Thoughts from Chairman Joe – # 1


"I won't raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $400 thousand a year."

"If you make as much money as I do, your taxes will be raised."

Chairman Joe was a government employee all his working life.  How does he have such an income?  pl


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  1. Peter VE says:

    Jill knows how stretch a dollar?

  2. Diana L Croissant says:

    I think you have asked the question many people are asking if they were paying attention.
    If a normal citizens were really paying attention when he gave that figure, it should have brought up the question you just asked in their mninds.
    I though his rant about Giuliani was telling, too. He was quite defensive since much of Giuliani’s information was coming from the infamous laptop.

  3. akaPatience says:

    Aren’t useful pols of all persuasions usually paid off in part (by only God knows who) via “book” deals, books that someone else writes for them? But it seems the pay-offs are branching out to other media — the Obamas broke new ground with a huge Netflix deal.

  4. Huntly says:

    This question is rather insulting to our intelligence. Name a “major” modern Politico who either wasn’t quite rich prior to being elected or didn’t become rich after leaving office through speaking, books, lobbying,etc.

  5. turcopolier says:

    “$400 K/year? OK Show us where his money comes from.

  6. turcopolier says:

    OK. Show me where Joe’s money comes from.

  7. ex PFC Chuck says:

    How do ya think? 😉

  8. The Bidens released their tax returns from 1998 to 2019. Since 98, his earning never fell below $200K and was between 300K and 400K while Joe was Vice President. Once he started making book deals and speaking engagements, he and Jill made millions, 11 million in 2017, 5.5 million in 2018 and just under a million in 2019. As a comparison, the Obamas made 40 million their first year out of office.
    All those years as a senator Biden was also making damned good money. It was well under 200K, but still far more than I ever made. I guess that’s why he considers 400K as a middle class cut off.

  9. TV says:

    A man I worked for had to do a lot of lobbying with the Congress.
    “Dealing with Congress is like a coin laundry. Put in a handful of quarters and a politician pops out.”

  10. tpcelt says:

    –There’s a lot of money in IRAs & 401(k)s for which changes to admin rules or statutory changes to contribution tax treatment could be potentially marketed as not tax “increases” on < $400K persons because they would "only" affect current income, not future income. There's also a question of what could happen to underlying "assets" of retirees that earn < $400K annually but are relied on for years - to- decades of future retirement income. --Garbage in, Garbage out: For anyone alleged of transactions purportably occurring here (and I'm not saying they were), one focus can be on where the income was sourced; another is how income can be safely stored and extracted...think trusts, offshore accounts, bitcoin, crypto currencies. Spending would have to be strategic, but for many years, investments in real estate were a suspicious reporting loophole that has recently been corrected. (Think London's prior hot real estate market where high-end properties were purchased but not lived in. Even U.K. authorities became concerned about the situation of non-lived in properties.)

  11. Huntly says:

    He released his taxes, that should show you where his money is coming from

  12. ked says:

    For clarity, aren’t elected politicians and civil servants covered by different sets of regulations regarding sources and amounts of private income & other employment?

  13. Chuck Light says:

    This may be disappointing, but the link is to Biden’s 2019 federal, Delaware and Virginia tax returns.
    His tax returns going back to at least 2015 can be found at his website. He has said he has posted the past 22 years of returns. The tax returns include all of his publicly declared income. To the extent that he received proceeds from criminal enterprises, I would assume they are not included. Failure to report that income would, of course, be a federal and state crime.

  14. akaPatience says:

    Colonel, I should’ve included “speaking fees” (remember when Bill Clinton was paid a cool half million by Russians for a single speech?), and “[guest] professorships” as additional means of pay-offs when it comes to Biden:

  15. turcopolier says:

    OK My mistake. They are rich people.
    Here we are talking about his LEGAL income. He has not, of course, declared the income that others are holding for him.

