Florida ocean temperatures at ‘downright shocking’ levels

Sea surface temperatures (in degrees Celsius) on July 9. (Brian McNoldy/University of Miami/NASA/MSFC/SPoRT)

Not only is Florida sizzling in record-crushing heat, but the ocean waters that surround it are scorching, as well. The unprecedented ocean warmth around the state — connected to historically warm oceans worldwide — is further intensifying its heat wave and stressing coral reefs, with conditions that could end up strengthening hurricanes.

Much of Florida is seeing its warmest year on record, with temperatures running 3 to 5 degrees above normal. While some locations have been setting records since the beginning of the year, the hottest weather has come with an intense heat dome cooking the Sunshine State in recent weeks. That heat dome has made coastal waters extremely warm, including “downright shocking” temperatures of 92 to 96 degrees in the Florida Keys, meteorologist and journalist Bob Henson said Sunday in a tweet. “That’s boiling for them! More typically it would be in the upper 80s,” tweeted Jeff Berardelli, chief meteorologist and climate specialist at WFLA-TV in Tampa.

The temperatures are so high that they are off the scale of the color contours on some weather maps. The warmth registers as a Category 3 out of 5 on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s marine heat wave scale. NOAA defines a marine heat wave as a period with persistent and unusually warm ocean temperatures, “which can have significant impacts on marine life as well as coastal communities and economies.” The agency describes Category 3 as “severe.”

Such warm water temperatures “would be impressive any time of year, but they’re occurring when the water would already be rather warm, bringing it up to bona fide bathtub conditions that we rarely see,” Brian McNoldy, senior research associate at the University of Miami and hurricane expert for Capital Weather Gang, said in an email.

The toasty waters are influencing temperatures on land by raising the humidity, which makes it harder for temperatures to cool off at night. Numerous records for temperatures and heat indexes have been broken since mid-June, and the heat wave is expected to continue for at least a week. According to McNoldy, Miami’s heat index soared to 110 degrees on Monday and has reached at least 100 on 30 straight days.


Comment: So it’s hot and sticky in Florida in the summertime. That’s not exactly news. I’m sure it’s still nice on the beaches… except for the seaweed and red tide. This article is more worried about the warming oceans around Florida rather than the hot, humid weather on land. And it’s not just the oceans around Florida. All the world’s oceans are warming. The articles linked below detail the extent and causes of this phenomenon.

What are we going to do about it, besides sucking it up? Nothing meaningful until it starts costing the one percenters real money.





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  1. F & L says:


    And the length of day changed recently. And magnetic N and S are drifting at record pace. And it has zero to do with global warming. Zero. And the moon recently approached 14,000 miles closer than average. Also not important. And in 1950 the best science available said that the age of the sun was 1.48 billion years while the earth itself at that time was known to be at least 4 billion years old based on geologic records and carbon isotope dating.

    Under the Obama administration (very recently) it was discovered that gay marriage was constitutional and normal I guess. Only a short time later children in grade schools were being fitted for breast suppression straps (even if they were uh, the gender once referred to as male). It was fitting. As was hormone gender suppression therapy at state expense – a recent scientific and construction legal discovery. Also was that prisoners can declare them to be of the sex opposite to the one that faulty old fogey scientists believed them to be for 46,000 years. Or longer.

    A man had a religious vision that the earth was being punished for its sins and that’s why it was heating up, that’s why so many wars including nuclear were on the horizon and that’s why wildfires and avalanches and tornadoes and hurricanes were increasing in ferocity and frequency. Another highly paid team of people with MD appended to their names declared him to be insane and said “here’s a candidate for brain implant surgery or would you prefer lobotomy or electroshock?” But he died from an illness that the NY times and the people on TV said couldn’t possibly have been due to an untested experimental vaccine which caused myocarditis. Which made billions for billionaires. Who owned the pharma companies and the TV show companies and the big newspapers.

    But so what? And so what if all the fish die in all the southern oceans – you will be happy to eat insects. Oh and President Carter said that the US was no longer either a constitutional republic or a democracy. But what would an old red neck peanut farmer with an IQ off the charts, an Annapolis grad, nuclear engineer, Governor of Georgia and President of the United States possibly know about that? And what could it have to do with any of issues facing the world? When Florida gets hot enough, you won’t have to cook the fish when you catch them. And when the Gulfstream stops, why worry? Those darn European and English are hardy souls and look, they didn’t need cheap gas, did they? And even better, those equatorial peoples in South America, Africa, India and SE Asia will be cooked to death first! What’s not to like?

  2. Laura Wilson says:

    Change is happening faster than we anticipated (or hoped). The state of Florida is basically a lost cause…it will be a much smaller state and not a very nice place to be. Oh well…Al Gore was an idiot, right???

    • F & L says:

      Suspect to be arraigned in the killing of Tennessee surgeon.

      Violent crime in the region is “up by 52%,” but Officer Dale diplomatically ventures forth that “we have been fortunate.”

      Of course none of that is interesting, including the many years of training and service that go into pursuing the profession of surgeon, or the troubles suffered by family or community. What’s interesting is the curious parallel between the sound of the names Dr Benjamin Mauck and Dr Benjamin Spock. What’s that you say – what about the names Larry Pickens and Slim Pickens?

