1 March, 2019 news


1.  The Democrats in Congress are going to waste more time and money investigating the manner of Trump's grant of access to classified information to Jared Kushner, his son in law and counselor.  As I have tried to explain before, the system of classification  of US government information and access to that information is not created by law.  It is altogether an aspect of regulation by the Chief Executive of the US, i.e., the president.  The system is an artifact of various executive orders, renewed in each new administration.  Therefore, the president can grant access to US classified information to anyone he thinks should have it.  The Democrats are wasting their time on this one.

2.  Bibi Natanyahu is going to be indicted for corruption even as he tries to tun for re-election against Benny Gantz, a former chief of staff of the IDF.  How entertaining!  Gantz was the big loser in in the 2006 Lebanon War against Hizbullah, but he is looking good against Bibi.  It is sad to see that Israeli Jewish political parties are now declaring their unwillingness to form governing coalitions with Israeli Arab political parties.  This gives the lie to Israeli claims that Arab citizens of Israel are not as much an occupied people as the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.  And, BTW, why is there not a corresponding indictment for Sarah Natanyahu?

3.  Cohen told the House Oversight Committee that he did not think Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians.  He whined a lot about his search for redemption but could not come up with anything against Trump that was illegal.  What Schiff, the Trump obsessed chairman of the HPSCI, thinks he can get from Cohen after that statement by Cohen is a mystery to me.

4.  Trump did the right thing in Hanoi.  He walked to demonstrate to everyone that he WILL NOT accept a bad deal just to have a deal.  This should have a salutary effect on the prospects for all the other pending deals.  pl

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