Inflation keeps climbing

Inflation at the wholesale level climbed 11.3% in June compared with a year earlier, the latest painful reminder that inflation is running hot through the American economy.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that the U.S. producer price index, or PPI — which measures inflation before it hits consumers — rose at the fastest pace since hitting a record 11.6% in March.

Last month’s jump in wholesale inflation was led by energy prices, which soared 54% from a year earlier. But even excluding food and energy prices, which can swing wildly from month to month, producer prices in June jumped 8.2% from June 2021. On a month-to-month basis, wholesale inflation rose a substantial 1.1% from May to June.

Thursday’s PPI report came a day after the Labor Department reported that surging prices for gas, food and rent catapulted consumer nflation to a new four-decade peak in June, further pressuring households and likely sealing the case for another large interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve.idea basically

Consumer prices, as measured by the consumer price index, or CPI, soared 9.1% compared with a year earlier, the biggest yearly increase since 1981.”

Comment: Democrats have accepted the anti-business dogmas of the Marxist left. Among those is something called Modern Monetary Theory. This academical doctrine holds that money is essentially meaningless, and that government should print and spend all it needs to satisfy its desires and those of the masses with the proviso that the “extra” dollars can be taxed back out if the system from the very rich and corporations.

The Biden/Harris regime has followed this doctrine religiously. As a result they have put oceans of fiat dollars into the economy creating a situation in which increasingly worth less dollars chase limited goods and services.

The inflation pain created by this delusion in the Democrat WH should cost them dearly in November, but who knows? pl

Wholesale Inflation Surges to 11.3 Percent |

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  1. A. Pols says:

    Everything I buy, from Gasoline&Diesel, groceries, coffee, my natgas bill, everything has gone up far more than the Approx 9% or so claimed by the govt. If you haven’t shopped at KFC in awhile, you’re in for a shock…
    Should I believe the govt. about inflation, or trust my own lying eyes?

  2. Whitewall says:

    Grinding down the lower and middle classes on purpose. Make more and more people dependent on government. I have a feeling that maybe ‘January 6’ might be a prelude to something major erupting across our country and it won’t be R side v D side. Much deeper and foundational.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Thanks. Yesterday they said 9.1 pc. Now it’s 11.3. That was fast. Let’s see, if the inflation rate jumps by 2.2 divided by 9.1 in one day, that’s a 24.17 pc overnight increase in the rate of inflation. Time to gargle: How to annualize a rate of change over an interval less than a year in duration? Hmm. 365 times 24.17? Must have made a mistake. Seems I’m getting old. Ok. Time to test myself the way the doctors do. F&L, who is president of the united states? Uh, Joe Biden? Correct. Ok you’re fine, no further questions. You mean I don’t have to know who’s Vice President? Nope. You’re good to go.

    So maybe my math is right?

    We interrupt this program to inform you that the 11.3 number is the retail rate of inflation. The 9.1 number you read yesterday was something else, published in the New York Times which is an authoritative source which never lies, shades the truth or obfuscates. You have compared apples to oranges once again.

    As an aside: On the day that this news is published here, the authoritative non obfuscating NY Times, on my morning internet iPhone edition, led with the story that gas prices in the US are not only under control, but have decreased of late.

    I do know one thing though. A can of my favorite brand of New England Clam Chowder, on sale at my local supermarket, has increased by 34 percent last time I checked. Over $5 a can? Well well well.

  4. lobo says:

    dont want to go all markets as this is mire a military place, but commidities have rolled over and its carnage – alot due to strong usd (look at dxy) but also alot due to imminent recession expectation (strong yield curve inversion)

    heck even the long bonds did not react like you would expect on tge day when that 9.1 cpi was released. at one point mortgage rates were down lol

    right now what you wrote is actually consensus… but bond market is running another narrative that is betting we get recession by year end and the fed will have to reverse course next year. also look at china their re crash is proceeding and their imports have cratered so their demand has been taken out of the equation. some are even considering that deflation might be on the cards lol as they see the current conditions as part of a “bullwhip” effect.

    but as with anything with markets, its all opinions and you know what they say avout everybody having one

  5. Fred says:

    This is the great reset and Green New Deal forced by executive order and administration policy. The local affiliates (Tampa) for ABC and NBC had inflation as the lead story last night, and not a 60 second blurb either. Tampa is as blue as any other big city, this doesn’t bode well for democrats in November. I expect we will se another ‘virus’ scare, a ‘known to the police’ tradgedy, and yet another escalation overseas.

