Why would Russia want this man returned?

Viktor Bout

“Russia called the Thai court decision in 2010 politically motivated.[68][69] Its Foreign Ministry took steps to prevent Bout being extradited to the U.S.;[27] Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Bout was innocent.[27]

On 18 November 2010, shortly after Bout’s extradition to the United States, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev‘s aide Sergei Prikhodko said that Russia had “nothing to hide” in Bout’s criminal case stating, “it is in our interest that the investigation … be brought to completion, and [Bout] should answer all the questions the American justice system has.”[70][71] On 18 January 2013, Russian government officials announced that “judges, investigators, justice ministry officials and special services agents who were involved in Russian citizens Viktor Bout’s and Konstantin Yaroshenko’s legal prosecution and sentencing to long terms of imprisonment” would be added to a list of U.S. officials who will be denied Russian entry visas in response to the U.S. Magnitsky Act, under which certain Russian officials are ineligible to enter the U.S.[72]

It is thought that Bout was of help to Russia’s intelligence agencies,[8] and he is alleged to have connections to ranking Russian officials, including former deputy prime minister Igor Sechin.[73] The language institute Bout attended has been linked to the GRU, and Bout allegedly served alongside the GRU-affiliated Sechin in Mozambique in the 1980s, although both men deny this allegation.[23][27][32][56][74] According to a 2002 United Nations report, Bout’s father-in-law Zuiguin “at one point held a high position in the KGB, perhaps even as high as a deputy chairman”.[23]” wiki

Comment: Sounds to me like either this fellow was acting for one of the Russian intelligences service in his sales program or maybe they don’t want him back at all. I would bet on the former possibility. In the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR these services were budgetary “orphans.” To preserve themselves they went into the business world. For example there was a GRU outpost in the NYC area running the logistics subsidiary of Gazprom. How do I know? I know. pl

Viktor Bout – Wikipedia

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9 Responses to Why would Russia want this man returned?

  1. Whitewall says:

    Colonel, now That is a tease!

  2. Polish Janitor says:

    I don’t understand. It seems that he had been very helpful to the Russians. Sounds like he could help the Russians in Ukraine in some shape or form at least, but why wouldn’t they want it? The man looks like a top-quality scum and notorious arms dealer and god knows what else. Very fitting for Russia. How could they not want this?

    • mcohen says:

      For sure.there was a movie made about some gun runner if Wagner takes hostages in khar like a repeat of maruipol then khers looks dicey.Just a guess.

  3. TV says:

    Do you know if the Feebs (FBI AKA Keystone kops) knew about this GRU op?

  4. mcohen says:

    He is a ukraine man.savimbi got bouted or so they say.maybe someone here recalls

    John stockwell


  5. Fred says:

    If they get him back in trade for a lefty millionaire lesbian basketball player who got a drug conviction then they are making a great deal. Biden will further solidify the black lesbian vote for his 2024 run, and the Russians will get something more than just this guy.

  6. Leith says:

    Looks like that in addition to about, they also want Vadim Krasikov, who is in a German prison for murder. He was an Fsb or Gru assassin.

  7. Mark Logan says:

    I would guess somebody also thinks more trade fodder will be needed to seal the deal, it would be a heck of a coincidence for this old deep-cover couple to have been finally found right now.


  8. Jimmy_w says:

    Seems like Russians might care more about the Magnitsky Act than ol’ Viktor. Since they apparently tried to talk to Flynn about Magnitsky, but not about Viktor.

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