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Redoubts 9 and 10 – Where the US was born.

(Reposted) Without the service of the French Regulars, Cornwallis would never have surrendered.  Anthony Wayne’s Continentals and these men captured these two strong redoubts in night bayonet attacks.  There are a whole lot of these fellows buried out in the … Continue reading

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Yorktown? Where is that?

Comment: Imagine! Just imagine! The God-Emperor Joseph I has admitted that he might have done something stupid to the country without whose help we would have failed in our attempt to free ourselves from Westminster’s tyranny. Go out and visit … Continue reading

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US 90 billion down the drain – Zut Alors!

“A French cabinet official has compared President Joe Biden to Donald Trump and accused the United States of stabbing France in the back for leading Australia‘s decision to abandon a multibillion-dollar submarine program with a French shipbuilder.© BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images President Joe Biden participates in a … Continue reading

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The French should bring back the guillotine just for these men.

” The trial of 20 men accused in a series of coordinated attacks on Paris in 2015 that spread fear across Europe and transformed France opened Wednesday in a custom-built complex embedded within a 13th-century courthouse. Nine Islamic State group gunmen … Continue reading

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“How the Bobos broke America” David Brooks

“The dispossessed set out early in the mornings. They were the outsiders, the scorned, the voiceless. But weekend after weekend—unbowed and undeterred—they rallied together. They didn’t have much going for them in their great battle against the privileged elite, but they … Continue reading

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“Aux armes, citoyens, Formez vos bataillons,” La Marsellaise  7,742 total views

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Will Paris burn?

“The country’s woes are many. Crime and disorder remain horribly high; extremist Islamism is rife, despite Macron’s efforts; racism and tensions between communities continue to traduce France’s republican heritage; the economy has been sluggish for years, weighed down by taxes, … Continue reading

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Active duty French officers threaten Macron

Comment: First there was a letter from semi-retired and retired officers and now from those on active duty. These would include the officers of the National Gendarmerie who are officers of the French Army even if the Departmental Gendarmerie are … Continue reading

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The Brits still want to play in the Great Game? To what end?

“The “Army of the future” will see £23 billion of investment. This will include upgrades to tanks and armoured vehicles, rockets, air defence, tactical surveillance drones, and new electronic warfare and cyberspace capabilities. However, with that will come cuts to both … Continue reading

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Des Trognes – Trees with many faces.

There are many films on YouTube about the process of Pollarding trees, an ancient process going all the way back to Roman times. In this process trees of various species are severely pruned back over many cycles to produce a … Continue reading

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