    • JamesT says:


      I thought this was due to Covid plus our proxy war in Ukraine.

      • Fred says:

        James T,

        A few trillion in paper money and months of lockdowns. The sanctions, which the West didn’t impose on Saudi Arabia for their war on Yemen, are cover for ending “drill, baby, drill”. Because only American oil cause the change in economic climate the left hates.

  6. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang,

    Modern Monetary Theory is just a new label for the age old printing of money. It is not just the Biden/Harris marxists who have spent copiously. Trump got the current fiscal spending ball rolling running up the federal government debt over a trillion dollars in each year of his presidency. He also was the first to get all the covid trillion dollars fiscal “stimulus” off the ground. He was of course the chief vaccine salesman and handed over billions to Big Pharma.

    Massive money printing under Bernanke, during both the Bush & Obama administrations when the Fed’s balance sheet had the afterburners going all went to bail out Wall Street billionaires. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats allowed failed Wall St institutions from reorganizing under the bankruptcy code with the exception of Lehman compared to the thousands of middle class Americans who were foreclosed as their real estate speculations went awry. Instead, socialism for the wealthy was the policy. How many times have we seen privatization of financial speculative profits and socialization of speculative losses in the recent past?

    Taxing mega corporations and the very rich only happens in theory. They write all the legislation. It is small business owners and salaried employees who pay the most taxes as there ain’t any loopholes for them in the gargantuan tax code.

    The Republicans ain’t any more prudent when it comes to government spending. It was Dick Cheney who famously said that debt doesn’t matter.

    This situation is a bipartisan affair. Maybe they’re all marxists!

    • Sam says:

      As I pointed out at the time, Fauci would look at Trump — who’s not that hard to read — and figure which psychological buttons to push to get him to self destruct & hand over the keys to the kingdom. The sugar to help the medicine go down was Trump could be a vaccine salesman.

      Luigi Warren the inventor of mRNA techniques that led to the founding of Moderna was not only prescient and correct on the vax-lockdown covid hysteria consequences, he also got then how easily Trump would be played by Fauci & the Pharma bros Bancel and Bourla to hand over billions of dollars and tank the economy enabling the Biden win.

      • LeaNder says:

        “Luigi Warren the inventor of mRNA techniques

        • JK/AR says:

          This Warren fellow actually does hold some “of more recent vintage” patents in that product line. Just off the top of my head I’m thinking Mr. Warren’s contribution had to do with ‘the process [choice?]’ of manipulating the spike protein into the ultimately chosen *vaccine.

          And as it happens I just recently happened on a blog-post that tangentially touches on Trump’s, er, ‘mental process’ during that crucial moment:

        • Sam says:

          Nonsense? Why?

          What do you know about the founding of Moderna? Who was Derrick Rossi’s post-doc who is cited on their paper?

        • Sam says:

          15. Initially unnoticed, Karikó and Weismann’s work was firmly put on the map in 2010 when Luigi Warren in Derrick Rossi’s laboratory at Harvard University showed that modified mRNA could convert skin cells into pluripotent stem cells.

          Let’s see how you back your assertion!

        • leith says:

          Sorry JK, I have to stick with Leander regarding Luigi Warren.

          Derrick Rossi is said to have maybe been the first, NOT Warren who worked for Rossi. But even Rossi based his research on the work of Katalin Karikó, a Hungarian-American biochemist, who first developed mRNA therapy at a lab in UPenn.

