Of the “Matter” of nations

When I was a kid at VMI a professor in the English Department would speak from time to time of something he called the “Matter” of peoples and countries. By that he meant the corpus of legends, literature, law, institutions and historic personalities who create a people’s idea of themselves.


France: The Song of Roland, Joan of Arc and La Style de Vie Francaise

Spain: The Cid Campeador, the Reconquists, and Cervantes

England: Shakespeare, Magna Carta, the Common Law, Drake and the Armada

All coherent “nations” have sets of values like these that live in “mens” souls. We are seeing the expression of such forms, and legends in values in the hoopla that surrounds the death of a queen. The splendor of the thing gives me hope for the future of the UK

In the US the Marxist left is intent on destroying the “Matter” of the Unted States. They are doing well in this task.

The school at which I studied is largely gone. pl

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  1. Powderfinger1 says:

    Col. Lang,

    The same Marxists that want to destroy the “Matter” of the United States also want to destroy England. In England they apparently know when to slink back to their holes and wait. The day after the funeral they will be back in full force. Sadly the ones here cant seem to keep their mouths shut.

  2. Bill Roche says:

    I don’t have hope for the future of the U.K. nor the Royal Family. But your comment on the values set in men’s souls struck me. Song of Roland, Tristan and Isolde, Magna Carta, Drake, El Cid … yes but are there no others? Is it only the European World that harkens to these values, stories, heroes? Can any correspondents think of other civilizations that rely on “value” tales? India and The Ramayana comes to mind, Hanuman, Rama and Sita . The entire story of Kun fu Tze’s life defines the Chinese soul until the destroyers came to power. So much has been destroyed by the nihilist. I went to a little NY state college between ’64-’68. It has grown. From an old fashioned school of 3500 it is now 10M day, evening, commuters, grad. and undergrad students. It is not just a bigger school. The “school” on which it was built has been destroyed. Only the old buildings remain. Where is the joy in extinction/destruction? I’m afraid Charles will disappoint. He’s not the man his mother was.

  3. Fred says:


    Thanks to Obama & Co. we have George Floyd and the mythology of victimhood. They are certainly well funded.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Mythology of victimhood. Goes way back.

      The b&w reasoning epidemic of our recent memory – all or nothing, utopia or no, you are a mean bad guy, is a characteristic of a “personality disorder” called Borderline Personality Disorder by shrinks first in the 50’s by Otto Kernberg MD. (Let me say I don’t like pigeonholing people. Further I think Kernberg’s idea was provisional. And I don’t like anything much about the profession). What they discerned was a new mental illness epidemic in America replacing the OCD psychoneurosis epidemic which was untreatable and characterized by stubbornness, over scrupulosity, uprightness , bizarre repetitive ritual, hyper punctuality – in short obsessive concern with rules.

      Freud saw the origins of religion in ritual. The most recent research I was acquainted with found that ritual, which is seen in virtually all animal behavior, and was typified or named “nesting behavior” (as a shorthand). You know it in the hound dog who will literally lose his sanity if he cannot sniff everything in his area and leave his mark etc. If he can do that, he’s content and lies around like a lazy old hound dog. Birds – they simply must go out and get little bitty bits of materials fluff and twig and feather to mend and maintain his nest (hear the woke interrupt the old man? his?) before shopping at Walmart or no, it’s not that the species won’t survive, though true, it’s that the creature goes crazy – experimentally confirmed. You know it from athletes who must have their workout etc. But the point, and Freud’s in his search to understand obsessive neuroses and the mystery of their persistence and untreatability, was that as civilization happened and men were removed from their earlier hunter gather lives and environs, they lost their birthright access to their nesting behaviors, and it was crippling psychoneurotically. It was in his thought replaced by the rituals of religions and proto-religions – daily prayers, matins, facing Mecca 5 times daily, the highly prescribed rituals of orthodox Judaism. Many of the early rituals were brutal and gruesome and to a modern – insane.

