Gang warfare and a panicked mob

Tourist Washington

“In Section 113, Emmanuel Suarez, 20, saw a woman break her nose while trying to duck behind a seat.

“Everyone around us was hiding under the bleachers or under the seats, and kids around us were crying,” Pillai said. “I mean, it just felt really real.”

David Lobe and his daughter ran out of the stadium immediately after the shots were fired. They went to Due South, a restaurant a few blocks from where the shooting took place, and were told to stay away from the windows. Staff had about 20 people huddled in a back hallway.

Karl Frisch, a fan in Section 306, was in a seat that, if he turned away from the field, overlooked where the shooting took place.

“We heard probably six to eight pops in relative succession in two groups, and first thought it was a firecracker or something in the stairwell nearby,” Frisch said. “And it was pretty clear almost immediately that it wasn’t, because park staff were moving around very concerned. And within like a minute of that we peeked over the railing and saw a group of officers around a person who was laying on the ground.”” washpost

Comment: What you see when you come to “worship” in DC is NOT real. The real DC is neatly divided into:

– The Black city that was largely created in the great migration out of the South pre-WW2 when Blacks came to a place somewhat familiar and similar to home but where they believed the liberal side of the Democratic Party (FDR and Eleanor) would protect them and give them bread in the form of federal “make-work.” They were not disappointed.

– The Liberal “reservation” in the NW quadrant of the city where the lefties of various shades of pink to crimson huddle in their Georgian and Victorian mucho-expensive enclaves secure in the knowledge that any Blacks who can buy into their neighborhood will be much like them culturally.

– The actual federal properties; military posts, government departments, monuments, tourist features like museums, monuments, the residences of our rulers, etc.

Home Rule was the product of Brain Flatus on the Left in the ’60s. That was the occasion for what has been called the “Run for the Bridges” in which much of the previous Middle and Working classes of the capital sold out (often at a loss) and fled to Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia across the Potomac River from Washington City. The City of Alexandria was not so much a destination of choice as it was thought of then as a collection of old buildings, many of them abandoned.

Home Rule in DC has gradually and perhaps inevitably moved to the Left in its governance until the president lives in isolated splendor behind barbed wire with heavily armed guards surrounding him.

What happened last night in the “disrick” was that two cars full of hoodlums drove by the Nationals stadium during a game while shooting at each other from the moving cars. In response the crowd in the stadium panicked and rushed for the exits where for all they knew they would be fleeing into the gunfire.

  1. The DC government has lost control of the emerging gang warfare culture.
  2. The American people are easily spooked and cowardly. pl

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  1. Oilman2 says:

    Most people are easily spooked when the only folks around them that are armed are criminals, personal security of the ultra-rich and politicians. There are large swaths of the American public that cannot differentiate a firecracker from a gunshot in the first place. We just (allegedly) celebrated July 4th – the number of calls in to local police regarding gunshots was severely elevated….

    I do believe that in the main, most people revert to flight rather than fight – but when the other party is armed and you are not allowed to carry a weapon, this is not necessarily cowardice. A level playing field ought to be instituted, but alas, this entire area is bursting with anti-gun idiots who shiver at a picture of a firearm. Hiding behind bleacher seats is not going to halt any bullet, btw,

    Reaping what they have sown in their gardens?

  2. blue peacock says:

    “The American people are easily spooked and cowardly.”

    Col. Lang is spot on. This is the precise reason why the fascist regime has grown more powerful over the past several decades. The American people are easily susceptible to the hysteria of fear and continue to voluntarily give up the remaining inalienable rights endowed by their Creator that they are now solely figments in rhetoric and text books. They don’t exist in any practical sense.

    As Pogo said, “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

    The question in front of the Committee is to ponder what happens to geopolitics now that the United States which was the last bastion of constitutional rule of law has completely fallen to fascist forces?

