Fulton County re-count ordered.

“Following the lead of Arizona’s forensic audit of 2020 presidential election results, 147,000 Fulton County, Georgia, absentee ballots are being unsealed for an audit.

Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero ordered the unsealing of absentee ballots, The Hill reported, which will allow a group of Georgia voters and experts to review absentee ballots which Republicans claim might be tainted by voter fraud.

“The integrity of future elections is critical, and Judge Amero’s decision is a helpful step in restoring transparency, accountability, and voter confidence,” former Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., told The Hill. “We look forward to the findings and their role in promoting transparency and rebuilding faith in our elections.”

Former President Donald Trump lost the state’s most populated county in November to Democrat Joe Biden by a vote of 381,144 to 137,240, with a 65.57% voter turnout, according to Fulton County’s official results.

Trump lost the state by around 13,000 total votes.

Fulton County includes the city of Atlanta and has an estimated population of just over 1 million, according to the county.

In his one-page order, Amero’s order said the county election officials must allow plaintiff Garland Favorito and his group called Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia to review the ballots “at a time and place to be determined later,” according to The Wall Street Journal.


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    Morning Joe’s head exploding tells us all we need to know about how panicked they are about these audits.

  2. scott s. says:

    So we generally require ballots to be retained for some time after an election, but it appears there is some sort of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle at work where if you observe a ballot you change the ballot. Sort of like Schrödinger’s cat, a ballot can both be marked for Trump and Biden until you look at it.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      I like the Schrödinger’s cat analogy a lot. As soon as November 3rd was past everyone assured us the cat was definitely alive, but that on no account are we allowed to open the box. Now that enough people have managed to get the box opened, at least a crack, will we start to smell something rotten?

    • Deap says:

      Unless it is 2:00 o’clock in the morning and there is a plumbing leak. Then cosmic forces are unleashed and anything can happen. Same thing happens at midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

      • Pat Lang says:


        I remember the book.

        • Deap says:

          Georgia Gothic – no wonder this current voodoo tale of midnight howls and rattling chicken bones, passing for vote counting happened in Georgia too. Must be the okra.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Deap Yet another bigotted Yankee woman.

          • Fred says:

            Best okra I had was fried up by a woman from Oklahoma. Fried chicken now, that’s a tie between Frankie Mae from Palatka and the fine lady in Key West whose name I no longer remember. Frankie made the best gizzards though. Pat would have like her; he certainly would have liked her cooking.

  3. Sam says:

    It is interesting that those who claim the election and the counting of ballots were on the up & up, now claim an audit is not going to prove anything because the auditors are partisan. Of course throwing sand in the gears of conducting the audit is the response

  4. akaPatience says:

    The gaslighting regarding election fraud has been beyond shocking. The VIDEO FOOTAGE of Fulton Co. election supervisors dismissing some workers for the night ostensibly due to the plumbing issue Deap referred to (a leak that turned out to have occurred much earlier in the day and didn’t justify the dismissal) was when the Fulton County fraud seemed to kick into higher gear. It obviously began beforehand because as soon as there weren’t any witnesses around, OUT came the infamous suitcases that had been hidden under tables, OUT of those suitcases came stacks of ballots that were clearly seen to have been scanned repeatedly (at least 3 times in some cases IIRC), and although vote counting was supposed to have ceased for the night (pesky plumbing issue, dog-tired vote counters) IT OBVIOUSLY CONTINUED AND WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE.

    Corrupt public officials and willing media, along with HEAR, SEE AND SPEAK NO EVIL judges don’t want us to believe what was clearly seen in the video. And then we more recently learned that FB mogul what’s his name was doling out MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars to election officials, etc., across the country in order to ensure election fairness, including millions to Fulton County, GA alone!

    This kind of brazen fraud could not have occurred without widespread corruption. Even if they don’t produce evidence that would effect election outcomes, I hope and pray the audits will at least expose some of the practices and people who’ve corrupted our electoral systems. Maybe then there’d be a chance, and the will, to effectively reduce election fraud in the future.

    • Deap says:

      I was in the middle of an email exchange with a long time friend in NewZealand who was worried about “election violence” in the US, right at the exact moment they stopped counting votes, even though Trump was ahead. I remember writing to her these exact words — “uh oh, this is when the Democrats can cause mischief.’

      And of course we all know what happened by the next morning, when we woke up and everything had changed. And we also know there was not the globally anticipated post election violence – which was expected if Trump had been declared the victor.

      Big Tech media spread that fear around the world too. The world was primed for America to burn down ……if Trump had won. So for reasons yet unknown, he did not win.

      • LeaNder says:

        Globally expected? …

        Not a fan of Facebook, no opinion about its basic owner, but how big was his investment in Georgia vs other players, and how much of his money arrived in Fulton County vs other places?

        No doubt ‘queer’ numbers. Let’s see.

  5. TTG says:

    It appears Judge Amero will ensure that this will be a well run recount. He is keeping all parties on a short leash. Whatever the result, it will have a lot more legitimacy than the Maricopa County goat roping.

  6. TV says:

    Nothing will happen.
    That barn door has been open for a year; horses long gone.

    • TTG says:

      Why do you say nothing will happen. Either massive fraud will be found or it will not. Either way, it will definitely be something.

      • Deap says:

        I believe what is at stake are irregular, pristine, unfolded, machine marked, mail-in “ballots”. Do they exist or not?

      • TV says:

        Even IF massive fraud is discovered, what then?
        Trump goes back to the WH, anyone lose their job (and fat benefits)?
        Of course not.
        The horses left the barn and Joe dementia is busy wrecking the country.
        These efforts MIGHT make a difference for 2022, but I’m not holding my breath.

        • TTG says:

          I believe evidence of massive fraud will be the death knell of absentee voting. It will also be the death knell of the current Republican administration in Georgia which allowed the fraud to occur and covered it up through two recounts.

          • Pat Lang says:

            I agree on both points, but even more importantly the re-count phenomenon will spread.

  7. Bobo says:

    Judge Amero needs to look at the Windham, NH and Arizona audit preliminary findings to encompass those into his order for determining how the Fulton county audit will be conducted. It is becoming obvious that Mail In Ballots have inherent problems when counted in machines utilized by these and all other counties, such as folded ballots, gel ink versus ball point ink use, ballot printing alignment indicators and numerous other problems that have been known by experts for years.
    The American Voter has been HAD for years as close race outcomes are really a toss up when voting machines are utilized. Hand Count is our future.

    • Deap says:

      Innumerable potential for “computer glitches” and closed voting systems that prohibit independent scrutiny for accuracy. Who made up this system, let alone used tax payer money to purchase it.

      We are well beyond who won or who did not win 2020 – we are solidly into how and why the 2020 vote counting got so fundamentally screwed up in so many locations and for so many reasons. Never again.

  8. Deap says:

    Democrat deep state again accused of manipulating “covid” numbers, just as much as they are accused of manipulating 2020 election outcomes. No wonder they had to declare “math is racist”:


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