Here’s What Marjorie Taylor Greene Said That Is Making Headlines – What do You Think?

Last week Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lashed out at Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (aka MTG) after her speech in front of an excited Arizona audience in Mesa, Arizona with fellow Representatives Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs.

The Washington, DC Swamp outrage machine spewed out their usual bile following MTG’s speech where she accused Democrats of acting like Nazis.

MTG stated the following:

“You know, we can look back in a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star,” Greene said as Brody, a right-wing commentator, nodded in sage agreement. “And they were definitely treated like second-class citizens — so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany, and this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about.”

Well, the very same Democrat crowd that promotes the murder of unborn babies, especially black babies, in the name of funding Planned Parenthood, sprang out of the gate to shriek their outrage at the audacity of MTG to observe that the King was parading about stark ass naked.

MTG was labeled an anti-Semite. Irony alert. The same douchebags who embrace Hamas–a group that calls for the elimination of Israel–and call for a tougher stance against Israel now have their lace panties in a bunch because this freedom-loving woman has the cojones to call out their hypocrisy over wearing useless face coverings.

But that’s not the real news. Just do a “duck duck go” search using the terms “Nancy Pelosi and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Holocaust”. Here is what you will get:

House GOP leaders condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene for …

Top 3 House Republicans criticize Taylor Greene for …

House GOP leaders rebuke Greene’s Holocaust rhetoric as …

McCarthy condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene for comparing …

Not a thing about Pelosi. It is all about the faux outrage being expressed by the usual yammering morons inhabiting the Republican swamp. Kevin McCarthy whined:

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11 Responses to Here’s What Marjorie Taylor Greene Said That Is Making Headlines – What do You Think?

  1. walrus says:

    Larry, If MJG was talking about compulsory wearing of masks, I think she could have found a better target.

    Firstly, the mask is worn to stop you spreading Covid – 19 to other people if you have it, not preventing you from getting Covid. The mask does this by trapping your exhaled aerosols – which it does very well. That is why they are worn in operating theatres.
    Therefore the mask is a legitimate tool for stopping the spread of infection.

    The next question is whether the States have the legal and moral right to insist on citizens taking precautions for the purpose of public health in certain situations, like mask wearing. I think they probably do.

    I think MJG could have picked a better target, like “cancel culture” – which is definitely undemocratic and threatening.

  2. Deap says:

    She is just getting the same treatment handed out to AOC. Something is triggering about relatively attractive younger women having opinions. For some reason the media is incapable of ignoring them.

    Glad she is there to give as good as she gets, and with more intelligence and deep conviction than AOC. She does score verbal home runs. And still keeps the twinkle in her eye knowing this is exactly what she intended to do.

    But this is side-show stuff – post lock down diversions while we wait out 2022.

    • Fred says:


      The left is going after AOC to silence her? That’s just not so.

      keep beating the drum. “If only one life is saved” and all that. Best wear masks forever, flu season is coming in another 5 months on this side of the equator. So sorry about that ‘science’ not getting on board with saving all those other lives all those past seasons, but this is Covid – the boomer killer; and we need to take new measures….

      • Deap says:

        The right tried to silence AOC by mockery and exposure of her chronic and fundamental errors. Left showcased her. Left never tried to silence AOC, though Nancy Pelosi tried to marginalized her. But not to the degree both right and left are officially striping MJG of her perks of office. But MJG still has her vote, if not a legitmate committee voice. So does AOC -so at least AOC’s vote finally got “cancelled one on one.

        MJG is growing her personal soapbox -out to the hustings, where it belongs. Just not in the corrupt halls of Congress where it would be ignored – by the “least respected institution in America today.” Our own government – but the Founders knew this ahead of time, they had no respect for “government either – least is best.

        • Fred says:

          “by mockery and exposure of her chronic and fundamental errors” Is not silencing, they are not the same thing at all.

  3. RE says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your insights and your taking the time to write and post them.

  4. Seamus Padraig says:

    Marjorie Taylor Greene: the Anti-Karen!

  5. Fred says:

    Buildings burned in the nation’s Capital, was that an ‘insurrection’?

    IRS targeting “conservatives” while Joe was VP, now to have 87,000 more agents. Nothing to see here, move along and MTG is Raaaaaacist!

    No wonder they want to silence this woman. Meanwhile Frank Luntz’s roomie with a sweetheart mansion rental deal joins in the “Racism” Hitler!! outrage. Paul Ryan must be proud of his legacy.

    • Deap says:

      Good point about Obama era weaponization of IRS against conservative “Tea Party” grass roots groups. And Lois Lerner’s missing hard drives who was never held accountable for her misfeasance either.

      A real Democrat thing – accuse the innocent of crimes; and get your own documented wrong doing off with nary a tarnish. Can’t have a country that way. And this two-sided justice system has trickled down to the local level making even every day transactions fraught with terror – like walking in your own neighborhood in broad daylight.

      All America now is an inner city ghetto – is this what achieving “equity”was supposed to be about? Guess what, what wait until we see the solution this now pervasive lawlessness engenders. What was that saying about socialism shares the misery?

  6. Deap says:

    Tom McClintock (R-Calif) is another solid conservative voice that gets cancelled:
    A truism: The government can’t add money to the economy that has not been first taken out of the economy. He explains clearly the real cost of “free money”.

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