“Vice President Kamala Harris commends US alliance with ‘Republic of North Korea’ in DMZ speech gaffe”

Pork Chop Hill

“Vice President Kamala Harris made an unfortunate gaffe during her speech at the Korean Peninsula’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Thursday, saying that the United States has a “strong alliance” with “the Republic of North Korea.”

“It is an alliance that is strong and enduring,” she added, intending to refer to the Republic of Korea, which is South Korea’s official name.

The vice president then continued her remarks by professing the U.S.’s support for South Korea’s defense against the increasingly-aggressive North Korean government.

“I cannot state enough that the commitment of the United States to the defense of the Republic of Korea is iron-clad, and that we will do everything in our power to ensure that it has meaning in every way that the words suggest,” Harris said.”

Comment: She is famous for refusing to read anything given to her by staff. I doubt that the silly b—h actually knows where North Korea is. I watched the old movie “Pork Chop Hill” last week. This makes me think of that stony knob out in front of the place where this flighty creature insulted the memory of the men who struggled there. pl

Vice President Kamala Harris commends US alliance with ‘Republic of North Korea’ in DMZ speech gaffe | Fox News

Battle of Pork Chop Hill – Wikipedia

31st Infantry Regiment (United States) – Wikipedia “Pro Patria”

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44 Responses to “Vice President Kamala Harris commends US alliance with ‘Republic of North Korea’ in DMZ speech gaffe”

  1. Fourth and Long says:

    “The Republic of North Korea.”

    Possibly she thought she was speaking about Tronk. Or Tronque. A gesture towards bipartisanship and the fearsome Tr… eminence waiting in the wings. I have dismissed as unlikely that her craftspeople of speech knew ahead of time that the chattering professions would immediately seize on Gaffe-Prone as an allusive verbal petard on which to hoist a pennant in memorial style toward GazProm, with which ill iterates might be confused enough to propose in atrocious style.

    Nearly as high on the list was the doormouse’s idea this morning as I asked please to be released from captivity long enough to buy fresh tuna salad and corn tortillas with a needlessly extravagant jar of $5.09 Poupon mustard in case I became able to unscrew the lid and find a small sized spoon. She said Kamala was signaling Kimzilla about his pest winterests. “I am a door mouse,” she said, “we have a nose for these things.” “Stop it,” I said, “I will call Cat Purrsunn, you know I will too, and she controls the Purrses around these precincts.” And the little doormouse smiled and released me. And I thanked her most kindly. “Thanks for the tip, little doormouse. Did anyone ever tell you that you doormice have a nose for these things?”

    • Deap says:

      I am sorry Kamala’s stark confusion over North Korea and South Korea (easy to do, Kamala), took away from her other profundity:

      …………. The past and present are with us right now……….

      • Pat Lang says:

        Rubbish! It is NOT easy to do! This numbskull is one heartbeat away from having the power to launch nuclear war without a declaration. I the opinion of my wife, Harris has set back the cause of women for decades.

        • Deap says:

          I’ll do better letting my sarcasm drip out more obviously next time.

          Good grief the woman can’t get up in the morning, before I call her out for her 24/7 sheer stupidity – I call this my California privilege, since I had to put up with her years before she was inflicted on the national stage.

          • JK/AR says:

            Now Deap, you probably have abit more appreciation for us Arkianese caught in the bind of having “gifted” the nation our Clintons?

        • Dolores O´Neil says:

          It would be good to test how are we all doing with this pair, Liz Truss and Kamala Harris, fighting to win the Billy the Fast title in nuclear launching…

  2. Fred says:

    We should thank the gentleman from South Carolina who insisted the VP needed to be a minority. She’ll be president soon. I wonder what the powers behind the throne will accomplish once she’s in charge.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Can I be forgiven for mentioning the Gentlemanch from Wayste V who was demanding the Veep be Mine Ore ‘igh Tea?

  3. Deap says:

    Granting women the vote has been vastly over-rated.

  4. Whitewall says:

    “Our President” attends an affair recently where he summoned a dead Congresswoman over and over with no luck. His sidekick in verbal and mental gymnastics goes to Korea and well, never mind.

    • Deap says:

      Even worse, Mike Huckabee just reported there had been a prior video tribute to the deceased woman at this gathering, right before Biden called her out to take a bow.

