Interesting things – 25 October 2020


Learned here on SST that a lot of the huge book contracts given to swampies are a form of money laundering.  I have long tried to figure out how the publishing companies could afford to pay yuudge advances for ghost written books in a country where so few people read much of anything any longer.  Simple answer!  Big money people order yuudge numbers of books in advance so that the publisher is assured a profit.  

I begin to suspect that a Trump wave election is coming.  The size and ubiquity of the rallies, and the enthusiasm displayed at them must mean something.  Who ever expected to see nuns at a political rally?  What is this, Spain before their civil war?  The nuns fear al paredon or lamposts on K Street?   And then, there are the pro-Trump demonstrations in such unlikely place as Long Giland and Manhattan, the boat flotilla parades, the convoys of Trumpies, even at  the Biden "rally" in Pennsylvania yesterday,  etc. 

Joe and that pathetic creature, Obama can't attract a crowd anywhere.  Don't tell me they are doing "social distancing."  That is a joke and 1984 type spin.

Trump said last night at one of his heartland love fests that the swampies of the Deep State extend into his administration and that people like Brennan, Clapper and company continue to be protected from prosecution by; Christopher Ray, Durham, Barr, Gina Haspel and the like.  The unspoken promise involved in a second term includes dismissal for these people as well as the upper crust at the Pentagon.  

Things could be worse.  pl 

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  1. TV says:

    The empty suit Esper and the “political general” Milley should be gone ASAP.
    The problem is that Obama purged the flag ranks and replaced them with apparatchiks eager to please.
    Many of the “heroes” bad mouthing Trump from the retirement ranks are those same kissups who traded honor for a better doorman’s uniform.

  2. BillWade says:

    I think it was the previous mayor of Baltimore who got a multi-million dollar windfall from her best-selling children’s book. I wonder how many kids actually read it.
    Lots of trucks out with their flags here, people are becoming optimistic here in South Florida, feels almost normal here.
    Trump taking New York would be the ultimate, lets hope. I’m looking forward to watching CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on election night, it’s been 4 years for me and CNN. I just want to see him squirm.

  3. j. casey says:

    As a long-time but reluctant resident of NYC, I must admit that the caterwauling and pearl-clutching and garment rending that may be on the menu for the hipsters of Wokedom and Dystopia Inc. and the MiniTru would be most welcome.

  4. Vegetius says:

    I would like to think that the nuns have had enough of the apostate Bergoglio and his sodomite collaborators.
    The Church, much like mid-century America, withstood the external Bolshevik threat while succumbing to in internally. If either are to be purified it will have to be through fire.
    But the nuns are probably just out there because of abortion.

  5. A. Pols says:

    “I begin to suspect that a Trump wave election is coming.” I hope you are right about this, but fear you may not be (maybe for some vague fear I have of “jinxing” the desired outcome). I do notice here in Charlottesville (which seems the epicenter of PC correctness), certain signs that things may not be what the MSM thinks they are. People I know who are life long Democrats have confided in me, always “sotto voce” when talking not strictly between 4 eyes, that they intend to or already have voted for Trump because they have been deeply affected by numerous Democrat mayors, governors, and district attorneys open subornation of sedition and their support for the actors in the “Summer of Rage” we have witnessed. They voice their fears that a Biden/Harris win my bring on the sudden collapse of the US as a functional nation state due to our home grown color revolution.

  6. EEngineer says:

    Trump would need to pick up the House and hold the Senate. Only then it would be over.

  7. Deap says:

    Swamp Creature Kamala Harris finally learned how to get some crowd enthusiasm – megaphone in hand, she “campaigns” in front of a line of voters at a polling place for drop off ballots. She does get some cheers.
    So her trick is to find a crowd already in place and make sure she gets to the head of the line and is loud enough the cheers may be when she finally shuts up rather than her “neutral” GOTV message (to voters already in line).
    Though her best move caught on video for your viewing pleasure was asking her aide on a hot mic if she was in Cleveland after arriving at the airport, when assured she was, she belts out……… Hellllloooo Cleveland.