          PS – Some good buddies at our local VFW were swapping sea stories at the last meeting about Medevacs and Search&Rescue birds. One of the group mentioned a WW2 PBY Catalina nicknamed the ‘Arkansas Traveler’. It rescued many downed airmen, some of those rescue missions were done under intense Japanese AA fire. Pilot was awarded the Medal of Honor, citation below. Later he became Lieutenant Governor of your great state. Nat Gordon was his name:

          “For extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of duty as commander of a Catalina patrol plane in rescuing personnel of the U.S. Army 5th Air Force shot down in combat over Kavieng Harbor in the Bismarck Sea, 15 February 1944. On air alert in the vicinity of Vitu Islands, Lt. (then Lt. jg) Gordon unhesitatingly responded to a report of the crash and flew boldly into the harbor, defying close-range fire from enemy shore guns to make three separate landings in full view of the Japanese and pick up nine men, several of them injured. With his cumbersome flying boat dangerously overloaded, he made a brilliant takeoff despite heavy swells and almost total absence of wind and set a course for base, only to receive the report of another group stranded in a rubber lifecraft 600 yards from the enemy shore. Promptly turning back, he again risked his life to set his plane down under direct fire of the heaviest defenses of Kavieng and take aboard six more survivors, cooly making his fourth dexterous takeoff with 15 rescued officers and men. By his exceptional daring, personal valor, and incomparable airmanship under most perilous conditions, Lt. Gordon prevented certain death or capture of our airmen by the Japanese.”

          • Sam says:


            It’s good that some labs are seeing some value in mRNA.

            However let’s not lose sight of the fact that the vax that did not prevent infection or transmission was mandated. Lockdowns were imposed. Authoritarianism was exposed everywhere around the world. Yet not a peep on the origins when the scam at the Lancet and other “premier” journals was uncovered. This is the underbelly of our system.

            A guide to overthrowing the biomedical security state and the covid industrial complex. Excellent, thought provoking thread by @Saikmedi.


        • Sam says:


          Note what I said re Luigi – “investor of mRNA techniques”. I didn’t say he invented mRNA or that he was the only one. LeaNder did a very classic social media cheap shot by saying “nonsense” with nothing to back the assertion.

          Leith, also dismisses him and gives credit to Derrick Rossi. He hasn’t worked at a university research lab that appears clear. In any case Luigi is an author along with Rossi of the paper the basis of which led to the founding of Moderna by Rossi.

          What makes Luigi interesting is he was among the contrarian viewpoints during the covid hysteria. He was one of the few along with Caltech president David Baltimore who said the probabilities were significantly higher that it was an engineered virus and not a natural evolution. Second, he was highly critical of the vax mandates along with the lockdown saying the “vax” will not prevent infection or transmission. Additionally, he noted the personal avarice of Bancel and Bourla and the naivety of Trump and how he would be easily seduced to become the “vax” salesman, tank the economy and self-destruct by Fauci and the Pharma CEOs. He’s been vindicated!

          • TTG says:


            You may have meant investor, but you wrote inventor. Investor makes a lot more sense. However, even at that he was one of many investors and not the first. BioNTech was doing mRNA cancer vaccine human trials several years before Luigi and Moderna

          • Sam says:


            I meant “inventor”. Rossi, Luigi, et al invented a different set of techniques of mRNA manipulation than BioNTech and others. They all contributed to the development. mRNA failed as a solution for cancer treatment. Moderna was on the ropes financially until Trump saved them with billions of dollars of vax purchases making Bancel a billionaire.

            Why are you hung up about first? Google wasn’t the first search engine. Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform and the Apple iPod wasn’t the first digital music player. Is this about a bias as Luigi was vocal about the “vax” and lockdown hoax?

          • TTG says:


            The mRNA technologies are showing great promise for fighting cancer. See the links I provided Fred if you’re interested.

          • LeaNder says:

            Second, he was highly critical of the vax mandates along with the lockdown saying the “vax” will not prevent infection or transmission.

            It was easy to see, by your use of the article “the”, that you are using him as some type of ulterior authority on matters to prove your points. That was, as you realize, what made me respond. 😉

            But what are you telling us above? And would you be willing to give me a link where he writes or says exactly that. I am sure, in case he is cited, there is a link to the source.

            Here is the longer article beneath your fast twitter proof, or the felt proof.


