The Curious Silence of the Traitors by Larry C Johnson

Remember when John O. Brennan–Obama's CIA Director–and disgraced FBI agent, Peter Strzok, were regularly spewing anti-Trump diatribes on Twitter? Well, Strzok went silent on 11 July 2020 and Brennan did the same a week later (18 July 2020). I do not think that is a coincidence.

I have now heard from three separate sources that John Durham will have plea deals and/or indictments before 1 September 2020. Two of the first heads to roll likely will be lying lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who deliberately withheld exculpatory from a FISA application to spy on Carter Page, and lover boy, Peter Strzok.

And then there is the retarded fool, John Brennan, who fancies himself as the Mozart of the Intelligence Community. Sorry John, you do not even qualify to clean Salieri's toliet. Until 9 days ago, John was a regular tweeter hurling foul invectives at Donald Trump.

Here are two examples of their July 11 screeds:

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Peter Strzok on Twitter “Russian efforts to interfere in our political system  and the essential ques[...]

Screenshot_2020-07-27 John O Brennan ( JohnBrennan) Twitter

Trump's commutation of Stone apparently pushed them over the edge. Boo hoo. But since then it has been crickets from these two chowderheads.  Has the past caught up with them? At least in Strzok's case he has retained legal representation. No indicator yet about Brennan. A competent lawyer would understand that tweets, especially those attacking the Trump Administration, is a potentially dangerous, self-incriminating activity.

More than two weeks of silence from Strzok and one week from Brennan does not appear to be a mere instance of having nothing to say. Lack of substance has not prevented these two buffoons from shooting their mouths off in the past. Is the day of reckoning nigh?



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8 Responses to The Curious Silence of the Traitors by Larry C Johnson

  1. TV says:

    I sure hope so, but I’m not optimistic.
    The swamp will not go willingly and Barr, for all his comments about “justice”, is still a member in good standing.
    Look at how the FBI is still out of control, hiding and shredding documents and the “career” lawyers are still operating the DOJ as an arm of the Democrat party.

  2. Deap says:

    How long did Martha Stewart end up in the slammer? How much time did the Varsity Blues parents get in the Big House? People still do go to jail in this country for messing around with the facts.
    Are Brennan and Strozk immune after trying to take down a sitting President, but trying to get your stupid kid into USC by cheating gets a prolonged close encounter with Bubba?
    Surely, we don’t have two systems of justice. One for government employees and one for the rest of us. I gather one does not “plea bargain” unless there is a case. Though Gen Flynn can still beg to differ with that presumption. Surely we are not intro framing suspects, even though their possible charge was framing the President.
    Does the DOJ have clean hands at last, on Russiagate. And will a possible plea bargain finally lead to loss of their security clearances? And pensions. Did Clapper flip.

  3. Deap says:

    Why was the “essential question” to only investigate the Trump campaign.
    Facts in evidence clearly show Clinton was the one getting the Russians to interfere in the 2016 campaign. How is her Twitter account doing right now. Did she too drop into this sudden cone of silence?

  4. scott s. says:

    Keep hearing these things about Tashina “Tash” Gauhar, head of DoJ National Security Division seems to always be involved with all these things — Clinton Emails, DNC/Weiner, Sessions recusal, Mueller liaison at DoJ, FISA warrants.

  5. Deap says:

    10AM EST – Tues – House Judiciary Hearings – Oversight of DOJ – AG Barr testifying.

  6. Fred says:

    Thanks for the write up Larry. The sounds of silence are deafening. The silence of riots apparently being news, until this instant, when Congressman Nadler was forced to see five minutes of it via video in the hearing room on Congress, to which he chastised the ranking member for not giving him 48 hours warning that truth would be shown. I wonder what antifa’s masters have in store for us for the rest of the week, given their narrative is losing them voter support.

  7. BillWade says:

    Strzok has a book coming out, “Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump”. I’d rather see him sweating bullets before the Sep 8 release. Thanks Larry!

  8. Deap says:

    Once behind bars, Strzok can’t profit from his crime so this must be a frantic ghost-written doozie. And all Russia, Russia, Russia again. Talk about an issue that generates zero traction.
    I think we can all write the plot upfront (OrangemanBad), upon with he will hang the most gauzy of facts Too bad he could not get Team Mueller to agree with him when it counted.
    I mourn the trees sacrificed to his tawdry cause. Maintaining a wife and mistress at the same time however, does add up.

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