Biden to send 1,500 troops to the border

CNN  — The Biden administration is making plans to send an additional 1,500 active-duty troops to the US-Mexico border in anticipation of an influx of migrants when the Title 42 public health authority expires next week, sources familiar with the planning told CNN. The US military has long provided support to the Department of Homeland Security on the border and a surge of personnel to the area is not unprecedented. Currently there are approximately 2,500 National Guard troops on the border.

As they’ve done before, the troops would serve in administrative roles and not perform any law enforcement function, the sources said. Their assistance is intended to free up resources at the Department of Homeland Security so that US Customs and Border Protection can operate more freely in the field, the sources added. “At the request of DHS, DOD will provide a temporary increase of an additional 1,500 military personnel, for 90 days, to supplement CBP efforts at the border. These 1,500 military personnel will fill critical capability gaps, such as ground-based detection and monitoring, data entry, and warehouse support, until CBP can address these needs through contracted support. They will not be doing any law enforcement work,” a US official said in a statement.

Comment: This is an additional 1,500. There are already 2,500 troops on the border from last year. This is the same ad hoc approach used over many administrations. I don’t know THE answer. 

Should we do the Berlin Wall in reverse? Complete Trump’s wall, establish a death strip and man it sufficiently to make it near impenetrable. Now that would be a militarized border. If we truly harden ourselves to doing what this solution entails, our border would definitely be controlled.

Do we go the nation building route in Central and South America? Our track record with that approach is pretty awful. And what would that cost? And is it even possible?

Just abandoning the borders should be a universally rejected solution. I think that would only lead to a post-apocalyptic reality in all the border states eventually requiring a militarization of the entire region. 

If we allow most of the throngs of Central and South Americans in, even through an orderly process, what are we going to do with them? Can there be an all of US plan to “spread the wealth” of these masses? Can they be incorporated into the work force without cheapening the labor of those already here? What if all this labor is allowed to unionize? That won’t sit well with big or small business, even though those same businessmen are pissing and moaning about not having enough workers to fill their job openings. If we’re going to let them in, we better devise a damned plan. If not, we better be ready to watch them die in place or die trying to cross our death strip. They’ll stop coming eventually.


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  1. Master Slacker says:

    I’m still waiting for US employers to universally use eVerify for all employees. As long as it’s advantageous financially to make noise but do nothing the border will be a problem. Once eVerify is universal a controlled influx is possible. This is a lobbying effort to not make it mandatory, therein lies the rub.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    If you (one, more properly) accepts that Global warming is real, which it likely is, then you have to also acknowledge that huge migrations will take place due to the dislocations as environments become unlivable. It seems plausible that the future may promise therefore much larger numbers coming over that border. Really huge. The toughness necessary to handle that may destroy what remains of the north American civilization. It really requires thought. Can it be ignored? Sure.

    • Billy Roche says:

      I’m not sure global warming is real and whether it is man made or natural. If it is real it will cause migration. But if higher ground is the objective those in L.A. can always migrate to Ecuador, Peru, or Chile. Wouldn’t that be easier than to the U.S.? Global warming is not chasing them to the US today. They are here for the American taxpayers buck and I don’t like being fleeced. OTOH, legal aliens are always welcomed to America in my book. Completion of Trumps wall would make 1500 guys w/unloaded rifles and instructions to “only observe” unnecessary. This is just politics. Lets see, the Chinese had a wall, the Jews have a wall, the Pope has a wall, the Obamas and Bidens have a wall, the Greeks put up a wall, the Hungarians have a wall; but a wall would not work for America. A mystery no?

  3. Babeltuap says:

    When the economy crashes they start going back home. That’s what happened after the 08 crash. The current bank failures are already worse than 08 so this border situation likely works itself out by literal default. Ask any investment banker and they’ll tell you (for them), when the market is good it’s bad and when it’s bad it’s good. And as the old saying goes (which I just made up), when the markets are bad it’s good for border crisis.

    • TTG says:


      I can attest to the truth of that. The Prince William County government did everything they could to remove the immigrant population from the county for years. With the 08 crash, construction business dried up along with other sectors of the county economy. The immigrant population dropped to near zero. They were there for the work and nothing else. However, that only worked as long as the economy was in the crapper. Even if the US economy crashes, that will only solve the immigration problem as long as the entire economy remains dead in the water.

  4. Handsome Truth says:

    This post is the problem in a nutshell. We are full of ideas concerning a meaningless border in Eurasia but are clueless and spineless about our own.

