Why Police Are Nervous About a Traffic Stop

Lt. Caron Nazario after getting pepper sprayed by police officers in Windsor, Virginia on May 12, 2020.

A lieutenant in the US Army, who happens to be black, was stopped in southern Virginia recently and the ensuing actions created another potential racial incident. First, watch the video:


This is a classic example of police giving contradictory commands. They order the suspect to place both hands outside the vehicle. But then they order him to exit the vehicle, which means he needs to put at least one hand in the vehicle to unfasten the seat belt and then open the door. It is only after the Lieutenant is pepper sprayed that the officers come to their senses and give him permission to unfasten the seat belt and exit the vehicle.

Looks pretty bad. But now look at this traffic stop in New Mexico.


In a fraction of a second, as the suspect emerges from the truck, the officer is shot and killed.

My point–it is very easy to play arm chair quarterback from the safety and comfort of your den or living room. This two videos show how events take place in a matter of seconds. Most people, including trained police officers, are incapable of reacting to defend themselves as you can see in the New Mexico video

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  1. Polish Janitor says:

    After watching the video of the incident, I noticed (as you indicated) the officers did not follow the 100% by the books protocol in handling the situation. But, according to Axios the lieutenant’s car had no license plate on it, the windows were tinted dark so the car’s interior was not visible, and on top of all these the lieutenant allegedly evaded the officers’ for 30 minutes before finally pulling over to the side of the road. I mean, you put all of these together and the officers too were undoubtedly in a heightened level of alertness and agitated and to some extent ‘mishandled’ the situation subsequently. But the liberal media is trying to spin it around as some kind of a racially-motivated “crime” against a “black and Latino man” (their own words) and various race-pimp orgs are out for blood against the cops in the name of anti-hate crusade. I suspect they wouldn’t like to concoct some kind of friction between the law enforcement and the military.

    • Polish Janitor says:


      “I suspect they wouldn’t mind concocting some kind of friction between the law enforcement and the military.”

      • Eric Newhill says:

        I thought the police did an ok job, all things consider. The Lt is another idiot that thinks it is acceptable and effective to argue with police when they are detaining him. The police – in the full video – asked the Lt to get out of the car before they were at the door. The Lt had plenty of time to unbuckle his seat belt and get out without risking the police thinking he was going for a weapon (if that was truly a concern). The police tried to reason with the Lt; one stating that he himself is a veteran and that if the Lt would just comply with the order to exit the vehicle, they could work it out. The Lt continued to refuse to comply and started in on amateur lawyer jibber jabber. IMO, the Army should discipline this goofball of an Lt. I’d hate to be his CO. Always playing the race card, no doubt. This is pure wokeness in action (I can’t stop when lit up and can’t get out because I’m scared of racist police!!!!)


        • Polish Janitor says:

          Yes, exactly. He goofed around too much and tried to play it cool knowing that regardless of the outcome of the arrest, the media will pile up on the police no matter what and will cry racial discrimination till eternity…

          • Fourth and Long says:

            Yes I thought so too. One of the reasons I dismissed it as “fake.” I even wondered if the video might possibly have something to do with the much ballyhooed program of the US armed forces which seeks to root out white supremacists but thought that was tin foil hat territory. I’ve tentatively resolved to simply regard myself as too old and out of touch to understand much of what goes on, particularly in this era of circuses and woke ultra degeneracy.

        • Fred says:

          He must be the only black college graduate in America to not have had, or heard about, “The Talk”. Imagine being one of his subordinates when in combat.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Fred, “The Talk” is causing many of the incidents, including the one involving the Lt (assuming the Lt isn’t purposefully rabble rousing). If young black males really think that cops are going to murder them, they will resist arrest and end up getting hurt or killed. That is what happened in Minneapolis the other day.

            BLM and woke allies seem to want a society in which if you don’t feel like being pulled over, you just keep driving. If you have warrants for your arrest, you just ignore them and fight with police when they try to arrest you. Of course, in this world, no one has to follow police commands. Basically, de facto, no policing. The wokies are setting up more killings of blacks and a nationwide black on police war. The media is throwing gasoline of the fire. This summer is going to see a lot of death and destruction.

            It should be a no brainer to understand that police are armed and are authorized to use deadly force. Also, that they are people who, like everyone else, can be having a bad day, can over-react, etc. Or, sometimes, can be bad actors. Don’t argue. Don’t resist. You won’t change their minds once they’ve decided to detain or arrest you. Comply, get a lawyer, and deal with the situation in the legal justice system. BLM and the media are advocating a non-option that will turn out very badly for all of us.

