The office space question

Pat’s readers seem very upset by my reporting that Fitzgerald was to obtain more office space.

Let me try and help.

I had read Steve Clemons retraction before I posted my article on Pat Lang’s blog.
I had a conversation with a Department of Justice official during most of which I was made to feel like the village idiot with a talent for obvious remarks.
I asked if Fitzgerld was going to expand his operation, "The probe is going to expand, yes," the official said.  "Does this mean it willl require more staff?" I asked.
He replied, "An expansion would imply that, wouldn’t it?"
I then asked, "Is it true that you would require more office space?" "Well, of course, that would follow, wouldn’t it?" he said.
I asked if it were true that Fizgerald had already signed a lease. "That would not be somethng he would do personally." I then asked, "But it would be done by department officials?" He replied it would.
I then said, "Would I be mistaken to print that you are obtaining more office space?" He replied, "Well, logically that would follow, wouldn’t it?"
If what I reported is incorrect, I will make it public as quickly as I can.
Regarding the flood of speculation on Libby being indicted, and Rove perhaps being allowed to pass, it is difficult to penentrate this fog. There has been an incredible amount of last minute activity, the contents of which I don’t know. Most of my sources have gone to ground the past few days and it’s been difficult to get anything.  I was told by one federal law enforcement official that Hadley was to be indicted, but the indictment was to be kept sealed.  I have been able to obtain no confirmation on that.
Regarding the questionnaires sent to Cheney, I have no further word on them, or what Cheney’s response has been. I have been able to confirm that last Friday Fitzgerald’s FBi were talking to Cheney’s attorney.
That Cheney is really the center of the probe has been confirmed by several reliable sources.
The federal officials who told me that Fitzgerald was going to charge aides with a conspiracy to violate Joe Wilson’s civil rights was information I obtained last week and gave to UPI editors. They did not move it. On Monday, Andrea Mitchell, the White House correspondent for MSNBC reported the same thing.
Whether that charge will be made today, I don’t know. It is difficult to know how much the latest wheeling and dealing between probe targets and DOJ attorneys have altered the landscape.  Like any reporter, I get three sources on an item and report it, if they aren’t talking to each in coordination. (That prevents you from drinking your own bathwater.)
I will at all times on this site, report things as I hear them as long as I have collateral.
I would also remind readers that as Intelligence Correspondent for UPI, I was the first journalist in the country to name Libby and Cheney as the target of the probe back in February 2004. The article passed without much notice.
With greetings to all and with appreciation for your responses,
Richard Sale

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8 Responses to The office space question

  1. Todd says:

    Thank you for your level headed reporting. You have been in front the story for some time now. Any ideas about what today will look like, timing of press conference etc?

  2. Todd says:

    Raw Story reports 2:00PM Press Conference.

  3. MnMnM says:

    Thanks for your honest and effective reporting.
    We can only hope that Fitz doesn’t fizzle.
    I like Mr. Fitzpatrick’s motto: “If you do a white collar crime then you will serve blue collar time.” Look where he lodged Judith Miller. A few months in a blue collar jail and she was ready to sing. Unfortunately, she forgot the words.
    Grand Jury testimony of Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States (COSTUS), leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor). How much will COSTUS cost us?
    It is posted at:
    Number one hit on MSN Search when searching for “Rove and Fitzgerald”
    Please keep my identity a secret. Double super Secret.
    Middle-aged, Middle-of-the-road, Mid-Westerner

  4. Speed King says:

    The people who follow this thing closely have always known that Cheney and his people are at the heart of it. This obsession with “getting Rove” is short-sighted and stupid.

  5. Thrasyboulos says:

    Mr. Sale,
    I have follwed your reporting for a number of years. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for the information and analysis you have provided, especially since 2003.

  6. Steve says:

    Is it greedy to ask for more insight into the gaps left by the prosecutor? What happens to the grand jury? Do they just go home? Will they return to indict more? How does the process work?

  7. pacos_gal says:

    I think you’ve done an excellent job with the sources that you have been able to access. This seems to be an investigation that has had very few leaks, and therefore is difficult to get Any solid information about, and I think it will continue to be a difficult job to report.

  8. J i O says:

    Thanks for the office space acquisition clarification.
    I had hoped you didn’t just use Steve Clemmons as your only source of info, and you didn’t disappoint.

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