And Loudon used to be such a nice place …

“Loudon to her sons …”

“The embattled school board of Virginia’s Loudoun County cut off public comments during a fiery meeting Tuesday as residents traded barbs over new transgender policy proposals.

The meeting followed weeks of protests from district parents who oppose some of the measures, which they have criticized as potential left-wing indoctrination and a violation of parental rights.

The policies affect transgender student rights, privacy and restroom accommodations and would require Loudoun County Public Schools employees to use students’ preferred names or pronouns. An official school board vote on the proposal is not expected until at least Aug. 10.

But it has become a hot-button issue in the district, where 259 residents signed up to speak during the public comment session Tuesday and people lined up at the doors early to get seats in the packed auditorium.


The first half-dozen speakers were in support of policy proposal 8040, but fireworks erupted when the seventh, who identified herself as the mother of a transgender Loudoun student, was booed after saying “hate” was “dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room” – a swipe at Christian parents in the district who have argued that transgender discussions should be held at home and not in public school.

The board called a 5-minute recess to let things cool off.

Loudoun school board meeting erupts as parents, educators condemn decision to put teacher Tanner Cross on leave 

Loudoun school board meeting erupts as parents, educators condemn decision to put teacher Tanner Cross on leave 

After the recess, board chair Brenda Sheridan said members had voted unanimously to end public comment if the room erupted again.

“The board is here to hear from everyone,” she said. “We started our meeting early because we knew we would have a large crowd and we had a large agenda. We ask again that you respect each other, and everyone is allowed to speak.”

Residents approached the podium to weigh in on both sides of the transgender proposal – but others brought up several other high-profile incidents in the community.”

Comment: My wife and I used to meet friends in a nice restaurant in Leesburg facing onto the old courthouse square where a Confederate soldier looked down at the passing folk. Over to one side of the grassy square a rather ugly and misshapen life sized statue of George Marshall seemed to be watching the Rebel. Marshall live in a modest way in Leesburg at Dodona Manor after he left government. Once a year in April there is a street fair for gardening and all the central streets are blocked of except for foot traffic and filled with booths. There is country music behind the Confederate soldier or rather where the soldier was until a couple of months ago. On the base was inscribed “Loudon County to her sons who died for Constitutional Government”

I say to this era’s sons and daughters of Constitutional Government “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” pl

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20 Responses to And Loudon used to be such a nice place …

  1. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Two quick factual remarks:

    1. Loudon County has the HIGHEST median income of ANY U.S. county
    1 Loudoun County Virginia
    Median Household Income: $134,464

    2. Loudon County is just to the west of the HQ of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
    14675 Lee Road, Chantilly, Virginia 20151-1715
    No doubt many of its well-paid, highly-educated contractors and employees live there.
    That no doubt has at least something to do with Loudon’s remarkably high median income.
    Not sure what else accounts for it.

  2. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    And this comes in from a board meeting of the Pennsbury School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania:

    The most effective time to show resolve is at the next local election when the members of these school boards are chosen.

    Also, the Sheriff in Loudon County Virginia, who turned a blind eye as his deputies became the enforcers of partisan censorship in a public meeting of a citizen-accountable governmental body, should have a message delivered to him at the ballot box, too. And so onward to the county commissioners/freeholders who countenance these behaviors.

  3. Fred says:

    That school board looked solidly Good White. I’m sure none are resigning for equity from the board or their job. Hopefully the room they are meeting in isn’t exclusive to the school system as it looks awfully expensive solely to host meetings at which citizens of Virginia are forbidden to speak to their elected servants.

  4. Gallo Rojo says:

    Wow, the police managed to take a break from making excuses for rioters in order to declare an unlawful assembly.

  5. Jose says:

    Not familiar with Virginia laws, in the Free and Sane state of Florida we can recall the board via citizen petition.

    CRT, Defund the Police and Inflation are going to destroy the Democratic Socialist Party.

    • TV says:

      “CRT, Defund the Police and Inflation are going to destroy the Democratic Socialist Party”
      If they don’t destroy America first.

  6. Fred says:

    I wonder if General Milley feels those folks at the school board meeting are the ones he’s going to defend against. No wonder we’re still in Afghanistan after two decades with brilliant insightful reasoning like the general’s.

    • TV says:

      Milley seems fairly representative of the career politicians (dressed up like doormen) who have bootlicked themselves into lots of salutes, stars and a fat future as a beltway bandit.
      His army got beat by a ragtag bunch of jihadis with no armor, no artillery, no logistics train, no air force.