  5. KjHeart says:

    I noticed ‘Kom-pala’ gave a speech in Japan also and felt sorry for the translator as the ‘word-salad-disease’ has clearly spread to her –

    Hanoi Jane never spoke in word salad and still makes no sense.. Her ‘ecco-terrorists’ have been in my state several times and I ‘accidentally’ heard part of a speech from that ‘flighty one’ – In it she pledged to stop getting plastic surgery to help save the planet. (IMO – she was told to stop by the surgeons because there comes a point where there is not enough to work with to make alterations any more).

    Like Kompala though, Jane is still ruining lives – it takes close to 6 months to clean up the land after her ecco-terrorists are done camping on it…

    Something else that takes 6 months: Seems CA Gov New-Scum signed a bill, rule or edict (take your pick) on allowing human composting after death.. Seems it takes 6 months for human remains to become useful dirt.. It is a bit of a dark thought, I will admit, that I am idly wondering what effect Botox residue in the soil will have on the growth of trees?

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Joe telegrammed gubbernor Cavein I Knew Some and said hey Guv, we might be having a lot of corpses on our hands soon and no one to bury them so maybe think up a law and get it passed? And Guvernor Gavinkydink Gave in! Just like that.

      “You guys down south get too much fresh air and right smack off the earth eggs, potatoes, poultry and everything else. Plus you fight our wars so you think things over too much! That’s your problem. We, in Caliphoneya, sacrifice too! Headstones, gravediggers, churches – even plastic surgery for our three hundred year old Barbarellas. Why keep the craft of headstone making alive when statues are out of season permanently unless they’re for famous pro wrestler Pretty Boy Floyd, of course. But for those we send away to pietrasanta on the … wait. “Honey, what river did I.P. Daily write about? What .. the same place Bow Tie Joe’s son Hun the Unnunterred got paid how much? After all that ..”

      • KjHeart says:

        F & L

        I read your response out loud to my husband and now my sides hurt from laughing…

        300 year old Barbarella Botox Trees – trying to imagine what they would look like- now my brain hurts

        Life is short, if the choice is laugh or cry – a good laugh is gold

        Thanks for that


  6. cobo says:

    I’m not a real go-along-to-get-along type. I have found that performing very well gives me some wiggle room. So, back in Basic Training at Ft. Ord, next to last cycle before 7th Infantry moved in.. Ok, so we’re going to the field for an ” action scenario” whatever they called it. And there was this Sgt. Kang ROK in our unit, going through our training. Well, no one would want to be with that guy, right?? So, they assigned me to him. So, the scenario is there are “our guys” up on a ridge on a line of parapet foxholes. We are going to attack them, straight on, right… So, Sgt. Kang puts his right hand index finger to his lips and gestures me. We don’t break the tree line and attack straight on. Weeee break off through the scrub and go wide, attacking the row of pre-fixed parapet foxholes from the right flank. Oh boy did we have fun until they made us stop. I love the ROK Army

  7. Speaking about old war movies,
    did you ever watch the 1969 John Wayne movie “The Green Berets”?
    If so, what did you think of it?
    This is, as the old saying went, “right up your alley”,
    and your review of it would seem most valuable.

    I note that the “elite” media generally panned it.
    But they have well-known biases on many subjects.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Not much of a movie.

      • Pat Lang says:

        “Potk Chop Hill is art based on a study of 1st PCH by SLA Marshall. The Green Berets is kitch orchestrated by JW. It is wildly inaccurate about VN and USSF both. I was a GB then and we were not anything like that.

    • John Minnerath says:

      A group of us, who had known each other since Traing Group days, a couple guys were from before the Beret was adopted; we all went to see this movie when it came out.
      There were lots of moans gufaws, no one was very impressed by it.Not many of us left, I’ve never seen it since.

      • “There were lots of moans gufaws, no one was very impressed by it.”

        The MSM reviewers said other audiences had a similar response.

        For those of us who did not serve in VN,
        could someone who did say what was so funny about the the movie’s presentation?
        Just curious.

        • Pat Lang says:

          It was childishly cartoonish and completely misreprsented VN and the enemy. I did serve there.

          • Okay. Is there a movie on the VN war that presents things accurately?
            For comparison, you seemed to approve of “Pork Chop Hill”,
            on an episode in the Korean War.

          • Deap says:

            Kieth, I did a marathon watch of all the popular Vietnam movies before I made a visit to North Vietnam, shortly after it opened for US visitors.
            (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa and Hue)

            Much to my American surprise, I found the Australians had long been visiting this “forbidden country” and had already brought in their own brand of rowdy tourism – spaghetti, ice cream, beer and pizza culture. And flesh pots.

