“Russia Admits It’s Running Out of Equipment For Mobilized Soldiers”

Russian conscripts

“Russia has acknowledged for the first time that it doesn’t have enough equipment for mobilized soldiers in its war against Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday that there are issues with equipment for the hundreds of thousands of men being sent to fight in Ukraine under President Vladimir Putin‘s partial mobilization decree.

Peskov saidnewly-formed council created by Putin is working on resolving problems with equipment. “Vigorous measures taken to rectify the situation are already yielding the first positive results,” he said.

Regional authorities are working on providing “the missing gear,” Peskov said, noting that Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov “is personally responsible for this” as part of Putin’s new council.

Putin on Tuesday held the first official meeting of his “coordinating council” for military supply and logistics. It was created on October 21 and seeks to ensure that his military has adequate supplies in the war.

According to the Kremlin’s website, the council was established “to meet any needs that arise during the course of the special military operation.” That includes supplies and repair of armament, military and special equipment, materials, medical and sanitary services, maintenance and other activities, and logistics, according to Russian media.

The council is expected to report to Putin weekly.

Putin said on October 14 that his “partial mobilization” was nearly complete, and that 222,000 had been drafted so far.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on September 21 that Russia would be targeting 300,000 reservists and ex-military personnel with “certain military specialties and relevant experience.” However, the figure in Putin’s decree has not been disclosed to the public, raising concern that the real number could be far higher.

Alexander Štupun, spokesperson for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said on October 7 that Putin’s troops are struggling to obtain equipment and armor.

“There are significant problems with the material support of the mobilization measures carried out by the military leadership of the Russian Federation. Thus, at the beginning of October, of the 8,000 [mobilized] persons staying at the base of the Novosibirsk Higher Command School, no more than half were provided with military uniforms,” Štupun said in a translated briefing posted to Facebook.

“Only field uniforms and shoes are issued to the specified personnel. The rest of the equipment must be bought at your own expense or try to get it from the local authorities as humanitarian aid. The issue of providing the mobilized with helmets and body armor remains problematic,” the spokesperson added.”

Comment: If I or any other novelist wrote this stuff up as fiction, it would be scorned as wildly implausible. pl

Russia Admits It’s Running Out of Equipment For Mobilized Soldiers (msn.com)

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  1. Bill Roche says:

    This is right out of 1914. Imagine, I am drafted. I don’t want to go. My country may not have enough gear for me. I am sent to Higher Command school (OCS?) to become an officer and I have to buy my own gear. This is 2022. This is Russia; a super power. Putin keeps saying the fight against Ukrainian independence is existential for a Russian Empire. And you don’t have enough stuff for your own guys??? Is the correct word dystopian?

  2. Lars says:

    This Peshkov fellow seems to be in the running for the Baron von Munchhausen Award. He is also a fine copy of Baghdad Bob.

    This effort is just another opportunity for more theft.

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    It would indeed seem implausible, the myth of the invincible Russian army has been shattered.

    O/T but on the subject of MAD: Did anyone see that an Ohio-class SSBN (USS West Virginia) had surfaced in the Arabian Sea last week – for a visit by Gen. Kurilla, head of CENTCOM. This has been interpreted as a clear signal directed at the Russians and in some circles as a signal that the US may even be willing to engage in a first nuclear strike.

    John Helmer has just published a translation of an article by the Moscow-based security publication Vzglyad (vz.com) which takes this view. I thought the Committee may be interested in it, given the gravity of the implications. The Vzglyad article ends

    By visiting West Virginia in our “soft underbelly”, the Americans clearly show how far they are willing to go if they deem it necessary. The Americans are sending a very clear message – for them, nuclear war is no longer unthinkable or impossible

    The author’s view is that MAD is a badly degraded or even outmoded concept. The article speculates in some detail about how a successful first strike on Russia may be accomplished. I would be very alarmed if this view is shared by the Kremlin.

    On a related note, Gen. Milley spoke a few day ago about the fight in Ukraine being “in the global interest” and of his mission to “protect.. ..the rules-based international order”. Up until this point I’d thought that “the global interest” and “international rules-based order” were topics for politicians, but there you go. In the light of the above I am beginning to imagine that the unsaid part of Milley’s statement is that his boss – or whoever runs the country these days – considers “the rules-based international order” must be protected “at all costs”.


    https://vz.ru/world/2022/10/24/1183495.html (the Vzglyad article, in Russian).