    • AK says:


      My family and I moved to Florida in 2021 from Oregon. You should definitely never consider moving here. It’s just terrible. In fact, please tell all your friends how bad it is here so they never consider moving here either.


    “They say the ocean will rise one-eighth of an inch over the next 200 to 300 years.”
    -Donald Trump

    • TTG says:


      The sea level has risen by 6.5 inches since 1950, nearly half of it (3 inches) has occurred in just the last 20 years. It’s still not drowning the Statue of Liberty as some predicted, but it far more than 1/8 inch in 200-300 years.

      • drifter says:

        C’mon man! Do you actually know anything about climate change and sea-level rise? Whether it’s good or bad? Or even happening the way you say it is happening? Any time I can learn more from Wikipedia than from your postings diminishes the valuable resource this site offers. Just block these comments (such as from Kissinger).

        We are a committee of correspondence, and association of people who know something about something – I hope.

        • billy roche says:

          Drifter; science is not set in stone. It’s constantly questioned, relearned, and expanded. To rework a famous quote, – in the house of science, there are many rooms. Galilleo Gallilei was sent to his ro0m b/c the church (which controlled science) did not like his ideas. “And still it moves”. Censuring shuts down ideas.

          • F & L says:

            Correct. The earth is now the center of the solar system again. Copernicus was wrong. It’s likely to flatten out too. Also, heavier objects accelerate faster under the influence of gravity than lighter ones. Galileo made a mistake. And if you get cold this winter, don’t fret, because flogistan will be available soon online. In other news a popular new billiard parlor chain is opening where the tables and balls all magically rearrange themselves into a perfect rack with the 1 ball perfectly centered on the spot after any set of collisions. Atoms no longer exist either, because … science is not set in stone. It continues to be relearned. We expect the divine right of kings to return any day now. Also left handed people will be forced to write with their right hands, liars with have their tongues amputated in public and jaywalkers, hopefully, will be broken on the wheel and displayed along the sides of highways and nature trails. Harems of several hundred young beautiful girls selected at gunpoint from the yokels for the benefit of one psychopathic inbred misfit? Certainly a must. What to do with the millions of young men left without brides or offspring? Easy, didn’t you watch Game of Thrones or pay attention to recent gender discoveries? Eunuchs. And think of the castrati choirs why don’t you!

      • drifter says:

        Sorry – meant to say: recommend blocking KISSINGER and such who don’t add anything.

        • TTG says:


          Kissinger just offered a quote from Trump on the subject of rising sea level. What I got from that is that Trump didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground about sea levels. I’m much more concerned about slowing ocean currents and slower upwelling that the rise in the sea level. That rise is sufficiently slow to move to higher ground. In many places subsidence is a bigger problem than sea level rise.

          • billy roche says:

            Your exception to Trump’s knowledge about sea levels is well taken. Would he have been better informed if Biden, who doesn’t know where to go w/o the King of England taking his hand, had schooled him on the subject? Find another reason to express your displeasure w/t former President, this was just silly. America has never ever expected its candidates for any major Political office to be versed in science. The mystery is why sea levels are rising. It affects us all. We’re all entitled to our 2 Cents even if some do not value our opinions.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            Melting polar ice is why sea levels are rising. The influx of fresh water from that melting polar ice is also a reason for the slowing deep ocean currents and upswelling.

      • billy roche says:

        Your comment on the 1 percenters is interesting. Do you mean the unfortunate few who have to pay 40% of federal income tax? Perhaps protest from the 50% of households who pay 0% federal income tax would be better? I am not surprised by the articles used as support of your “Do Something” remarks. The Guardian, Washington Post, and Atlantic are liberal/socialist and always encourage reduction in fossil fuel but they never talk to India or China about it. Europeans and Americans must do the heavy lifting. I wonder why. Do you think the Guardian promotes the redistribution of global wealth away from Eur./US? As to the recent hot spell, I live in Westchester Co. NY. Lived here my whole life and in July and August it can be scorching. That’s NY. So this hot spell is not uncommon to me. But who can deny ocean water levels are on the rise. Not me. The question is why. Is it too much fossil fuel. Or was Malthus right after all and its too many people using fossil fuel. Which countries should be forced to depopulate; and by whom? We could go back to “A World Lit Only by Fire” (great book BTW) but the world pop. will burn down all the trees. Or is global warming not caused by man but part of a natural cycle of earth’s orbit every so many years (there is a number of years for that but I can’t remember it right now). I recommend b/f we b/c accusatory and judgmental we determine exactly why the earth is warming. Right now, no one knows.

        • TTG says:

          billy roche,

          Since the top 1% is capturing at least 50% of the generated wealth, they’re getting a bargain by only paying 40% of the taxes. China and India are often targets of the effort to reduce fossil fuel use. China is a leading power in increasing the use of solar energy. India is catching up. They do it because their massive use of fossil fuels, especially coal, is affecting them the most.

          Growing up in Connecticut, we would see no more than two weeks a year when the weather was considered hot, not air conditioning hot, but definitely open windows hot. My brothers and sister say it is much worse now. My last summer in Germany in 1995 was an unusual scorcher, far hotter than the previous five years. My car was the only thing with air conditioning for miles around. Now the summers in Europe are far hotter and air conditioning is becoming more common.