      The locus of the physiological regulation of the anxiety feedback loops causing the needs for the nesting behaviors and the anxieties and outright terrors arising in the depreciation of their practice is in the lower brain stem area where the brain meets the spinal cord. Cerebellum and auxiliaries approximately. Experimentally confirmed via study of injury to those regions and undoubtedly cruel animal and even, yes, human experimentation. No doubt torturers who imprisoned people in solitary confinement certainly knew something about it. And yes, accredited psychologists who know about these things if they were properly educated, know this stuff and apply it. Tourettes Syndrome and related bizarre tic behaviors such as Dr Samuel Johnson’s illness. Mechanism flow chart: do proper nesting act, signal that it is performed is received in Cerebellum, if considered a correct signal by the nervous system – then the signal goes out: ok you can relax. In these ticcing and repetitive disorders it is thought that due to injury, the signal of ok nesting act accomplished, is incorrectly or otherwise not processed, so the animal (human) tries over and over again – does what he or she is properly supposed to, but to no avail, the ok relax signal doesn’t go out because it cannot no matter what the creature does.

      So depriving people of their rituals is an anatomical, biological, and ethical atrocity and tantamount to torture. And those rituals are learned within the cultural matrix of one’s roots. So the “globalists”, the antichrists, the destroyers of temples, iconoclasts and monuments etc are actual satanic criminals in a real scientific sense of the idea. But that is precisely the wrong language, as I hope can be seen, to approach the phenomenon with. Result – epidemics of insomnia, drug addiction, sex addiction (they think it might relax themselves), and far more – believing that if only you have more money you will be “saved” are all related to this. The guru who is the only one with the answers etc. Just as are the horrendous incorrect rituals of human sacrifice etc.

      • jim ticehurst.. says:

        Fourth and Long..
        I Found your Comments Very Interesting..And Have Read It Twice..Will Read it Again..Alot of Value There..

        Thats One Reason I Enjoy My Framed Salvador Dali Print..of “Narcissist” ,,It Reminds Me..How THAT causes so much
        Chaos..Like The Background in the Painting..And Why..

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could have composed it in more elegant form but am ailing and peck with one finger on a phone. I was a huge fan of Dali myself. I think I first saw his work as a teen in college while looking through a bound edition of his works. I think I may have been offered a brownie or two, but I didn’t inhale. Later I got to see his works in the great Museums of NY City. I was shocked a bit, on seeing an exhibit of his drawings and sketches, to find that he really wasn’t a draftsman at all. And his melting clocks painting which made him so famous , was nothing like it looked in the books. But he was a genius who didn’t let his handicaps get in his way. I don’t know for a fact, but his masterpiece of the Christ crucified on a cross which is a rendering of a 4 dimensional hypercube immersed in three-space, was almost certainly executed by grandmasters of the art of painting in oil or acrylic on his designs.

      • Fred says:


        Freud was wrong about a lot of things. “So the “globalists”, the antichrists, the destroyers of temples, iconoclasts and monuments etc are actual satanic criminals in a real scientific sense of the idea.”

        The marxists have plenty of “science” (just like Fauci) and are certainly criminal. There are plenty of destroyers of temples around and they are not scientificly driven, but religously so.

        Jim tiechurst,

        “Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man” or if you prefer “Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire”

        On display at the Dali Musuem in St. Petersburg (Florida)

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Marxism was a religion. I outlined the origins of religion in the need for repetitive , rythmic, life enhancing, dance, music etc and nesting instinct feedback loops of animal nervous systems. As opposed to incorrect ritual which is not life enhancing. I would ask why do you hate me but you like to hate, so I see it’s not personal.

          It’s a lesson to learn for the learning; You Know that was the last thing on my mind:
          Porter Reynolds & Dolly Parton.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        An excellent comment. The satanic criminals masterminding the NWO are certainly well versed in psychology and particularly in the manipulation of crowds, as Robert Malone has observed. The labeling of an experimental gene therapy as a “vaccine” and mandating mask wearing (so that you will be “saved”) allowed the introduced of new ritual behaviors which quickly flourished in the fertile ground of the human psyche.

