“Nobody wanted war to come, but war came.” A. Lincoln


There is a concerted effort underway to get the Murdoch boys to fire Tucker Carlson.  I can see why the Left wants him gone.  He is the most effective spokesman for conservatism left on TeeVee.  Last night's show was particularly informative and insightful.  The program largely revolved around the ongoing cultural and political disintegration of the United States.

Of particular importance was the discussion between him and Julian Epstein.  The link below will take you to the show.  The Carlson-Epstein segment starts about 9 minutes in.

I was inspired by this discussion to look at the numbers for US ground forces recruiting in recent years.  American citizens, Green Card Holders and a few other little groups like citizens of Pacific Ocean island countries like Palau are eligible to join the US armed forces.  Illegal aliens ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to enlist contrary to popular mythology.   The pattern of recruiting is clear.  The great majority of enlisted recruits are from the SE, the SW and the Mountain States.  People should keep that in mind if Tucker and Epstein were correct in their gloom.  pl


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  1. Vegetius says:

    The left wants Tucker gone because he’s moved towards a popular third position with regard to economics and foreign policy that is outside the box which they have built around Conservatives. They are afraid he’s messing up their long con of the white working class.
    Conservative Inc want Tuckers gone because he’s moved towards a popular third position with regard to economics and foreign policy that they have allowed the left to build around them. They are afraid he’s messing up their grift.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    Meanwhile, Hollyweird is set to release a major motion picture that celebrates the joys of hunting and killing people with whom you politically disagree. The film apparently actually uses the term “Deplorable” for the prey humans. Hasn’t Hollywood always been a propaganda arm of the government in times of war?
    Psychologically preparing the populace for the coming civil war?
    And they have the nerve to blame violence on Trump.

  3. Artemesia says:

    Tucker’s commentary was reasoned and temperate.
    Notice what happened when he conversed w/ Julian Epstein about how Castro went too far in calling everyone who supported Trump a white supremacist.
    Epstein eventually came to agree that “not everyone” should be called a white supremacist.
    But the epithet, or meme, or trope “white supremacist” is now firmly embedded in the national psyche; the cognitive map has been tweaked once again, and despite his best efforts, Tucker became a tool that Julian used to reinforce that meme: Tucker Carlson, the “reasonable” person, agrees there are white supremacists out there and they are dangerous.
    About 25 years ago I read a book about Hitler titled, Psychopathic God. The title came from W H Auden’s poem, Sept. 1939:
    Accurate scholarship can
    Unearth the whole offence
    From Luther until now
    That has driven a culture mad,
    Find what occurred at Linz,
    What huge imago made
    A psychopathic god:
    I and the public know
    What all schoolchildren learn,
    Those to whom evil is done
    Do evil in return.
    “Accurate scholarship” planted itself in my thinking: to find out what happened, Accurate scholarship was essential.
    Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out what a “huge imago” means.
    And despite the reference to Linz, I’ve started to question exactly who is the “psychopathic god.”
    Hitler has been dead, Germany ground to cinders and National Socialism vanquished for over 70 years.
    Today, August 2019, the culture is being driven mad.
    Hitler is NOT responsible for the Evil that is provoking Evil in return.
    Zionists are.
    If now, then Then?
    I grew up in Youngstown, OH. Jim Traficant graduated from my high school a few years ahead of me. When Tim Ryan announced his candidacy for the presidency from the Main Street in Youngstown, I was there.
    I didn’t have time to prepare extensively for the rally, but I did print up 50- or so fliers that said,
    Zionism on the Ballot.
    White nationalism is NOT a threat to the American republic.
    Whites and nationalists belong in and to the United States.
    Zionists seek to subvert the United States to their purposes.
    In a textbook titled Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics, published in 1955, Dick Cheney’s most influential professor at Yale, W. Bradford Westerfield, devoted most of chapter 17 to the influence of zionists who used domestic political anomalies to swing elections to leaders who would support the zionist foreign policy agenda.
    It only recently occurred to me to question why zionists were active in USA in 1955. Hadn’t zionists achieved their goal in creating “a homeland for Jews in Palestine,” and wasn’t it now up to them to build their state?
    Obviously, the creation of Israel was not their only goal; Esther lives.
    The conversation the American people need to have is about zionism.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    “Now things are going to get wild.” Tyler
    Oh and if I recall correctly “My body is ready.”