      • Pat Lang says:

        This part I don’t like. “His army got beat by a ragtag bunch of jihadis with no armor, no artillery, no logistics train, no air force.” We could have killed them all. Maybe we should have. Instead we let the ignoramus generals make one more failed attempt at counterinsurgency.

      • Sam says:

        Hispanics & Asians are not agitating for Critical Race Theory. It’s whites. Look at the composition of these school boards and those promoting it. Gen. Milley is playing to a certain gallery. So was Coke and Delta Airlines CEOs.

        The question that needs to be asked is why are some of the white elites interested in racial identification and segregation? And promoting the theory of “inherent racism” of whites?

        Check what this Chinese woman says:

        • smoke says:

          Yes. I have wondered about parallels to the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which she eloquently outlines.

          This parallel occurred to me, because of the brief account I heard about the CR in the early 1980’s, from a young Chinese filmmaker, who had somehow made it to the U.S. By then, she was ashamed of her role in that power play, orchestrated by Mao and his allies.

          She had been a high school student, she reported, and had seized enthusiastically upon the Little Red Book and the doctrine of bourgeois corruption. She stood up in public assembly and denounced her own parents, who then lost the good positions they had held in her community. She was made a youth leader. Her parents had actually been original Maoists, and had participated in the Long March.

          In retrospect, she said, her parents had done nothing that deserved criticism. But such was her youthful zeal – the older generation, the existing power structures were corrupted and must be replaced, she had been persuaded. She made no excuses for her very youthful actions, only expressed deep personal remorse and shame.

          It is a cautionary tale about how easily the young can be recruited in a major propaganda campaign, in the name of some illusory, ideal condition, which, in fact serves altogether different motives and power struggles.

          • blue peacock says:

            Xi himself was a victim. And so was his family including his father a high party functionary. Yet he’s now pushing Mao back to the forefront and driving a similar cultishness around himself. Authoritarians learn how to amass power and use it for their own ends.

            While there are similar parallels, IMO, what we have is closer to classic fascism with the merger of the national security apparatus and oligarchic interests. As they say history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes.

  7. scott s. says:

    We are actively looking to move to move to the area (mainly looking north of Leesburg to the state line but also checked out Haymarket and Purcellville) in retirement, but of course house prices were increasing rapidly and it turned out as my wife still had a few years of Active Duty left she got orders to PACOM staff so we never made it back to the east coast. Back then a lot of the county was rural, but the march of suburbia along Route 7 was unrelenting. I guess now you have to go to Charlestown or Winchester.

  8. TV says:

    I’m not badmouthing the trigger pullers and the field grades. My comment was aimed at the incompetent and
    dishonest generals Who wasted men’s lives in pursuit of the next star.

  9. bp says:

    The agenda of the left these days is to promote the goals of Agenda 30 and the World Economic Forum. Long story short, these people favor a global governance and the elimination of nations and national borders. Hence, you see every effort being made to tear down elements that made this nation strong and unified, and also unique in that there were more opportunities for economic advancement and freedom than anywhere else in the world. Just this week we saw, not simply in Loudon County, but in testimony by our Sec. of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Congress declare their intentions to promote hate and division with mandatory social justice training instead of focusing on improving and maintaining war-fighting capabilities.

  10. Keith Harbaugh says:

    An extremely detailed look at the tactics of the “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” is in:

    This article describes itself as
    “the story of the wealthiest county in America [Loudoun] descending into a moral panic as a group of suburban white women egged each other to extremes against perceived “evil,” while a school system seemed to slide from serving taxpayers to targeting them.”

    A follow-up to that article is;

    “The top prosecutor in Loudoun County, Virginia, has participated in the Facebook group whose members infamously created a list of parents who disagreed with school system policies with the intention to “hack,” “infiltrate,” and “expose” them…”

    There is one statement in that article I want to highlight:

    In 2019, [Buta] Biberaj defeated Republican incumbent prosecutor Nicole Wittmann 51% to 49% after a political action committee funded by George Soros spent an unprecedented $845,000 on the local race on her behalf. Wittmann raised $113,000.

    A while ago at SST there was a discussion of money in politics.
    Eric Newhill opined that if a lot of money came in on one side of an issue, money would flow in on the other side to balance things out.
    In this case, also the race for top prosecutor in Arlington County, Virginia, and many other such races around the country, that did not happen.
    And so, due to the Soros money, we have such people as Buta Biberaj controlling things.

    For a broader look at the cooperation between teachers unions, school boards, and the media to advance a Marxist agenda, see:
    Fox News: Lauren Appell: COVID unmasked the public education cartel and teachers, school boards, unions can’t handle it.

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