  8. rgspenser says:

    Thanks for posting how money is routed through publishers.
    This was right in front of me the whole time.

  9. JamesT says:

    Over how?
    His own party is against him. Fox has no real loyalty to him. He’s had four years to pull the troops out of somewhere, anywhere – and has not done so. In terms of what he has actually done (pulling out of the JCOPA, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, and recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Golan heights) he has been a neocon wet dream.
    I don’t see anything coming to an end.

  10. Deap says:

    EE, you nailed it. If Trump loses the Senate and the House stays Democrat, “impeachment” will be the first order of business. All the way down the food chain, until Pelosi becomes President.
    No wonder she is breaking her 2018 promise made to be only a one term Speaker, that staved off the rebellion against her continuing in that post in 2018. Her evil plan is obviously to use the 25th Amendment and/or “high crimes” impeachment until her party gets the desired out come – which remains over-turning a valid Trump POTUS election.
    And folks, that plan would pass SCOTUS muster since the removal process is set out in the US Constitution; even if the grounds for removal remain ambiguous. Damn, those public sector union Democrats are tenacious.

  11. turcopolier says:

    but why do they bother? Why not just give them the money?

  12. turcopolier says:

    Not fair, he has markedly reduced the number of troops in both Afghanistan and Syria against the continuing resistance of the Swampies at the Pentagon and State.

  13. EEngineer says:

    It would be over in the sense that the war in the Pacific was over at Midway. It would be a turn in the tide with the Democrats from then on back on their heels. Several more years of fighting, but the zeitgeist will have changed.

  14. Deap says:

    Why do we require Ilhan’s Omar’s campaign donors give money indirectly to her husband to pay for his “campaign services” instead of directly putting it in her pocket? She still gets the cash from her husband’s joint bank account and her community property rights in his “earnings”. A thoroughly sanitized operation, that used to be called graft and corruption.
    America for decades floated on a “gentleman’s agreement” of shared WASP values, which belatedly now prove easy to drive a truck through by those who do not share those same values. (Thrift, industry, honesty, moral code, common decency)
    Or even worse, it is now claimed those previously shared values of innocent propriety (God, mother and country) are evidence of racist, white privilege. Only to be replaced by the same chaos and corruption our new members of society left behind, when they fled their “home countries”. Where is the strength in that level of “diversity”?
    America indeed remains the land of opportunity where the streets are still paved with gold and fortunes are made, just picking up the coins left on the street. Except today those coins are profligate tax dollars (OPM); not the duly earned coins from the market place.
    Life is coarsening in America. Diversity of values will be our downfall.

  15. rgspenser says:

    Perhaps it gives a degree of separation and there might be a tax advantage(?)

  16. akaPatience says:

    We’re in the home stretch now. Time for some glorious musical inspiration:

  17. srw says:

    Do conservative newspaper endorsements mean anything anymore?
    The New Hampshire Union Leader, a conservative-leaning newspaper, has endorsed Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president, despite its century-long history of backing Republicans. In backing Biden, the newspaper endorsed its first Democratic candidate in over 100 years.
    The Topeka Capital Journal, which endorsed Donald Trump in 2016, is retreating:
    “The gamble didn’t work out. But that election is past, and a new one approaches. Unlike Trump, Joe Biden has nearly five decades of documented public service, as a senator and vice president. He has served ably and honorably over that time. We do not agree with all of his proposals or actions over those years. We doubt that he does either. But he has always been open and forthright with the American people. He has always appealed to our better selves.”
    “In these difficult times, after four years of chaos and confusion, the United States needs a steady hand. We endorse Joe Biden as the next president.”

