“California reparations panel approves payments of up to $1.2 million to every Black resident”

The California Reparations Task Force formally recommended that the state offer payments of up to $1.2 million to every qualifying Black resident. The task force held a public meeting in Oakland, California, on Saturday and voted on the final set of recommendations to be sent to the state’s legislators. The nine-member panel called on the state to offer its Black residents a formal apology in addition to the payments. “Reparations are not only morally justifiable, but they have the potential to address long-standing racial disparities and inequalities,” Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said after attending the meeting.

The panel’s recommendation breaks payments down by types of historical discrimination. For instance, Black residents affected by redlining by banks would receive $3,366 for each year they lived in California from the early 1930s to the late 1970s, amounting to up to $148,099. Similarly, Black residents could receive roughly $2,352 in compensation for over-policing and mass incarceration for each year they lived in California between 1970 and 2020. Those payments could amount to $115,260. In total, from these and other payments included in the plan, a Black Californian who is 71 years old and has lived in California his entire life could receive up to $1.2 million, according to analysis from the New York Times.

The panel’s Saturday vote included only recommendations for the state legislature and does not have any legal weight. Saturday’s meeting included opposition from some Black residents demanding larger payments. An activist identified as Rev. Tony Pierce was one of the more outspoken people at the gathering, making reference to the famous “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves when he took the podium.


Comment: Jeez Louise! There’s a chance this might happen. Up to this point, it’s all been threats, demands and talking points. All theoretical. This is a 500 page report which obviously provides detailed conditions and formulas for determining potential payments. If nothing else, this could keep law firms lucratively engaged for years.

I find it interesting that this seems to focus on the effects of post Civil War discriminatory policies and practices rather than the institution of slavery itself. Reverend Tony Pierce’s reference to “40 acres and a mule” is also interesting. His assertion that this means every black Californian is entitled to millions of dollars is an obvious non-starter in my view. But I do wonder what would the United States be like today if Sherman’s Special Field Orders No. 15 was not rescinded by President Johnson. What would a racially restricted, federally protected territory, as specified in the Special Field Order, have meant for the country? Would the former Confederates have risen up again and violently taken back that land for white men? Would there have been a Tulsa race massacre but on a far larger scale?


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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Very interesting question. It’s impossible, I suspect to imagine what the psychological effects were on young William Tecumseh Sherman upon realizing at first and then contemplating over the years that he was named – his middle name which is if anything is at least central visually in print and important in a culture cognizant of ancestry – after a Shawnee leader who was a famous orator and became regarded as a prophet. It’s difficult to assess.

    A Gal named Sue (not Sioux, which sounds the same) by Johnny Cash:
    Yes, I know it’s A Boy named Sue. Times are changing.

    • Leith says:

      Didn’t the nickname ‘Cump’ come from his brother’s babytalk when trying to pronounce Tecumseh?

      And speaking of baby brothers, it was Tecumseh’s little bro Tenskataway that was the prophet. The Indian Moses, his prophecies became reality.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Governor Newsome?
    The Trump rape verdict came in, you said to notify you ..
    “Yes, OK. What was it?”
    $5,000,000 in damages, cleared of rape but guilty of … and …
    “Interesting. Now let’s see, he will certainly say something, he’ll feel called upon to say something I’m sure if we announce ..”
    Mr Newsome, Sir?
    People will be inquiring if the above transcript of a recorded conversation bears any resemblance to reality or is just another silly fabrication of internet trolls and political operatives. We cannot comment other than to say that it was found printed in ink normally not visible to human perception on a receipt included within this morning’s coffee delivery packaging. It was however detected by a cell phone activating ultraviolet detection system which for the affordable price of only .. .

    Quiz. Answer honestly or suffer for your untruthfullness.

    Check the box which best describes your initial reaction to today’s post above.
    A) I googled “number of …..s in California” immediately, then using my phone’s calculator I multiplied that number by $1.2 million.
    B) Something not likely to be admitted in public so ..
    C) I said to myself “why only $1.2 million?” Does anyone have 1.2 children or own 1.2 cars or did they watch 1.2 movies last week?
    D) Yo, fo real? Gimme five point two, brutha, slap me a five point two right heah

    • TTG says:


      This reparations story came out well before the Trump verdict was announced. As for your quiz, my first reaction was holy crap, every man person in California is to become a millionaire? But reading the story I realized the headline was standard journalistic hyperbole. The amounts will mostly be in the 100K or less range. So choice A is probably closest to my initial reaction.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Watch Andrew Napolitano interview Alistair Crooke to find out how them Yurpeens is gonna limit purchase of meat to 13 kilograms per year per person. And limit clothing purchases to 8 items per Capita per annum. That might even curl the moustaches of Uncle Joe and the German guy. Time to inflict a worldwide holodomor and collectivization? Visit sunny Davos, right near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany. Other than the Wolfsschanzel, you can’t find a better strudel.