            One portrait among several:
            Photograph of Luigi Warren, credit Warren. The son of an Italian mother and British father Luigi Warren grew up in Bromley, a suburb on the outskirts of London renowned as the place where David Bowie grew up. In 1982 he completed a degree in electronic engineering with computer science at University College London and then spent fifteen years in software development. Eventually bored with computer coding, in 1998 Warren enrolled for a biology degree at Columbia University which he completed in 2001. After this, he did a doctorate in biology at California Institute of Technology, completing his thesis work at Stanford University under Stephen Quake. Warren was awarded his PhD in 2008. After spending some time in academia, Warren founded and managed two service companies, Stemiotics and Cellular Reprogramming, dedicated to producing iPSCs for academic and industrial researchers using enhanced mRNA reprogramming technology.

          • Sam says:


            You could easily have done a search to find the paper Luigi Warren as Derrick Rossi’s post-doc wrote while at Harvard. In the blurb that you provided it shows he got his Ph.D in Biology at Caltech. He ain’t no slouch.


            So what do you say now?

    • Bill Roche says:

      Monetary theory is not the Treasury Dept rolling the presses. MT maintains price stability can be controlled by expanding or contracting the money supply. Yes, int rates, reserve rqmnts, and open mkt opns. Friedman himself said you gotta go slow, keep goods and money pretty even and that’s hard. But today’s inflation was deliberately grown and advanced in Washington by our govt socialists. Call me crazy but I believe they intend to destroy the last of our capitalist economy and rush to save the poor citizenry lost in another impending Great Depression. I missed the last one. Parents told me it was a bummer.

  7. TV says:

    People get the government (and economy) they deserve.
    The badly-educated, uninformed and immature electorate voted for……wait for it…no more mean tweets.

    • powderfinger1 says:

      Nope. The highly informed, by CNN, MSNBC, etc., well educated, from liberal universities, egotistical and petulant electorate voted for “no more mean tweets”. The uneducated, uninformed (because of media censorship) people you describe were too busy worrying about losing their jobs to illegal aliens and shutdowns. Mean tweets were the least of their worries.

      • TV says:

        There aren’t enough CNN, MSNBC, liberal university petulant voters to elect Biden. Not by a long shot.
        Plenty of reflexive vote “D” and public employee voters contributed to this disaster and don’t forget the wine-drinking,

        • TV says:

          Oops. Fat fingered.
          There aren’t enough CNN, MSNBC, liberal university petulant voters to elect Biden. Not by a long shot.
          Plenty of reflexive vote “D” and public employee voters contributed to this disaster and don’t forget the wine-drinking, whiny white women.

          • Pat Lang says:

            T remember you. The retired finance guy who lives in a village in northern NH.

          • TV says:

            Retired Wall St. computer guy.
            Outside small village in Champlain valley VT.
            Where I’m a member of a small conservative cell surrounded by self-hating guilty white trust-funders and 2nd generation hippies.

    • joe90 says:

      Why are they

      ” badly-educated, uninformed and immature electorate”

      Did they ask for that? are you blaming the victim for being the victim when the victim could not make an informed choice due to the victim being a victim? It is almost as if you are saying “I taught you to trust me when you should not have so it is your fault for trusting me”.

  8. leith says:

    Off topic: Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

  9. Babeltuap says:

    I honestly don’t see the big deal. Par for the course with the fall of civilizations. Welfare class gets out of control to the point the providers can’t support them. Only thing I’m not happy about is having to likely live through the collapse but that is life.

    James Webb is impressive but what would be more impressive is putting cheap $20 cameras in front of ballot drop boxes and prosecuting people with a 20 year minimum sentence for each act and all those involved. And I mean all to the tippy top. It would be NASA’s greatest accomplishment. Far exceeding the Moon landing.

    • joe90 says:

      James Webb is a con, lock at the spikes, JW must follow the laws of optics, it can´s change it´s design so how is it possible to have different spikes?

  10. Polish Janitor says:

    Back to class struggle I suppose. Since the more modern mass social struggle hasn’t worked out for the Left the way they thought it would. Interesting point that should not be ignored is that Yellen a while age during a congressional hearing ‘confessed’ that the Covid $2 Trillion relief package was expected to eventually lead to higher inflation and that it went ahead anyways.