  3. BillWade says:

    The American people are easily spooked and cowardly. pl


    • Eric Newhill says:

      These seem to be, in all ways, urban phenomena. Urban pretty much correlates with liberal; the more densely urban the more densely liberal. These people are divorced from nature and instincts and are, instead, total dependents, cradle to grave, on government, in all aspects of their lives.

      Except for the predators among them who live and kill like wild savages. Oddly, the government seems to be pandering more to the savages than to the sheep. I think cartel pay-offs are involved, but who knows. Weird.

    • blue peacock says:

      What about “conservatives”? Some of them like to dress up & parade around with camo gear and guns, but…what did they do when lockdowns were imposed? Comply? What will they do when vaccine passports are required to get on a plane? Comply? What about when they’re targeted as “domestic terrorists”?

      Liberals vs Conservatives; Black vs White; Christians vs Pagans are precisely what the fascists want. Divide & distract while they have their foot firmly on everyone’s throat.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        I don’t Blue, but it seems to me those camo wearing gun toting conservative might be having a positive impact. States that have a heavy population of them are beginning to defy DC. The Governors seem to understand that their populations just might be hard to control at a certain critical mass of federal tyranny. States have defied covid lockdowns, have issued statements that they will not comply with any federal attacks on the 2A and so forth. Defiance, and even threats of secession, might be enough. No one wants to go off half-cocked killing people. Many are waiting to see if the Constitutional republic can be revived in 2022 and 2024.

  4. Fred says:

    The crowd panicked worse than when the DC sniper terrorized the metropolis in 2002. All those gun laws sure haven’t kept criminals from shotting up the city. Maybe some “common sense criminal control” ought to be tried.,_Maryland

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:


      Common sense is uncommon anymore. It is now streng verboten ’cause it be rayciss.

  5. Babeltuap says:

    It’s not just D.C. Similar event at an Astros game in Houston outside the stadium. And it’s not just gun violence. Rampant homeless drug addicts camping near the stadium. We used to love going to the game. We won’t go anywhere near it now.

    Liberals cities are intoxicated by the crime, violence, drugs, homelessness and cold blooded murder. The bigger the pity party the better. More money for sham foundations, for profit non profits, ballot harvesting guilds and public donations to keep expanding operations.

    • Deap says:

      Boots on the ground – it is mental issues and drug addiction that drives the “homeless” issue in California.

      Our city just took our tax dollars and provided 50 motel rooms with services for four months, before finally starting the massive encampment clean-up that was threatening our entire city with crime, fire, thefts, assaults, and rapes.

      Only 14 vagrants have taken up this “free housing” offer for the 50 motel beds. Which is good because now we can show the strong-arm court after its recent draconian ruling – provide housing or else you have to put up with any and all vagrants who come to your city.

      So now, we were able to offer alternative housing before rousting these addicts out of our doorways. streets, RR tracks, parks and open space. Price tag for four months of free motel housing and services – $10,000 per vagrant per month – a hundred dollars a day for the motel room and the rest for “wrap around services” siphoned off for what we call the professional grifting “Homeless Inc” the “social service providers.

      The army of “Homeless Inc” service providers don’t have to worry about roofs over their heads – only running out of enough vagrants exploiting our city that keeps them fully employed, with their ill-defined “wrap around services”.

      Put your money on this one – there is no way Homeless Inc will take their hooks out of our tax dollars once the four months are up – because four months in a free motel room for addicts and mental cases does nothing to solve anything. They are not all going to end up in college or career track McDonald’s workers. They will just blight one more part of our town.

      Lock-down state and federal care institutions is the only answer, and reforming state legislation passed in 1967 that makes it virtually impossible to “involuntarily” take these people off the streets. That is what it takes. This is one more money down a rat hole project in this all too welcoming “progressive” city.

  6. Antoinetta III says:

    Check out Roberto Duterte, the President of the Philippines. They had an immense problem with violent street crime, blatant public drug-dealing and all around Orc-work. Duterte dealt with it.

  7. Le Comte says:

    Dirty Harry, please report for duty. There are plenty of situations that will make your day.