          For the case of Malthus, rich countries are voluntarily depopulating. China did it by decree and now are beginning to see how they screwed up.

          As to why the earth is warming now, greenhouse gases are at least a likely contributing factor. Other factors like solar activity, the Milankovitch theory or changes in the earth’s orbit, the Astronomical theory, should be leading us to a cooling phase. Something is overriding the solar and orbital effects.

          • billy roche says:

            Thanks for your reply. The mystery is ; what is it.

            I disagree w/y on the 1% getting a bargain. If you are against bargains equalize taxes for all – a flat tax. You want to take even more from the those who produce the most. Do you know the affect of doubling the tax on the one percenters? If you raise the tax on the 1% by a factor of 4, will they produce as before? Socialism has been called the economics of envy and IMHO socialist will be happy when their envy is sated even if the GNP is greatly reduced. Socialist’s purpose of the economy is not about increasing national wealth but distributing it as they deem fair. But what of individual will, choice, liberty? Not so in socialism. Look into the economy of the early Plymouth Colony. They changed to individual incentive. Call it greed if you prefer but it is human nature and works every time.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            Collected evidence points to rising greenhouse gases as a lead cause of rising temperatures. Competing solar and orbital theories are not supported by observational evidence. According to those theories, we should see cooling temperatures.

            The 50s and 60s saw massive increases in US productivity, increases in working class spending power and far higher tax rates on the rich. That sure wasn’t socialism.

          • billy roche says:

            TTG re Malthus I don’t think rich countries are “voluntarily” depopulating. That is a very broad discussion that is cultural (religion IMO is a big part) and given the minimal replacement ratio (1.90???) suggests a huge population/migration shift that the world has not seen since 2000 b.c. For those interested in anthropology the next 200 years will be fascinating. Yeah, we’ll both be dead.

          • billy roche says:

            Your reply bothered me but b/y disagreement I couldn’t say why. Then it hit me. It is the left’s use of words to frame a discussion. You used the transitive verb “capturing”, the top 1% is “capturing 50%” of “generated wealth”. That is not a valid understanding of what is happening. The top 1% of earners earn 50% of the GNP. There is no capture involved and no automatic generating of wealth by a capitalist economy. Wealth is created by effort, work, intent, and sometimes dumb luck but there is no capture. Sometimes the old saw of it takes money to make money comes in handy for the top 1%. A socialist govt/economy can remedy that by taking all of a deceased estate. If it is done against her will then she never owned it. In a fully implemented socialist economy there is no “individual pursuit of happiness” and precious little private ppty allowed. There may not be, b/c then some would always out earn others. Words are important. The left knows that.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            The transitive verb “capturing” just happened to be the one used in the last article I read on the subject. But after thinking about it, I do find it appropriate, more appropriate than “earn.” The 1% do not generate 50% of the GNP through their effort, work, intent. Workers, through their effort, work and intent generate the bulk of that wealth, but they are enjoying less and less a percentage of that wealth. It is the effort, work and intent of workers, managers and owners that generate wealth, but the 1% are capturing a far greater percentage of that wealth.

            On the other hand, maybe a large chunk of the wealth earned or captured by the 1% has nothing to do with goods produced and services provided. It’s gained through stock market trading and other financial trickery. I doubt workers have much to do with that wealth generation and, therefore, should have no expectation of sharing in that wealth.

          • billy roche says:

            Thanks for your reply re “capturing”. Your reply is socialism and reflects a complete distaste for the entrepreneur. Enjoy. Eventually socialism must trump liberty. There is socialism …, and there is individualism. Never the twain can meet; they are oil n’ water. Some one must decide who gets the wealth generated by an economy. Will it be an individual’s or the gov’ts choice. Where does it lead when the elite decide for the rest of us who gets what. Eastern Europeans know all about that. They lived 50 years under a socialist system. Settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth tried the communal work idea. They changed. Consider why the French have had social problems since their revolution. You can’t have “Liberte, Equalite, AND Fraternite”. If individuals are not free to be what they want to be you will have equality, but that will not lead to liberty. When equality and liberty collide you cant have fraternite. Socialism opts for equality. Equality is not always good nor fair. For all its blemishes I’ll take liberty. You are a Virginian these days. Check out P. Henry ’75 re liberty.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            I enjoy our discussions. I hope others find them informative.

            “Some one must decide who gets the wealth generated by an economy. Will it be an individual’s or the gov’ts choice. Where does it lead when the elite decide for the rest of us who gets what.”

            Therein lies the problem. Which individuals? The rich and powerful with undue influence on the formation of laws and policies? The Martin Shkrelis in our midst? Union busters like the Koch brothers and others? These people are just as guilty of waging class warfare as any die-hard Marxist-Leninst.