  11. walrus says:

    Facilitating a war in Ukraine which distorts energy and commodity markets have anything to do with it? Nawwwww!

    • Pat Lang says:

      I’ll put you down as someone who would have surrendered to the japs.

      • walrus says:

        Col. Lang, this war was manufactured in Washington starting at least as early as the Obama Administration when we began deliberately antagonising and provoking the Russians. It is a war of choice for what reason I know not.

        In 2014 we engineered a coup in Ukraine and since then have done everything possible to aggravate Russia from studied contempt and diplomatic games, through to cancellation of treaties, through military ‘mistakes’ in Syria through to refusing to pressure our Ukrainian client state to honor the MinskII treaty. Our final act was to refuse to engage with Russias request for European security discussions in the last months of 2021. This is fact.

        The predictable outcome, although missed by me, was the Russian invasion, when all diplomatic actions had failed, which was allegedly designed to preempt a Ukrainian attack on Donbass. This appears to be the desired outcome judging by the statements from Blinken and Austin.

        One possible rational explanation of our behaviour is that Putin really is the devil incarnate, intent on our destruction, who has been working under deep cover for at least the last Eight years. Successive American Administrations have been working frantically at great personal cost, aided by the public spirited and truthful MSM, the American defence industry with guidance from the wise Generals in the Pentagon under the stewardship of Congress and in total secrecy to thwart a malevolent tyrant that makes Hitler look like a choirboy. You and perhaps TTG may have secret information validating this explanation. However I don’t.

        Failing that explanation, I think we only have ourselves to blame for the consequences, including inflation and recession. The unpredictable consequences? Biden started this conflagration, Putin might get to finish it.

        • Pat Lang says:


          agree that we created the conditions for Russian invasion. but, IMO that would not justify abandoning the Ukrinians.

          • jld says:

            Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum

          • walrus says:

            Col. Lang, when you put it that way I agree.

            I’m told that the description: “Dangerous Partners” has some currency in the Pentagon at the moment.

          • borko says:

            The current situation doesn’t really benefit anyone.
            Yes, NATO has a purpose again and all that but as long as this conflict keeps escalating so will the probability of direct conflict of Russia and NATO.

            Russia is struggling, and so is Ukraine. Neither side has an overwhelming advantage on the ground. Why not try to negotiate an end to this conflict and find the lasting resolution of its causes.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Russia is intent on annexing the ethnic Russian parts of the country. That is a reason to keep on fighting. For the sake of argument let us say that the US invaded Canada and occupied the Maritimes. We could then say that we would accept a cease fire if the Canadians ceded the Maritimes to us. Do you think that Canada would accept that?

          • borko says:


            Turkey took half of Cyprus, NATO took away Kosovo from Serbia and it will eventually join with Albania etc. These things happen even in post WW2.

            With the exception of Crimea, Russia has not yet annexed any additional Ukrainian region, so there is still room for negotiations.

            As you said yourself, the US created the conditions for Russian invasion which is wrecking Ukraine and causing tremendous destruction and suffering.

            The US can similarly help create conditions for a settlement. Maybe Ukraine can be preserved as some kind of union of sovereign states, that could eventually become a part of the EU but not NATO.

          • Bill Roche says:

            I agree we encouraged conditions for Russia to invade Ukraine but that invasion was sure to happen. I knew it was going to happen in the summer of ’91. It was always “in the cards”. Russia will never accept a sovereign independent Ukraine. Ukraine refuses to be Russia’s footstool any longer, and there we are.

          • joe90 says:

            Bill Roche

            Russia did accept a sovereign independent Ukraine. When they agreed to split up the USSR. Who was it who overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine again?

            I find it so funny how some people insist on blaming others in righteous fury for their own sins.

          • joe90 says:

            “agree that we created the conditions for Russian invasion. but, IMO that would not justify abandoning the Ukrinians.”

            Well, yes I did set up the conditions which would lead to a crime, but hey, once you start something you should finish it.

