“Is James “The Liar” Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, on the way out?”


"I hope so. Part of me will cheer. The dominant, cynical side of me will just wonder who will be signing Clapper’s checks next. My gut says he’ll still be an intelligence insider, just on a private contractor’s payroll.
"  Ars Skeptica


There is no doubt.  Clapper will go back to the contractor world and continue to feather his nest.  pl  


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2 Responses to “Is James “The Liar” Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, on the way out?”

  1. With respect to procurement standards of conduct Clapper will have to be recused from involvement in any contract that he was involved in as a federal official for at least one year and perhaps two.
    Of course is involvement might well be classified and there is no Inspector General for the DNI programs, functions, and activities.
    Congress of course could care less since it is the contract community it relies on for major campaign contributions.
    Perhaps one interesting historical case is where a former Ambassador was instrumental in placing Lebanon on the list of terrorist states to which travel and financing barred. After departure from the government the Government of Lebanon hired him to get Lebanon off the list. He was convicted and paid a $5000 fine. Of course it is unknown publically whether he had to forfeit his contract fees since the record was sealed.

  2. jmc5588 says:

    I remain perplexed and angry that this creature lacked the dignity to resign after deliberately lying to Congress, and that no member of Congress of either party had the political or moral courage to call for said resignation or, in its absence, propose impeachment. Is lying the new normal? Or the old normal shed of any sense of embarrassment? Perhaps I am simply naïve.

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