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Iraqis are still Iraqis? What was this all about?

"If extremists realize "some of the limitations that we have, that's a vulnerability they could use against us," a senior U.S. military intelligence official said. "The fact is that some of these are very politically sensitive targets" thought to be … Continue reading

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Fiasco in Saudi Arabia

"The former official said Ross's move to the NSC was in discussion before the Riyadh summit. "But the meeting may have been 'the final straw,' he said. "People at the NSC will obviously strenuously dispute that, but Dennis Ross is … Continue reading

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“Diary” Tariq Ali

"June is never a good month on the plains. It was 46ºC in Fortress Islamabad a fortnight ago. The hundreds of security guards manning roadblocks and barriers were wilting, sweat pouring down their faces as they waved cars and motorbikes … Continue reading

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Shulamit Aloni on American “anti-Semites”

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Weirdness over the CIA

The CIA, "the Christians In Action," the Klingons," or whatever nickname you prefer for them.  I'm not one of them, never was, and I like to make jokes about having caught the odd DO man making a truthful statement from … Continue reading

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“The Touro Covenant must survive the attack on the USS Liberty” Sidney O. Smith III

Sidney O. Smith III has sent us this essay on the principle of religious liberty in the United States.  pl Download TouroCovenant-USS Liberty SST.wps

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“Update : Eyes Half Open?” FB Ali

Download Update – Eyes Half Open

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COIN’s siren song.

"Several officials said McChrystal's assessment of shortfalls in Afghanistan will be outlined in broad terms, citing the need to expand and train the Afghan force along with proposed solutions to make that happen. In addition to trainers and advisers, he … Continue reading

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Geithner thinks unregulated derivatives were a bad thing…

"Derivatives are financial instruments whose value derives from something else, such as a mortgage-backed security or a commodity like oil. The allure of the over-the-counter derivative, as opposed to those swapped on exchanges, is that it can be individually negotiated … Continue reading

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Crude prices are driven by investors.

"The 15 percent drop in oil prices since the end of June was the longest and steepest decline so far in 2009. Prices had been rising since February, more than doubling from lows hit near $33,as traders started to price … Continue reading

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