Is POTUS a witting Chinese intelligence asset?

A new book claims the Biden family earned $31 million from five deals involving people with direct ties to Chinese intelligence.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, partnered with multiple financiers with direct ties to the Chinese spy network, according to Peter Schweizer’s “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” published by Harper-Collins and scheduled to be released Tuesday.

The dealings occurred during and after Joe Biden’s time as vice president, and included the former head of China’s ministry of state security and the head of foreign intelligence recruitment.

The book says some of those relationships remain intact, Breitbart reported.

The Chinese communists saw a financial relationship with the Bidens as an opening for “elite capture.” Hunter Biden got meetings and major deals with people in the highest levels of Chinese government and financial institutions, and in return the Chinese would leverage the Bidens’ power for their interests, the book says.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China have been scrutinized after the New York Post in October 2020 revealed that a laptop left at a repair shop contained a trove of emails detailing controversial foreign business dealings.

On Friday, Rep. James Comer, the leading Republican on the House Oversight Committee, told Newsmax that it was important that the National Archives release any information about Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement in the sale of an African cobalt mine to a Chinese company in 2016, as a matter of national security.

Fox Business obtained emails showing Hunter Biden and a former top Biden aide invested in a company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Also, a Chinese mogul reportedly gave Hunter Biden an expensive gem and offered $30 million in a bid to seal a deal with a Chinese-government-linked energy consortium to expand its business around the world, according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine’s book, “Laptop from Hell.”

In his book, Schweizer says a tycoon named Che Feng, dubbed “the super chairman,” is a central figure in Hunter Biden’s dealings.

Che has been described in Western media as “a shadowy and discreet investor,” whose business partner was the vice minister of state security, Breitbart reported.

“The hazard of a Chinese businessman with close ties to the top ranks of Beijing’s spy agency conducting financial transactions with the son of the U.S. vice president cannot be overstated,” Schweizer writes in his book. “How this did not set off national security or ethics alarm bells in Washington is a wonder in itself.”

Comment: The PRC has a number of intelligence agencies and departments. I do not know which one hunter has dealt with so intimately. If I were still in the “bidness,” my conclusion from the visible evidence would be that the answer to my question is “probable.” 70% probably. pl

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  1. different clue says:

    I hope this question will also be raised, even if only after-the-fact, about one-time President Bill Clinton. It was President Clinton who who maneuvered WTO into admitting China into WTO and maneuvered Congress into granting MFN status to China. This set the state for vastly greater anti-America industry destruction than even NAFTA itself did. How much was Clinton paid to do this by how many China-connected or China-connectable actors? Both during and most especially after Clinton’s Presidency? Who felt Clinton was worth the 100 million dollars he has been given since leaving office for engineering the Mass Jobicide and the Bonfire of the Industries which will be President-Jeffrey-Epstein’s-Friend’s most lasting legacy?

  2. Babeltuap says:

    We will know for sure when Daddy is out of office and the going rate for Hunter’s artwork is not generating the same revenue or none at all. Bet it all winds up as kitsch art and found at garage sales.

  3. TTG says:

    Hunter Biden had a bunch of shady dealings with China. Nothing new there. At least he’s not working in the White House. Trump made over 5 million from China while he was President through stakes in his real estate holdings. He made a lot more before that. He also obtained Chinese trademarks for his daughter while in office under suspicious circumstances. The scope of his Chinese business dealings was evident in the $200,000 he paid to China in taxes. He also has sizable loans from Chinese banks. The billion dollars raised for his new social media venture, Truth Social, is primarily from a Wuhan based investment firm, Yunhong International, subject of several SEC investigations. This is all in addition to all the Russian money keeping Trump’s empire afloat for years.

    Now Trump’s and Hunter’s financial dealings with China, Russia and Ukraine while neither one of them were in any kind of government position is no more than fodder for a lot of loud harrumphing. Trump’s financial dealings with China while he was in office is another matter.

    • Pat Lang says:

      I thought you were a competent intelligence officer. Now I see that you are a political operative on the left.