        The science of population manipulation is interesting, but the solution to this problem will not come from within the cult of science. Unfortunately it seems it will only come with widespread recognition that science has indeed become just another cult – one which in the service of satanic criminals is being employed to do untold harm to millions. What will remain of science when it is all over is an open question.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    This is the essence of Marxism and similar ideologies – the desire for the willful abandonment of and severance from our past that is the necessary condition for embracing the bright future of Man emancipated from his roots. These men without chests have no art, nothing to contribute to the Matter that sustains our souls and therefore they aim to destroy it for the rest of us. And they invariably dress up their crazy ideas in fancy theories that appeal to the weak minded. Great Reset anyone? But just like in Physics there is only Matter and anti-Matter.

    We are overdue an almighty reaction to this cultural nihilism and Tidewater hinted at its nature is a recent comment. Nationalism is going to make a major comeback in Europe. In the US, cultural Marxism seems well advanced but it is degenerating just as rapidly into a miasma of woke insanity which guarantees the rejection of the whole. Man cannot live with an endlessly fluid moral framework, and the PC propaganda that is attempting to replace traditional stories is rightfully being rejected as entirely alien (I’d recommend Vox Day’s writings for a further insight into this phenomenon). A form of traditional values is bound to reassert itself forcefully, and soon.

    Coherent nations, traditional values, culture and even men’s souls are the declared enemy of the self-appointed champions of Progress. To them everything which differentiates us is a weakness which must be erased if we are to finally conquer the irrational animal within and live in perfect harmony with one another. Ludicrous fantasy it is, but seductive nonetheless. C. S. Lewis called this delusional project the Abolition of Man. But millions of years of evolution and millennia of culture are proving resistant to the ridiculous Enlightenment idea that rationalism alone is the path to an earthly Paradise.

    We are living through the most disruptive time for generations, the end of an Age. Civilization may not survive it but Matter will, even if it is in the form of stories told by word of mouth until a new Renaissance rediscovers Roland, Shakespeare and the rest.

    • Bill Roche says:

      So you think that even if the nihilist destroy all that is beautiful in civilization it will reemerge sometime, some how. Great, but the last time we were in such a dark age it took 600 years for that new dawn to light. Depressing.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        We will be in Dark ages of Yorenicle. 324 people will own everything and orgy, rape and murder at whim. 22,000 will massage, repair and cook for them, 110,000 will hide bodies and do executions .. 7 billion 8 hundred million and 3 will increasingly live in deprivation with no clinics, education, books, as they die off from epidemics, wars and new diseases appearing mysteriously.

        I don’t know if that first set sums to 144,000 but maybe St John’s vision of the apocalypse was dead on the money.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Depressing, yes, if you let it get to you. I cannot, there is too much at stake and nor will I sugar coat the nature of the threat, as I perceive it. The time has come to scare the children, it is their future which is at stake.

        As to the odds of success in facing the nihilists, I like the attitude of one of King Charles III’s forebears; “The fewer men, the greater share of honour”. This is the Matter that matters right now.

        • Fourth and Long says:

