Fearless US political forecast

With shipping rates from China way down and gasoline/diesel prices falling, it appears that the GOP may have counted their inflation benefit a bit early.

BUT! Biden’s dementia has become so bad that the Democrat/Marxist coalition will not be able to content iself with running him like a sock puppet much longer. He went on again while in Israel about British oppression of the Irish, comparing it to Israeli treatment of the Palestinians thereby annoying both “oppressor” countries. He has mumbled on a bit in the past about the “death ships” and the Molly McGuires, believing himself to be a heritor of these terrible memories of the Irish American past. In fact, he is a third English in ancestry. Professor Dr. Siegal of NYU-Langone medical center and Fox News said on the TeeVee that he is reliably informed that during the “basement campaign,” candidate Joe was as willful and scattered as a small child until THEY doped him up with Adderall and other “uppers” before any public event.

Not important? Both Joe and Kamala are closely followed day and night by an officer carrying the “football,” a case containing the many attack options of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) as well as the hard plastic sealed cover of the Gold Codes. These are the identification and authentication instruments with which the commander in chief would order Strategic Command to attack. Nothing is allowed to get between the CinC and Stratcom. This system was designed during the Cold War to enable a retaliatory strike while a Soviet strike was still in the air. To support MAD the Soviets were informed of how the system worked. This process/system should have been dismantled by now, but it still exists.

IMO, the Democrats will decide to remove Joe using the 25th Amendment, preferring to put up with the giggler for the rest of the term, believing that she is more controllable.

This leaves open the question of whom the Dems will run in ’24, surely not Kamala. To do that is to invite defeat. Newsom or billionaire fat boy Pritzker? Maybe?

The GOP has a “deep bench.” pl

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  1. KjHeart says:

    All these ‘grifters’ in the political realms are weak-minded (IMO) drop them in any wilderness and they would not last a day

    The current financial upheaval has me daily saying thanks to my Great Depression surviving grandmother who taught her grandkids well; Practical lessons, time well spent; How to survive when there are political idiots in charge (again)

    ~Bless you Grandma~


  2. Fred says:

    The Pritzker backed Obama on his rise to power. I doubt they’ll want to take second place to him, or let Californians, led by Newsome, lead the party. I expect we’ll see something tragic, possibly followed by a round up of the ‘usual suspects’.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Remember Colonel Jennifer Pritzker of the Illinois US national guard? First transsexual billionaire. Google search the name and click on images. Obomber legalized “gay” marriage. Payoff to his backers? They also were involved in the very shady banking practices that caused the financial crisis of 2007-08. In other words, a practice that came close to destroying our civilization and has ongoing negative effects. Barry Soetero didn’t blink an eye at bailing out those lizards.

      • Schmuckatelli says:

        LtCol Pritzker, that is.

      • Fred says:

        Fourth and Long,

        “Obomber legalized “gay” marriage.”

        That was Obergefell v. Hodges, a 5-4 supreme court decision. Which overturned the “stare decisis” that defined marriage for our nation’s entire history.

  3. cobo says:

    I’m pretty sure Gavin Newsome it will be. He’s been groomed for this for decades. His recent trip to DC, his July 4 adds in FL as a direct challenge to Ron DeSantis, the way the photo coverage of him on all the channels is always showing him as strong and decisive – he has those school-boy-good-looks like the other Young Global Leaders, including the one to our north, I’ll be surprised if it isn’t him.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Ivana Trump died of blunt impact injuries to torso – NYC medical examiner

    Yes. Blunt injuries to the torso. Of course.
    In other words an accident.
    Must be all those higher logic and metaphysics course I slept through. Or I’ve misplaced my copy of Autopsies by Nickolai Forensovich Catatonski.
    The. British B—————ing Corporation. (One of the missing letters is u).
    Are these nitwits actually taking credit so quickly? No phony Steele dossier this time, just throw the ex-wife straight ..? What am I saying? Dear me.

    Back on topic: They could run Howdy Doody and beat smokin’ Joe. Isn’t it a shame? No.
    A disgrace.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      They work for Joe. They work for us. See them laboring hard?

      US transgender Admiral Rachel Levine and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton at the French Embassy at a Bastille Day reception.


      No doubt what Elvis had in mind when singing “Blue Suede Shoes.”
      Everyday is a holiday in Joe Biden and Barack Obomber’s America.