  18. rho says:

    it looks a lot less like corruption when a politician receives money because he wrote an “inspiring book” that seemingly sells lots of copies than when he receives money outright for political favors.
    Same principle with speaking engagements. Nobody in the corporate world seriously believed that listening to a speech from Hillary Clinton was worth $200,000 – especially when she sometimes kept getting these gigs at the same company every few months:
    Furthermore, the book sales conduit adds an extra degree of separation between the ultimate source of the money and the recipient of the money. Somebody who wants to buy a politician could for example donate money to an NGO that does “political education” and buys political books to distribute to people, and that NGO buys the copies of the corrupt politician’s book in bulk.

  19. JamesT says:

    You have forgotten more about how the military works than I can ever hope to know, so I have to defer to you on this matter. But I cannot help but remain cynical.

  20. turcopolier says:

    James T
    Do the arithmetic. Esper and the Joint Chiefs. You think they are not subverting Trump?

  21. turcopolier says:

    The present generation of McQuaids including Joe who runs the Union Leader are nuts. Their father Barnie was a great man. I knew him well.

  22. Mark Logan says:

    Interesting question about book deals. Certainly it could be a channel to hide the names of donors, which would seem the only rational reason to do so. I would guess the lecture circuit a more appropriate way to do that. If I’m going to part with that much I’d at least want a song for their dinner out of it.
    The 10 biggest book deals have a mixture of celebrities, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to slip Bruce Springsteen $10 million under the table so it appears the publishers do make money on these deals, counter-intuitive though it be.

  23. Book writing can be far more lucrative than I ever thought possible. James Patterson got 150 million for a 17 book series. I would say he earned it although I’ve never read any of his stuff. Michelle Obama’s first book sold over 10 million copies and netted her at least 65 million in a deal for both her and Barrack’s memoirs. Ken Follett got 50 million for his trilogy. Bill Clinton got 15 million for his book while George W. Bush only got 7 million for his. Hillary got 14 million for hers. Springsteen got 10 million for his autobiography. Even Pope Jan Pavel II made a cool 8.5 million for his memoirs back in 1994. There are an awful lot of 7 figure book advances out there.
    Another phenomenon in the book world is the mass purchase of books by organizations. For example the RNC bought $100K worth of Don Trump Jr’s book and more than $400K worth of Sean Hannity’s latest. I’m sure the RNC is not alone in this practice.

  24. pl,
    Trump hasn’t reduced squat in Syria. He expanded our role in eastern Syria. Obama had far under a thousand working with the YPG/SDF by the time he left office. Trump upped it to over 2,000 to take Raqqa. He then wisely planned to take all out after that, but was stymied by his Pentagon and Congress. Instead, he ceded control of the northern border to Erdogan and his jihadis and changed the US mission in Syria to seizing and protecting the oil fields. He’s put more troops in since then including armored/mechanized units. It was a pretty slick move by the swampies to dangle the oil field flag in front of Trump. The con man was out conned.

  25. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang,
    I am maintaining my forecast of Trump’s re-election and both the GOP and the Democrats retaining their majority of the Senate and House respectively. Each party will have a smaller majority in Congress IMO.
    It is quite possible that Trump will win the states that he won in 2016. He may even add Minnesota. I see many polls that show Biden winning FL, NC & AZ. IMO, those states will go for Trump. The only tossups are MI, MN, PA, WI. I also believe Trump will over-perform relative to 2016 among minorities.
    While it would be refreshing that a second Trump term will have nominees to the important law enforcement & intelligence apparatus that back his agenda and unafraid to prosecute the DC Swamp corruption, I think it will go the same way that Lock her Up went in the first term. Campaign slogans. My bet is he will once again nominate the Swamp and nothing will change in the 2 years before he becomes a lame duck. His first term has shown that he’s not into the nuts & bolts of governance and has no intention or aptitude to make the sweeping personnel changes across the various departments & agencies. His 2 years will be gamed by the bureaucracy and the political establishment.