          Barbara Ann,


          There is nothing secret about all this. Everyone in the know knows it, and for quite some time. Many won’t publicly say so due to embarrassment and fear of alienating supporters, subscribers and the liars they often must rely on for information.
          Good catch pointing out the exaggerations on Girkin saying they’re in a pickle. My personal take is that he tries to be as tactfull as possible and he’s actually even more pessimistic than he appears to be in his channel. Did you see Kadyrov (reported in the guardian) saying things were astoundingly bad and he guesses the Czar doesn’t know the reality. That’s an old one – if only the little father knew – and of course it’s the evil viceroy and courtiers. They do that with roughly otherwise historical tv serials on the dramacized episodes of the War. It’s Beria’s fault. But in those depictions Stalin is the benevolent uncle fox who really knew everything all along because of his secret operations unknown to evil Beria who Stalin thought not to embarrass so as to protect his sources and moles in the KGB. Everyone knows how f’d up Ameritopia is. There’s a bit of deception going on though to exaggerate it for the sake of making Russia & China overconfident, but not enough to invalidate the overall degeneration and decadence. TikTok was a brilliant hoax pulled off so that everyone would waste their time making shuffle dance videos and promote budding careers which will never come to fruition once Soros and Goldman-Sachs and the city of London get in their and sell everything off. It’s cruel because it’s addictive and plays to people’s self-image. It provides a much closer look inside all of Asia and Russia in particular than any previous social app. And it’s so popular that if it’s cancelled the Russian rulers will be dreadfully unpopular and mean to teens. Their authorities know all that of course, but does Putin? I suspect there’s something wrong with him, not his anatomy, he’s delusional and become a functional ignoramus.

          Soviet Armed Forces Medley:
          Turn on English subtitles.

          Greatest martial music in history was that of the Russians in WW2. (Universally acknowledged by musicians and singers). Those five pieces are awesome but check out the last : Let’s Go! B ПУТь! A better translation is In the Way or On the Path – in the sense of the Asian religions of martial arts (Our religions are martial). Putin is a martial artist and he hangs out with Tuvan Shoigu on hiking and boating tours in their great outback. Did you ever experience how ridiculous some – many – people get with their martial arts dojo obsessions and “Know” it has prepared them for “everything” no matter what? You may know Cyrillic enough to recognize that the song title is literally Putin’s name VV Putin – В В ПУТИН shortened to В ПУТь with the soft sign ь in place of in or ИН. It’s not necessarily crazy to take some pride in being named after an apostle, saint or biblical hero, in fact it’s a valuable source of strength. But with the delusional it can get very well beyond Walter Mitty or more mildly in between. The ffV sound of В before a word X means usually In X or sometimes On. That song is an immortal of their country played at all Red Square marches. He’s known it by heart since childhood. If it gave him strength, all to the good. Did it make him believe that he is a man of destiny, destined to prevail with tanks and T-62s because, look can’t you see can’t you hear don’t you know the song? I’m ffV Poot! I’m the living embodiment of In the “Way” In the Way of the warrior, I’m the great Let’s Go! Of the commanders leading the tank forces into the long hard war. The initial verse is awe inspiring – read the words. I’m susceptible to this stuff (music) and it blows me away as it was intended to inspire awe. Everyone has daydreams hearing the Ballad of Jesse James or similar and identifying with the legendary great outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. But then you actually emerge from childhood and you in fact are Czar of Russia for 20 years. I think he and Shoigu may share a delusion or that Shoigu knows there’s something wrong with him and can’t do anything because of his own problems, Putin’s power and his intuition that a man with such power has in fact bats in the belfry. I’m a bit off the wall myself, so at least enjoy the music. Recall, simply his name alone – V Putin tells him he is “In the Way, the great right path” without the song. He’s thought that forever so he can’t make a mistake by divine providence, the omens, fate etc.

  5. JK - of Arkansas (that USPS dictated abbreviation simply will not do) says:


    It is begun.

    Have a care what one dares speak on certain blogs, the internet in general.

    They are, coming to get us. “Wrong-Speak” nowadays can, and likely will be, a Federal Charge.

    And it isn’t the Court’s finding that will be the punishment, rather the process.

    It didn’t have to be this way but it looks to be what it looks like. ‘Walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and et cetera et cetera.

    Thank G-d we got presented “The Red Sermon” elsewhiles we wouldn’t know what we’re looking forward to.

  6. John Merryman says:

    I’m assuming that’s gone, metaphorically? Literally they are building a new sports building. My daughter lives in Lexington.

