“Brazil’s Bolsonaro asks supporters to lift blockades” – TTG

Protests erupted on Sunday after Bolsonaro’s narrow loss to leftist Lula da Silva in an October 30 run-off presidential election. (AFP)

STORY: After days of road blockades across Brazil in protest of Jair Bolsonaro’s election loss on Sunday (October 30), the president on Wednesday finally asked the protesters to clear out. “I know you’re upset, you’re sad; you expected something else, so did I. I’m just as upset, as sad as you. But we have to keep our head in place.”

Truckers, who are core Bolsonaro supporters that benefited from his policies to lower fuel prices, have blocked hundreds of highways nationwide since Monday. That’s after electoral officials announced on Sunday that leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva narrowly beat Bolsonaro in the run-off presidential election. The blockades have created miles-long backups and threaten to disrupt supply chains.

In his video posted on social media, Bolsonaro called them illegal. “Having the roads closed is harming everyone. The appeal I make to you: clear the roads, protest in another way and in other places, because this is very welcome and is part of democracy”. His message came as momentum grew among his supporters for the military to intervene. “Today, people are gathered here asking for a federal intervention, because we believe there was fraud in the election.”

“We are here legally, peacefully, democratically as a counter to the coup. This corrupt criminal system that organized the election through the Superior Electoral Court has delivered a blow to Brazil via the polls.”

In response to a request for comment, Brazil’s defense ministry said peaceful demonstrations were part of free expression under Brazilian law. It added, quote, “the Defense Ministry is guided by the Federal Constitution.”

Before Sunday’s vote, Bolsonaro repeatedly made baseless claims that Brazil’s electoral system was open to fraud. As of Wednesday night, the outgoing president had still not officially conceded his election loss, though his cabinet has begun a process of transition.


Comment: This surprised me. Not that Lula won or Bolsinaro lost, It could easily have gone the other way. But Bolsinaro has responded to his loss in a remarkably prudent way. Given his earlier “rigged election” rhetoric, I expected him to scream that he won the election… by a lot. He didn’t do that. Sure he didn’t concede. There’s no requirement for a a candidate’s public concession in Brazil or anywhere else as far as I know. He doesn’t appear to be contesting the results and directed his cabinet to immediately begin the transition process. 

I find this all a remarkable display of putting country and respect for the democratic process over his personal ambitions. This is a good thing for all of Brazil. In the years to come I’m sure he will remain a prominent opposition leader and he’ll undoubtedly run in the next election.


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14 Responses to “Brazil’s Bolsonaro asks supporters to lift blockades” – TTG

  1. cobo says:

    This is what Democracy is, the peaceful transition of power, fairly elected. I demand that of both “sides,” here too. Anything less is what we cannot be.

  2. Al says:

    Al Gore set a good example here in USA. Trump could not, as he has always been a con man.

    • Fred says:

      Al Gore fought that election result all the way to the supreme court. Unlike with Gore no court reviewed evidence of improprieties until after Biden was in office.

      • Al says:

        Fred, Trump is still running his election con $$ act.

        • Al says:

          Fred, BTW you are wrong, it was the Bush campaign that went to SCOTUS. Gore then honored that decision.

          • Al says:

            Fred, prior to Biden taking office Rudy & Co filed 60 court challanges. As Rudy later admitted, they had “no evidence”!

          • Fred says:


            Zero courts reviewed any case filed.

          • TTG says:


            A group of conservatives, including lawyers and retired federal judges, examined 64 cases brought by Trump and his allies and found that 30 included a hearing on the case’s merits in a report called “Lost, Not Stolen.” Trump and his allies won only one case in Pennsylvania, but it involved too few votes to impact the results. Six cases reached the Supreme Court and were rejected without hearings.

          • Fred says:


            “Retired judges” meaning they weren’t actually hearing the case(s).

          • TTG says:

            The retired judges conducted the after the fact review of all the cases brought by the Trump team. It was state and federal courts that conducted the hearings.

            “Trump and his allies lost nearly all the more than 60 cases they brought challenging the 2020 election results, the report noted. Twenty were dismissed before a hearing on the merits, 14 were dropped by Trump and his supporters, and 30 included a hearing on the merits, it found.”


          • Al says:

            Fred, you have long gone AWOL on your “alternative facts” on both Gore/Bush and Biden/Trump elections.

  3. borko says:

    “I find this all a remarkable display of putting country and respect for the democratic process over his personal ambitions.”

    This should be normal and expected, not remarkable. A democratic country’s leader should not be some petty, closet tyrant and egomaniac that tries to cling to power as long as possible.

  4. Eliot says:

    “ I find this all a remarkable display of putting country and respect for the democratic process over his personal ambitions. This is a good thing for all of Brazil. In the years to come I’m sure he will remain a prominent opposition leader and he’ll undoubtedly run in the next election.”


    If Bolsonaro plays nice, they’ll be nice to him?

    They’ll do their best to destroy the man whatever he does.

    – Eliot

  5. Lorraine B. says:

    It seems that the CIA warned Bolsonaro on conceeding Lula´s victory…..
    The fast Twitting fever congratulating Lula by Biden, von de Leyen, Borrell and the rest of NWO high priests comes to confirm that…

    Lula was very harsh with regard the “Covid Vaccine” Davos agenda…in the line of Macron and Trudeau with regard “enmerder the lives of unvaccinated people”…There is graphic testimony on this, with him pledging to make life of unvaccinated people impossible….Who knows what treaties this man went through in prison…Bolsonaro, on the contrary, eventhough he pledged to sign billionaire contracts with Pfizer and Moderna, like everybody else in the Western and Western influence world, still tried to conserve some freedom for the Brazilian people on taking or not taking the dangerous “vaccines”, what probably costed him the presidency….

    And guess what, Lula has bee invited to the next Davos summit…. to be celebrated in January…

    Btw, talking about the NWO, what is your opinion on this report by F.W. Engdahl? It seems that main intelligence services and Papal cavalry orders are involved in the plot….along with royals, bankers and main think tanks….


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