    • Fred says:


      That isn’t a distortion. The sanctions are the Biden administration’s (promoted by the neocons) economic warfare against Russia. They’ve responded in kind and are thus enabling the hard left to do what they always wanted: destroy the middle class and make them reliant on a state they themselves control. Biden initiated that portion here with his executive order on day one shutting down a great deal of oil production, then allowing the ideologues in the administration threaten and otherwise presure the oil industry to curtail investment. Blackrock’s drive for ESG scoring is another piece of that economic war against the west. The country with the best ESG score? Sri Lanka with a 98, and a collapsed economy and government and famine soon to follow.

      China of course, started it off with thier lab leak and lockdowns. They’ll be happy the take the casualties to help destroy the West. BTW how are things looking in the Solomons? The Chinese take over yet?

      • joe90 says:

        Did the Chinese create the Vaxx? Lets always condemn our next victim! The Solomons looks much better than Libya but then it dose not have oil.

        • joe90 says:

          Here is a thing for you, whoever created the Vaxx probably created the reason for it.

        • Fred says:


          Xi and his comrades in ideology have been blaming America for a long time. There are plenty of fish in the waters of the Solomons and plenty of space to put airfields to allow aircraft and drones to control the shipping routes.

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    “But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy”

    The Gods of the Copybook Headings are saddling up.

    • jim ticehurst says:

      “Gods of the Copybook Headings…” Good Reference Barbara..Interesting Poem..Ending…

      “And After This is Accomplished..and the Brave New World Begins
      When All Men are Paid for Existing..And No Man Must Pay for His Sins
      As Surely As Water Will Wet Us..And as Surely as Fire Will Burn
      The Gods of the Copybook Headings..With Terror and Slaughter…Return..”

  13. jim ticehurst says:

    The Emerging Global Disasters of all Types..Political…Economic…Famines.. Droughts..Etc I Think…Are Prophetic…and Leading to A Select Group.Who.Will Consolidate and Control all Commoditys..Including Food..We Will Become a Cashless Global System..And Have to Buy everything From.. Them..We Have The Tech Capabilitys for Chip Implants..For Scanners..What Scripture Calls The MARK of the
    Beast..Considering The Level of Current Events..Its Possible IMO..

  14. Master Slacker says:

    Kevin Drum does a nice, clean (read apolitical) charting of the various measures of inflation.
    The declines of surplus you see at the bottom of your pay check will soon be shallower over the near term, shallower but not a reversion. New normal.

  15. JK/AR says:

    Leander, Leith, TTG,

    Yes I was in error about the Warren fellow holding any patents. I knew however I’d run across the name and as *most of what my participation in the discussion group has to do with the “sciency” stuff I leapt before I looked [reviewed] Good thing this is a blog rather than the Grand Canyon for me I think. (And as I’m not associated in writing a book about this “two weeks to flatten the curve” mess which seems to’ve succeeded beyond *their wildest dreams into first, swirling around the inflation drain then, looks like, finally dumping us down the drain into … well, The Great Recession maybe?

    (I do know The Great Depression moniker is already spoken for right? And two admissions of error on a single post might lead me to overdoing the Glenfiddich and I most definitely don’t wanna do that!)

    Leith, Thanks for that on Mr. Gordon.

    I did not know of his being a MOH recipient though I was familiar with his name from way back. I probably shouldn’t be too surprised though as some number of that era’s Arkansas Lt. Governors – and at least one Governor! – definitely manifested distinction beyond their otherwise, seeming modesty of character.

    It’s “just possible” Leith I may have been in the fellow’s presence but I shouldn’t likely remember it. You see in 1957 my infant/wee toddler self lived with my Dad’s Uncle Ed [WWI vet] and Uncle Ed’s residence was right next door to a house that the state owned. (Dad’s BS came from what’s now known as Arkansas Tech before Korea – While his MD came in ’58 from UAMS) And I fondly remember many things my Uncle Ed taught me but the thing that’s really distinct in my memory was his giving me a red rubber ball that I still have.

