“Jan. 6 committee announces surprise hearing for Tuesday on new evidence”

The trials of the Old Bolshevks in the blood purges

“Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., has said that the committee’s final two public hearings will focus on how Trump illegally directed his supporters toward the Capitol, then failed to take quick action to quell the attack once it began.

The committee has no power to file criminal charges against Trump or anyone else, and it is not clear whether the panel plans to issue a criminal referral to the Justice Department. Attorney General Merrick Garland has told reporters that federal prosecutors are watching the hearings.”

Comment: One can only hope that the citizen tribunes of Wyoming will take a suitable revenge on Cheney.

The donkeys and neo-Bolsheviks are seeking to do the GOP a big favor by having Trump barred from another run at the golden apple.

We need De Santis or Younkin as our nominee with Noem in the VP slot. pl

Jan. 6 committee announces surprise hearing for Tuesday on new evidence (cnbc.com)

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26 Responses to “Jan. 6 committee announces surprise hearing for Tuesday on new evidence”

  1. Whitewall says:

    New info came in ‘over the transom’ no doubt.

  2. Bill Roche says:

    What the socialists have done to Trump, w/t propaganda media assisting, will be done to DeSantis and or Youngkin. Younkin d/n have the time in grade for the big job (yet) and DeDantis d/n have the combat wounds suffered by Trump. We don’t know how he will respond. We know Trump is a big mouth NYC narcissist. But boy oh boy do we need another dose of him. I’ve said recently, and much to my surprise, I’d like to see Trump pick “the pretty girl from Hawaii”. The GOPe/rinos have nothing but visceral hate for him, so selecting a VP candidate acceptable to them, as Reagan did w/Bush, will not help America. Noem might be just a better looking George Bush.

  3. Fred says:

    “The committee has no power to file criminal charges against Trump or anyone else, and it is not clear whether the panel plans to issue a criminal referral to the Justice Department. ”

    Let’s at leasts say a word of thanks to Mitch McConnel (and Harry Reid) for keeping Merrick Garland off the USSC. I doubt even a referal and indictment would stop Trump if he actually wants to run again as it’s a long way to 2024.

    Do the neo-Bolsheviks think that round two of prime time (they will be in prime time won’t they) hearings will distract from the tranny strippers in every school/”pride” parade, the burning of churches and medical centers, days of rage by antifa & co., and the calls from multiple members of the left sayinging the court itself is “illigitmate”, not to mention calls for violence against the majority of the court justices?

  4. cobo says:

    When you first spoke of Ron De Santis, I knew nothing about him. Now that I have learned more, I am impressed. However, beware, as I might have mentioned before, we are preparing the son of Adonis, that Mercurial, always photographed as decisive, son of the great !?!?! Gavin Newsom to split the country right down the middle – wherever that lies (truth is Colonel, I don’t believe any of it anymore)

    • Datil D says:

      Rather see De Santis stay in Florida for now where he is doing and can continue to do the most good. The DC swap is beyond control of any administration, it would just bog him down in endless scandals and impeachments.

      • Le3M says:

        Exactly. Conservatives need to focus on governors to change the country.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Good point Le3M. Defense of Power Sharing as intended, described, and initially begun in the constitution can only come from State Governors. Our Republic can only be saved by them. B/y Texas and Florida who are they??

          If they represent the GOPe they are pol. pros. and don’t give a rats bottom about the Republic. The nation needs 20-30 truly extraordinary people.

  5. Richard Ong says:

    The GOP has all the fire in its belly of some old lady with 10 cats. It still can’t sully itself to proclaim that there was the teeniest, tooniest, tiniest, littlest, smallest, pequeñoest problem with the previous Greatest Electoral Heist in History.

    It left Trump to twist in the wind over his OBVIOUS invitation for the crowd to proceed peacefully AFTER the glowies had already incited the other crowd to enter the Temple of Our Democracy (TOOD).

    The gutless, spineless, clueless, useless GOP also left those poor people to rot in that disgrace of a DC jail and said nothing about the piece of filth who murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

    Trump made horrible appointments and blew an uncertain trumpet more often than not but he scared the establishment sellouts and bed wetters near half to death and the crowds he draws to his rallies even now know he understands the dangers we face, the utter corruption of the courtier propaganda organs, and the rottenness of the political class who tried all in their power to neutralize him.

    Younkin is set to distinguish himself as yet another nothing burger RINO (YANBR) and De Santis needs to support Trump this time around. Should Trump stumble it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene with Lauren Boebert as VP.