        Napolitano & Crooke:

      • Laura Wilson says:

        Yes, headlines can be really deceptive. The LA Time today had one stating that Sen. Feinstein would be back is DC after “weeks” of absence. Of course, it was MONTHS!

        Anyway, we don’t know yet what the numbers will be but Calfornia definitely went out of its way to do harm to black Californians. I wish it weren’t fact but here we are.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Festus, you hear this talk about if the day arrives when every African American in the United States is given $1.2 million it means all out nuclear war is in the works ?

    Marshall – you mean it’s code for sayin’ it?

    Yes Festus. That’s what I heard.

    I’ll call Doc, Marshall.

  4. Whitewall says:

    When this doesn’t happen I plan to have plenty of popcorn ready for when the peaceful riots happen in front of wealthy white enclaves. There won’t be a U Haul truck available anywhere on the west coast.

  5. Handsome Truth says:

    “Tulsa Race Massacre” ? — this is why Boomers have destroyed America. They will fall for any anti-white claim, however ridiculous. Anything that makes them think they are on the side of the angels. It’s embarassing.

    Was there violence in Tulsa? Yes. But “massacre”? The most outrageous claims made about his hundred year old incident are unproven and, at this point, mostly unproveable. Sort of like some other mostly evidence-free “massacre” hoaxes I have heard about. Which is why they are used as weapons against innocent white people who have been trained to hate themselves through decades of subtle, and now not-so-sublte, anti-white conditioning.

    In a healthy population, we would be wanting to know why know one is investigating an actual massacre like the one in Las Vegas in 2017. But we are clearly not a healthy population.

  6. blue peacock says:

    What is the logic that current generations have to pay for the actions of their forebears? What about Latino, Asian and other more recent immigrants now citizens & taxpayers? What did their forefathers do to blacks in America to have to pay?

    Why do current blacks who mostly grew up post-civil rights reforms get paid for the treatment of their forebears? What about more recent immigrants from Africa, Caribbean, etc who self-identify as blacks but whose forebears were never slaves in America? Why do they receive payment?

    As the Bud Light controversy turned out for AB, it appears many Americans don’t like virtue signaling. This is just that. A single party state can get away with whatever the politicians in that party decide and in California virtue signaling by this party is their top priority.

    • Fred says:


      Legacy guilt is forever. Immigrants suffer from “not soon enough” guilt, for they didn’t support BLacK (variously capitalized) Americans in their struggle(s) soon enough to support the latest narrative. I look forward to seeing those heroes of the Summer of George Floyd – Nathan Phillips and the black hebrew israelites march for Justice (or whatever) again. Maybe some Christian teenagers will be available too, for the media news narrative sequal?

      This is hardly virtue signaling, it’s a great political wedge; and a reminder that there are only victims(!) and oppressors(!) and proof that the cis-gendered pro-traditional marriage Christian leader – MLK – was WRONG! when he said content of character was more important that skin color.

      A special shout out thank you to Barack and Michelle. You all know why.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Don’t abbreviate Barack and Michelle using only first initials. You will be banned from Twitter and a prominent woman will accuse you of raping her for 15 years in an office 43 floors beneath Wall Street where her employment records cannot be located nor her identity verified, nonetheless.. you look like you the old evil slavemaster from the movie … so … .

        Al Capone would be impressed. Not an easy thing to do. I guess those Zombie apocalypse movies will be looking even more prophetic soon. Gavin Newsome. He gave in, knew some.

        Cue the end scene in Dr Strangelove:

        • Fred says:


          You must have taken over the ‘stream of consciousness’ style of posting from the old LeaNder. Can’t get banned from Twitter if you don’t have an account there. Capone? The streets of Chicago were safer when he was the crime boss instead of the mayor. Strangelove is old hat. Captain Jack Sparrow, mind you, at least he knew when to have a drink.

    • blue peacock says:

      Bud Light’s hangover from hell: Sales figures for America’s once-favorite beer reveal how EVERY region in U.S. has turned its back since the Dylan Mulvaney tie-up – as Anheuser-Busch stock is downgraded over ‘crisis’


      Lol! Even the woke don’t like virtue signaling it appears.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      A person who was once a tortionist but has retired is referred to as: An ______
      9 letters.

