Mike Pence made Ellen Page cry …


OK.  You can watch it yourself.  Ellen Page, the Nova Scotian lesbian hobbit, appeared on Colbert's anti-Trump show and wept because of the cruelty and indifference to suffering that she said Mike Pence's whole career epitomizes.  She said Pence would prevent her from being at the "side" of her beloved wife if he could manage it.  Whether Pence (the self-described Evangelical Catholic) knows that about himself is unclear.

Having been accused a number of times of possessing a heart of stone in matters of  war, peace and policy, (although not about Sapphic marriage), I feel his possible pain at the condemnation she flung at him.

Hey folks, Pence and I like dogs.

I used to think Ellen was kinda cute, although I would have been fearful of suspicions of child molestation … 

She was adorable in "Inception." Unfortunately, in the scene in which the team attacked the winter castle wearing snow camouflage, she looked like a ten year old in a white snowsuit,  But, she was still very cute.

Mike Pence could make a statement, something addressed to her, stating that he really does not mean to be cruel to people in general and she in particular in spite of her life of sin in the eyes of the Great Jehovah.

Perhaps he and Karen, could invite the happy couple over for dinner.  pl


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