            There is a middle ground and strong unions should be part of it. Several years ago I wrote about Samuel Gompers, a famous American labor union leader. One of my high school history books contrasted Gompers and Lenin in a way I still remember. His attitude towards the owners of industry was a far cry from Lenin’s. Gompers saw He said, “The worst crime against working people is a company which fails to operate at a profit.” There’s another writer who I think you’ll enjoy, Eric Sloane. He developed a “philosophy of awareness” from his study of old New England farming. I came upon him through his drawings and paintings of barns and early American life. He also wrote a “Declaration of Self-dependence which, I think fits quite closely to your way of thinking. He pretty much says the same thing as Gompers. I’ll do a posting on it.


          • JamesT says:

            I think that what TTG is saying is very sensible. One wants to have an economy where entrepreneurs and the successful can benefit from the fruits of their labour, but too much inequality and you find yourself living in the world shown in the documentary film Manda Bala. The director of that film describes it as “a non-fiction RoboCop depicting a very real, broken, and violent society.”

          • drifter says:

            Neither TTG nor billy roche know what they are talking about wrt climate science or drivers of current climate events. Not saying that there’s some truth in fragments of what they say since they randomly quote people who might know something. But the don’t know what they are talking about. Might as well be drunk guys at the VFW bar. That said, I think they are both great Americans!

        • Eric Newhill says:

          The idea behind the “capture” of the bulk of the money by the 1% is pure commie table rousing rhetoric. It is based on the very false premise that there is a finite amount of money.

          In reality, money is a representation of value and productivity. As more value is created and more productivity occurs, more money is created. That’s how economies grow. So anyone who is ready, willing and able to create value can gain more money without needing to take it/redistribute it from someone else.

          The commies merely seek to gain power by telling the worst among us – the lazy, incompetent, jealous, ignorant and pathologically and perpetually malcontent – that they don’t have all the nice things they want because the 1% “captured” all the wealth. It’s a lie of a sales pitch.

          • billy roche says:

            Although TTG does not recognize it, the use of the verb “capture” by the left is not coincidental. Capturing deliberately invokes images of people, wealth, hopes and dreams stolen by that evil 1%.
            Totalitarian communist/socialist gov’ts (think 30’s Russia, Germany, and Italy) used this sort of class warfare to convince people that gov’t was looking out for them. Its just Marxist class warfare and TTG’s comment on the 1% is what caught my ire. Citizens are divided into those who must be destroyed by the aggrieved masses. The Kulaks, the Jews, the 1%, are evil b/c they have more than you and don’t pay their fair share of taxes (even though half of US households pay 0% Fed inc. tax). Socialists accept 3 elements of production but not entrepreneurship. That an individual would risk her capital on an idea for a product which, if successful, gives employment to workers and satisfaction to consumers is offensive. This is true not only for risk takers of major manufacturing but the mom and dad grocery store, plumbing shop, or yard service. That such risk takers (gasp, capitalists, entrepreneurs; find them, penalize their success) could get rich (or fail!) by their risk/work/forebearence offends socialism’s idea of equality as enforced by the elite rulers of the state. Mgt Thatchers line about socialism bears repeating “its great until you run out of the other guy’s money”. Socialism’s a siren’s call, but still the economics of envy. Its easier to take the other guy’s money then create your own. But what will society do when it kills its Kulaks, Jews, and 1%?

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            Entrepreneurship is great. In the right hands, it’s the best way to ensure both the individual and common good. But entrepreneurs like Martin Shkreli, Elizabeth Holmes, and a host of others not only do nothing for the the common good, but they also manage to harm investors, believers and often themselves.

            Even our greatest captains of industry readily employed the darker aspects of entrepreneurship. Andrew Carnegie started from nothing and through his hard work, skills and drive built the American steel industry. Along the way, he also engaged in underhanded business practices and employed brutal and even deadly practices to extract more from his workers while extending hours, reducing pay and ruthlessly suppressing all worker efforts to unionize. However, he had a “road to Damascus” conversion and became one of America’s greatest philanthropists after selling his industrial empire. Even in his philanthropy he was still an entrepreneur. He didn’t leave his fortune to others. In line with one of his famous quotes, “The man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced.” he put his money into works to benefit the public but only as he saw fit.

            I would argue that Carnegie’s ultimate concern for the public good is the essence of socialism, not alms giving or wealth leveling socialism, but socialism that works like in the Nordic countries. A government’s proper domestic function is to ensure that the Shkrelis and Holmes types are nipped in the bud and to encourage a balance between the entrepreneurs’ ownership of capital and the workers’ ownership of their labor.

  4. Al says:

    Eventually as hugh weather disasters occur in ever increasing frequencies and life as we know it becomes untolerable, the masses will be marching with pitchforks to the “1%” and leaping over their gated homes!

    • billy roche says:

      Al: yes the 50% who pay nothing will kill the 1% who pay 40% Why stop there? If the hated 1 per cent are good to kill why not the top 20% ? At that rate the “hoi polloi” can be rid of all producers and revel in a world of 0, nothing, nada, bupkis. Ahhh, but won’t it be grand!!! Wait a second. Didn’t the soviets try this not too long ago?

    • PeterHug says:

      Farmers Insurance is pulling out of Florida because they no longer can accept the increased risk and severity of insured losses.