      I see you have removed $999 worth of merchandise from this store. Yes 1 dollar more and you could charge me with a crime. Or is it 2$? (From the new bestseller: The many interpretations of the number of the Beast. Chapter 5, what about upside down and viewed in a mirror?

  7. Fred says:

    I wonder what it would be like in America if the people in Africa had not enslaved their fellow Africans? I wonder how much those freed by the Union Army owe for their freedom, since it cost a lot of lives to secure? I wonder how much those crossing the border will have to pay in ‘reparations’? I wonder how many other victim classes there will be in the drive to destroy the social fabric of the Republic to create the Socialist Utopia the left dreams of?

    • TTG says:


      Over 10% of the Union Army were USCT. And they fought hard and paid dearly. While reading this article, I did wonder about how California will address the Chinese population that was brought in to build the railroads and then treated rather shoddily. I know reparation payment were made to Japanese-Americans for forced relocation and internment in WWII.

      • Fred says:


        I wrote a piece about a USCT MOH winner. But as the Colonel pointed out, most of those units were second line at best and saw little action in combat. The Japanese Americans were still alive and not generations removed from internment when the US Congress passed a modest renumeration for what FDR had done by Executive Order.

        Legacy Guilt is forever and if you are ruthless enough to abandon the Christian principle that collective guilt, and its just punishment, are left to God, and that money forever solves the issue and will relieve future generations of that guilt, feel free to pledge your own wealth to get things going. I believe I wrote a piece about Fareed Zakaria opening his reparations account long ago. Colonel Lang got a chuckle out of that one.

        • TTG says:


          When USCT were allowed to fight, they almost always did well. USCT at the Battle of Wilson’s Landing on the James River was an impressive defensive victory for the USCT. Their performance at the Battle of New Market Heights scared the shit out of the Texan defenders. That might be where your MOH winner fought. USCT performance at the Battle of Nashville finally convinced General Thomas that they were damned fine soldiers.

          I see Newsome quickly threw cold water on that reparations report. Recommended payments would have taken two years of the entire California budget. One thing that’s being talked about in Richmond is reconnecting two halves of a once prosperous predominantly black neighborhood that was split by the construction of I-95 without any real compensation. It’s a reparations thing. but done as a city redevelopment project.

          • Fred says:


            Richmond is going to undo the urban renewal of the ’60, initiated by the liberal left, to make up for economic damages the liberals imposed by building an “interstate” highway? Good to hear Richmond voters will be taxed to give some monies to, why don’t you let us know the beneficiaries will be, because of victimization of people two generations back. Good luck to Richmond in getting some federal monies for that one too.

            “Reparations ” is just another word to be redefined, like vaccine, because this particular one isn’t about Slavery! 1619! or Jim Crow. But now also include Red lining (FDR), Urban Renewal (LBJ) and maybe one day even Obamacare. That latter one would have to include the people of the color it ain’t ok to be ’cause like everyone else they really got screwed by it.

          • TTG says:


            The current I-95 was the Richmond Freeway. The route was planned in 1950 and finally approved in 1954 by the all white Democratic city council to avoid white neighborhoods and cut straight through the black Jackson Ward. This was not the liberal left. As the Richmond Magazine put it, “The highway through Richmond eventually took 180 acres of city-owned and 210 acres of privately owned land, including 726 homes and businesses. Architectural historian Mary Wingfield Scott noted more buildings were lost than those destroyed by the April 3, 1865, Evacuation Fire.”

  8. Al says:

    Gov Newsom already slowly but surely backing away from the “reccomendations”, like “a cat on a hot tin roof”!

  9. Stefan says:

    So many questions. Who is to pay for the reparations? Native Americans included in the payees? How about descendants of Chinese Americans who helped build the west? if you are a legal immigrant, from non European countries in the 1980s, are you going to be forced to pay for what white Americans did?

    As a white American, I think we can and should do something. Not just for black Americans, but for Native Americans and other groups. I also realise you start handing out checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars that everyone else in society is forced to pay that the hate groups/neo Nazis ranks will swell to the point that made the high point of the Klan in this country seem small.

    The most extreme elements of American politics will swell. For the Democrats this would potentially turn a country, trending Democratic, squarely back in the GOP fold, potentially for generations. A real recipe for a seismic shift in American politics and race relations, and not in a good way.

    Pretty much a nuclear land mind field.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Challenging math questions of the week.
      If an African American living in California fathers 12 children who necessarily will also be African American, and each is therefore eligible for $1.2 million from the state, how much will the state be on the hook for? Hint. Don’t forget daddy.


      Challenging sociology question of the week which is also a math question since the estimation of probabilities is first attributed to Pierre de Fermat, considered by history to have been a mathematical genius.

