Does Biden believe his own BS?

Comment: “The committee that is Biden.” I like that. In answer of my question I offer the truthism that he DOES believe his own BS. He is well enough managed and medicated to have all that under control. pl

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  1. Bobo says:

    Our government led by President Biden in bashing the governors of Florida and Texas for the higher than normal COVID-19 cases does not yet realize that those higher numbers are just a sentinel of what is to come for the balance of the country. But be sure he will continue bashing them as he and his team have not a clue in how to deal with what is coming. The good news is less deaths will occur as the cream has been skimmed in this culling. I know it’s horrible to say that but it is the truth.
    Now the bigger problem they are letting occur is the segregation and denigration of our fellow citizens. While my belief was to get the vaccine and move on like 60% of the population over 18 but I also believe others may have a different view to not get the vaccine and that is their right as we live under a Constitution that allows others to believe differently than I. What is presently occurring in this country is wrong and we as citizens should stand up and put a stop to it. If not then tomorrow it will be the overweight, the elderly, the illiterate, the sick and others. This needs to be turned around quickly.
    I’m of an inkling that the unvaccinated may be proven right in time, but it’s early.

  2. Datil D says:

    Col, thumps up to your comment. Also Florida and Texas certainly in the way of the massive Covid fear needed to maintain the fraud voting schemes they will need in Nov 2022

  3. Babeltuap says:

    Too many spinning plates. The spinning one of turning people into paranoid androids loses a lotta momentum fast when the reasoning for the open border plate can’t get any momentum.

    Add to it the plate of the CCP smacking companies getting too powerful in China (not good for hedge funds) and the recent plate in Alberta that the virus has never been isolated. Nobody has ever seen this damn thing. No electron microscope pic, not even an artist rendition. So how can we have a real vaccine if we can’t find the the virus?

    I guess it might work if it was an Ed Sullivan show comedy skit. Spooling up plates, crashing to the floor, other zany antics bit it is not. Nobody is laughing.

  4. Sam says:

    DeSantis is who Trump pretended to be.


    The covid authoritarians are in the drivers seat. Compared to the residents of NYC at least a few in France dissented.

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