Perhaps time is up in Idlib.


That is the old Saraya Difaa' companies insignia.  4th Armored Division, SAA is descended from them.

Reporting in the last two days indicates that 4th Armored Division is re-deploying some units to the western arc of the Idlib pocket outside the supposed "de-militarized" belt agreed on by Russia, Turkey, and Syria.

At the same time units of 5th Corps, SAA and of the Republican Guard have been deploying to the east side of the Idlib Pocket.

HTS has repeatedly violated the terms of the agreement.  Thus far Russia and Syria have refrained from taking definitive and decisive action, but Russia's recent political wounds brought on by incidents in Ukraine  may have decided for Russia the question of whether or not it is worthwhile to humor the US in the hope of better relations with the US.

We will see.  pl

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