      And he thinks he’s getting reelected? Ha ha. If he does them you know for sure this time it wasn’t on the level.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Col Lang and I maybe the only correspondents on this blog to remember that Carl Perkins sang Blue Suede Shoes. Bububu blu blu blu, blue suede shoes. Ahhh youth. I remembered everything then, now I forget why I’m in the bathroom.

      • different clue says:

        If the Republicans permit Trump himself to re-secure their Nomination, he could very well repel enough people into voting for Biden that Biden would get a legitimate win.

        In fact, I think the only way that Trump ( if nominated) could win the election is if the DemLords nominate Hillary again. Which could happen. Or half-happen.

        I can imagine this scenario unfolding . . . if Biden is Article 25’d and Kamalabama becomes President, Hillary will try her hardest to become Kamalabama’s running mate in 2024. She and her supporters will sell it as ” the wise old Vizier being at the right hand of the brave young Warrior Sultaness, to show her the ropes and help her do what is best.”

        In that scenario, if Harris/Clinton secured the election, Hillary would try to play Cheney to Harris’s Dubya Bush.
        She might even more a ” woman-sized safe” into her office at the “undisclosed secure location”.

        • different clue says:

          “more”? that’s “move”. . . . “move” a woman-sized safe into her office . . .

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Kamalabama! Priceless. Thanks. 🏆🥇

          • different clue says:

            Thank you for the kind words.

            Feel free to try to weaponise “kamalabama” and disseminationable-ize it and then disseminate it far and wide and see if it can go viral, if you wish.

        • cobo says:

          I’ve said it before, Trumps a fake. Give me DeSantis, Hawley, Cotton – not in that order……. maybe. But, when it’s all fake – blow it up and burn it all down and see where we go from there… Only the gods (God) wins

      • joe90 says:

        “US transgender Admiral Rachel Levine”

        Just out of curiosity, if Rachel Levine moves to the Marines, will we have to to say;

        “US Attack Helicopter General Rachel Levine” ?

  5. TV says:

    Biden is just another symbol (symptom) of the incompetent, stupid and venal “ruling class” who infest the swamp and have made a massive mess of our nation.
    This includes everyone in the “imperial city” – politicians, twenty-something staffers, bureaucrats, military brass, “think” tanks and, of course, the Democrat activists posing as “journalists.”

  6. walrus says:

    There is a rumor that Hilary is stirring in her crypt.

    • TTG says:


      There’s even a larger rumor that Trump will soon announce his candidacy. That’s the probably the one person Biden could beat in 2024… again. That’s if Biden is still around.

  7. different clue says:

    If the Inner DemParty Lords decide their chances are as poor as this post considers them to be . . . . and if somebody in a position to know what the DemParty Lords are thinking, maybe that somebody will tell Tulsi Gabbard. Maybe she will decide to ride to the Democrats’s rescue . . . IF . . . she is permitted to pick her own VP running mate without any DemParty interference or input, and IF she gets to pick all her own Cabinet Secretaries without any DemParty interference or input. Would a desperate plea from the DemParty to “please save us!” be enough to get the taste of recent DemParty betrayal out of her mouth? Maybe.

    I don’t think this is very likely to happen in the real world, but it was fun to think about.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Tulsi becoming President would be too much like the second coming of Christ for the intolerance of certain “folks.” I would welcome it.

      • different clue says:

        The Pink Pussy Hat Clintanons would haz a sad bigly.

        And the neocons and neowils ( neowilsonians) would express such rage as to possibly make self-destructing mistakes in public.
        They might step on their own . . . shoelaces . . . over and over again.

        And even more so if she made Jesse Ventura her Vice President.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Tulsi would become Empress of the World within six months of her swearing in. And not through any guile, violence or bargain. Pure magnetism and the attraction of her intelligence.

  8. p s c says:

    Biden’s ancient hatred of the “Brits” is up for ridicule on this site, which he has used as a political tool in heavily Irish and Catholic northern Delaware (the manpower for the duPont gunpowder mills was nearly all Irish and their descendant. But Biden’s ethnic bias has Zero potential for a nuclear war.

    Ha Ha….Biden is a dope, Joe is a moron because he listened to the stories of two thirds of his grand-parents about how the Irish were at the bottom of the food chain in Scranton, PA from 1850-1930.

    Hillary Rodham’s ancestors (Welsh Protestants) were the coal mine foreman and were at the middle of the food chain.