    And speaking of that little red ball, one time it bounced into one of Aunt M’s rose beds and as I was tiny and distraught – possibly wailing I guess, because the next door neighbor somehow noticed my straits, rushed over and rescued my ball.

    Now that guy I do recall:

    Though Dad was in private practice at the time in 1966 VA “requested his presence for a period” and seeing as how Mr. “Gordon died of pneumonia on September 8, 2008, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Medical Center in Little Rock.”

    Its just possible that … I mean the timelines do exhibit some serendipity don’t you think Leith?

    Small world ain’t it!

  16. Tidewater says:

    Col. Lang,

    I don’t think the analogy works. When Ivan Bunin left Voronezh and went to Odessa where he wrote ‘Cursed Days, the Diary of a Revolution’, he did not regard himself as being in a foreign country. It was still Russia. America was never like that, When the Bostonians captured Louisbourg, what happened? The British swapped it for Madras!
    Unbelieveable! (Hence, the American Revolution.) If you had a civil war in Nova Scotia with the SMPR (Sassenach People’s Republic–Protestant mostly) versus the CBHR (Cape Breton Highland Republic–RC mostly) they’re all of them still Tories, man!

    • Tidewater says:

      Actually, that should be the Sassenach Mainland People’s Republic. (SMPR) Sorry for the glitch.

      • Tidewater says:

        The biggest social event that ever was or ever will be in most of Nova Scotia and certainly extremely more so in the SMPR, taking weeks of preparation, and covered with obsessive intensity in all its wonderful little details, the meetings, the greeting ( how they really are, her lovely eyes, and that dress was really quite something!), the showing off of bright and sparkling cleaned up municipalities all the way down the South Coast, by excited but dignified local officials, the parties, the whole joyous hoohah, as I believe they call it, is the one great thing: A ROYAL VISIT.

        Tories, man.

        • Tidewater says:

          I mean by this that the Maritimes would have most likely asked for help from France as well as from Britain. Definitely not from the Americans. There’s that elder Trudeau remark about sleeping with an elephant. They are not exactly hostile, but they can be ‘hardliners’ when it is needed–and the term ‘hardliner’ is a Novy bit of usage. They are wary. And that would mean that the US could not get its foot in the door. The Maritimes wouldn’t ask for help, and if the US came in they would resist. The Russians of Ukraine did ask for help from Russia. They are culturally, linguistically, religiously, and racially Russian. Russia has had to respond. Just as Russian volunteers did in the First Balkan war and as the nation did to protect Slavic Serbia in the First World War. When the Somalia battalion pulled out of Mariupol, the sound- track to a video showing this celebratory parade of armored vehicles being stopped by local women to present them flowers, played the Russian military march ‘The Farewell of Slavianka.’ This march is in honor of Russian and surely also Ukrainian women who went off to the First Balkan War with their men. It was the march of the Tsarist White army; it was the march of the Red army. It is the march of all the Slavs, I guess; but at the moment it is also the march of the LPR and of Orthodox evangelium Russia, the new Rome. There’s nothing like that deep emotional bond between the Scottish Maritimes and the USA. Though they did like that Billie Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge dirge. You’d think they are kind of southern, but that’s just the ancient Celtic love of a tragic border ballad, I think.

  17. Tidewater says:

    Col. Lang,

    Wouldn’t that be a disinhibited violation of your own rules? La technique du coup d’etat?

    • Tidewater says:

      Col. Lang,

      Would not the Protocol of Sevres (22-24 October 1956) and its consequences (discussed on Wikipedia) be extremely important to any analogies to the current rapidly worsening crisis in Ukraine? Isn’t it extremely relevant? I think that it is.

      Surely the ‘just war theory’ (‘jus ad bellum’) is central to any thinking about what is happening in Ukraine. Particularly when the United States has lost military supremacy. I don’t know much at all about Hugo Grotius, but his ‘De Jure Belli ac Pasis’ (On the Law of War and Peace, published 1625) is one of the
      foundational documents of any kind of international stability.

      What I perceive out of a glance at the Protocol of Sevres is that Israel is America’s Algerian Question. And today I read that Iran has announced that it has nuclear capabilities. Something DeGaulle never had to face with Algeria.

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