Nigel Farage on Biden

Leprechaun Joe

” … Farage said “this is the most complete failure of leadership on the international stage I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

He said that either it was wishful thinking on Biden’s part or that he “is just not fit to make these judgments… I just don’t think he’s up to this,” adding that perhaps “the worst part is that he apparently did not make any constituency plans for thousands” of American civilians.

Farage continued that “I can scarcely believe the way he treated his allies and friends in the world and I fear we are going to suffer from some very long-term consequences from the way the Taliban took Afghanistan the way they did.”

The U.K. politician speculated that “Biden’s popularity will collapse. And I think questions will start to be asked — big questions about whether this man is fit to be president of America and leader of the free world.”

On the subject of relations with Great Britain, Farage said that London “wasn’t consulted. NATO wasn’t consulted. … Joe Biden did not speak to any world leader until 48 hours after [the crisis had started] … Thousands of British nationals, American nationals, European nationals [were] trapped, horrified, terrified — not knowing what was going on.” Newsmax

Comment: How do you REALLY feel about it, Nigel? According to Farage, Biden is barely civil to Boris Johnson, just barely. Biden’s attitude toward the British (the English actually) is a mish-mash of unhappiness over BREXIT because it was a setback for his dream of greater and greater consolidation of states building toward a global socialist state and his wacky belief that his ancestors fled from English oppression on the “death ships.” In fact, Biden is partly English in ancestry. Gone in the head. pl

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11 Responses to Nigel Farage on Biden

  1. j.+casey says:

    Does B finish his term?

  2. Ghost_Ship says:

    Washington told everyone that the United States would withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31st, so everyone should have prepared accordingly. After signing an agreement with the Taliban should Washington have further delayed the withdrawal because London and Brussels disagreed? Were London or Brussels capable or prepared to replace US forces? Nah, because they would have been slaughtered by the Taliban. Do Farage, Johnson and the other privately educated twits that make up the current regime in London have so little knowledge of history that they’ve forgotten about the massacre of Elphinstone’s army.

  3. TTG says:

    I have no idea if the Trump administration consulted with NATO and Great Britain when they negotiated the Doha Agreement way back in February 2020. They didn’t even include the government in Kabul in those negotiations, so I doubt they talked it over with Brussels and London. But that agreement wasn’t a state secret. NATO, Great Britain and dear old Nigel should have pulled their heads out of their asses and started thinking about the consequences of that agreement a year and a half ago. At the very least, they could have started planning when Biden extended the pull out day to 31 August.

    • Deap says:

      NATO and EU were the ones who chose not to talk to Trump. Not necessarily the other way around.

    • English Outsider says:

      Just so, TTG. The consternation we see in Europe including the UK about the manner of our leaving is fake.

      And on the bigger picture, why did so many of us in the UK support going into Afghanistan in the first place? I don’t mean the politicians – you never really know what they’re up to – I mean us in the general public.

      Many of us took a very simple line. The Americans had backed us up often enough. After 9/11, time for it to go the other way. Dumb, maybe, but that’s how a lot of us felt.

      Not long afterwards it was pretty obvious we weren’t doing any good in Afghanistan. “Time to get out” became a general feeling here and I’m certain in Europe generally.

      Now Biden’s got out. And is being reproached for doing what most of us in Europe knew had to happen. Fake as hell, those reproaches too.

  4. Jose says:

    The fact that was no coordination, shows how incompetent this regime is. Attempting to blame Trump for this only makes the Bidenista’s look weaker. Nigel is simply stating that nobody, other than China, can trust this regime. The polls numbers are reflecting this. The Bidenistas are losing Hispanics and only a matter of time for Blacks to start the “red-pill.”

    ” … Farage said “this is the most complete failure of leadership on the international stage I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

    I am going to dissent, this is being done on purpose to create a vacuum to be filled by another entity. Could be China, United Nations of the Davos/New World Order group.
    Our allies are seeing the light; Macron wants a European Army, Japan wants to place troops in Taiwan, Kerry, who is of Jewish descent, is ok with Uyghur concentration camps and slave labor, etc.

    If you were a big Democratic donor would you take FJB or invisible, wicked witch of the west?

  5. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Geez, I really hope that Great Britain (and others, but particularly them) are happy with their investment into corrupting our political process in favor of, wait for it…the cabal propping up Joe Biden.

    Of course, I don’t really care, because they got what they deserved as willing workers for that bunch. The only ones I care about are the people being crushed under the tread of the deep state, whose machinations they seemed more than willing to assist in whatever way possible.

    If the Brit political class feels disconcerted or screwed now, well, what can I tell ya? There’s a long line of people, institutions, even entire countries, that the deep state, WEF, etc. have rogered pretty good and damn hard, something that they should have considered when they were busy volunteering their assistance.

    So I shed no tears for the people who brought you the Steele Dossier, or the Syrian Absurditory of Human Rights, or who played a further supporting role in the Russia, Russia, Russia! farago by screaming about the Skripals (say, where are they anyway?), all at the ultimate expense of US citizens’ rights and interests.

    Perfidious Albion, hoist on their own petard.

    • English Outsider says:

      European NATO, including the UK, knew all about the withdrawal well in advance.

      I could be wrong but I do not remember a great public outcry from the Europeans about the plans for the withdrawal at the time when objections might have made a difference. They went along with those plans and only afterwards criticised the Americans for plans they’d effectively been complicit in! Shabby.

      Given the political instructions that was a very tricky withdrawal. Even trickier because of Ghani’s flight. Also Kabul was left unpoliced as a result of that flight – Ghani’s officials packed in as well – and the Americans had to decide very quickly whether to police it themselves or let the Taliban do it. That was the reality. Sad though the consequences were they made the right decision.

      The post-disaster posturing by the Europeans, or many of them, was fake. As said, they had plenty of opportunity to debate the plans in advance – and their intelligence too was caught on the hop by Ghani’s flight. They say the US let them down. The truth is that they let the US down by not backing up an ally when backing up would have been the right thing to do.

      I was very pleased that in her straightforward and genuine statement Mrs Merkel did not stoop to that level. Showed quality that. Also that the British general in charge followed suit in his own statement and didn’t try to blame it all on the Americans.

      The French have been after a European defence force for ages. I remember reading a French defence paper written at the turn of the century setting out how they hoped to get it. Brussels also. They used the pretence that America had “let them down” to push further for it. Scrubby politics but most seem to have swallowed it.

      I don’t know what to make of Farage now. He exemplified, and at the end pushed through, the means of the UK getting its independence back: leaching away the supporters of the main political parties until in the end the Conservatives were forced to carry out Brexit. Took some forcing too.

      That he did well and resolutely. I am not sure in this case, however, that I entirely trust his judgment. Farage is, bless him, a solid Trump supporter but that should not extend to the largely unfair attack Colonel Lang details above.

  6. RR says:

    No. At the very most he makes it 2years..then c’ya.

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