    • PavewayIV says:

      “But, according to Axios the lieutenant’s car had no license plate on it”

      So what? Temp. dealer plates used for every new car are clearly visible in rear window where they’re supposed to be displayed. Even body cam shows that. Windsor police fishing for fines from out-of-towners.

      “the windows were tinted dark so the car’s interior was not visible”

      It was a new truck, not a drug dealer’s pimpmobile.

      “and on top of all these the lieutenant allegedly evaded the officers’ for 30 minutes before finally pulling over to the side of the road”

      He put his turn signal on and slowed down while he continued to a well-lit gas station less than a mile away *instead* of pulling over on the side of the road. Hardly a 30-minute evasion and pursuit. This is actually part of ‘The Talk’ Fred mentions below because black guys don’t trust cops. Sounds reasonable to me.

      “I mean, you put all of these together and the officers too were undoubtedly in a heightened level of alertness and agitated and to some extent ‘mishandled’ the situation subsequently.”

      Sure, there’s always an excuse for boot-on-the-neck over-policing paranoia. This is America. You can’t just bark orders and force someone to get out of their car for a BS traffic stop.

      • Polish Janitor says:

        It is very simple, you do what the police tell you to do or you will be held responsible for whatever happens or don’t happen to you.

        It is not up for the lieutenant or whoever to decide where and when to stop the car, when the law enforcement calls you to stop your vehicle and turn off the engine immediately, you do that no questions asked. I don’t care why he decided to pull over by a well-lit area, and according to his time and place of choosing which apparently was one of the reasons contributing to the escalation of the situation, he should have done what he was instructed to do from the beginning.

        I put the blame squarely on the lieutenant who happened to be a black person, and not the officers. Now you tell me sir, would you be willing to put your life one the line everyday and enforce law and order with that undeservedly low amount of income and also be called all kinds of terrible names by people who couldn’t even run a local daycare, let alone secure order on the streets and relentlessly being subjected to nonsensical budget cuts for no reason other than ‘progressivism’ and ‘re-imagining the police’?

        And do you think that the officers were motivated by ‘racial hate’ against the lieutenant and they are white supremacists and that they should be tried for racism?

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Right. It’s very simple.

          When they police initiated the stop, I doubt they knew the race of the driver given the heavily tinted windows at night. Same when they first approached the vehicle calling for the driver to step out.

          All the police knew was there was a vehicle that appeared to have no license. Period.

          Had the Lt pulled over and stopped when the police first put on their lights, I’m sure the whole thing would have resolved quite peacefully. But the Lt decided that he didn’t need to immediately stop like everyone else. Being special, he thought he could just keep driving to a place that suited him better.

          Now the police are wondering what the hell they’re dealing with and they take it to the next level of escalation.

          That when they finally put eyes on the Lt they saw a black man in a uniform means nothing. Lots of people wear military uniforms, including white supremacist militia types and militant black activists.

          Then the Lt begins arguing and refusing to obey commands. True, at that point the police issued contradictory orders (hands out the window + undo safety belt and step out). However, the contradictory orders came only after the Lt decided to play the role.

          Even then the Lt could have helped de-escalate by politely explaining to the police that he needed to undo the safety belt before he could step out. Instead he kept arguing and openly refusing to follow commands. The police had no idea if he was going to pull a weapon, step on the gas or….who knows what?

          The Lt asked for what he got, IMO.

          The media is spinning this whole thing in a dangerous and crazy way. It’s almost as if they want a race war and societal collapse. Many blacks seem incapable of comprehending some very basic rules of society. Same with their virtue signaling white enablers.

          I am ambivalent about police, but this anti-cop meming has gone too far.

        • PavewayIV says:

          Don’t gloss over your Neocon Stazi utopia of unfettered obedience to psychopathic authority by trying to lionize two cops you know NOTHING about. If cowards like you (or those two cops) had filled the colonies, we would *still be* under British rule today.

          The inexperienced young cop LIED, Mr. District Attorney, get it? It was not a ‘felony traffic stop’ by any stretch of the imagination in any jurisdiction, and failing to immediately pull over did not make it magically turn into one. The cops freaked out because the surveillance state failed them – they couldn’t run the plates without stopping the dangerous perp and looking at the temporary tag in the back window. If we were all collared for 24×7 state surveillance, then the cops wouldn’t have to be so paranoid.

