Joe wants your guns

Joe is full of it. This is the guy who was a main sponsor of the great crime bill of the 1990s, c’mon man, you know, you know, the one that locked up all those criminals who happen to have some African genes, no visible father and who ran in packs. What did he say? Lock them up! I guess he has had a change of heart. Maybe this is caused by the Marxist nuts he surrounded himself with. These folks can’t see why Americans (most Americans) are uncomfortable with what the Bidonians or Harrisites are going to make of the armed force and police of the US. The KGB Counterintelligence Directorate, the Nazi police, the Stasi, these are all possible models. If you watched two beefy sheriff”s deputies wrestle a man to the floor at a Loudon County school board meeting for the purpose of silencing him, you understand how corruptible is human nature. It is a long way from “Loudon County to her sons who died for Constitutional Government” to these two goons abusing their fellow citizens.

And Joe. he will read any damned thing put in front of him. In his ridiculous talk on guns and violence. He was told to say as an excuse for gradual gun seizure that the people do not need guns because that they cannot defeat the forces of oppressive government with them. Joe’s script said that to win a ” People’s War” one must have “F-16s and nuclear weapons.” The Communist script writers are evidently ignorant of the many, many times conventional force have been defeated in prolonged and bloody guerrilla struggles for liberation. No matter! The goal is to disarm Americans so that they are subject to Marxist rule. pl

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  1. Eric Newhill says:

    On the one hand Joe says that people would need F-16s and nuclear weapons to win a civil war. On the other hand, he and his party say that the Jan 6 frat prank at the White House and “white supremacists” are the biggest threat to the country.

    I guess missed where the Jan 6 pranksters had F-16s, let alone nukes. Same for the white supremacists that progressives imagine lurking around inside every white citizen.

    IMO, it’s all BS. grandstanding. The Progs know that crap isn’t going to fly. They just propose it and let it get shot down in congress and then have fun pointing a finger at republicans as being evil. Red meat for their base. That’s today. God forbid that the treasonous degenerates ever gain a critical mass of power. They might actually achieve some of their nuttier fantasies, in spite of themselves. But that won’t happen either because they have already gone too far with just their ideologies and proposals and they are going to lose big time in 2022 and 2024. The Rs will run DeSantis and he will mop the floor with whatever phony lunatic the Dems put out there. On top of victories in the house and Senate, winning back POTUS will ensure the US reverts to sanity for the foreseeable future.

    But yeah, go for the guns. Have the feds defy the states that are lining up to protect the 2A against the feds. Maybe the question of the necessity – or lack thereof – of nukes and jets will come proven fact very quickly.

    • AK says:


      This is a decidedly optimistic departure from your usual take on things. What gives?

      IMO, considering the deep state treachery that happened within the Trump administration and how quickly the bureaucrats turned ALL of the institutions toward executing the Will of the Woke upon Biden’s installation as POTUS, I am not sanguine about how well any Republican can exercise authoritative control over the executive branch anymore, short of a scorched earth approach of firing or disbanding the entire current bureaucratic apparatus (and most of the military brass, too). DeSantis is surely a tough and shrewd politician, but because he is an American patriot, he will by default have a target on his back even within his own administration.

      What Trump did was expose for all who are willing to see that the federal institutions are now hotbeds of treasonous ratf#@%ers and enemies of Constitutional government. There is nothing to suggest to me that these people will give up on their mission of undermining the Republic with a substantial loss in one or even two election cycles. They are Marxists after all, and their specialty is playing the long game. In short, I’m still in the mindset that we aren’t voting our way out of this mess. I’ll remain there until “events” prove my pessimism wrong.

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    It was an odd approach. Rather than argue that his government is not tyrannical and in need of overthrowing, as you might expect, Biden chose instead to argue that mere guns would not be enough to overthrow it. The F15’s and nuclear weapons bit came across as kind of a challenge. Not the message I’d have gone for.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Barbara Ann,
      Good observation. Biden seems to me like the kind of jerk that has always been into faux bravado/dick measuring contests. I guess his response is just another of those.

  3. Oilman2 says:

    Gun confiscation is over in Texas, and with 61% of all USA counties now 2A sanctuaries, it is over everywhere. If any EOs or legislation issues, it will simply be ignored. If the puny FBI or ATF try to pull a FF – everyone will see it as such. Both groups are massively ham-handed. If the feds push this, it will unite those they are trying to divide.

    Best thing they can do is STFU and navel gaze – the country functions fine without their posturing and rhetoric.

  4. Deap says:

    Biden can’t take our guns any more than the school board can take this former PA school board members right to free speech – a hot take – there is a new pushback mood and best current elected elitist officials understand what is happening:

  5. optimax says:

    The news last night said the majority of new gun owners are Blacks and women. So Joe wants those the most vulnerable and those living in high crime areas don’t deserve self-protection. Joe is losing his base.

  6. Gallo Rojo says:

    The complete schizophrenia of the present is on display when the Prez says you need nukes while troops leave Afghanistan to a victorious Taliban.

    Some people say that the DC Mandarins hate flyover Americans 10000x more than Pashtuns (true) and will be 10000x more vicious, to which I say its a lot harder to be 10000x more vicious when the enemy is in your backyard versus two oceans away.

    Im not saying I’m the type to crucify drone operators while wearing sun glasses and a wolf’s head, I’m just saying I could see it happening.

  7. Mishko says:


    OMG White supremacist domestic terrorists! With guns!
    WSDT’s bad! Guns bad! Democracy threatened! Red Alert! Blue Thunder!

  8. phodges says:

    I guess Uncle Joe never heard of the Taliban.

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