May Day in the City of Light


"French police have fired tear gas on masked protesters who joined large May Day demonstrations in Paris.

Traditionally a union-led day of action in the country, this year's event brought both the "yellow-vest" movement and so-called "black blocks" of dark-clad protesters onto the streets.

Some smashed shop windows and threw projectiles at the more than 7,000 officers deployed.

Police responded with tear gas and water cannon, and arrested 380 people.

About 38 people were wounded, including 14 officers – one of whom was hit in the head with a paving stone."  BBC


The French National Police said today that they will uphold the right of protest in the face of riotous demonstrations in the street.  I applaud their willingness to do so.

But, the damned rioters have now gone too far.  In the film above you can see them raising hell in front of one of my favorite lunch places in all the world, the "Relais de l'Entrcote" in the Rue Marbeuf in the 8th Arrondissment or it could be in from of the Montparnasse branch of the restaurant.

The sliced steak served with a lovely butter/garlic/shallot sauce is just marvelous. 

OK, Macron,  a national treasure is threatened.  Get your act together.  pl

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8 Responses to May Day in the City of Light

  1. turcopolier says:

    There now are several sites for this restaurant group. This is the original.

  2. Kerim says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Col. Lang… on the entrecôte avec sa sauce secrète et les pommes allumettes. Unique!
    They also have have a location in Geneva for those interested.

  3. Fred says:

    If you get back to Paris before Macron and the Mayor ruin what’s left of it try Chez Trassoudaine in the 13th. Great steaks there too.

  4. blue peacock says:

    I believe you are frequent visitor to Paris. Would you have suggestions for some restaurants that you have particularly enjoyed? I’ll be there in a few weeks to get French perspectives on the Gilets Jaunes phenomenon and its implications for the EUR.
    Macron is talking about the despot in Venezuela. The irony.

  5. Anon says:

    I was thinking about “analysis is not advocacy” post on lebanon.yours is a timely warning.this coincides with the riots in france and Venezuela.iran and its proxies are moving on to an attack mode and it will be there downfall.the consequences of iraq roadside bombs and other action has come back to haunt them not only in syria but now iran.once the straits close anything can happen.i advocate for iran to make payments instead of war.bribery is acceptable in certain parts of the world.
    Yours truly
    Wishful thinker

  6. Fred says:

    You won’t lack for good food options in Paris. The place the col mentions is great, take some friends and your time. The one I mentioned is in the 13th, great family restaurant. L’Homme Bleu in the 11th which Patrick Bahazd recommended to me a few years back. As he said, great couscous, best I’ve had anywhere. La Méditerranée on Place de l’Odéon is fabulous too. Never did the dinner cruise but Alain Ducasse runs one now, had lunch at his restaurant on the Eiffel tower many years ago, which would be a great place too if refurbishment is done. Bring your wallet for those two.
    Make sure to travel outside Paris for your news gathering. I think Gilets Jaunes is far more than what is seen in Paris.

  7. blue peacock says:

    Thanks. Yes, I will be traveling all across France both urban and rural areas and have meetings scheduled with a wide cross section of people. My focus is to try and understand the intersection of political undercurrents & finance. Attempting to see what the implications may be on the currency.

  8. turcopolier says:

    Bp – If you are in the SW I recomment “La Toque Blanche” in the medieval village of Pujols just outside Villeneuve sur Lot.

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