    On this same site we read endlessly about the ancient ethnic hatred of TTG towards Russia because his Lithuanian people have been treated poorly by the Tsar/Bolsheviks. And we are supposed to that Seriously. Which can very easily lead to nuclear war.

    Same shit.

    I’d rather my tax dollars go towards the Nuking of London than Moscow. Up the ‘RA!

    • Fourth and Long says:

      My sentiments exactly. There’s another place I’d love to see nuked but then I’d be accused of sampling from Auntie’s Emetic medicine dispensary.

  9. jim ticehurst says:

    The Dems would Need a JFK and Jacky to have any Chance In my Opinion..Newsom is a Garbage Dump…Like California Street…There would have to be a New Covid Variant
    B…Plague…Mutated by Monkey Pox..To Keep everyone Home in November and *0 Million Ballots mailed to Everyone Here from The Border Shitty Schituation…and all The Chinese Students…and the Terrorist Gotaways..around The Former USA to
    Pull Ofv A Democrat Win…I hope The Supreme Court Says They Have Committed Treason and Collusion and Has Then All
    Indicted and Impeached…
    I Could Go On…But The Ass in The Above Picture isnt the Only One Smellibg lots of
    Bullshit Mixed with The Odor of Illegal Drugs and Dead Bodys in America..

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Newsom. Screwsome. Lose some. No problem. Doomed out of the starting gate with a name like that. Tucker the ……er. Now we’re talking.

  10. Babeltuap says:

    His “Flowers for Algernon” meds are absolutely no longer working. It looks like they keep upping the dosage but something happens where he gets access to old file folders in his brain but out of order or context. Normally this would be where people who loved him would do the right thing but nobody in the family ever does the right thing so he has two factor failure.

    I don’t care who is calling the shots for him but the game is over. Time to end this war, stop the vaccine madness and shutdown the open society nightmare at the border. The plan for a new world order failed this round. Take the loss before ten of millions of people die.

    • AK says:

      “Take the loss before tens of millions of people die.”

      Fat chance. This is a cost they are more than willing to force us to bear. In fact, tens of millions of fewer souls on earth seems to be an end in itself for many of these ghouls. They’ll just up the ante in the coming two years. In the script running in their bent minds, they don’t lose. For the sake of the new Utopia we (the people) must pay any price, bear any burden, etc, etc.

      • different clue says:

        If that is their desire for us, then perhaps Living Longer is the best revenge.

      • Babeltuap says:

        AK normally I would concur but who is going to truly fight for these degenerates? I retired in 14′ and have been contacted 4X’s to return to duty in the past year and change. No effin thanks. Nobody I served with either would take them up on it. It’s not because I’m scared either. They have made a mockery of our Constitution and rule of law. It will not end well for them. The barbarians are at the gate and they are treating our own loyal people worse than the barbarians for attempting to hold them accountable…FOR ANYTHING AT ALL.

        • Longarch says:

          AK normally I would concur but who is going to truly fight for these degenerates? I retired in 14′ and have been contacted 4X’s to return to duty in the past year and change. No effin thanks. Nobody I served with either would take them up on it. It’s not because I’m scared either. They have made a mockery of our Constitution and rule of law. It will not end well for them.

          In relevant news:


          SUNDAY, JUL 17, 2022 – 06:00 AM
          Substantially fewer military families would recommend uniformed service to others, a new survey by Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) finds.

          Just 63% of surveyed service members and family members would recommend service to someone considering it. That’s a big drop from just two years earlier, when 75% said they’d encourage others to join. The results released on July 14 are from a far-ranging survey of more than 8,600 people conducted in late 2021.

          The finding is an ill omen for military recruiters who are already struggling to meet their goals. The U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) says a whopping 71% of youth do not qualify for military service because of obesity, drugs, physical and mental health problems, misconduct and aptitude.

          Meanwhile, USAREC likes to call the Army a “family business,” noting that 79% of recruits have a relative who served. Substantially lower enthusiasm among those who’ve served is certain to throw a wet blanket on recruiting efforts.

          When researchers delved into the thinking of service members, veterans and family members who won’t recommend military service, five top rationales surfaced:

          Military service is hard on marriages, family relationships and relationships with children
          Military pay is too low, especially given the job’s difficulty and stress
          Some military leaders are bad, corrupt, abusive and controlling
          Benefits such as health care aren’t worth the challenges associated with service
          Frequent moves between duty stations and frequent overseas deployments

          [The article goes on to list further details.]

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