US Space Force – a fifth armed service


"Donald Trump believes that space is becoming a “warfighting domain,” just like the land, air, and sea, and is thus encouraging the creation of a space force on par with the other branches of the armed forces. It was hardly an off-the-cuff comment.

The idea enjoys strong support in Congress. Pushing forward such an initiative would strengthen the president’s position at a time when he needs it the most. Some lawmakers say that force could be created as part of the Department of the Air Force in just three to five years. The proposal is not popular among the military brass, but on March 13 the president made his views known. “The president is very focused on outcomes. He has prioritized space, he has recognized the threats that have evolved, and the pace with which they’ve evolved, and he recognizes that as a warfighting domain,” says Kenneth Rapuano, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense and global security.

The initiative dovetails with the recently issued National Security Strategy. Some initial steps have already been taken. Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, the chief space adviser, provided lawmakers with an interim report on upcoming space reforms this month. An updated report is due August 1."  SF


This would create a fifth US Armed Service.  The present four are; the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force.   These four are more or less  accepting that they do not fight as single service forces in combat but rather in joint task forces controlling combat forces from two or more of the services,  Actual warfare demands that.  Those who have tried to do otherwise generally fare poorly. 

 Space is different.  The environment of such operations and the difficulty involved in merely reaching the area of operations is such that space operations necessarily employ a small number of people who are extraordinarily accomplished in science and engineering.   These people are of limited usefulness in terrestrial warfare.  This can be seen in the fact that most astronauts come from the present armed services but once selected and trained by NASA never return to their parent services.

The creation of a Department of the Space Force within DoD would facilitate coherent programs for acquiring, training and retaining such valuable personnel.

I would think that black on black would be an appropriate color scheme for the uniforms.  pl

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