“Cotton threatens to block DOJ nominees …”


“Sen. Tom Cotton is threatening to hold up Justice Department nominations over concerns that the Biden administration may not be representing U.S. Marshals who are being sued for actions they took defending the Portland federal courthouse in 2020.”

“These courageous officers were attacked by left-wing street militants with weapons such as mortar fire, ball bearings, and blinding lasers,” Cotton, R-Ark., said in a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland. “A refusal to represent these Deputy Marshals would violate the Department’s long-standing practice – not to mention its moral duty – to defend law-enforcement officers when they’re sued for actions in the line of duty.”

The Portland federal courthouse was subject to months of attacks by activists protesting police brutality in 2020. It was one of the hottest flashpoints in the debate over law and order ahead of the presidential election. 

In the wake of those attacks, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund told Fox News it is representing four deputy U.S. Marshals who were sued by demonstrators, claiming one officer was outright denied legal defense by the DOJ.”

Comment: Cotton seems like a ghost of Cotton Mather but, in this case, I am with him. pl


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2 Responses to “Cotton threatens to block DOJ nominees …”

  1. TTG says:

    I agree that DOJ should not be neutral in these cases and just leave the officers on their own. Investigate the circumstances of these law-enforcement officers being sued for actions in the line of duty. Either those officers should be prosecuted by DOJ or legally supported and represented. It’s either one or the other.

  2. optimax says:

    I think the US Marshal denied DOJ defense is the one that shot the protestor in the forehead with a non-lethal round. After watching months of BLM/ antifa destroying the downtown, assaulting innocent people, injuring cops and trying to burn down the federal building, I felt a sense of sangfroid seeing the video of the protestor collapse to the ground. I believe the marshal was aiming for the radio the protestor was holding above his head, missed, giving him a third eye, which in he later seems proud of. A joke that went too far.



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