            My own movie picks were surprisingly “Good Morning, Vietnam” for the most nuanced depiction of the conflict and culture clash.

            The second best one for me was “We Were Brothers” – the early Ia Drang Valley encounter, for the sheer relentless savagery of being under attack on the ground. I wanted to turn it off, but told myself all I am suffering is an hour or so. These fellows had to endure this for days.

            The VN aftermath movie that affected me most was the stunning wounded vet portrayal by Tom Cruise in “Born of the Fourth of July”.

            There are many others, including a documentary about the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Ken Burns series.

            Apocalypse Now was a overbearing slog. I was not a fan of The Deer Hunter for some reason, and others did portray the degradation of both our own human treasure and national soul to round out this after the fact dramatization of an era of global transition for America – hung between the valor of WWII and the political realities of the Cold War which only in retrospect exposed our relative naivetee which VN forced us to come to terms.

            Not sure of what my role as an American would be, my conversations with my young guide who did not live through this time was – don’t apologize, you were only bad to us for a few years. The French were a lot worse, for much longer and the Chinese were the worst for centuries.

          • Pat Lang says:

            I have been careful never to return. Two one-year tours and three TDY’s to clean up human relations problems caused by my successors was enough.

          • Deap says:

            If one returns to V-N today, one can conclude “we won” -since rapacious commercialization seems to be their new ethos. I am glad I saw it originally, in the early opening days, because on a return 10 years later it there was none of the haunting delicacy, as they looked out into the wider world that I found appealing on my first visit. Now it is far more brash and coarse. And successful in this modern way: High tech to high rises.

            I am glad I was able to find the fried banana street seller under the quiet trees near the Hue Citadel on that first visit, while waves of young ladies in flowing white native dress on bikes silently cruised by. Waving, with smiles. Nothing but traffic and noise today.

        • Leith says:

          KH – Funny?

          – script

          – Chinese- and Japanese-American actress and actors do not look anything like Viets

          – honey trap (the VC used that on the ARVNs and probably on us, not the other way around that I’m aware of)

          – Georgia/Alabama boondocks film location has nothing in common with Nam

          – skyhook scene

          The good?

          – Wayne put some active duty soldiers in the cast. Sgt Baldo and the NVA general were played by real SF soldiers. No credits though, I wonder if they got paid?

          – the only Viet in the cast, Bach Yen the Swallow of Saigon, who plays the the nightclub singer. Unfortunately she gets less than 30 seconds face time, see link from minute 1:28 to 1:55:

          I heard her sing 10 or 12 years later stateside in Little Saigon. Voice like an angel.

  8. John Merryman says:

    You would think that by now they would have stunt doubles for the two of them.

  9. longarch says:


    It is off-topic but I believe you and the assembled commenters might have seen this recent story:

    The Justice Department on Thursday announced the indictment of the U.S. Army’s first transgender officer and his wife for trying to provide confidential health records to a person they believed was a Russian agent for Russia to exploit.

    A federal grand jury charged Army Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, 39, and his wife, Anna Gabrielian, 36, of Rockville, Maryland, with eight counts of conspiracy and for the disclosure of individually identifiable health information (IIHI) in an effort to help Russia in the war against Ukraine.



    • Fourth and Long says:

      A transgender Army Major and his wife.

      Sorry, I just like typing it.

      His …. Wife. His. Well that’s seems weird what with transgender and everything.
      And when I was studying to be a press release grammar stylist for President and Misses Perriwinkle of the Perriwinkle Territories, we very naively, in our decades-ago fantasy lands of Moms love Daddyos, we thought this was more than sufficient:

      An Transgender Army Major and Wife.

      We will be drafting a letter to Secret Terry Pretty Boy soon. And it will be so much fun.

      For those not knowing to whom the reference is made, let Goo Gel completion be your assistant. Just type “Pro Wrestling legend Pretty Boy ..” into your browser bar and it should become apparent.

      The letter might be signed by an chairperson of an institute of transgender servicemen’s concerns and include remarks such as: “His Wife? Did someone working for the Umite Ted States Milly Terry write such neanderthal alt right fashist horror as “His, repeat His Wife?”

  10. mcohen says:

    The little round fellow is gone.so a few gaffes are OK.

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