    • Whitewall says:

      I don’t think the GOP is a fighting party but one that thrives on being dignified and orderly. Comity over chaos. Its original purpose was anti slavery and to oppose the policies of the Democratic party(s) of the day. The R party is not the conservative party though it is the home of many conservatives. Too many of the R party have no idea what they want to conserve, including many conservatives. Democrats want power, all power and no opposition. Repubs and too many conservatives just want their turn at bat and maybe, if it isn’t too untidy, slow the Dems up a bit.

      To become a fighting party, Rs will have to overcome most of their own kind.

      • scott s. says:

        the Republican Party was formed to counter the “slave power” elite which was conceived as sort of the “swamp” of its day. Yes, it had its liberal wing made up of abolitionists and former Liberty Party men but the motivating issue was Kansas-Nebraska that was said to prove the control of the slave power over government “by the people”. It some respects hearkening back to formation of the Whig Party which also had a strong “drain the swamp” component (in particular anti-Freemason). The more conservative Whigs tended to drift towards the Democracy, though you had some like Pres Fillmore who tried the third party route by creating an ‘American Party” around the issue of immigration.

        Note that Lincoln tried to get out from under the liberal Republicans by forming a new party (National Union) which gave him and Democrat Johnson the nomination in 64. Republicans for their part nominated Fremont but they saw that was going nowhere so acquiesced in accepting the Lincoln/Johnson ticket. The libs would try again in 72 nominating Horace Greeley. Things came together a bit in 76 with Hayes (given recent SCOTUS interesting that public funding of religious-based schools was an issue, and of course that election gave us the now-notorious “electoral vote act”).

        Kind of pushing the analogy too hard, but Lincoln in 60 had his Wide Awakes (Proud Boys?) and in 64 his Union Committees (MAGA?)

        • Fred says:

          scott s.,

          Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner were hardly liberals in the modern sense of the word. (The former had his mill and forge burned by Jubal Early during the Gettysburg campaign, the latter was beaten by Preston Brooks – Democrat from SC). The Joint Committee on the Conduct of War of meant to pull power into the legislative branch. Kind of like the left is doing now.

    • Bill Roche says:

      You are 100% right about the nature of the GOPe but you don’t know why. Look up Dewey and the Boys of ’48. You will find the GOP renounced its Conservative/Libertarian roots that year and went professional politician. 74 years of a party w/o ideology, is a party w/o a sole. The GOPe is neither stupid nor frightened. Don’t you get it my friend? The GOP doesn’t care as long as they get a share of political jobs. BTW, I fear Younkin may be a RINO in the bush. We will see in a few years.

      • scott s. says:

        Bill Roche,
        Don’t know. Dewey might be a throw-back to more traditional liberal/progressive Republicanism.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Wow, good for you. Honestly not many match your understanding of the personalities of the pre ’48 Republicans. I agree about Dewey. Before Dewey, Roosevelt was the last Republican Progressive. I think he may have run in ’12 to swing the election to socialist Wilson. The Bull Moose WAS a Republican socialist party. B/t ’32 and ’48 cousin FDR beat the GOP 4 times in a row and Truman was about to do it a fifth time. By ’48 there was not much ideology separating Dewey and Truman. Dewey thought he’d “me too it” to the White House. He had allies who were not committed Libertarians (Coolidge/Taft) and Conservatives. They were pol. pros. They were and remain the empty men w/o ideology looking for a career. They were not traditonal GOP but GOPe, RINOs, Decepticons. Or as Rockefeller like to say “moderates”. Men w/o ideology did not care to battle men of socialism and 74 years later we have committed socialist winning. To be saved the country d/n need pol. pros. It needs 30 or 40 state Governors who love country b/f career. Pat Lang said you could find two in Florida and Texas. We need about 30 more.

    • Deap says:

      You might fail to distinguish between the dying establishment GOP, and the new wide tent GOP voter, who exists far more undercover than in the public media’s eye. Akin to the silent majority that rode in to everyone’s surprise after the 1960’s “hippies” dominated the political agenda.

      Even in my uber-liberal coastal California town we had one our of three voters choose Trump, yet nary a yard sign nor campaign headquarters existed anywhere within its limits. We did put up a Californians for Trump flag and were surprised how many neighbors stopped to say they agreed with us, but were too afraid to show any public support themselves.

      • Bill Roche says:

        So the glass is half full? Nahh, thge young are lazy and stupid. The have and will continue to absorb the propaganda from the press. Its far easier than thinking. 1/2 empty my friend.

