“… parent group files petition to oust board chair.’

Just imagine … and pray.

“Parents have also confronted school board members with sexually explicit images from the books “Lawn Boy” and “Gender Queer,” which parents say aim to normalize pedophilia.

Education issues in Loudoun County took center stage in the Virginia governor’s race, which Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin won in part by championing parental rights in education and pledging to ban CRT in schools. Youngkin has called for many school board members to resign.

If the cases go to trial, a judge or a jury will rule whether or not to remove the board members. If any board member is removed, the board would have 45 days to appoint an interim replacement and 15 days to petition the court for a special election. 

Comment: Churchill called the US “The Great Republic” in “A History of the English Speaking Peoples,” but then, his mother was a Virginian. I thought the battle for The Republic had been lost in Virginia. Those kids in the picture walked out of class in support of the parent “terrorists.” Mebbe not. pl


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  1. Fred says:

    I wonder what Senator Schumer and his party in Puerto Rico pal Randy Weingarten have to say about those books.

  2. jerseycityjoan says:

    This was not the way to go in the past, obviously:

    “The petition effort began earlier this year, after reports emerged that members of a Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” had compiled a list of outspoken conservatives and opponents of critical race theory in order to track, hack and “doxx” them.”

    But this is not the way to go in the future, either:

    “By the way, Denise, Brenda, Ian, Atoosa, we are well over 100% of required signatures for the petitions,” Megan Jenkins said during the public comment period. “So I’m not going to encourage any of you to resign because when you are recalled and removed from office, it will be much more satisfying. See you in court.”

    I do not understand why the school superintendent who lied all over the place about the boy in the skirt and sexual violence across America when boys are in girls’ facilities is still working in his position or why the school board members who supported him are still there. These people were unforgivably wrong and have lost all credibility and every day they are still there makes things worse.

    Many Loudoun County parents disagree with each other. That will make it hard to come together and make decisions for the future. But I think the best thing to do is to proceed on with replacing people as soon as possible. Dragging things out will only further entrench bad feelings on all sides.

    The kids want things to go back to normal and to feel safe in their schools again, I am sure. They have had to deal with so many negatives due to Covid and now this. They need to be freed to learn and be kids without adult worries again as soon as possible.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    I find the concept of school boards completely alien. In both Australia and Russia, syllabus is set by the State. In Australia, the majority of schools are State run (Public schools). When I went to school, many years ago, parental involvement was common and encouraged. Since I don’t have children or grandchildren in the school system here, I can only go off what friends tell me.

    K sent her boys to a Christian High School. They both have minor learning disabilities, and she felt that the Christian High School was a better learning environment. She is intensely involved in their education, and occasionally asks me to explain things to them.

    P now has grandkids in school. He and his wife take an active part in their education, and both are shocked by how many parents and grandparents simply leave it to the school.

    Now we have Parents and Citizens organisations, elected by parents at the school. Their role is to earn money for school activities, not paid for by the State. Drama and Theatre, sports, library books etc. They have no role in the syllabus.

    Now, in Russia, things are similar, but families that don’t attend Parents and Teachers, nights, every quarter, will be visited by the Police (Child Welfare Officers). The State wants to stop delinquency before it occurs. My eldest daughter was getting 3s and 4s instead of 5s, and the teachers and I (and her mother and grandparents) worked out solutions.

    Many years later, those 5s have exempted her from much of her nursing course. Cicero was right about the importance of education.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Cossack Williams
      We don’t care what you do in Australia or Russia. We have always preferred local control of schools paid for with local taxpayer money.

  4. jerseycityjoan says:

    Here is something else to throw into the mix: What the mother the boy in a skirt has to say. None of it is good. Now of course we do not know how truthful she is being but she did have the guts to talk to the Daily Mail and reveal many bad things. In most of these cases you can see where the kids got a lot of their problems from their parents but I am not at all sure that is the case here. I think it may be possible that this is a mother who had to deal with a very troubled child for 15 years and what she is today is the result of that. I am very glad I never had to deal with something like this — and then try to hold down a full time job as well.

    The article makes for very interesting if unpleasant reading. I would say this kid, as he is today, should not have been in public school at all. I would say he should be in an in-patient facility until he turns 18, if not longer. When you realize he is not the only like this out there, who can do stuff like he did and not know why he shouldn’t have, it really makes you wonder. We really do not know what to do with the people in our society who are severely troubled. The push to mainstream everybody goes too far at times.


    • Fred says:


      “a mother who had to deal with a very troubled child for 15 years and what she is today is the result of that…..”

      So 15 years ago she was overwhelmed by an infant? That makes no sense to me. “He was a good boy”, which is a common refrain from parents of criminals, certainly seems more in line to what she’s saying now. She’s not reponsible, and neither is her son, because ‘reasons’.

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