    • Fred says:

      Wow, it wasn’t Russia Collusion after all, it was China the whole time.

      “… through his stakes in real estate holdings.” How dare a real estate mogul own real estate globally! And how dare that company he owns pay taxes! I missed those charges during those impeachments; Is SDNY going to charge him for that, too? What’s been taking them so long, lack of evidence of an actual crime or just no election happening?

      Yunhong International is allowed to invest in US firms? I wonder if other Chinese firms are. Has Yunghong been find like Credit Suisse yet?

      • Jose says:

        Fred, from the Godfather:

        “Tattaglia’s a pimp. He never could’ve out-fought Santino. But I didn’t know until this day that it was Barzini all along.”

  4. Jose says:

    TTG, how many pictures of honeypots with Hunter do you think exists?

    IMHO, PL is right Mr. Ten Percent is probably comprised by Hunter and maybe his brother.

    Anybody that owns an S&P 500 or Total US Stock Fund/ETF is also doing business deals with China, are we compromised?

  5. Deap says:

    Background story on Ivanka Trump’s successful clothing and accessories brand – which she started in 2007, and shut down after Dad became POTUS:

  6. TTG says:


    Sure that Chinese money going to Hunter is a means for “elite capture.” Surely his lucrative position in Ukraine was the same, as was all that money flowing into the Clinton Foundation before the 2016 election. They all want something for their money. Russian and Chinese largesse to Trump is no different. There are intel ties to most of that money. These attempts at “elite capture” don’t necessarily result in the capture of that elite, especially if the attempt is already public knowledge and if the targeted elite has little shame. What’s not tied to foreign intel, is tied to business bribery. None of that set off national security or ethics alarm bells in Washington, either. The same goes for all the political donations and lobbying flooding Congress.

    • Pat Lang says:


      “Forbes estimates that at least $5.4 million has flowed into the president’s business from a lease agreement involving a state-owned bank in Trump Tower.

      The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a lease for space in 2008, years before the president took office, paying about $1.9 million in annual rent.” Is this lease for space for the bank what you are talking about?

      • TTG says:

        In addition to that lease, Trump sold a penthouse to a Chinese-American businesswoman with close ties to the CCP for 15.8 million. He tried almost as hard to have a Trump office tower in Guangzhou as he did in Moscow. Trump’s China business ventures necessarily put him in bed with CCP controlled companies and banks. But all this certainly can’t be interpreted as proof that Trump is a witting Chinese Intelligence asset. The Trump family fortune was absolutely dependent on Russian money from sources closely allied with Putin. That doesn’t make him a witting Russian Intelligence source. Hunter is in the same situation, except whatever money he made was pissed away on drugs and whores. He now has little to show for it. It was a wasted youth. That’s hardly a reason to declare the father of that wasted youth to be a witting foreign intelligence asset.

        • Pat Lang says:

          IMO there is abundant evidence that Joe participated directly in the flood of money that he knew was coming from Chinese intelligence sources. Hunter is a bum, but he is just a bagman for Joe.

          • Pat Lang says:

            “Trump sold a penthouse to a Chinese-American businesswoman with close ties to the CCP for 15.8 million. He tried almost as hard to have a Trump office tower in Guangzhou as he did in Moscow.” These seem to be normal, if aggressive, business operations. Do you think the prices paid for rent or sale of real property were out of sync with the market? I don’t think this compares with payoffs for access to the VP.
            IMO the Dems will succeed in preventing Trump running again. That would fine with me.

          • TTG says:


            It was Ivanka and Jared’s former apartment and it was sold off the market. The price of 15.8 million was reasonable for that kind of property. However, “on a price-per-square-foot basis, Chen, the buyer, shelled out 13% more for her apartment compared with the previous year’s sale — while all other units in the building were selling for 25% less on average. It was sold in February 2017. Chen is an influence peddler. “For a select clientele,” her firm says that it “facilitates the right strategic relationships with the most prominent public and private decision makers in China.” Chen’s firm is considered a front group for Chinese military intelligence. For a businessman involved in international real estate, this is perfectly normal. For a brand new President, it should have raised a red flag in CI circles.