    • Bill Occam says:

      Eastwood hasn’t straight up remade any of his own works, though he has had an evolutionary riff on a theme from time to time. I think a reboot, but not a remake, of Dirty Harry could be very interesting. Instead of just remaking it, have, say a Keanu Reeves kneeling to pray about how he should deal with the death of his s/dog/daughter/ (retire after 30 years of honorable service on the force? (he’s getting to be that age!), or go however rogue, because he’s always been by the book) and a 90+ yo Harry Callahan (played by Clint!) struggle to his feet, hobble over, and say (lots of squints, teeth, and vocal fry) “Major Berenguer, I know this is the house of the Lord, but even Elijah had to sort the wolves from the sheep. First Kings, but I’m not here to preach. Well… maybe I am. That 226 you’re sporting isn’t SFPD issue. Laws are for men fumbling about to make the world work, but sometimes with corrupt intent. Laws can be unjust. Justice is God’s harmony. Make sure justice is served.” I know many people would hate the premise, but if well executed, pretty sure it would sell tickets, too, to people in SF and elsewhere.

  8. TV says:

    “The American people are easily spooked and cowardly.”
    Hell, that was in March 2020 when the country was easily stampeded into a lemming-like panic over Covid which has a survival rate of 98.7% and the majority of the deaths are persons over-65 and usually with a co-morbidity.
    To this day – even with the vaccines – a significant number of people are still cowed.
    The vast majority – usually badly educated, uninformed and immature – don’t like to make a decision about what to have for breakfast.
    Being told what to do and how to do it suits them, especially by someone on TV with a degree or a major political figure.
    Col., you once said that “we are not the people that our forefathers were.”
    Profoundly said.

  9. Richard Morchoe says:

    The capital needs to be moved to a cold climate state. Wyoming would be a candidate.

    D.C. can be returned to the states it came from (Virginia and Maryland I believe).

    If they refuse, it can be declared an open air mental asylum.

  10. mcohen says:

    There was a situation
    Down at the gas station
    It was going down
    He was dressed like a clown
    A shaky finger
    On the trigger
    Then the cops arrive
    The show went live
    When the shooting started
    The crowd departed

    Black lives matter
    Begun to gather
    T shirt said just do it
    Soon the place was lit
    Now there’s a bonfire
    Pictures on the wire
    A crew pulled up
    Waving a bullpup
    Someone called the guard
    Who started shooting with no regard

    That’s when I saw
    The clown running for the door.
    He made it out the back
    Slipped through the crack
    When it was all over
    No one could remember
    What it was all about
    But I had no doubt
    Chaos is the game
    Revolution is the name



  11. Keith Harbaugh says:

    The previous night in DC:

    WPVI-TV: Washington DC shooting: 6-year-old girl killed, 5 others wounded near Coast Guard headquarters.

    Where it happened;
    “The incident happened just after 11 p.m. at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X avenues.”

    People are killed all too often by “stray” bullets in DC, e.g.

    I don’t blame those people at Nationals Park for their initial reaction, as they apparently did not know the shots were outside the park.

  12. scott s. says:

    George Washington didn’t want to seem to profit from the national government, so didn’t want the government to expand into Arlington Plantation, which was owned by Martha’s sons from her prior marriage to Parke. Her grandson George Washington Parke Custis revered his namesake and kept to his desires. Hence the area remained undeveloped. After being returned to Virginia it remained as Alexandria County. The law in Virginia allowed cities like Alexandria to annex county land, which the residents in the unincorporated county did not want and were eventually able to break away as Arlington County.

    When I lived in Annapolis I commuted to Arlington, and the road network wasn’t (still isn’t, really) set up for that so I got familiar negotiating my way through Northeast and Southeast DC, primarily east of Anacostia River. Back in those days M Street was torn up to build the Green line, and the SE-SW freeway also getting rebuilt. If it wasn’t for the crime, I think Anacostia is really a pretty area. I assume Pat spent a fair amount of time on the Anacostia side down by Boling.