    Q. If we allow most of the throngs of Central and South Americans in, even through an orderly process, what are we going to do with them?

    A. Educate their children to hate white people, who will be taxed to pay for their care, feeding and this education. When they turn 18, their ballots will be harvested to keep the ruling globalist elite in power. This is called “democracy.” If you spent your life in the military, this model (along with usury, sodomy and abortion) is what you were protecting and trying to spread around the planet, whether you understood that or not. Tip: your reaction to this news flash will likely resemble the greiving process, but many never get much past denial.

    Can there be an all of US plan to “spread the wealth” of these masses?

    A. The people who have weaponized immigration against the American nation control wealth fows and have been directing all of it towards themselves since the Marxist police states of Europe collapsed. There was a “peace dividend” of a sort, and it all went to the top where it was immediately deployed against everyone else. But Marxist analysis is useful here: the invasion-by-invitation of our land by these bio-weapons is designed to destroy the American middle class, the only actual threat to the Green Zone.

    Q. Can they be incorporated into the work force without cheapening the labor of those already here?

    A. I don’t think this is a serious question. No one aiding and abetting the invasion of our land is thinking about this.

    Q. What if all this labor is allowed to unionize?

    A. Again, is this for real? The purpose of enforced racial diversity is to *prevent* organization — of any kind — against globalism. This is called divide and rule. It has been used against conquered peoples since the species came down out of the trees. Look at how Bezos handled the Somalians who tried to organize. That is a mirco-level example of a nation-sized phenomenon.

    Real Americans need to wake up and understand that they have been nearly conquered by their own supposed elite, which actually sees them as THE problem to be solved. This was the meaning of the “fortified” 2020 election.

    The nation’s enemies are not in Moscow or Mexico City, but in Manhattan, Sillicon Valley, Hollywood, Boca Raton, London and Brussels. One air strike in Davos would do more good than every air strike we’ve launched since the end of the Cold War, combined.

    This may be hard for older people to hear, but there is no voting our way out of what you allowed to happen on your watch. Praying to the Constitution – which has been mostly superseded by Civil Rights laws and executive orders — won’t work either.

    But I beleive that if struggle is waged against our domestic enemies, then the question conerning their collaborators and rumpswabs inside the Green Zone, the FBI, the Pentagon and the CIA will start to answer itself.

    • LeaNder says:

      The people who have weaponized immigration against the American nation control wealth fows and have been directing all of it towards themselves since the Marxist police states of Europe collapsed.

      Oh dear. You feel Pat Lang would have understood? Completely be on your side as a true teller of emotions in fly over America?

      Maybe? Never figured it out.

  5. Fourth and Long says:

    Off topic but – the Gremlin said that drones attacked it yesterday with intention to assassinate Putin.
    Several links from Ru media. In no particular order. Leading with the funniest. You’ll need to replace your Detective Dick Tracey watches with Browser translation apps, sorry.
    The general revealed where the drones flew to the Kremlin
    Major General Lipovoy: Ukrainian drones were launched by refugees from Donbass in Moscow.
    The Ukrainian drones that attacked the Kremlin could have been launched by Donbas refugees from Moscow or the Moscow region. This was stated by Major General Sergei Lipovoy.
    What is known about the assassination attempt on Putin and the attack of Ukrainian drones on the Kremlin:
    Two Ukrainian drones attempted to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. URA.RU provides a brief summary of what is currently known about the incident.
    Kiev on Wednesday night tried to strike drones on Putin’s Kremlin residence. Both devices were put out of action as a result of timely actions taken by the military and special services.
    Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the attack was an assassination attempt on Putin . Peskov added that the Kremlin considers the attack a terrorist act.
    The Kremlin said that Putin was not injured. The president’s work schedule has not changed.
    Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin reserves the right to respond to the Kiev regime. “The Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures where and when it sees fit,” Peskov explained.
    The president was not in the Kremlin at the time of the attack . Putin is currently in a residence near Moscow in Novo-Ogaryovo.
    The Kremlin refused to postpone the May 9 parade on Red Square. According to Peskov, there are no changes in plans.
    After reading those I looked up “how far could WW2 gliders fly?” The answer surprised me only for as long as it took me to remember “market garden.” Hmm. 300 miles or kilometers. Then it said the British flew one 1000km once in some sort of contest. Why the search? 1- my evil daddy the ex WW2 bomber navigator used to go on and on about gliders. 2- they are silent. 3- I saw this:

    Russian air defense intercepted an American “smart” bomb in the special operation zone
    Ministry of Defense: Russian air defense intercepted an American “smart” JDAM bomb in the special operation zone:

    MOSCOW, May 3 – RIA Novosti. Russian air defense forces shot down an American JDAM air bomb in the zone of a special military operation, the Ministry of Defense reported in a daily report.