  5. Fred says:

    Yawn. “with temperatures running 3 to 5 degrees above normal” The records go back how few years? Just where are all the thermometers located and who calibrated them. How many are stationary in the same part of the gulf stream and at what depth? What percentage of ‘normal’ does 3 degrees farenheit equal? I sure hope nobody asks basic questions like this or some ‘scientists’ migh have to explain thermal inclines, ocean currents, and how jet exhaust at the airport or thermometer placement near asphalt or buildings might influence temperature readings.

    On a bright note when it snows in Miami we’ll be warned of a pending ice age. Oh, nevermind, they did that one in the 70s.

    • TTG says:


      Since the 1980s the primary way to measure ocean surface temperature has been by satellite. It’s highly accurate to a very small fraction of a degree. Sea level rise is now also measured by satellite. Before that it was primarily through buoys, ships and other reference stations. Fairly accurate data is available going back to the 1880s. That 3 to 5 degrees rise is above the average surface temperature from 1970 to 2000. Measurements for the earlier 20th century were far lower.

      • Fred says:


        “Surface temperature” How deep does that go? What were the measurements in the 1700’s? Never mind. Just be sure to keep spending on the politically correct projects, don’t bother disconnecting your backup generator from that bad natural gas, and certainly don’t ask China to stop building coal fired electric power plants or Climate Czars to stop flying via private jet.

        If you have time though maybe you could let me know where the pictures of that 6″ sea level rise globally exist. They should be all over the place, including right there in Plymouth where that rock still isn’t covered.

        • TTG says:


          Surface temperature can vary from 1 millimeter to 20 meters below the surface. Satellite measurement, which is now the norm, is closer to the 1 millimeter mark.

          From a 2020 NASA article, “Records show sea level in this part of coastal North Carolina has risen about 7.6 centimeters (3 inches) since the early 1980s.” That article has other examples and some additional factors to consider like subsidence, ocean current fluctuation and even plate tectonics. Tidal flooding in Old Town Alexandria has definitely increased since I’ve lived in Virginia. Tangier Island is rapidly losing ground to the rising Bay, but my guess a lot of that is due to subsidence. Climate czars flying private jets is just embarrassing. What’s wrong with video conferencing?

          There’s no natural gas in my area. We rely on electric heat pumps which work fairly well in our area for heating and cooling. There’s damned few back in New England though. China is still building coal plants, but they’re building solar and wind plants faster.


        • Fred says:


          Sea level rise across the entire planet – because that’s what has to happen when the polar ice caps melt due to something other than the planet’s axial tilt, i.e. summer, is a lot different than coastal erosion.

          China will save us, not from Covid this time, but CO2! I mean global warming. I feel so safe now. I wonder if the ‘more’ solar plants in China will have electricity generation greater than the 1,300 coal fired planets or if it is just something like 1,301 solar plants; and not in any way be related to electric generating output – 24 hours a day (unlike solar). I sure hope it costs lots of money too. Nothing worse for a society than low cost electricity. Imagine what people will do if they had that.

    • Razor says:



      Settled science? Maybe you guys can explain to a simpleton like me?

  6. billy roche says:

    TTG thanks but of course sea levels rise b/c the ice is melting. The ice is melting b/c temps are up. The essential question is why are temps up. We dont know that.

    • Thomas Taylor says:

      “The essential question is why are temps up.”

      Answer: The Sun.

      Solution: Block the Sun…lol.

      • billy roche says:

        There is a very short story about the candle makes guild of Paris petitioning Louis the 14th to do exactly that! Windows must be closed, curtains drawn shut etc. so that the offending competition of the rascal Sol does not destroy the members of our guild. I think it was a parody.

      • TTG says:

        Thomas Taylor,

        That could be done with a massive increase in volcanic eruption or a nuclear war as in nuclear winter. Both solutions leave much to be desired.

    • rick says:

      Drag queens and, to quote Lauren Bobert, “transgender ideologue(sic)” obviously. Thank god that the legislatures of the states most effected are working on the important stuff.

    • F & L says:

      billy roche,

      Do you subscribe to the theory that global warming would be on an even worse trajectory if it weren’t for the massive stock buybacks which run into the many trillions of dollars? Because of stock buybacks all sorts of projects never get off the ground. Leads to more hamburger flipping and taco folding, which consumes less energy than building infrastructure and apartment buildings. And the more hamburgers and taco flipping jobs you have, the more employment for illegal immigrants who have few high tech or civil engineering skills. And the fewer scientists and engineers because in order to correction place a pickle with a slice of tomato on top of a hamburger patty, you don’t need to know the acceleration of gravity on the earth’s surface or the ionization energy of hydrogen in its ground state – only which is the ground beef and which is the ground turkey. And for the democrats – more voters! Because right next to the polling stations, guess what you really badly need? That’s right – well stocked fast food emporiums with highly skilled taco fillers and hamburger patty flippers. Because no one really believes too strongly in American democracy any longer, so how otherwise do you turn out the vote!

      But you may, I suspect, worry about the literacy and general educational levels of our journalists, and I don’t blame you. Who ever actually flips a hamburger, if by hamburger one is given to understand that it refers to the entire assembly including pickle, ketchup, meat and slice of tomato? No one. It is the humble patty of ground beef which is flipped. But do you read about hamburger patty flippers? No. We are writing to our currently serving Congressional representatives to see if they will kindly subpoena the deans and trustees of our nation’s esteemed graduate schools of journalism, so that this oversight can be investigated and hopefully remedied.

