“… track record of lying” Foxnews


"In March, Biden was forced to walk back his claim that he was arrested in apartheid-era South Africa three decades ago when trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

The claim was just the latest in the former vice president's string of falsehoods, Hemingway said.

"He adopted a fake persona of a British politician [Neil Kinnock]. He had lied extensively about his academic record," she said. "He has lied about the circumstances of his family's fatal [1972] car wreck that his [first wife, sons and daughter were] in. He lied about whether the person who was involved in that was responsible or whether he was drunk.

"He really has a long track record of lying for personal benefit," Hemingway argued, "and if we had a media that was even remotely careful, they would be talking about this and they would've probably presented these issues to Democratic voters before they chose him in their primary.""  Hemingway


I listened to this on Carlson's show last night.  What was said about Uncle Joe matches my own experience of the man.  He is of a generation that often sought to impress people with a testosterone soaked projection of masculinity that walked and talked as though they were really, really manly men who had probably been lumberjacks or stevedores in early life.  His obvious yearning for the trappings of military life are part of that.  When his military lawyer son (Delaware National Guard) succumbed to cancer Joe rounded up all the soldiers and policemen he could find to adorn the poor man's funerary rites.  Joe, of course, never served a day in his life.

Telling tall tales is part of the projection mechanism.  Watch the TC segment.  pl


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10 Responses to “… track record of lying” Foxnews

  1. Mike46 says:

    Thanks for posting this and confirming that neither the challenger nor the incumbent are worth the powder to blow them up. It will be up to the voters to decide which is the least worst scumbag.

  2. turcopolier says:

    “The lesser of two weevils.”

  3. turcopolier says:

    I hold with Mr. Jefferson in his belief that government is a mitigated evil and that “the best government is the least possible.” The trick being to define what the least possible is.

  4. Deap says:

    Since ineffectual Biden comes to us only with the built-in protection of the strong arms of the deep state and public sector unions, who have created an unelected but independent fourth branch of government, do not assume Biddy Biden in his incompetent dotage will “govern least”.
    Biden in fact will govern most. Therefore, what you call a choice between two evils remains, a choice. A real choice. Give Trump four more years to drain more of the swamp.
    Going head to head with the teachers unions right now is long over due – you can trace most ills we face in this country today back to the generation of malcontents created by our teacher union government schools. Let’s make sure this plays out and the teachers unions lose their tenacious grip on this country’s future.
    Within their sole hands, the massive teachers unions now have the power to extort from every single family in this nation. It never should have worked out this way.

  5. Jack says:

    I agree. “the best government is the least possible.” The trick being to define what the least possible is.
    IMO, part of why we’re here is because of voting for “The lesser of two weevils.” There is very limited voting on the basis of conviction. It also appears we have continued to slide down the path of dysfunction for decades at a macro level. Our politics is a mugs game with political influence buying paramount due to the symbiotic relationship between big business and big government.
    I don’t see how we can course correct without changing our voting behavior.

  6. mcohen says:

    Looks like you were right about Lebanon.

  7. Christian Chuba says:

    I thought Trump would win because he’s the alpha male and people are scared but his insistence on denying anything is bad and then blaming it others might drive people too many people to vote for the houseplant. I have no idea who is going to win.
    I would have voted for Bernie, yeah, he’s a socialist but the guy can complete a sentence. Not voting for either. Biden did accomplish one thing; he increased my respect for HRC.

  8. mcohen says:

    Politicians lying?be ever so grateful.tyrants never lie

  9. Deap says:

    I remember observing in 2016, when you turn off the sound and only watch the body language in the GOP debates, Trump was the winner. We needed swagger, even though with the sound on we got word salad. But the swagger was the winning message. Still is.
    All politicians offer word salads; but Trump hands down is the only one who came with attitude and has kept that attitude. Even when word salad still comes out of his mouth. Gotta love him somehow, and I was a No-Trumper. He earned my loyatly and that has been a surprise to me.
    I love the curtain he is still pulling back on the DC swamp. That is what he promised and that he is delivering. I just hope Melania wants another four years too.

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