    “The air defense equipment intercepted four HIMARS rockets and one U.S. controlled air bomb JDAM per day. In addition, sixteen Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed,” the document says.
    For the first time since the beginning of the special operation, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the interception of a JDAM air bomb.
    In April, the American media wrote, citing freely available documents, allegedly the Pentagon, that the JDAM guidance system in Ukraine failed. Experts did not rule out that the bomb fuses are not properly configured, there may also be problems with the GPS signal caused by the work of Russian “silent jampers”.

    My imagination gets the better of me.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      In addition to the Kremlin drone attack, and the Bryansk train derailment caused by several charges (according to morning reports) and the power installation near St Petersburg, Strelkov forwards these items this morning. Translation by Computer. It’s standard protocol for initiating an offensive – disrupt logistics, spread fear.
      Bad morning.

      Bryansk region – the Seshcha military airfield was attacked by drones. Damaged non-flying heavy military transport aircraft An-124. Now there are about a dozen of these machines in service, a total of 55 were built. Resuming production is now impossible.

      Krasnodar Territory – a fuel tank is on fire in the village of Volna, Temryuk District. The fire area is 1200 square meters. Extinguish five fire trains and almost two hundred people.

      Leningrad region – a fire at the airport in Gostilitsy, where helicopters were stored in hangars. (The fire was extinguished, tires were burning).

      Kursk region – another shelling of the village of Tyotkino. 15 houses and a gas pipeline were damaged, power supply was interrupted.

      Kherson region – AFU attacked Kakhovka, Nova Kakhovka, Aleshki, Peschanovka, Cossack Camps, Korsunka, Krynki and others.

      DPR – the enemy fired 424 ammunition. Gorlovka, Ozeryanovka, Mikhailovka, Wide Beam, Yasinovataya, Yakovlevka, Novoselovka Second, Donetsk, Makeevka, Yelenovka, Novotroitskoe, Petrovskoe, Sladkoe, Olginka, Blagodatnoe, Nikolskoe, Vladimirovka are under fire. A civilian died.

      Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, April 13, 2022:
      “If (the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of the Russian Federation) continue, then … strikes will be made on decision-making centers, including in Kyiv.”

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Check out relationship between Volna in Krasnodar Krai and the recently restored Kerch bridge. It’s not necessarily a sign of some master plan to take out the bridge, but it’s nearby and instills paranoia, one would think.

        Map – Voln etc

    • Leith says:

      F&L –

      No way that Ukraine wants Putin out of the way. Why would they want to assassinate a strategic bumbler? His replacement could be a better strategist. Keeping the dope in charge gives them a much better chance of liberating Russian-occupied regions of their country. It could be a false flag or the attack could have been done by Russian dissidents in opposition to Putin.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Yes. Could also be people in the Intel & State power structure of Ru who agree with your assessment of his strategic aptitude (bumbler) and are setting the stage for the removal of his nibs. Week 1 – 5 “Look — people are trying to kill the president!” Week 6 “Hey, did you see what finally happened?” According to your reasoning the Ukrainians would never remove him because he is not a wartime consigliore (to put it graciously). By the same reasoning others would think it’s time to get someone else. There are variants – Ru Intel discovers the plan and plotters, reports to the boss, they decide ok let it happen because I won’t be there and then we can more easily mobilize etc. Today in a post above this one TTG mentioned “counting coup,” a reference to a Native American warring practice whereby the enemy is repeatedly taunted and violated but not up to the point of death or serious injury, the better to keep him alive and able to be conscious of his incapacity, helplessness and visible humiliation. That was one of my thoughts too because it’s an effective technique especially in a situation such as many suspect the Ukrainians are in now – not really capable of taking down their foe or reacquiring former territories, but also not willing to resign themselves to failure and being perceived as having acknowledged defeat. So we’re left with a miniature Boeing 767, on 9-11, flying up close to the world trade center and suddenly exploding with zero injuries other than the miniature terrorists who flew the miniature passenger jet liner.
        Oh – and the miniature passengers, held at bay with miniature box cutters. As the FBI spokesperson said “the plane was powered by miniature kerosene molecules, really small, invisible to the naked eye.” And you heard it here for the first time.

