Is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Really This Clueless?

Lloyd Austin always had the reputation while on active duty of being the affirmative action hire as he moved up the ranks. In other words, he got his job because of the color of his skin and not because of his performance. One of my Special Ops buddies sent me the following commentary:

Lloyd Austin is an idiot, I met him as 2 star, (82nd ABN CC) and then again as 18th ABN Corp commander, he has no leadership capability, nor an ability to understand USG  policy, with regard to combat action, and diplomatic relations. He got where he is because of his skin color….period! One of Obama’s poster child and socialist tide change efforts still in government…it sickens me.
When he took command of CENTCOM, it was very telling he had no idea or plan to address ISIS, or any other VEO within his AOR..he was quickly moved aside…do the math…

You want more proof? Just watch his exchange today with Congressman Matt Gaetz regarding Bishop Garrison (start at 3:20):

Bishop Garrison’s record as a racist is quite clear. Consider this excerpt from a piece published in August 2019:

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13 Responses to Is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Really This Clueless?

  1. Keith Harbaugh says:

    LJ and Colonel: I note that LJ’s (excellent} posts are routinely divided into “Page 1” and “Page 2”, while others seemingly of equal length, are not.
    (Yes, some of Larry’s posts are indeed long.
    But this one, for example, is not that long.)
    This division makes it difficult to view Larry’s arguments with the connectivity that they deserve.
    Was it really necessary to divide this post into two pages?

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    Excellent post Larry

    “Garrison is the anti-Martin Luther King” – yes, absolutely. King’s dream was born of love for his fellow man and a desire to bring out the positive character traits that exist in all Americans. Garrison’s ‘dream’ is a nightmarish vision born of feelings of hate and bitterness which is designed to elicit negative emotions like jealousy and vengefulness. Hate and bitterness is exactly what it will bring forth if allowed to become a reality.

    Bishop Garrison is one of the most dangerous men in America and his (and by extension his boss’) planned purges of the military are the real nation-ending threat. If these folk think they have a problem with “Patriot Extremism” now they are in for a big surprise.

    • blue peacock says:

      What would MLK have to say about BLM, Antifa, CRT and the rise in wokeism? Clearly not what he promoted – color-blindness & meritocracy – as he said the content of one’s character irrespective of skin color, ancestry, gender.

      The fascist grifters want more division & segregation in the pursuit of their ends. Unfortunately too many of our fellow citizens are caught up in the distractions & divisions.

      • Fred says:

        Where is civil rights leader Jim Clyburn? Oh, wait, never mind…..

      • LondonBob says:

        Martin King was a low life of the highest order, just a shame some idiots decided to assassinate him and make him a martyr, in time he would have been as discredited as Jesse Jackson. The events you see in America are exactly the vision he had, and is the outcome his handlers sought. The colour blindness and meritocracy stuff was just rhetoric appropriate for furthering their goals at the time, no need for that now.

        • Larry Johnson says:

          I strongly dissent from your characterization of Martin Luther King as a “low life.” His speeches stand the test of time and are brilliant. Whatever failings he had as a man (e.g., sexual dalliances) should not discredit what he did to fight for true racial equality. The events unfolding here stand in direct opposition to his vision. He could not be more clear on the fact that one’s skin color should not determine whether one is treated equally.

  3. Christian J. Chuba says:

    A General who isn’t aware that the people around him are going to kiss his rear end ? ? ?
    I did not think it was possible to be that unaware.

  4. Rayner86 says:

    During my time on the Army staff at the Pentagon Lloyd Austin spent some time as the Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army. He did absolutely little or nothing.

  5. Deap says:

    Since Biden’s new game plan is to attack and assault Americans in their own homes at the merest connection to remote Trump support, so why would he need a military for overseas operations.

    Read what happened to this poor soul who just happened to be in Wash DC on Jan 6 and later on Capitol grounds long after any “riot” was over. Turned in by his neighbors who are happy apparently when the fed showed up with rifles and search warrant ransack his mothers and his apartments.

    How did this become America? I cannot become America. Thank a RINO.

  6. Mishko says:

    The high horse, and these people riding it.
    Not BLM or white(y) society or OMG violent extremism:
    all of society is under attack by him and the likes of him.

  7. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    There is no balm from Gilead to be hoped for with these political generals. I ran across this post over at the Z-man blog concerning them:

    “Was it Garet Garett who described our country’s hidden political revolution as “revolution within the form”? Seeing these belly crawling slugs in uniform with all those meaningless medals on their breast makes me sick. Yes, same uniform of a Chester Nimitz or George Patton but a whole different type of being. I can’t even refer to them as men.”

    Obama was a real wrecker in his appointments amongst the higher echelons of the military command structure; this was only to be expected from someone who clearly hates the Republic, and wants it destroyed, root and branch. This was evidenced by those with whom he surrounded himself in his administration, probably with multiple “suggestions” from his puppeteers. But then, when you are BFF with Ayers, a hard core communist, this is only to be expected, no?

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