      • Bill Hatch says:

        The news is focused on the screenwriters striking for protection from AI. Someone needs to organize the burger flippers while they still have a pro union WH. A company has developed robots for flipping burgers & making french fries. Since burger flippers are no longer happy with $15 an hour & there is a shortage of burger flippers, they are creating a market for robotic replacements.

  7. Babeltuap says:

    Are coral reefs growing anywhere is the world? Yes:



    The Sahara use to be thick grassland but the climate changed naturally. Sucks for Sahara but that change improved other areas…meh.

    This happens over and over again but climate change activists never want to admit this truth. Louisiana for example has a coastal erosion problem. What most don’t know however is that some areas are growing. The areas that are eroding is due to man made levees forcing all the silt from the Mississippi river into the ocean when it use to deposit along the banks and marshes.

    As for Fla, despite the warm waters NOA is saying hurricane season is looking normal as ever. Maybe they lose some reef but maybe they don’t. Maybe it toughens the existing reef and it gets stronger or a major fish kill happens and it makes the reef bigger. Who knows but end of the day it’s not all doom and gloom out there.

  8. A report from POLITICO:

    “Scientists are freaking out about surging temperatures.
    Why aren’t politicians?

    Western leaders’ attention is focused elsewhere
    as ‘unprecedented’ heat warms oceans and land.”


    The beginning of July marked the planet’s hottest week in recorded history.
    Last month was the warmest-ever June.
    Meanwhile, the seas are heating up and temperatures in the North Atlantic in particular are “off the charts,” as European scientists put it.

    Yet leaders and lawmakers on either side of the ocean
    remain mostly preoccupied with the war in Ukraine and its economic fallout.

    Buontempo was reluctant to criticize leaders, but he said:
    “Mine is a plea to all politicians to look at the facts, to look at the data we have, and react to those.”

  9. voislav says:

    The big concern here is the heat dome. When it formed in British Columbia two years ago temperatures spiked to 120 F and 120 people died. Florida may be better equipped to handle the heat, but given the population structure in Florida this may be a very dangerous. They are one power failure away from disaster.

    • PeterHug says:

      Heat combined with a power failure becomes nasty very quickly.


      • F & L says:

        When I was 16 or 17 I got stuck in Death Valley, California during the month of August in the middle of the day for several hours, marooned, more or less till luckily another motorist wandered by and offered me and the nitwit who planned the trip to Vegas a lift to a gas station. I watched salt collect on my chest in real time as though watching a time lapse film. A good half a salt shaker within 20 minutes to half an hour. If I was elderly, I’m sure it would have been the end. Anyone remember the heat wave in Paris which killed thousands of old folks who were left alone by their relatives who had gone on vacation or the one in Chicago a few years ago which was so bad that the number of deaths was a national embarrassment? I don’t recall anyone blaming it on global warming then, but my memory isn’t perfect. Possibly they were selling Y-2K wrinkle removing lotion along with tickets to the fire bombings of a Philadelphia neighborhood by Mayor Woodrow Wilson Goode Sr, maybe Fleetwood Mac performances.

        • TTG says:


          Dangerous local heat waves come and go. They’re more a function of weather than climate. The worst one so far in the US was in 1936 due to the dust bowl creating a desert-like heat generation environment. The Paris heat wave was made worse by the massive masonry heat sink of Paris itself. Paris buildings have very little air conditioning or ventilation suitable for extreme heat. It’s no wonder so many died. I noticed that during my last summer in Germany. Even new houses were built like fortresses, but they radiated heat all night. It sucked.

        • PeterHug says:

          I drove across Death Valley with my fiancée, her son, her friend and her friend’s son in July a few years ago. I think the temperature was about 119.

          I just remember nursing the car (not going over about 55) and watching the engine temperature gauge gradually climb, while trying to calculate how much longer we had to go.

          We made it but retrospectively that was one of the stupider things I’ve ever done – we should have waited for nightfall…there also wasn’t any cellphone signal, and I think that it would be a perfectly legitimate use of Federal money to install a few towers along that road.

        • billy roche says:

          Five friends and I in a rental car went into Death Valley about ten years ago. Remember drinking some “water” from a small hole on the floor of the valley; pure salt water! While I was waiting for the 40 mule team Borax wagon to go by I saw a cayote. Then another. The bastards had “fund me” signs every 2 miles and lemonaid stations as well. Willy cayoteys!

  10. Smedley says:

    It will be interesting to see if the mRNA injections actually do wreck fertility, and were as much about culling the species to prepare for a warming biosphere as they were about “public health.”

    It is a quaint notion to think that the one percent is going to let anyone vote — or shoot — their way out of this. The reason the borders have been thrown open in Europe and the US is to prevent exactly this outcome, while giving the native-born new racial distractions which will keep them from noticing which tribe is actually driving all the chaos and oppression.

    We can count on conservatives, libertarians and other useful idiots to still be chanting “Democrats are the real racists” as they are forced to kneel before freshly dug ditches.

