” they knew she wouldn’t do anything”

Newt Gingrich claimed Monday on “Fox & Friends” that the border crisis was not a mistake and that Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge because they knew she wouldn’t do anything to fix the situation.


NEWT GINGRICH: If you look at a piece of history, sometimes the obvious is accurate. They wanted Harris to be in charge of the border because they knew she wouldn’t do anything. This is not a mistake, this is why they refuse to call it a crisis.

They want the border to be open. Go back and look at the presidential primary debates. They are all in favor of open borders. They are all in favor of eliminating ICE. They are all in favor of eliminating any threat to sanctuary cities.

So from their perspective, the next ten or fifteen thousand people [who come in] are good because it further increases the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, which is what they want…

Of course, it’s working. What if your goal was to have the maximum number of illegal people in the United States? How would you do better than Biden?” Newsmax

Comment: I have been asserting the idea that what the Dems want is to change the demography and political balance in the US so as to make the world safe for global socialism. In that process the US is for them just a building block.


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  1. PRC90 says:

    Colonel, your comment at the end relates to their intent. Certainly, no one can underestimate the seductive siren song of socialism in terms of it affording instant access to some moral high ground and also to real coercive power over others.

    The execution of their intent may be blunted.
    Eighty million Americans voted for Donald Trump, they do not want to change the demography and political balance in the US, they would prefer to make the world decidedly unsafe for global socialism, and they see the US in existential terms and far more than just a building block in the schemes of those they may come to regard as a domestic enemy.
    I have no doubt that they and their adversaries will meet; both sides are too committed for any alternatives, and forceful but not yet apparent leadership will only lessen the conflict.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    “We shall overwhelm” is an old La Raza/Hispanic activist mantra going back to the late 80s, as far as I know. I heard all of the time in the SW. It’s a racist/culturalist reference to replacing the white majority of the US with non-whites. Seems these people have been successful in convincing whites to commit cultural suicide. Such is evolution. The more aggressive invasive species wins out over the more docile pre-existing competition. Affluence made white Americans complacent. They take everything they enjoy for granted.

  3. gordon reed says:

    The recent influx are asylum seekers from central america but the illegal immigration has been going on for decades. I live in socal which is now majority hispanic, when they cross the border they have a job lined up and a place to live and don’t know what a democrat or republican is. Most of the people that hire them are probably repubs, if people would stop hiring them they would stop coming.

    • Fred says:

      “asylum seekers ”

      Who don’t stop in any other country for refugee status and, of course, none head South, or to Europe. That asylum seeking line is a rather tired old lie, as is the one about who is hiring them. Especially at a time when Democrats are destroying small businesses in multiple states with illegal lockdown orders.

    • Yeah, Right says:

      They are not asylum seekers because they aren’t claiming persecution in their country of origin. Relocating because the way of life is better and there are more job opportunities is not “seeking asylum”.

  4. Martin Oline says:

    The majority of southern blacks were Republican for 100 years after the Civil War, just like Abraham Lincoln. When they moved to the large northern cities they were often coerced into joining the Democrat machine for political and economic expediency. Max Allen Collins makes a reference to this in one of his Nathan Heller true-crime books, where a black preacher met with the police chief in a town (all named therein but I cannot remember the details or the specific book) and asked him what he could do so the police would stop arresting young blacks for running numbers and bootlegging. The advise was register and vote for the Democrat ticket. I asked Collins back in about 2004 if that detail was true and he said he had paid researchers who gathered information for his books. That particular part had no bearing on the plot but perhaps he was as fascinated as I was by the corruption. The passage of the Civil Rights bills during the Johnson administration had the effect of changing the political identity of the southern whites and blacks.
    The Democrat party enjoyed a lot of power during the ‘Jim Crow’ era because they could represent the inner cities with token candidates. Although Adam Clayton Powell was a congressman from Harlem since 1945, Coleman Young was elected mayor of Detroit in 1974 and that was the beginning of the electability of many black candidates. The party bosses could no longer easily control their creation. When Jesse Jackson called New York ‘Hymietown’ during the 1986 Democrat primary there was a large backlash from the Jewish bloc of the party. I remember soon after that hearing a spokesman from the Southern Poverty Law Center speak derisively of Jackson one morning on NPR radio’s Morning Edition. He said the the blacks were in danger of being replaced if they didn’t watch it and that Latin emigrants had higher birthrates. I was amazed at the man’s arrogance in believing his ability to manipulate American politics.
    I believe this was the period when an organized effort was started in the Democrat party to move many immigrants from South and Central America to the United States. They naively believe they can usher in a new period of ‘Jim Crow’ where they can represent these new, easily manipulated immigrants in politics. Unfortunately, the majority of these people are conservative Catholics, have a traditional view towards the family and society and won’t fit willingly into that big tent.

  5. Deap says:

    Picking a Californian to turn the rest of the nation into California makes Kamala Harris the perfect choice to do nothing about Biden’s Open Borders plot. Tucker Carlson sets this out in perfect detail. A must watch/read.

    Having watched what Democrats did to my state in just a few decades of California should be warning to all, because they are now in total control and it is too late to undo it::


  6. Deap says:

    Reminder: Open borders plus sanctuary cities are a teacher union cash cow.

    It was the teachers union who brung us Biden-Harris. The higher the birth rates, the more teacher union dues flowing into Democrat causes and the more future anchor baby Democrat voters plus full amnesty.

    Just to support the continued dominance of the public sector unions; whose unmitigated powers now replace our US Constitution fundamentals.

  7. Samantha says:

    All this turmoil is kept simmering and boiling by those who want unhindered trade going with countries that provide cheap labor and large markets, such as China, and keeping labor cheap in this country. It is good for importers, exporters of raw goods, and big business but is essentially a war on wages and salaries of most US residents. It’s heartlessness and cruelty is wallpapered over by unaware bleeding heart virtue signalers and social justice warriors who are supported by those who actually benefit. It’s like frogs in a pot of water being pleasured while the temperature in the pot is turned up day after day. They croak for more.

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