  6. Fourth and Long says:

    I’ll count this as on topic. Memories of Uvalde. I’m weirded out by this stuff about several arrests with more on the way. Remember how it took several days to figure out what actually happened in the Uvalde shooting with 367 heroic armed police bystanders? Were we told a fishing story initially on this one too?

    Others arrested after Texas man accused of killing neighbors is caught
    By Justine McDaniel and Marisa Iati
    Multiple people have been arrested in connection with the Texas man accused of fatally shooting five neighbors Friday and then evading authorities during an extensive manhunt that concluded when officials arrested him Tuesday about 20 miles away.
    San Jacinto County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tim Kean would not provide an exact number of people arrested, saying only that it was no more than five. He also did not answer questions from reporters outside the county jail Wednesday about how the other people may have been linked to the shooting suspect, identified as Francisco Oropesa.
    More arrests could be coming, Kean said. “Others are hinging on what’s going on right now,” he said. “It’s fluid.”
    News of the additional arrests followed the capture of Oropesa, 38, at a home in Cut and Shoot, Tex., four days after he allegedly killed four adults and a 9-year-old child with an AR-15-style weapon in Cleveland, Tex. Oropesa is charged with five counts of murder. A judge is scheduled to set his bail Wednesday.
    They left Honduras for a better life. In America, gun violence found them.
    U.S. Marshals, U.S. Border Patrol’s tactical unit and the Texas Department of Public Safety arrested Oropesa about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, about an hour after an anonymous caller sent a tip to an FBI hotline, officials said. San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said the suspect was found “hiding in a closet underneath some laundry” but did not provide details of whose home he was at or whether others helped conceal him while hundreds of law enforcement officers conducted a manhunt.
    Authorities believe they have the weapon used in the shooting but are awaiting testing to confirm a link, Kean said Wednesday. He said they found Oropesa with a cellphone that he had used to contact people in the area while on the run.
    Never a dull moment. My wild A guess is: gang-related or maybe even cartels but it might be just that the cops are being extra careful and thorough. (Because the politicians will have their heads).

    • LeaNder says:

      My guess is hothead, you are better extra careful and surely do not tell the guy to stop it, you just informed police.

      Authorities said the fatal rampage began Friday about 11 p.m., after Oropesa’s neighbors asked him not to shoot his weapon close to their adjoining front yard while a baby in their home was trying to sleep. Rather than stop, authorities said, Oropesa entered the neighbors’ house and shot some of the family members in the head.

      Those killed were Sonia Argentina Guzmán, 25; Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21; Julisa Molina Rivera, 31; Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18; and Daniel Enrique Laso, 9

      Some of the people who helped him may not have known he shot his neighbors. You feel its gang related since Maria-Johanna pops up in one of the cases? His house is in Cut and Shoot too? Strange name:,_Texas

      Or because of this at the end?

      Authorities recovered five guns from Oropesa’s house that were initially purchased by other people, according to law enforcement officials. At least one of those weapons was purchased as recently as five years ago; others were much older.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Hothead? At the very least. It’s true that in fact most murders are committed by people who ordinarily never do anything particularly violent. But due to jealousy or torment or intense bitterness simply explode that one time in an immediate situation that suddenly got the better of them. They are left wondering how it ever happened. I’m not sure this is a case of that. Hothead is a start. My mentioning gangs was probably a function of ingrown prejudice I suffer from. My apologies.

        • Glenn Fisher says:

          I agree. I worked in a state prison for 25 years as a Corrections Officer, and my experience was I would rather have a lifer assigned to my work detail then some young dumb-ass drug dealer who thought he had the world by the ass.

          • LeaNder says:

            My apologies.
            No apologies necessary, dear, ever. I enjoy your mental meanderings.

            Glenn, interesting. Since this will be someone beyond life, likely someone on death row, not sure if I understand. You served on death row too?

            Anyway American real life: The younger brother of someone I know shortly before his death brought huge amounts of cash to his brother still living in their hometown. His elder brother had no idea that the career in Maria-Johanna of the kid had actually started in the schoolyard with 14/15. … The young one told him he had lawyers that took care of his money on banks in Switzerland. … See, that’s the tale as I recall it. … But why then bring all the cash to his brother to buy him real estate in his hometown? … Not too much later, the younger brother was dead. Shot in his apartment in Florida. Surely no one on your watch. …

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