    Retirees and armchair philosophes who have the time might consider taking a look at the work of Sam Francis and his concept of “anarcho-tyranny.” That is what I think is going on here. And this is at the hands of a traitor judiciary finally using the Patriot Act for what it was originally designed for: the liquidation of patriots.

  11. walrus says:

    crazy rabbits on so many dimensions..

    In summary, the mere human pretension that anything we do or have done, if anything, will have a permanent effect on this planet is a huge and ridiculous conceit. The geological sources of greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere are many, many times the whole man made amount. We have no control over any of them.

    Then there is the stupid and insane logic of the greens that suggests “we can make a difference, not this way you won’t. and even if you did reduce greenhouse gases there is no guarantee it will change anything.

    then. there are the impossible green policies and programs. Ever heard of the shakers sect? They gave up sex as sinful. Strangely, there aren’t many alive today.

    Ever heard of aluminum, titanium, steel, copper and coal. We used to mine that stuff and reduce it with carbon (coal). We made electricity too.

    Now we don’t, but the Chinese Russians and India does.

    Guess who will build the machinery that runs the planet? Not America.

    Greens are dumb as rocks.

    • F & L says:

      Yes. Greens. Ask them which wild animal kills more humans than any other (aside from wild bacteria & viruses & mosquitoes & the biggest killer – humans). The will guess that it must be a carnivorous predator such as the lion, tiger, crocodile, leopard etc. But it isn’t. It’s the hippopotamus. The hippopotamus is a vegetarian. Oops. So was Hitler, also a teetotaling non-smoker who encouraged hiking and healthy living (when he wasn’t busy popping methedrine and shooting smack before his chemists synthesized methadone). He managed to kill a few. I remember an article in Scientific American from the 1970s when it was still a very respectible publication by an author who warned his readers to be careful about the hippie health food, quit smoking, go camping, etc life style promotions of the immediate post VN war era. Because it had so many eerie parallels with 1930s German National Socialism. He was quite clear about the fact that he was all in favor of healthy life style choices and that smoking was terrible for ones health, but that maybe they were getting carried away. The same era and cultural segment that celebrated aborting millions of babies a year. Mind you I’m not a doctrinaire right to lifer not by a long shot. And I think there probably is something quite real to anthropogenic warming, not only due to pollution but because of the destruction of massive parts of the Earth’s surface which is essential for restoring balance through growth of plant life. If Edward Teller and Freeman Dyson were already back in the late 60s and early 70s researching it and planning programs to distribute reflective particles in the atmosphere, there must have been something to it. Or were they looking to find methods of restoring the atmosphere after a huge nuclear war and global warming was a deceptive ruse? Possibly. One of the main problems with maintenance of a credible nuclear threat, not discussed at all, is making your opponents believe you are so insane that you would ever use such weapons, so it all may somehow be in service of that. It’s the main reason that Ronald Raygun would go into a muddled segue at the end of certain debates about how the book of Revelation’s prophecies impressed him so much – so the Soviets would think he was stark raving mad. See Richard MickeyMouse Nixon’s madman theory (Milhouse was not his real middle name but his campaign thought MickeyMouse was not a good idea). See Ronny again pretending he thought the microphone was off and saying “the bombing will commence in 20 minutes.” See the huge bestselling “Rapture” novels on sale in every airport in the world and all our seemingly crazy evangelist ministers (who in real life are covert USAF generals and colonels). All with one end – to make the poor Russians think that we really all want to die in nuclear Armageddon so we can be raptured up to drive-through megachurch Jesus. What a joke. The world actually thinks we are that stupid. Good for them. Nice cute little world. Keep it up.

      “Wait – I thought the evangelist ministers were undercover lobbysists for the nuclear weapons, missile submarine and tech industries ..”

    • billy roche says:

      Make electricity…? What a dumb statement. You can’t just make electricity. It just happens w/thunder and it goes into your house and comes out in an “outlet”. Jeeze, make electricity.

    • F & L says:

      The geological sources of greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere are many, many times the whole man made amount. We have no control over any of them.
      Hold everything else constant and increase the rest mass of each electron or if you prefer proton by 1 ten thousandth of a percent. And then stand back.

      You won’t be standing for long. Neither will anything or anyone else anywhere. Ever again. It might all become some new equilibrium after a universal catastrophe eventually. But it will be a long time till you can find a goldfish or an elephant. Anywhere. And Greens are dumb as rocks.

    • TTG says:


      You’re talking about the carbon cycle. There’s a slow and a fast cycle where carbon is exchanged among the earth, the atmosphere, plants and the sea. Perturbations in these cycles have happened over the life of the earth causing various climactic changes. Human introduced carbon amounts to under 10% of the additional carbon in the cycle, but that enough to cause imbalances in the cycle leading to heating of the earth and acidification of the seas and a host of following changes.


      • F & L says:

        Great reference. Thanks.

