El Caudillo

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  1. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Paying people to ‘stay home’ will end this year when 75% of use are vaccinated.

    We might turn into a Latain American country if Biden does not reverse Trumponomics.
    Trump added $8T to the debt, granted half of that was in his Covid year but he was cranking out $1T deficits / yrs before then.
    Trumponomics – cut taxes and spend
    Bidenomics – raise taxes and spend

    Acting as if Biden is the one who started printing money is a laugh. Where were these hawks when they actually had the power to do something about it?

    • Fred says:

      Glory be, Biden, finally after 44 years in political office, is going to fix the national debt by: Tax and Spend.

    • TV says:

      The only difference between the Democrats and Republicans is who gets to spend YOUR money.
      “Trumponomics” did bring significant growth.
      “Bidenomics” just makes the swamp creatures and their corporate allies richer.

      • Christian J. Chuba says:

        Trump had 2.5% GDP growth in his first 3yrs vs 2.4% for Obama’s last 3yrs

        It was a good economy but 2.5% was not enough to grow out of the deficit. It wasn’t the Reagan or Clinton years.

        Biden might fail, just saying that it’s magical thinking to act as if Biden is bringing on an era of fiscal ruin after a golden age of enlightened Trump/Republican stewardship. Biden’s chapter is yet to be written. If he gets some tax increases and Republicans/Manchin thwart most of his spending plans it might work out better than most expect.

        • Fred says:

          “Obama’s last 3yrs”
          What happened those first five years? They rather sucked as I recall, seeing that 50% of my coworkers became unemployed. But at least zero bankers went to jail, and most got giant bailouts to boot.

          • Christian J. Chuba says:

            Was that 2009? I excluded Trump’s pandemic year, so let’s call 2009 Obama’s pandemic year, the housing crisis did start under GWB. I think that is fair. I also thought it was fair to compare 3yrs to 3yrs since Trump advertised that he was saving use from Obama’s terrible economy.
            If you look at jobs growth (please follow the link, I went out of my way to find a good illustration), Obama’s tenure compares well with Trump’s.

            To make Trump look better, you would have to exclude Trump’s pandemic year AND pick Obama’s 3 worst years but that is cherry picking at it’s worst. There was decent momentum when Trump took office. The Democrats had to pick the most unlikable person in the northern hemisphere (and I’m including Putin from a U.S. POV) to lose that election.

  2. TV says:

    People get the government they deserve.
    MAYBE the uninformed, badly educated, immature electorate will figure it out when they’re starving.
    It is apparent that a significant number of people would rather sit home and get high for $300/week (which in their ignorance they don’t realize is taxable after week 34) than actually go to work for more money, usually double or more if the ads I see around here aren’t lying.
    Local restaurant where you order at a counter and some kid brings you the meal is offering $20/hr.

  3. akaPatience says:

    Inflation is definitely becoming a problem, now at its highest rate in 13 years. In today’s news, several reports from the MSM attribute this NOT to increased fuel and food prices and/or higher wage pressures, but mainly to the high demand and low supply of USED CARS. I’m not kidding.

    Well, isn’t a Latin America-like revolution just what the Che-idolizing SJW/Marxists desire? Last summer’s BLM/Antifa rhetoric extolled their idea of a Utopia that can only rise up from the ashes of a destroyed America, thus their mantra of “burn it down”. No matter that US affluence isn’t comparable to Latin American poverty. No matter that Che ruthlessly murdered political opponents. The goons that burned cities last summer and threatened more violence if Trump won the election don’t believe in private property, sovereignty, democracy, due process, etc. Has this become a major way Democrats think they can cling to power, by having mobs of bullying henchmen as enforcers? Do the elites among them really think they’ll be able to hold on to power for very long with such a faction among their constituency? Apparently so, as long as they can also employ the strong arm of an expanding Capitol Police, an FBI asking for Friends and Family Informers, Big Tech censorship including going so far as to spy on private and personal messaging, etc. What a world.

  4. Jose says:

    Viva la revolución Bidenista.

    For people who have to buy McDonald’s chicken nuggets, price went for 4 for $1 to 4 for $2.19.

    Those $300 are going to get really expensive soon.

    I’m not going to add the cost of gas to get to McDonalds.

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