  5. I think that the USA dominated so much of the past century for 4 main reasons
    1. Stunning industrial production capacity
    2. Great native ingenuity and the culture to exploit inventions.
    3. Political stability (we in the Anglosphere pretty well take that as a given, but consider the 20th century histories of Germany, Russia, Spain, France etc — it’s actually not very common.)
    4. The “American Dream” was real enough to attract and hold many people.
    1. Pretty well shipped out to China
    2. Don’t know what’s left of that but I don’t think one button fewer on an iPhone really cuts it.
    3. See post above.
    4. Not when you kids are doing opioids in your basement.
    So, is it even possible to MAGA?
    (Which is not to say that the rest of the West has much to boast about.)

  6. Fred says:

    I saw that last night. The democrats should be very worried if the election goes as scheduled as they are likely to lose again and lose control of the house. I think we’ll see a lot more low level violence before then though.

  7. catherine says:

    This is not our Father’s America. Sure corruption has always existed, but never to the extent it exist today and within our political system and government. If America is finished its because people are all nattering about their particular personal gripe and not united to defeat the cancerous corruption that is the core cause of almost all complaints. And why do they not unite?..because they are partisans who will ascribe the problem to one political party when its both parties that are guilty.
    Maybe the US national symbol should be a sheep instead of a eagle.
    The following was written about Israel, but it also describes the US situation.
    Mafia States
    Organized Crime Takes Office
    Moises Naim, a Washington DC-based thinker who penned the watershed essay “Mafia States,” has delineated several stages through which a state descends into mafia statehood.
    * The first is called “criminal penetration,” when a criminal organization is able to place “one of its own” in the state structure.
    *The second is “criminal infiltration,” which Naim defines as “when the infection has spread throughout the state apparatus within the given country, and the linkages to external illicit networks proliferate.”
    *Finally, there is a stage called “criminal capture” which is defined as “the condition of dysfunctional governance in which criminal agents are so sufficiently prominent in positions of state authority that their criminal actions cannot effectively be restrained by the state. At some point, it may become part of state or substate institutional doctrine to engage in illicit activity.”

  8. different clue says:

    I had thought it would be the NeoCons and BoltonJohns trying to get Tucker fired because he opposes their much-hoped-for war against Iran.

  9. John_Frank says:

    Keeping in mind that culture is upstream of politics, whatever one may think about Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, how does this sort of rhetoric, which I would argue is reflective, in an extremely cynical way, of what is being said on the Democratic side, not reinforce the real likelihood of a civil war? If the Democrats take control of the White House and seek to enforce gun control through executive action; and the real possibility of a violent response if Mr. Trump wins the 2020 Presidential election?
    IMHO Americans are in for a very bumpy ride over the next 2 years.
    Tommy Lee Slams Trump in Twitter Rant: ‘We’re Going to Repaint Air Force One Pink’

  10. Seamus Padraig says:


  11. Steve G says:

    Eric Newhill
    Paul Theroux wrote a book called O-Zone In
    The late 80’s with basically the same premise.
    The deplorables were called aliens and were
    Hunted by elites headquartered in NYC which
    Was a walled off enclave similar to the movie
    Escape from New York. You did not realize
    Who the aliens were at first. Master story teller.

  12. John Minehan says:

    “Illegal aliens ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to enlist contrary to popular mythology.”
    But, somehow, they do (or, at least, did).
    I had one fellow in my TOC in the Gulf War, whom the Division CI folks said could not be in the TOC, because he could not get a Clearance and you needed a Clearance to operate SINCGARS radios. He could not get a Clearance (or an “Interim Clearance”) because he was not here legally.
    If it is no longer prevalent, that’s probably why. (The Soldier spent the war maintaining generators and, after the War, got expedited attention in getting his status regularized as a War Veteran. He was a good Soldier and a decent, hard working guy.)

  13. John Minehan says:

    I think the GOP has major problems going into 2020. Trump has damaged their brand in the Suburbs and that kind of “Main Street” Republican
    was their hope not to be shut-out in the more affluent, educated areas.
    Hopefully, Bill Weld, at minimum, will be someone new ideas for a post-Trump GOP to coalesce around, as Reagan became for Conservative ideas in his doomed 1976 run against Ford.

  14. turcopolier says:

    John Minehan
    He probably was illegally enlisted and it was later discovered. They should have discharged him.

  15. Fred says:

    Damage to the GOP brand. That’s funny. The GOP brand was JEB! and the 13 appostles of the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ crowd. “their hope not to be shut-out in the more affluent, educated areas” So democrats are affluent and educated? Don’t tell AOC and the Squad or the people who discovered concerns for the downtrodden of Ferguson just in time for an election. Bill Weld? He hasn’t been in office or come up with a new idea in 20 years.

  16. John Minehan says:

    I think SINCGARS probably has forced the issue since the late 1080s, early 1990s, it used to be you would not immediately need a Clearance as an 11B or 13B, but now you needed it to be around the radios and, especially, the COMSEC.

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