  13. jerseycityjoan says:

    We should have taken on the gangs a long time ago. We took on the white mob. It is time to take on today’s organized criminals, including the foreign criminals enterprises that are becoming more powerful — and more American — with each passing year?

    What is our excuse from allowing thugs to rule things in so many neighborhoods around America? If we love liberty and freedom so much, how can we sit around doing nothing while so many Americans are deprived of theirs?

    It will take decades of work to succeed. We should start now.

    We need to stop putting up with this. We have a choice. We don’t have to put up with criminals gone wild. We will have to ignore the accusations of the woke who will claim racism as we rescue our minority neighborhoods from the oppressors who look like them.

    • TV says:

      The mob (OC) is white.
      The current breed of urban animals are underprivileged minorities just trying to feed their families.

      • jerseycityjoan says:

        You want to leave these gang members off the hook to continue on getting worse? How does that help them or their descendants, who they are setting up for a life dominated by violence, mental anguish and an inability to function as a normal member of society or be a good parent?

        You want this and more? These people are on a downhill spiral with plenty more depravity and savagery to come if we continue to do nothing:

        “[20 year old] mother was savagely beaten in front of her sobbing two-year-old son, had bleach poured down her throat, was shot through the eye, stabbed multiple times and left for dead after attempting to leave a Bloods offshoot gang she had joined just days earlier, according to prosecutors.”

        “- She was later shot through her right eye, stabbed in the head and back, and left to die in her Mercedes
        – Arrington’s son was taken 5 miles away and abandoned in the street, where a sanitation worker found him in pouring rain
        – Police arrested in June 2020 ten alleged [one a white teen] gang members in connection with the attack on Arrington
        – Arrington lost her right eye and hearing in her right ear, but was able to testify in December 2020”

      • Keith Harbaugh says:

        That’s the left-wing party line, but I think it is ignorant.
        Consider, e.g., this woman assaulting Macdonald’s employees:
        Just trying to feed her family? No.

      • Keith Harbaugh says:

        TV said;
        “The current breed of urban animals are underprivileged minorities just trying to feed their families.” (Emphasis added.)

        For another example (of many) of why that statement is either ignorant or a brazen lie, see:

        Shoplifters hit Los Angeles area TJ Maxx, casually leave store carrying heap of stolen goods

        Further, there are many federal programs aimed at “those just trying to feed their families” (notably SNAP or Food Stamps, but also many others). Also many private charities.

        OTOH, it is well-known that
        many of the “underprivileged’
        are both addicted to illegal drugs and have very low legitimate income.
        Where do such people get the money to buy the drugs they desire?
        If not from legitimate income, crime, notably including shopping, seems likely in many, probably most, cases.

    • Mark Logan says:

      As with the gangs of Prohibition, it’s not easy. Easy for a police state, yes, but Americans wisely won’t tolerate those kind of policing powers. They even had to take down Capone himself with income tax evasion.

      A surprising number of line officers, who might in all other areas be classified as members of the knuckle-dragging community, are open to the radical leftist idea of legalizing drugs. They see removing the profit motive as key a key aspect in both the violent contention for “turf” and propagation.

      • Fred says:

        Guliani was re-elected in NYC. Bloomberg followed “Bloomberg, who had been a lifelong member of the Democratic Party, decided to run for mayor on the Republican ticket…. Bloomberg was re-elected mayor in November 2005 by a margin of 20 percent, the widest margin ever for a Republican mayor of New York City.” (per wiki) and was re-elected. He won a thrid term too.

        Can you describe the “police state” they imposed and got re-elected under? How does the city look under the current “non” police state?

        “A surprising number of line officers, who might in all other areas be classified as members of the knuckle-dragging community,…”

        What is a knuckle-dragging community, other than a double barreled derogatory term?

