Trolling in all its wonderment

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A new trolling technique is now evident. This consists of writing to me off-line to bitch about some author’s writing and to demand that I correct this person. Laughable! If you have a substantive complain, make it as a comment on the blog. I am not so stupid as to allow this kind of disruption. pl

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5 Responses to Trolling in all its wonderment

  1. Philip Owen says:

    How very unwoke of you. Didn’t you know that people have the (anonymous) right not to be offended? It’s in the Constitution or something.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I am perpetually unwoke. Hey. I am the guy who wrote three novels set in the War Between the States in which the evil, evil Confederates are treated fairly.

  2. Deap says:

    I enjoy the free flow of opinions allowed here. I don’t expect them to be factually precise, including my own. Therefore, I do value others calling me out when I go off base.

    However, I do think we all try to be sincere with a decent grounding in truth, experience and reality. Opinion is opinion, so no grounding necessary. Just keeping things within the site owner’s parameters of decency and his own personal expectations. We can all do our own research, if we need to later trust and verify.

    I see reading the range of comments a way of taking the temperature of what others are thinking from their own perspectives and geographical locations. It is always a refreshing interchange.

    In the disinformation milieu we navigate today, I find it interesting this private contact expects a “found truth”. I personally bask being in the company of seasoned and talented adults on this forum, where group think is the last of my expectations.

    Adult conversation is harder to find in my own home state of California. Thanks to all for making this a go-to site for me. You are my intellectual vitamin pill.

  3. Fred says:

    I wonder which of the posts rattling around my head will piss off the wokestaners the most…..

  4. mcohen says:

    Tony Joe White said it well

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