    • Deap says:

      Trump was lucky to make any appointments at all, particularly in the early days of his administration.

      Media and Democrat mean machine was poised to destroy any and all who even showed an interest. That is a tough barrier to over come when offering a thankless job, impossible subordinates whose only intent is to sabotage you at every turn, low pay and partisan ambush against you and your kin from that day forward.

      Even dear Dr Ben Carson’s final word were admitting how very deep the deep state. How much Stockholm Syndrome impact did Trump appointed SCOTUS judges suffer after truly their trial and cruifiction by Democrat and media fire just for standing up to the call.

      That said, Trump being head of closed corporation family business in private industry, even with a string of many successes and challenges, had a huge learning curve when transitioning instantly to head of government operations and its myriad of unions and regulations.

      Trump gets cut some slack and was finally through trial and error was putting in more competent and accomplished team. His gut instincts continue to be proven right; his inability to get a fully functioning team and four year term is not entirely on his own doings, or failings.

      Biden did not need Trump’s training wheels, so are you happy with the team he put together.

      Does it scare the dickens out of you that NO one is overseeing any of the vast government agencies we now have sucking up our tax dollars and invading into our own daily lives in ways we never could have contemplated even as recently as the Trump days? I shudder when I think of how much money is in their hands and at their disposal with NO accountability by anyone for a single dime.

  6. Deap says:

    Boffo Proud Boy’s video of pre-Jan 6 meeting was also released today.

    Bunch of good old boys playing toy soldiers at a pre-rally meeting, only discussing parade drill protocol and nary a word about Trump or the 2020 election. Let alone taking over the entire United States Government by insurrection and seditious conspiracy.

    That now leaves only Horn Helmut Guy as the designated driver to take over the entire US government operations and lead us out of this 2020 election darkness according to Nancy Pelosi’s hand picked rocket scientists on the Jan 6 Committee.

    (See link on Gateway Pundit)

  7. TV says:

    Trumpism without Trump.
    I certainly cheered his ability to enrage the swamp and their mindless followers.
    BUT his inability to drain the swamp ( much even open a spigot) makes him not viable in 2024.
    Right ideas and policies, but zero management ability and a TERRIBLE reader of people.
    Desantis looks good, Younkin looks like a closet RINO.

    • Deap says:

      You don’t drain the swamp and the grip of the unionized government workforce in one term, particularly one where the deep state has already tied one hand behind you back using their full force and powers no mortal has defense against..

      How do you undo generations of deep state teacher union damage? It will take multiple generations of new local school board members to unwind the past few decades of teacher union corruption.

      Anyone who does not understand the long term shifts that are necessary to undo this long slow side into deep state tyranny at every level of our government, needs to do some more in-depth education about those who tried and were quickly buried yet again.

      You have to go long and you have to have someone’s back when the howls begin. How did Terminator Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ran a successful conservative GOP recall campaign, promising to “bust up the special interest little boxes” in Sacramento, in just one term become a duplicitous RINO and sent California over the cliff into one party Democrat Rule?

      The deep state took him on, used their union dues war chest against him and burned him to a crisp. We did not have his back when it mattered to him. And he did not have a spine, when it mattered to us. We got the government we deserved in California, and now it is too late to undo the damage. Just like it may be now to late to undo the Biden damage.

  8. TV says:

    Liz Cheney, congresswoman from Northern VA.
    I’VE spent more time in Wyoming than she has.

  9. Al says:

    Re: Hutchinson’s statement about Trump grabbing the wheel and agent in limo.
    Earlier this year, the committee already asked the head of Trump’s detail on Jan. 6 — who was with Trump riding from the “Stop the Steal” rally to the White House that day — about that car trip. That agent, Robert Engel, gave testimony at the time that appears to be consistent with Hutchinson’s story
    Also, several Secret Service agents have testified. What the head of Secret Service is now stating is that they were not asked to testify subsequent to Hutchinson regarding her Committee interviews to clarify “the record”.
    (Somebody has been taken to the Secret Services wood shed for talking out of class!)

    • Fred says:


      I am grateful for Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony under oath that the Secret Service refused Trump’s orders to drive him to the Capital and illegally – and according to Ms. Hutchinson, violently – kidnapped the President. I’m sure Agent Engel and the driver who kidnapped the president will be arrested any day now for their criminal conduct on J6. Can we expect agents “protecting” Biden to violate his orders as well?

  10. Ben Zanotto says:

    Is this anything like the “new evidence” we were promised (by the same people) each day during four years of Russiagate that ended up being based on nonsense and lies?

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