            The Dems may may succeed in preventing Trump from running, but it will be for his apparent hands on involvement in the attempted palace coup, not for any foreign attempts at elite capture.

          • Pat Lang says:

            They will do whatever works. No problem for me. I don’t want him to run again.

          • Pat Lang says:


            Is there any evidence that Trump benefited from the transaction on Ivanka and Jared’s apartment?

          • TTG says:


            Trump declared a profit of 7.4 million from the sale, far in excess of any other sale in that building per square foot since 2005. Chump change for a billionaire, but almost all his real estate windfalls were sales to Russians and Chinese. I think they were looking for an elite capture through Trump’s transactional nature. Whether he stiffed them in these deals, as also is his nature, is an open question IMO.

          • Pat Lang says:

            The 7.4 million is on Ivanka’s property? If so, then DT owned the apartment? pl

        • TTG says:


          Apparently Ivanka only rented it. “Property records listed the seller as Trump Park Avenue LLC, a company in which Donald Trump maintained a 99.9% interest. Donald Trump counted the full proceeds of the sale as his own income on a personal financial disclosure report he filed with government officials.”

  7. Martin Oline says:

    I nearly bought a copy of the book The Bidens by Ben Schreckinger but it became available at my library. It was touted as an inside look at the Biden family but is a typical biography of a politician. I am glad I didn’t buy the book. The author can never convince himself the laptop was actually Hunter’s and aggressively denigrates those who were around Trump. Mr, Schreckinger is a national political correspondent for Politico and other media outlets who make up “the usual suspects.” He is obviously a career climber and not an investigator. I look forward to buying Peter Schweizer’s new book which may be in the stores today.
    I noticed there is a story of a grand jury sitting to investigate Hunter. A subpoena was issued May 16, 2019 by David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, to get Hunter and James Biden’s bank records at J P Morgan. It was delayed due to the election. I am not going to hold my breath for results.

    • qu says:

      There is an unofficial “free pass” that avoids or suspend any federal investigations if one is a declared presidential candidate. Internal policy apparently, and alluded to publicly several times in the past

      Always wondered if this was motivation to run for office in the first place. Particularly when you are a clearly unqualified and floundering loser candidate like Biden had been, until his South Carolina primary election miracle.

      My suspicions increase when one hears about Clinton constantly reviving her own POTUS ambitions too.

  8. But the question is this: are they getting their money’s worth? What can you point to exactly to show that they are?
    In Republican Rome it was considered a matter of honour to STAY bought. Is it today in the West? Or do you only rent politicians?
    The cynic might observe that if everyone is for sale, then no one is for sale.

  9. Degringolade says:

    Sallust comes to mind here:
    “urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit”
    (“a city for sale and doomed to quick destruction, if it should find a buyer,” Sallust, Jug. 35.10)

  10. DougDiggler says:

    God, I thought you guys were smarter than this. Hunter is absolutely an influence hire at Burisma, but Joe is completely loyal to the political system where he exploited racism and class interest of rich folks all the way to the White House. Too bad there’s no Joe Biden left to enjoy the spoils, but them’s the breaks.

  11. Sam says:

    Melissa Chan has written a terrific article that deserves the widest circulation. I feel more comfortable using “totalitarian” rather than “Fascist,” if only because I don’t want to exclude Stalin’s USSR from the field.

    This is what we’re trying to emulate. Mass surveillance, domestic propaganda by state intelligence apparatus, civil forfeiture with no due process, cancel culture, emulating their covidian lockdown and on it goes.

    The CCP is an enemy of all free people.

  12. Sam says:

    Ridiculous. It’s a good bill that closes some serious loopholes, like letting Amazon import Chinese goods duty free. The GOP establishment is insanely disrespectful of their voters.

    This is an example of how both parties sell the American working class down the river.

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