    We are certainly in a transition stage. Culture is that tension between tradition and renewal.
    The fact this economic Ebola virus is hollowing out and cannibalizing anything standing in the way of someone making a buck unfortunately is the point of reductio ad absurdum of our current zeitgeist.
    The culture is melting because the various factions are being weaponized in a larger political battle by succeeding generations that lost sight of the foundations, as well as understanding the need for traditions, in that raw pursuit of economic power. This knowledge will have to be relearned the hard way.
    Some is seed, the rest is fertilizer.

  7. Fourth and Long says:

    I walked 71/2 miles each way to school and back, climbing chain fences 8′ high. I knew where to get canoes for free and visit my mom from my college – many miles away. I caught fish from streams my folks didn’t know were on the planet in childhood. When I saw NY City for the first time I knew God had visited his implacable vengeance on a sinful humanity and they were obviously powerless. Or the devil. My dad said: You would not have done well in the war in that case. No, you sure wouldn’t he said. That was way back when.

    • jim ticehurst.. says:

      On This September 11th…I Again Feel Deeply..For All The “MATTER”
      Destroyed ,,Blown Us. Live Humans… Men..Women..Children..Burned Up..
      Blown Up Jumping to their Deaths,..We All Knows Where..When..How..Why..

      My Poem..In Remembrance….

      September Storm,,”

      The Eleventh of September Was Solemn
      Scenes of Sadness..Suffering..Smoke and Fire..
      As The Cameras Eolled…Relentless..On and On
      Showing…The Death Dance of the Twins…

      Airplane Arrows..Piercing Thier Hearts…and Ours
      Staring In Wonder..At The Madness of Madmen..
      Called Terrorists..Ji-Haddists…Muslim Extremists..
      But Killers…Whose Heaven…Is Hell Making…

      War..With Little Children..And …INNOCENT SOULS..
      Of People…Who Never Even Wished Them Harm..
      But Who DIED..Horrible Deaths..From Vicious Acts..
      As The Trade Center Twins..Crumbled From Broken Backs..

      Fuel Fed Flames..Consumed ..People..Places..Pentagon..
      Crashing CHAOS..of Death..Destruction..Life…loved Ones
      But NOT The SPIRIT You Still See..The Flag of Liberty…
      Flying Free..For You and Me ..To Wonder at The Inhumanity..

      Never Forget….Never Again…


    • jim ticehurst.. says:

      Yes…Childhood Opportunitys..Experiences..Parents..Grand Parents..
      Raised With A Strong Core or a Weak Core..Values.. Mother in an Apron..Woood Stove…”Amazing Grace”on Her Lips..

      Some Child will Remember…
      “The Angry Hand.”jt

      “Life is Like The Changing Skies
      Truth is Holding Bold Surprise.We Find
      Each Inner Child…Has Hidden Scars
      Some Of the Flesh…Some of…. The Mind

      Not All Have Had Equal Love To Guide
      No Felt The Joy Of Parents Pride,So Grand
      Nor Happiness..Nor Security..But Only Felt
      The Branch of a Tree…..In An Angry Hand…

      But..I Will Remember…The Barefoot Boy With Fishing Hook..
      Big Bands…Crooners…My Dad Taking Bing Salmon Fishing..
      ……..A 1969 Ford Mustamg Mach 1..Hurst 4 Speed..
      Favorite Family..People..Pets…And Gods Grace..
      It MATTERS…

  8. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Am Always Inspired By George Washington..And Looking at How they wrote out
    Our Constitution..Its a Beautiful Document..I Am Inspired by Many Great American Writers and Poets..and Those Who Have Fought a Good Fight..As Leaders..Those That Still Fight…Those Who Yet Preserve..”One Nation..Under God”..and Hold Up The
    Ten Commandments….As Moses Did..More Inspiration in That Good Book..