          You also ignore the next proper command in a fake felony stop: the lieutenant would have been ordered to lie face down on the pavement with his hands out and then would have been cuffed – STILL not being told why he was even being stopped. Bet you would have cried little tears of compliant glee if that was you groveling on your belly in public at the feet of incompetent, paranoid law enforcement barking commands to obey. Potential no-tag terrorist!

          YOU, of course, wouldn’t have asked for any kind of explanation as to why they had stopped you or had their guns drawn on you because it’s none of your business. They’re the experts on the constitution. What could YOU possibly know about your rights? It’s your duty and obligation as a citizen to be humiliated and denigrated for the weakest of reasons (or no reason at all) to ensure the officer’s right to a riskless law enforcement job.

          Baldy promptly and justifiably fired, young cop should be as well.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Ok Che. Yeah, sure. It would be a much better society if people decided that they don’t have to follow police orders because they’re all psychopaths. Don’t feel like being pulled over? Just keep driving. Get stopped? If you don’t feel like showing them your ID, just argue with them. They get aggressive? Go ahead. Fight the fascist cops. Shoot ’em dead! Sounds like a great society.

            I’ve yet to hear about a black man killed by police that wasn’t high, actively resisting arrest, with warrants, etc.

            Yep, George Floyd should be allowed to pass counterfeit bills and drive while jacked out of his mind to the point of OD on illicit drugs. Black privilege. As a white man I can’t drive intoxicated or counterfeit.

            BTW, I’ve had cops pull guns on me twice. First time was a misinterpretation on their part as to what was happening and the second time they were looking for someone who had committed a violent felony and I matched the general description and was in the same area. Yep. I followed their commands. I don’t remember shedding any tears of compliant glee, though. So I’m hear to tell the story. Being compliant on the scene, both times, it worked out and I was on my way without further incident after a mildly annoying delay. Because I’m not an idiot. And because I know that I can address any violation of my rights in a court room, later. Because I was raised to take guns seriously, especially when they’re pointed at me, especially by strangers. Somehow I wasn’t traumatized to the point of becoming disabled and needing to sue like the Lt.

            But let me ask you, hero of the revolution, do you wear a mask as told? Are you shedding tears of compliant glee as you imagine, “We’re all in this together”? I bet you do.

      • CNu says:

        There’s no excuse for the behavior of the IQ-75 Windsor hamlet incompetents.

        They reminded me more specifically and accurately of former Mesa AZ police officer Phillip Brailsford barking conflicting orders at Daniel Shaver before murdering Mr. Shaver for no remotely conceivable reason.


        Nothing they did was in keeping with LEO training.

        Their post hoc effort to bully and cajole Lt. Nazario after the fact is proof positive that they were out of control, out of compliance, and clearly knew it all along.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    The entire video impressed me as being fake. To some ulterior motive I know not which.

  3. Bill H. says:

    Talk about some horrible (biased) reporting. The linked news item merely indicates the event as “a traffic stop.” The impression is that they pulled a guy over for speeding and had guns on him and were screaming at him to get out of the car from the moment of the stop.

    Then from the earlier comment I learn that the windows were overly (probably illegally) tinted, and that he had been refusing to stop for some thirty minutes. That paints a very, very different picture than the news item wanted us to see.

  4. TV says:

    Over the years (and I have a lot of those) I’ve know and socialized with several police.
    Never friends; cops are only friends with other cops.
    I heard a lot of stories – mostly funny – and learned their side of things.
    Until very recently, I’ve always been on their side, knowing that they have a tough job (working conditions, hours, dealing primarily with scum and morons) that I wouldn’t do.
    Not now.
    After last summer and with more anecdotes coming out, I’ve concluded that today’s cops – the “new breed” – being from the airhead millennial and gen Z generations are cowed by WOKE politicians and becoming increasingly worthless (running away, not running toward).
    Remember, the cops exist to protect the political class (in the guise of “law”) and are armed to protect themselves, not to protect you.

    • Harry says:

      I think its wrong to overgeneralize but I have also noticed things consistent with your observations.

      I would argue that you get the police your society wants. There is tension in America regarding what different sections of society wants. Hence the policing we are seeing.

      I also note that we have stinted on public education for too long. The police reflect a substantial segment of society, as do the criminals. Both are probably reasonably familiar with how the other group operate. The media are probably not so familiar.

      As a result, we get these videos. They jar. But do you really want the nutters who drive around with illegal guns in their cars having free reign to get into a beef with you on the roads?

      Frankly I want pretty much nothing to do with the police when I am driving as they can be a menace. But the same is true of other drivers.

