the Democrats?

    • Whitewall says:

      All of a sudden those mass appeals to POC with very few whites happened seemingly over night. Advertising being what it is, those appeals to POC had better pay off with increased sales and profits.

      • Fred says:


        Overnight? Lefty sensation Susan Songtag was writing anti-America dogma beloved of the ‘intelegensia’ and the left in general in the ’60s. (she wasn’t alone in that) They’ve all come of age and gained power, along with their ‘kids’ (as the Col. calls them). Nothing suden or overnight about it; now it is just obvious.

        • TTG says:


          That’s the truth. When we started emphasizing doing our own thing and personal freedom over personal discipline and social responsibility, we started skipping down the road to perdition.

          • Fred says:


            we should decertify the National Association of Teachers since they are currently front & center in CRT and child grooming. A whole lot of the left needs to be removed from office too, like California just did with a couple of politicians.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Deap the press went socialist about 1900. Who do you think the muckrakers were? They never saw a good capitalist, or a “captain of industry,” only bad people from an evil system. Trace the portrayal of the greedy ’20’s on capitalism, blame the depression on its excess, be grateful Keynes explained how gov’t control of the economy would forever prevent corporate greed from consuming the country again. After WW II, newspapers b/c media, and Morrow and Cronkite were sure to give those bad capitalists another kick in the ass all the way through to Nixon and later Reagan. Since Reps=Capitalists, they were bad all the way up to Reagan. Boy did he annoy the red press who believed his Presidency sowed the seeds of the greedy ’80’s. The media were sneaky about their socialism until Obama made it acceptable to come out of the closet. So there is no “dollar payment” for the media. They want socialism. When the media learned that half the passengers on the Mayflower signed on to try and make money, and all of the Jamestown adventurers did, the stink of profit overwhelmed them. America was evil from the beginning. America delenda est. That is where we are today. The American media intends to destroy America b/c capitalism is bad. Simple as that.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    I was in the reserves most of my career. I worked in the civilian world and now have my own business. I still work for the “Man” but I don’t need to anymore and to be honest I never needed the man in the first place. I did it because I loved this country. That was the only reason. I can no longer say that anymore. I do not love what this has turned into. The political persecution, lawlessness, attacks on the Constitution. I’m too old to defend it anymore. My only hope is that someone else will but it’s not looking good. It may have to be lost again to be found again but I do believe it will be found.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Brevity is the soul of wit …. ditto.

      • jim ticehurst says:

        Aye Sir.. “Brevity The Soul of Wit.”
        .From Hamlet..By 1603…
        Polonius…Act 2….Scene 2..

        For Those…Who Have a Soul..

    • jim ticehurst says:

      Babeltaup..Your a Good Trooper…Your Not Alone in that Foxhole…So Reload…Eat your Power Bar..Keep Watch…And ..By The Dawns Early Will See Old Glory…And Remember…Them All…

      The Good Ones… Keep The Faith……..

  6. Mikke says:

    Like late Margaret Thatcher well put it: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”

  7. Notfakebot says:

    There’s a great quote in Godfather II in response to the “fine arts majors” who get their money as “stockholders of the family’s corporation.” The quote goes, “this contempt for money is just another trick of the rich to keep the poor without it.”

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