        A serious pet peeve of mine is the lousy faux mutually exclusive dichotomy between science and the sacred or religion, if you prefer. Imposed on the popular mind by abysmal mediocrities and modern day Torquemadas who are in no short supply. Meditate on the numbers 6, 7 and 8 and consider the amazing differences between the elements which have those atomic numbers in the periodic table of elements. And how they come to be forged in stars under vast pressures and with collision speeds which overcome the hugely powerful coulomb forces of electrostatic repulsion between charges. If a person isn’t educated and at least given the opportunity to appreciate how supernaturally magical it all is, not to mention so many uncountably numerous other marvels, well, what is the point? Hollywood turns my stomach too. Soldiers and atheletes are overmuscular iron pumping Rambo Stallone and Governator Arnold thug types? Sickening to feed that to young minds 24/7 for the money money money. The best geophysicists in the world for decades were the Catholics at Fordham University in the Bronx (I haven’t a clue if that is still so). And one of the early pioneers in mathematical general relativistic astrophysics was a ranking priest of some sort – LeMaitre, a giant in his field. Much of calculus was invented centuries before Newton or Liebniz in Europe by guess who? The highly literate and scholarly of their day. Who could they have been? Must have been magic spells cast by witches. Dogmatism is ruinous. Euclid was brilliant but it led to rigid insistence on overly rigorous axiomatic “statement – reason” proofs that were the bane of schoolboys, yes but hamstrung Greek mathematical progress. Remember that brilliant woman of early Christianity in Alexandria who was a mathematical genius but was destroyed by stupid bigots? I can’t remember her name. I think she was canonized but don’t recall. We seem to love wallowing in our own dark ages.

        • PeterHug says:

          Are you thinking of Hypatia? If so, she wasn’t a Christian, although she was killed by a bunch of Christian bigots. She was pretty impressive, though.


        • billy roche says:

          Don’t give Christians all the credit. The essential question asked and answered by all religions is; “god or not”. How do I find that out? I study natural science. Natural science is so broad it must be reduced to symbolic truths; enter mathematics. Although this was true world wide, from 1400 on many European astronomers/mathematicians dedicated their work to the glory of god. Yes, finding out as best they could about god’s creation; the universe. Baroque music in particular has a strong mathematical drive. Can you imagine Handel, Teleman, Purcell, Bach, or Vivaldi not thinking that god was inspiring their work. Somewhere the R.C. Church lost its grasp on this issue of man and science. It never should/need have become a science vs religion combat.

      • drifter says:


        What matters to policy makers is the impact of human emissions of CO2 on climate. Don’t give us a link – just tell us in your own words, including your quantitative estimates, what the impact of human CO2 emissions will be on the climate.

  12. Mark Logan says:

    There’s some wisdom in conserving our limited stocks of our precious oil. The population keeps growing. A Pascal’s Wager course of action seems wise.

    Those who assert the climatologists, meteorologists, et al are unquestionably wrong about all this must ask themselves a question: “Is there anything which could convince me?” We lack a control to conduct our scientific method of double-blind testing on this issue, you are not going to get that, so the answer of “No!” means you too are working with blind faith.

    • PeterHug says:

      Burning oil is the most idiotic possible way to use it. It’s far more valuable as a feedstock for chemicals.

      • billy roche says:

        “a feedstock for chemicals”. I never considered that. Could you say more? Thanks.

  13. F & L says:

    I was working in the lab late one night,
    When my eyes beheld, an eerie sight ..
    (Vocalist Boris Karloff – The Monster Mash)

    Breaking Noose:
    Loud Explosions in Russian Atomic City

    In Kurchatov. Near Kursk not far from the Ukrainian border. They claim another near Voronezh.

    PS to TTG: I wrote a huge crazy post to you last night speculating on something like this happening. I trashed it but translated it back and forth from Latin to English to various other languages using a translate app and saved a version. My two cents is not to take this report too literally. I think something clever and devious might have been planned but I could be 100% wrong.

    • drifter says:

      Bring it on! Let’s talk about the Ukraine situation. TTG may have some insights to contribute. Others also. Is the Ukrainian counteroffensive stalled? Is patience the West’s secret weapon (and how might it be applied in other contexts)? Is Macron … doing … something? Are the Germans becoming German again (and all that entails)? And fundamentally, is the US just trying to take on Russia because it can’t take on China?

      • Leith says:

        Took just as long to break out of Normandy back in ‘44. And yet the Allies had clear Air Superiority. And Rommel admitted his Normandy portion of the Atlantic Wall was only half complete.

        Today, meanwhile Ukraine has Air -Inferiority and is facing five million land mines. But I’ll stay optimistic.

  14. Deap says:

    Shifts in the core magma warming the oceans and changing ocean currents seems the most plausible explanation for the earth’s shallow crust’s “climate change”.

    Driving Teslas and filing ESG reports makes not a whit of difference on the earth’s crust compared to forces found thousand of miles deeper under the crust over which we have zero control. Nor accurate long-term data to even be assessing. Adapt or die.

    • TTG says:


      Wouldn’t the deep oceans have to heat up first before the sea surface heats if core magma was the cause? Changing ocean currents definitely have an effect on the climate. Melting polar ice introducing a lot of fresh water into the ocean has a lot to do with the slowing deep currents.

  15. The oldest sea-level gauge on the planet is located at the Battery in New York. It goes back to 1850. It shows a consistent level of rise of just under an inch per decade. We’re getting tidal flooding in my town on the Jersey Shore. But the town was founded in 1880 so the natural sea-level rise is about 15 inches since 1880. A problem but not the end of the world.

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