      Is it likely that the story linked above happened to appear by coincidence on the same day as the media published news of the California reparations proposal? How likely? Explain.

      Bonus questions: 1- What is the meaning of the word Cherepashka in this song of Natali’s? 2- How significant in your opinion is it that the song is about a sea-turtle who wears sunglasses (shades) from China?
      3- Would you rather that your children used Cherepashka as sung by Natali as a cooking timer alarm soundtrack on their iphones or prefer that songs about sea turtles be banned forever due to things we are not permitted to discuss on an open forum?

      Natali – Cherepaska

      • TTG says:


        Those 12 black children would have to live in California for 71 years in order to be theoretically eligible for $1.2 million. So would the father.

    • Fred says:


      So you will open a personal reparations account with your own money? Resign for equity? Just push for more ‘affirmative action’ discrimination so others are held back based on race? The country is ‘trending democratic’? Is that why Trump won in 2016 (or was that the Russians!?); or Desantis in two gubernatorial elections? Maybe that Governor in Virginia, you know, that state where the school board arrested the parent who complained about his daughter being raped in school. That same state where the FBI investigated the parents for going to school board meetings? (Was the GOP behind them?)

      ” … squarely back in the GOP fold, potentially for generations. A real recipe for a seismic shift in American politics and race relations, and not in a good way.”

      You mean the GOP isn’t good for America? Why I sure hope Joe Biden does something good for America. Will that mean removing Speaker McCarthy from his role in the House? Maybe the Senate Majority Leader too? How many others in the GOP are not good for America?

    • Billy Roche says:

      I am an American citizen who believes in political tolerance. I too fear neo Nazis. The Nazis were socialists and like the communists they were also fascists. The 20th c. saw single party socialist/fascist states in Italy, Russia, and Germany. You can’t have socialism and individualism. Destruction of individualism comes from the left. Although I don’t like the left’s point of view, in a free society, I accept it. As to me, I never took a dime from anyone I d/n pay back. I put my three years in the svc, pay my taxes, obey the law (even those w/which I disagree as opposed to rioting in the street and damaging other’s ppty and harming or killing), vote every time I can, and I’m sometimes a libertarian but usually a Republican. Why is it not a good thing for people like me to be politically ascendant? Are you saying a one party state is preferable?

      • TTG says:

        Billy Roche,

        By everything you have written here, I certainly don’t see you as being in line with the current Republican base. Your willingness to accept the left’s point of view in a free society marks you as hopelessly woke to that base. I wish people like you were more politically ascendant.

        • Whitewall says:

          Problem is, the ‘Left’s point of view is no longer ‘Liberal’ meaning open to the free exchange of ideas and convincing voters which is right. The Left’s point of view has drifted to illiberal which is intolerant of anything not conforming. Western liberalism is dying at the hand of the illiberal but pro Marxist point of view.

          The Liberal point of view I am happy to hear because I was like most here formally educated to give a fair hearing. This new illiberal Left however and its demands,
          I do not accept. This illiberalism has been around before.

          • TTG says:


            “The Left’s point of view has drifted to illiberal which is intolerant of anything not conforming.”

            Not conforming to what? If anything the left is far too exuberant in its celebration of diversity. At least they’re not banning books. Perhaps you’re referring to the oft quoted “non-negotiable demands” spouted by the civil rights and anti-war left of the 60s.

        • Billy Roche says:

          I am not aligned w/t RINO base. The GOP was deliberately destroyed in ’48 by Thomas Dewey, Prescott Bush, George Romney, Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller, and Bob Dole, in an effort to defeat Truman and the Dems., to whom the GOP had lost 4 straight elections since ’32. The party threw out its Libertarian and Conservative coalition and b/came a “group” of professional politicians w/o ideology. Dewey lost in ’48 anyway. That “Old GOP” was a throwback to the “liberals” of enlightenment politics of the 18th & 19th century. The GOPe, since ’48, might have been described by Pat as a group of “hollow men”, empty men w/o direction b/y a win at the polls. The Democrat party has b/c, IMHO since 2000, an American hating socialist party w/o regard for the niceties of political tolerance. Many “American loving” politically tolerant Democrats haven’t recognized that yet. The two parties to which we both “belonged” are gone. Nevertheless, you and I can continue to respectfully disagree. We both know that Pat Lang w/n have permitted anything else.