      • jerseycityjoan says:

        I agree that getting rid of the gangs won’t be easy. But I don’t see why we are not allowed to try because we will turn into a police state. That sounds like a determination to do nothing looking for a convincing reason. Somehow I don’t think you would see things this way if you were under the thumb of gangs where you lived.

        Many of these people are being pushed out of their isolated big city minority neighborhoods by gentrification and too many poor people chasing far too little affordable housing. They are dispersing to all kinds of places across America. They will bring their problems with them.

        I feel sorry for the cops who will have to handle them. They do a job I could never do and I am grateful to them.

  14. Deap says:

    Bezos, when you get back from outer space be sure to clean up the hometown of your hometown newspaper. You broke it, you own it.

  15. Deap says:

    I am reminded of the “One Percent Doctrine” Dick Cheney used to take us to war in Iraq. If there is a 1% chance Saddam has nucelear weapons, we treat is as a 100% chance.

    We seem to apply this One Percent Doctrine a lot more – which means some things, but certainly not all things, scare us into irrational responses. If there is a 1% chance of dying from “covid”, we treat it as a 100% chance and demand 100% protection.

    Is this safe thinking – an abundance of caution thinking, or is it just plain lazy thinking? Is it the thinking only of those who ox’s do not get gored, when 100% draconian response measures are put in place, but others do suffer a lot more but are not the decision makers.

    Government employees who put in the 100% we are all gonna die from covid restrictions, did not miss a paycheck. But those forced to operate under their restrictions certainly did.

    McCarthyism seemed to be a One Percent Doctrine – on hint you were a “communist”. and you were arbitrarily banned. One drop of “negro blood” and you were banned as a black. Old men who did not have to risk dying, sending young men off to war in Vietnam.

    How do we form our risk:benefit analyses today – in ourselves and in our policy makers?

    Referring back to my time on a local hospital bio-ethics committee, we struggled with this all the time – 1% someone might live so we keep “doing everything” , or at some point to we finally let go. Will a miracle happen only with hospital care or can a miracle happen just as easily at home without the expense of a hospital critical care bed?

    Now the risk is random urban crime – do we stay locked down, do we stay locked and loaded or do we round up everyone who claimed to be a trouble maker.

    Tough calls, but I don’t remember every day life being this hard for so long. Yet, I also never had to face “ghetto life” where this may have always been common place. It this now random urban violence our exercise in “racial equity”?

    DC crime – relatives were shocked when we chose in the 1970’s to “live in the district” and sent us money for door locks. But back then, the Palisades in the NW looked like a good location for naive Californians, and it was.

    But even then, there were plenty of no-go parts of town – so what it new about life in the crime-riddled DC city? Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle were barely breaking as areas to live, but now I understand they are highly desirable. SE had done a massive re-development program and is now considered good enough for AOC to call home.

  16. Morongobill says:

    I believe public canings(not inside prison walls as in Singapore) should be implemented here in the states. Enough of this coddling of miscreants.

  17. walrus says:

    They will throw their expensive M16 clones away as far as they can, takeoff and jettison their basic webbing full of magazines and sexy pistols and leather man tools and run as fast as they can for the anonymity of the shopping mall, there to buy some Nikes to replace the hunting boots and a tee shirt to replace the camo.

    ….Most of them.

    • Fred says:


      BLM and Antifa are going to do that? Why, their party is in power, creating this utopia they always dreamed of.

  18. Alex says:

    Americans are fools, afraid of their own shadows. Being cowardly individually leads to the government becoming empire. Gov says Iraq has wmds and we go for it so we don’t get nuked by Saddam despite having the largest military in the world. Gov sees enemies everywhere, despite their size and ability, and must establish bases worldwide so we don’t get attacked. Americans will believe anything, just like watching TV has destroyed the critical faculties of most Americans. Most are grifters, crooks and liars dedicated to making money and hang the rest.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Well I commend the boldness of your approach. Would you care to provide empirical data to back up your assertion in “Most are..”? Do you count yourself among this group?

  19. Personanongrata says:

    The American people are easily spooked and cowardly. pl


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