    Yes..Those Values Were”’..Set in Human Souls.” Both Many Inspired Men and Women.I Can Think of…..Thats Where The Inspiration Began..In Our Souls..

    It Conflicts..with “The Knowledge of Good And Evil” and Overcomes..

    Its Also Why God says No One When Have Any Excuses..For Lack of Knowledge
    of The Truth..When thier Life Books are Opened ..and Read..

    They Chose EVIL over Good..and Believed the Lies..Its a Money Matter,

    News Media said Today..Charles The Third..is considering Opening The Castle in London the Tourists..German Style..There are SO Many Tourist Dollars..

    Thank You to Those here..Who Inspire Me With Thier Thoughts..Knowledge..
    and SOULS..

  9. TTG says:

    I would think that the “matter” of a people would be passed down to the youth through social institutions like churches, schools and families. We had the McGuffey readers for decades that started very Calvinistic and gradually became more secular, but still with strong moral tones. I remember the Dick and Jane readers. They espoused white, middle class values which seemed very New England to me. I remember one of the stories where the kids raked the fall leaves and baked potatoes in the ashes. The trick was taught to the children by an adult neighbor. That one simple story struck me then and still sticks with me. Are there any widely read such textbooks in today’s schools?

    • Bill Roche says:

      No there are not. Our superior, educated, and sophisticated professional teaching class are frightened, unwilling, or unable to see any common ethical or moral values worth teaching. What’s worse, some group, some where, might be offended and, gasp, sue. The idea of teaching a common core of patriotism, ethics, and morals to our young is backwards, old fashioned, and irrelevant to the masters of public education. This thread arose as Col. Lang was hopeful for England’s future. I said I was not. After 20 years in the publishing business I taught school for the next twenty five. I know what I’m talking about, the nihilist are in front of the classrooms. They have been planted there by the nihilist in the schools of mis-education. What was that movie… “The hand that rocks the cradle”.

  10. Lars says:

    You cannot stop evolution. Just ask the dinosaurs. Elders complaining about youngsters is as old as civilization. But if you look around, there are young people who are doing the right thing. The main difference is that the medium has expanded and thus it is harder to find the nuggets, but they are out there, if you really look for them.

    For many years I have been involved with and supporting the Sea Cadets and I have met many impressive youngsters during those years. I also have some teenage neighbors who also impress me.

    The demise of the Republic is as old as it is. There have been rough patches in the past and there will be more in the future. In many ways, it is a work in progress. As an immigrant, I remain optimistic, possibly by necessity. When I arrived in 1965, there was a lot of strife on many fronts, but the center held, even if it moved forward.

    It is also a matter of accepting that time and society move forward, but not in a straight line. But as I look around, much has been improved in the last 50+ years that I have been around and I see no reason why it should not continue.

  11. elkern says:

    It’s interesting how often stories of catastrophic defeat become part of a Nation’s “Matter”. Only other example that comes to mind right now is the importance of the Battle of Kosovo to the Serbs, but I’m sure there are others.

    Pain creates strong memories.

    (this comment was coincidently written on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attack…)

    • TTG says:


      Plenty of other examples. How about “The Rising of the Moon” for one.


      • Bill Roche says:

        Foggy Dew, Wearin o’ the Green, Fields of Athenry, even the joyous Black Velvet Band reminds the Irish what could easily be in store for them. They all kept national memories alive of persecution (I keep my contempt for the British Empire apart from my appreciation of Queen Elizabeth).

    • Jovan P says:

      The battle of Kosovo (which the Turks won because more of them survived) gave birth to the Kosovo oath of the Serbs. The point of the oath is that the earthly kingdom (however powerful it may be) will pass, and the heavenly kingdom will not. Man should think about this when making choices in life.

      • Bill Roche says:

        But there’s the rub, none will ever know for sure, for sure, beforehand. BTW, another foreign polcy stupidity for the US. This was an issue for the Serbs, Turks, for Kosovo, for Croatians, but not for America.

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