“Worst Journalist in history?” I agree


“On Sept. 29, 2020, he moderated the Trump vs. Biden presidential debate, making it also the most biased in presidential history.

Wallace lobbed softball after softball question at his favored candidate, Joe Biden.

He then spewed vitriol at the candidate he disdained, President Donald Trump.

Here’s an example of a Wallace loaded question for Trump:

“It turns out that in Obama’s final three years as president more jobs were created. A million and a half more jobs than in the first three years of your presidency.”

The real truth is that in Obama’s eight years as president the U.S. created a net 883,000 new jobs (110,000 per year).

Meanwhile, during the pre-pandemic years of the Trump presidency, the U.S. added 546,000 jobs, (182,000 per year).

Trump wins by a very large margin based on the truth, not using Chris Wallace’s made up spin.

And Wallace chose not to mention that household median income rose by just $3,299 under eight years of Obama, while jumping $6,089 in four years under Trump.

These are undeniable facts.

When it came time to review the economic policies of the two candidates, Wallace chose first to grill Trump on reports that he paid only $700 in taxes during his first two years as president.

This was like a “when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife question.”

It was especially egregious that Wallace did this to Trump when he knew full well that the New York Times had reported that the billionaire had actually paid $94.4 million in taxes since 2005.” pl

Comment: Good riddance. pl


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14 Responses to “Worst Journalist in history?” I agree

  1. tedrichard says:

    it’s said a dog always returns to its vomit and CNN is unsurpassed in the usa as the preeminent source of journalistic vomit.

  2. TV says:

    Chrissy is a registered Dem, just like the rest of the swamp media.
    IOW, just another Democrat activist posing (badly) as a so-called journalist.
    “Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts”

  3. Pat Lang says:

    Of course, Chuck Todd is a competitor for the “honor.”

    • Schmuckatelli says:

      I once overheard a Gunnery Sergeant a couple of hatches down the passageway refer to some miscreant as “the product of a hand-job on a hot rock in August.”

      That pretty much encapsulates what I think of Chuck Todd.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    The only network that has gained viewership since the election is MeTV from one report I found. Having trouble finding it again but it makes sense. Nobody trust legacy media because they have zero integrity.

    And once you lose integrity in the news business (more so than any other industry) not getting it back. Suspend – fire – shuffle all the news readers around you want. It does not matter. People have finally gotten off the hardball and moved to the dirt roads for their news by and large.

  5. richard barber says:

    Seems strange that you didn’t post about this at the time.

  6. akaPatience says:

    There are too many horrible so-called journalists that it’s hard for me to say who’s the worst. But Chris Wallace is certainly a contender because of his high profile. The NYT, WaPo, The Atlantic, and others have some seriously ignorant and/or reckless scribes on their staffs. If opinion writers are included, the number of candidates becomes vast. Most people consider the WSJ to be conservative but that’s only occasionally the case on their op-ed pages. The editors refused to endorse Trump and as globalists they generally disdain right-wing populism. If you read its political news articles you’ll often sense a leftist bias. But this blog, Substack writers, and many other non-corporate news sources are the saving grace of journalism. God bless and long live alt-media.

    • Deap says:

      WSJ “news” pages became editorial pages during the election.

      WSJ writer Rebecca Ballsmer was the worst – laughable was the only response to her anti-Trump screed passed off as WSJ front page election news reporting. Which should have been beneath the WSJ or any other news leader. But it was not.

      Thank goodness there is a rich variety to media resources today where one can still compare and contrast various reporting and opinion resources – demands on readers critical thinking skills has never been higher.

  7. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Ahh, right on time. More good news for CNN. A senior producer has been arrested, charged with some disgusting sexual abuse with minors. Steady collaborator with Chris Cuomo. Uh oh, Chris; did you know anything about this?


    He was apparently trying to gain access to these girls by working on their psycho mothers. Thus, he isn’t the only one who should come under scrutiny by the authorities. This sort of thing just makes your heart sink.

    Whatsoever you do unto the least of these, that you do unto me. Somebody said that…

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