  16. Yeah, Right says:

    These are good questions you ask.
    Apparently having Joe Biden speak at you will cost on average $100,000
    As for books, here are two:
    They owe the publisher a third book, but I can’t find any evidence that it has been written.
    The three-book deal is with Flatiron Books, and is worth $8million
    I have no idea why he was deemed worthy of such sums but, hey, it’s tiny compared to the income that Obama managed to snare after leaving office. Still, nice if you can get it.

  17. J says:

    One has to wonder just how much kickback that Expensify CEO David Barrett received for sending 10 million e-mails to customers to vote for Biden. Now because of it, customers are leaving in droves.
    How many government contracts does Expensify or its subsidiary Expensify Ventures have? If Mr. Barrett has government contracts, then maybe DOJ and the GAO needs to take a hard look at their election tampering.

  18. Fred says:

    Where did the money go? Did “Middle Class” Joe piss away millions on hookers & booze hav’n a good time? He made $16 million-plus after leaving office 3 years ago. His federal filing forms show the Bidens listed only assets of between $1.5 million and $3.2 million.
    Can anybody explain how regular ole Joe lost $13 million dollars since he started campaiging for office? If he’s this reckless with his own money I sure don’t want him touching mine.
    Where are Joe’s hidden millions? I think we can rule out ‘under the couch cushions’ or in the car’s ashtray.

  19. Serge says:

    How many Senators do you think make an income of less than 200-400k? It is within the US political culture to use one’s position for self enrichment. They call it lobbying, or something.

  20. turcopolier says:

    Enrich oneself – yes, but not illegally. Speeches and book deals are legal. Conspiring with foreign entities to sell the foreign policy of the US is a federal felony.

  21. TV says:

    After all that is known about Biden – his corruption, cognitive decline, obnoxiousness, full time dishonesty – anyone voting for him must be a swamp creature or….wait for it….a really low information mope.

  22. Deap says:

    Two same household public employees in California can easily top the $400K a year threshold – in fact there are plenty of $400K plus sole government employees in this state. Try the million dollar plus compensation packages for UC medical school personnel.
    Visit the website Transparent California for Big Government eye-popping list of costs to California taxpayers listing by name, job title and jurisdiction every public employee in the state. Now demonstrated the “shrinking middle class” in this state is caused by its own government employees moving into the upper class.
    Then move on to the Transparent California listing of pensions for their government workers. Should parents have The Conversation with their teenagers – get a job with the government early, retire early and live extremely well for the rest of your days. And never once having to worry about work product.

  23. Deap says:

    Promises by well-funded “friends” to buy these mainly ghost-written books in bulk is just one more way to launder money back to these political hacks.
    Too many book buying kick back schemes already busted, and even using tax dollars to make their purchases – public libraries, school system (Healthy Holly anyone?), How on earth could drivel about or by Michelle Obama ever last as long as it did on the NYT best seller lists, without something crooked going on in the background.
    Good topic for a keen investigative journalist to pursue by why expose the Golden Goose the journalist may want to exploit later for him/herself?
    Defies credibility Barack Obama would get a $9 million book deal when he can’t even write it, let alone there are enough people who can still read a full printed page. I smell a huge payola scheme behind all these “book deals”
    Change my mind.

  24. tpcelt says:

    All, in the first sentence of my comment above, I referred in order to current and then future income. The order should have been reversed.

  25. jerseycityjoan says:

    I am sure nothing I can say will change your mind.
    I will just point out that Michelle and Barack Obama are highly popular with tens of millions of Americans who are very interested in what they have to say. I see no reason why their books can’t be on bestseller lists with no chicanery involved.
    Just because you have no use for them doesn’t mean nobody does. Their publishers paid them huge advanced because they had confidence they’d earn lots of money from their books.

  26. Fred says:

    “Defies credibility Barack Obama would get a $9 million book deal….”
    That book deal doesn’t surprise me at all; he is a charismatic speaker and was popular when he left office. Surprising is not being able to generate any crowd anywhere when speaking for Biden/Harris. The implosion of the Russia fraud destroyed his credibility and a great deal of his popularity.

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