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“Why the French Don’t Show Excitement” Emily Monaco

"  … with a fairly good grasp of the language, I was convinced that I would soon assimilate into French culture. Of course, I was wrong. There’s nothing like cultural nuance to remind you who you are at your core: … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to The World Turned Upside Down by Fred

On the 17th of October, 1781 – General Charles Cornwallis offers his surrender to the Americans at Yorktown, Virginia. Let's raise a glass and listen along to the song that brings such cheer.

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“Macron vows to fight ‘Islamist separatism'” BBC

"The country also has the largest population of Muslims in Western Europe. Many complain the authorities use secularism to specifically target them, for instance in banning the hijab. Speaking outside Paris on Friday, Mr Macron said radical Islam was a … Continue reading

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French LTC Assigned To NATO, Arrested For Committing Espionage On Behalf of Russia. by J

French DSGI Counter-Intelligence (their MI5 equivalent) arrested a French LTC assigned to NATO, as he was wrapping up his vacation in France and heading back to his NATO base in Italy.  The LTC was arrested for committing espionage on behalf … Continue reading

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A Bombshell Report from the New CNN

A report by Fred There I was, first day on the new job. Trying to impress the boss with my worsmithing and insights on life, the universe, and, well – everything. Of course all good writing takes coffee, and some … Continue reading

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«Erdogan leads a panislamist and neo-ottoman project that must be fought urgently» Le Figaro

(Mezri Haddad)   We have this translation from the French text courtesy of Phillipe Boileau who lives at Montreal.  pl ——————————- FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – The philosopher Mezri Haddad analyses Turkish president Erdogan’s foreign policy. Erdogan aims, in Haddad's  view, to transform … Continue reading

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Trump moves to unite the Middle East! (irony)

Teevee coverage of the recent events in the ME has been predictable.  Those who hated Trump continue to hate him, etc.  A few observations: 1. I had hoped that Trump's decision to kill an Iranian general engaged in a diplomatic … Continue reading

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“Latest situation in foreign forces deployment in Syria” Yeni Safak

"The U.S. forces evacuated 16 bases and military posts during Operation Peace Spring and returned to six bases as the operation was paused. The U.S. army strengthened its military presence in Syria’s northeastern border and oil fields. With five bases … Continue reading

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“Joltin'” Jack Keane wants your kids to fight Russia and Syria over Syrian oil.

"Joltin" Jack Keane, General (ret.), Fox Business Senior Strategery Analyst,  Chairman of the Board of the Kagan run neocon "Institute for the Study of War" (ISW)  and Graduate Extraordinaire of Fordham University, was on with Lou Dobbs last night.  Dobbs … Continue reading

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What just happened in Paris? Observations and Questions, by Fred

School isn't going to be the same for these kids for some time to come. A few short months ago the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris "caught fire" in what was immediately – like while the fire was still burning – … Continue reading

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