  26. JamesT says:

    Obama managed to pull ALL of the troops out of Iraq (nominally, and as much as is humanely possible) despite the same types of subversion. Unless I am mistaken.
    Trump has not drawn troops down to zero in any country. I concede that Obama got lucky, and I recognize that fighting the borg is extremely difficult. It is precisely because fighting the borg is so difficult that I think it is unwise to put too much faith into any one individual. Except Tulsi – I would follow Tulsi to the ends of the earth.

  27. Deap says:

    Those newspaper endorsements need to take this campaign ad seriously- the trick that will be soon revealed the Biden mask.
    Too bad these editors blame Trump for the past four years of Democrat chaos, because the real Democrat Trojan Horse will soon be unleashed if they win:
    Decency is not Kamala Harris’s middle name.

  28. JM Gavin says:

    I am inside of the DoD (and have been for 30 years). The SECDEF, the Service Secretaries, and the JCS openly and unabashedly undermine the President regularly. The upper ranks (both the uniformed and civilian) are typical bureaucrats that will oppose anything that threatens the good deal they have going. Trump is very much a threat to “business as usual” at the slop trough, and the hogs react as expected.

  29. Leith says:

    Looks like Putin just gave Donald a Burn Notice. He (Putin) is rejecting the Trump/Giuliani claims about Biden and Son.

  30. turcopolier says:

    Yes, we know what side you are on. I agree that
    Obama did well in withdrawing from Iraq.. he had promised that but the Iraqi Shia government that we had created could not withstand an assault by resurgent Sunni Islam Trump did well against that.

  31. fakebot says:

    Trump is preparing to fire Wray and Haspel if he wins re-election:
    Haspel may quit before that happens. She has to go.
    I don’t think Wray is a bad man, but I get the impression he’s afraid to act in a consequential manner and that he likes to play things safe.
    Nunes would be a good short term replacement for either or to at least uncover what really happened. It might be hard to get him confirmed unless Trump wins enough support.
    Barr too wants to protect his friends, like Mueller. Trump probably won’t keep him around after for much longer either.

  32. A.I.S. says:

    And here I thought the money laundering would most go via hedge funds (like Epsteins, who basically never made an actual trade). I guess Book Deals for the “public faces” and hedge funds for the actual deciders?

  33. ancientarcher says:

    JamesT, what makes you think Tulsi will be treated anything other than how the MSM has treated Trump. She will be vilified, cursed, character assasinated, damaged with false allegations, etc etc when she is a contender for president. I think its a when not an if.
    AIS, Epstein was never a hedge-fund manager. He was a procurer of underage girls for the rich and powerful and a blackmailer working for Mossad. Don’t besmirch the name of the honest finance people by calling him an financier/investor.
    If Donald Trump wins, and I think he will win – if/when he tries to move against the swamp, we will see an assassination attempt, I think. Looking at the range of people across the establishment who have come out against him, there will be no dearth of people in the establishment who will lend a hand to take him out! Do you think it will be difficult to take him out given the support of the FBI, CIA, various intel agencies for the coup/assassination attempt? We will see..

  34. I used to naively wonder why anyone would pay big bucks to hear Bill Clinton talk about what he would do should he become POTUS. Then I realised that they were paying the future First Husband. It is — as it should be — quite wrong to bribe a POTUS; but it’s OK to pre-bribe or post-bribe one.
    Meanwhile, up here in dear old Lumberjackland, who decided that Justin’s thoughts on The Youth of Today were worth money?

  35. Leith says:

    James T –
    I’m also a big fan of Tulsi Gabbard. Unfortunately AncientArcher is somewhat correct. She will be vilified, cursed, character assassinated, damaged with false allegations. She already has been vilified by the Hillary wing of the Democratic Party and by the LGBT community because of her father. In the future if she ever got the nomination she would also be vilified and subject to character assassination by the right wing when they find out how progressive she really is.

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