          • Whitewall says:

            “Many “American loving” politically tolerant Democrats haven’t recognized that yet”
            For the sake of our future may they hurry up and recognize it. I have, probably all of us have, Democrat voting family and friends. They are not wild eyed illiberal fanatics, just ordinary people who go about their lives but pay no attention to politics so far. People I know like this vote D every time as they have always known to do. Then they don’t keep up with events. Yet. The Left wants them to stay that way. The Right wants them to wake up.

          • TTG says:


            Maryland Democrats voted heavily for Republican Larry Hogan twice over his democratic opponents. I would think many of the votes for Biden in the last election were just as much, if not more, votes against Trump. It’s the same on the Republican side. There were an awful lot of split ballots going for all Republican candidates except Trump. In my opinion, it’s the Right who must wake up from their Trump nightmare. If they could support a run by Cris Sununu, they’d see a hell of a lot of Democrats flock to that ticket in 2024.

  10. Mark Logan says:

    I suspect General Order 15 might have worked. Rice farming is not an easy business back then, malaria (and other things) was rife in the damp, hot environment. It was not popular with those who had other options. The history of rice production in the area indicates it was nearly all slave labor.

    The Confederates were beat to hell and sick of war. I suspect they wouldn’t have viewed the economic interests of the few white plantation owners in the miserably humid coastal areas worth dying for and may have viewed it as a place for their suddenly free blacks to go. There was a community in Mississippi which was allowed to exist. Mound Bayou.


    • TTG says:

      Mark Logan,

      You may be right. But that coastal land from Charleston to the St. John’s River in Florida turned out to be some pretty choice property. Savannah was left intact by Sherman. I think resentful envy would run deep among the former Confederates. It would take a healthy presence of Federal troops to keep those former Confederates at bay. It would definitely have put a new twist on the “separate, but equal” idea.

      • Billy Roche says:

        Resentment ran deep in the south I can attest. I was denied svc in a luncheonette in Augusta in May of 1969. I was in uniform but I ordered ham and eggs in unmistakable “New Yorkese”. Thirty minutes went by and no eggs. I am not a pushy guy but I had to get back to base and grabbed the waitress when she next walked by. “Go home Yankee. We don’t serve your kind round here.” One hundred and four years after the War of Northern Aggression and a guy in uniform couldn’t get a couple of eggs. Still, I kinda liked the south.

        • Fred says:

          You were treated bad in a ‘lunchunette’ 5 and a half decades ago? I got the run around last weekend by a second-rate waitress, but that was just bad service. I see lots of “yankee go home” attitudes around here all the time though; mostly because the New Yorkers and New Jerseyites (along with, to use the phrase, “massholes”) acting exactly like people you don’t want anywhere near you. But “resentment” over the War of the Rebellion (Official US history title) it certainly isn’t.

          • Billy Roche says:

            Fred: 1969 and a guy in uniform in the deep south ought not translate to being treated badly at a luncheonette 5 and 1/2 decades ago. But it does demonstrate that many in the south were still fighting the War of Northern Agression. I was responding to TTG’s comments to Marc Logan. You shoulda been there. Maybe you were??

          • Fred says:


            One waitress in a restaurant doesn’t translate into anything.

      • Whitewall says:

        “In my opinion, it’s the Right who must wake up from their Trump nightmare.”

        I can do without the Trump but I do want the ‘Trumpism’ to carry on with another candidate. I want a confrontational Republican party and not the old school Rockefellar Repubs or their RINO offspring. This ongoing nihilistic flattening of every institution has claimed too much of our former functioning society.

      • Mark Logan says:


        Probably right. I should’ve said “….worked for awhile”. Would’ve worked until such time as white people decide they want that land. Mound Bayou was left alone. My impression is it was the fear of being next-door neighbors with free blacks was the root cause of the outrage. Blacks were mostly let be as long as they didn’t vote. They wanted segregation very, very badly.

  11. Fourth and Long says:

    Сука Злая -Муркисс (Murkiss, possibly “More Kiss” which is almost definitely correct) , where was I? Right. Suka Zlaya – in other words “Evil Bitch.” The name of the song linked below. But be warned – the song accuses noone or anything of being an Evil Bitch. It’s a reference to Life itself being an Evil Bitch.

    Murkiss – Evil Bitxh (Suka Zlaya)

  12. Sam says:

    For awhile, Biden brought some fresh blood into the party in the form of antitrust enforcers, a few regulators, and Ron Klain and Brian Deese. But 85% of the administration is from the same Democratic blob, the Jeff Zients world. And now the blob is in charge.


    This is precisely the problem. Exactly what happened with the Trump administration who were entirely hired from the “blob”. No matter which half of the duopoly is running the government and no matter how mavericky the POTUS, the administration staff are exclusively sourced from the blob.

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