  5. Deap says:

    Follow-up on the very tragic second video – the cold blooded murder of the police officer in the traffic stop incident – the murderer was chased off the freeway and killed by responding law enforcement. Contents in his auto indicated he was a drug dealer.

    No words are adequate to describe the general societal breakdown we now see daily in America.

    • Harry says:

      Yes. My reaction to this post was horror, absolute horror at the cold blooded murder of a police officer in the second video. If he hadn’t been killed I would hope the perp fried for it. Repulsive behavior that should be stamped out.

      I have come across the first video before and make the following observations. I would judge that the army Lt knew exactly what he was doing. I would argue the police officers were idiots and did not think through the stop or their approach. The plates were not on the back of the new truck but they were (apparently) visible in the back window or so it was claimed. Proceeding to a well lit gas station is not unusual anymore and I would do the same. Not all policemen are sensible or well balanced. Some make dumb mistakes. I dont want to be one of the dumb mistakes and cameras may have a calming effect on hotheads.

      Finally this is unlikely to have the race component that some are arguing. The police officer running the stop appeared to have a hispanic name, as did the army officer who was stopped.

      For what little my thoughts are worth.

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Woke BLM drama queen LT meets poorly trained edgy cops. News at 11.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      and one more thing; how is a medic going to be an officer?

      • Pat Lang says:

        Eric Newhill
        This Lt. is a medical student? The Army has a number of programs for giving enlisted people the chance to improve themselves. Remember the Islamic nut job major at Ft. Hood?

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Turns out he is an officer in the medical corps. The media keeps referring to him as a medic. The media doesn’t understand the difference between medical corps and medic.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Eric Newhill

            He must be a medical student paid for by the Army. BTW MC officers are not allowed to command anyone except medical people or units.

  7. J says:

    Two of the most dangerous situations are domestics, and traffic stops. Both have the ability to go south on you before you know it. That’s where you use the hairs on the back of your neck. At the first inclination, you call for assistance.

  8. A. Pols says:

    I’ve noticed officers making traffic stops and approaching the subject vehicle on its passenger side. From observation it seems prevalent in the west, especially California, and apparently to avoid being struck by passing traffic. Traditional doctrine says approach from the drivers side closely hugging the side of the vehicle and remaining standing slightly behind the driver. You can see his hands and he’s at a tactical disadvantage if he wants to shoot you since he has to turn around and try to shoot behind him. You have the “weather gauge” in other words. He also can’t use his left hand. If you know guns, imagine trying to shoot over your left shoulder with your left hand,,,Ain’t gonna happen.
    Approaching from the passenger side puts you at a disadvantage; you don’t have a clear field of fire while the driver does, especially if he gets out as the perp in New Mexico did. Bad, bad idea to approach from the passenger side. I cringed watching that New Mexico video; the cop was so laid back and couldn’t see the driver had an AR as he walked towards the rear of the truck. The driver knew exactly what he was doing, took advantage of cover and sprung an ambush. Maybe he had training, like he was ex service?

  9. different clue says:

    This is a version of the video number two presented above, which I stumbled upon on Reddit; described as being unedited. It also had a comment thread below it. I don’t know if the commenters were actually in a position to know what they were writing about. But if they were, then the background and setup they described is as disturbing as the video itself. And it deserves to be looked into.

    I will offer a copy-paste of the first few comments and then the link, so people can decide if they want to avoid the video and go right to the comments to see what they think of the issues raised ( if the commenters are actually informed and know what they are commenting about).
    * * * * * * * *
    User avatar
    level 1
    9 hours ago
    Homeland security sacrificed this guy. He requested a rifle and was denied. He was asked to remove the guy during the traffic stop so homeland could apprehend him.
    edited 6 hours ago
    What the fuck. They asked him to remove the suspect when the officer didn’t have backup or even a fucking partner?!? You’re absolutely right, they sacrificed this mans life to achieve their arrest, and then they killed the suspect anyway (not that he didn’t deserve it).
    8 hours ago
    Sacrifice is too nice of a word. They used his life
    You need a thesaurus

    4 hours ago
    I think he’s saying that sacrificed has sort of a connotation of giving his life for the greater good, as if it had to happen. I feel like he’s saying that “used” means more that they just threw his life away for no reason.

    8 hours ago
    It’s fucking disgusting. And they knew he had a long history of guns and violence. I’ve yet to see anything that says they even found large sums of money or drugs in his vehicle.

    He is deff cartel, he has a radio in his hand.

  10. different clue says:

    After all that I forgot to actually give the link. So here it is.

    It is possible to go right to the comment thread-discussion below the video without watching the video yet again if one would rather not.

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