Biden at 39% in one poll.

“The approval ratings of President Joe Biden “overall and on his handling of major issues, have all fallen, dramatically in some cases,” according to the latest Economist/YouGov poll, which was released Wednesday.

Just 39% approve of Biden’s overall job performance and a near majority (49%) disapprove; the 10-point negative rating is the first time Biden has been underwater during his eight-month presidency, according to the poll results.

The collapse in the overall approval rating represents a six-point drop in just one week, and Democrats were even more inclined to drop their approval in a nine-point swing, from 86% down to 77%.”

Comment: For some mysterious reason the Rasmussen daily presidential tracker shows Biden approval at 46%. pl

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3 Responses to Biden at 39% in one poll.

  1. Fred says:

    “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” well he sure had that right.

  2. longarch says:

    I am writing from Taiwan, so I have a personal interest in a USA that is militarily strong and willing to defend Taiwan. Many people in Taiwan accuse Joe and Hunter Biden of collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party. Even if Joe Biden is not guilty of collaboration with the CCP, Joe Biden may be guilty of treason against the USA. Many people wonder how Biden might be nonviolently dislodged from the Oval Office. (Mitch McConnell will probably try to keep Biden in office.)

    Many of the loudest advocates of violent revolution in America are undercover Federal agents seeking to entrap Americans. (Sometimes it seems like the only Americans who advocate violent revolution are federal agents.) Many advocates of violence in America were deeply disappointed when Trump won in 2016 because many right-wing gun owners (including police and warfighters!) who could have been useful to an advocate of violence began preaching peace so long as Trump was in power. Now that the 2020 election is widely believed to have been stolen, it is not the fringe right-wing intellectuals that are important — it is the quiet right-wing Americans who believe that Trump won and Biden’s team broke many, many laws to steal the election. If those frustrated Americans were to resort to violence in any significant numbers, the results would be difficult to predict. I presume some of them would be immediately arrested or killed by federal agents. I do not know how many police and warfighters believe Biden to be treasonous. If only 1% of police and warfighters were to actively resist Biden, perhaps nothing will change. If 90% of police and warfighters were to actively resist Biden, it is likely that Biden would be removed. However, the percentage of willing resisters is probably much lower than 90%.

    As soon as Biden’s team stole the election, many Trump voters noted that some high-profile Americans — such as General Flynn and Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell — were (nonviolently) resisting the theft of the election. Of late, some low-profile Americans have been loud voices for (nonviolent) resistance.

    On his Telegram account, CodeMonkey/RonWatkins wrote:

    Vaccine mandates are threatening you with the inability to feed your family.

    Vaccine mandates are not a gun to your head – its worse.
    Its watching your spouse starve because you can’t get a job.
    Its watching your parents starve because you can’t get a job.
    Its watching your children starve because you can’t get a job.

    The choice that the mandates give you is to gamble with your life and take an experimental poison shot that was “fda approved” under sketchy bait & switch circumstances OR to feed your family.

    The only way to stop an employer vaccine mandate on an individual or small group level is to go on strike.
    When all the workers in your company are on strike against the mandates, watch how fast they backtrack.

    Even if police and warfighters do not actively resist Biden, some will passively drag their feet. Further, the recent truckers’ strike in Australia proved that ordinary unarmed Western civilians can be a thorn in the side of tyrants. (The USA media did not widely report that truckers’ strike, but it was reported on 8kun. Some American truckers read 8kun.)

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