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Don’t want to hog this thread, but coincidentally the new NDS is just out. No First Use is gone folks:

      “We conducted a thorough review of a broad range of options for nuclear declaratory policy – including both No First Use and Sole Purpose policies – and concluded that those approaches would result in an unacceptable level of risk in light of the range of non-nuclear capabilities being developed and fielded by competitors that could inflict strategic-level damage to the United States and its Allies and partners”


    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      So what did Biden say before the 19th that got all the neo-borg to start doing all thier long distance calling? As to the “rules based order”, when did Blinken or anyone else get the ‘advice and consent’ of the senate to make a commitment like this?:

      Has Autin and his UK and French counterparts discovered the reactions of India, Pakistan, and Brazil (just to name three countries completely at random) to these declarations and the actions of USS West Virginia which may, or may not, be indicative of a willingness to launch a first strike utlizing strategic weapons? Do those three countries (amongsts others) wonder what non-nuclear weapons might be utilized against them if the do not submit to the policy decisions of the “rules based order”? How many followed the “golden road” to Samarkand and met with the target of the neo-borg there and just what would ever create an incentive to do so? Oh drat, I forgot to mention NATO member and US ally Turkey. Sorry.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Putin has just spoken at a Valdai International Discussion Club forum entitled “A Post-Hegemonic World: Justice and Security for Everyone”. But the exceptionalists running the current hegemonic world (in your & my names) ain’t going anywhere. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object sparks will fly.

        • cobo says:

          Please don’t forget, as I have posted before, Klaus Schwab has been Pooteen’s handler since he was a “cab driver” in St Petersburg, before he became the Czar. “But the exceptionalists running the current hegemonic world (in your & my names) ain’t going anywhere.” No. The evoloving empire is not going to die off. And it isn’t the Global Communist’s dream.

          • Fred says:


            So Klaus Schwab is behind the war and the human and economic devestation of all of Europe? Time for a “great reset” like the king of France once did to the Knights Templar. That ended the kingdom’s debt to them and eliminated a dangerous rival at the same time. I look forward to Klaus “owning nothing” and being happy.

  4. cobo says:

    “In Stunning Strategy Reversal, Pentagon Will No Longer Rule Out Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Non-Nuclear Threat”

    and for even more fun:
    Ex-Afghan Commandos Fighting For Russia In Ukraine: Last Afghan Army Boss

    “Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War” …

  5. mcohen says:

    Talking about shoe
    looks like the anti semite kan ye had his sneakers shoved in his mouth.
    Merely doing satan’s sinning isn’t enough he now has approached putin with an offer of free running shoes for Russian conscripts.evidently there is a surplus.

  6. Otis R. Needleman says:

    These aren’t the actions of the side that’s winning. If Putin was smart he’d declare victory and leave Ukraine entirely. But he isn’t smart. “Conscripts”, or more precisely cannon fodder, are already coming back to the Rodina in boxes.

    • Fred says:


      So when he gets smart and declares victory and leaves all those sanctions go away and the West stops pursuit of things like prosecution of war criminals and demands for damages and reconstruction? No?

    • jimmy says:

      if Putin was smart he would have never invaded.

      when your surprise attack on another country isnt a surprise anymore, you may not want to launch it.

  7. different clue says:

    I have read and heard that the UkraineGov has offered to accept any defecting Russian soldier if he brings with him valuable weapons.

    But if these new conscripts are being sent to the front without adequate weapons or even non-weapon supplies, they may not have anything valuable to bring with them if they want to surrender.

    Perhaps the UkraineGov should update its offer. If any of these new conscripts want to surrender to the UkraineGov forces, alone or in bunches or en masse; perhaps they should be told they will be welcomely accepted even if they have nothing of value to bring with them. Their own selves would be of value in terms of attriting the numbers of conscripts at the front. If a hundred thousand or more mass surrendered and were mass-accepted, that would disrupt the RussiaGov’s “partial mobilization” and force it to do more “partial mobilizations”. Which could turn into further mass defections if invited to do so.

    These conscripts must be smart enough to know they are being sent to the front as bullet-stoppers and shrapnel-catchers. They may look with disfavor upon being thought worthy of such a task.

    • Leith says:

      @different clue – “…if he brings with him valuable weapons.”

      BS. No such gimmick was ever offered by the Ukraine Government. They are accepting any and all that come with a white flag or with their hands up.

      • different clue says:

        That is what I had read and heard. If I got ahold of a bunch of BS and the UkraineGov is already welcoming Russian soldiers surrendering and coming over even without valuable weapons and/or supplies, that is already pretty good.

        Hopefully they can get that to reach all the new Russian conscripts arriving at the front clearly enough that they all know it and can surrender if they are not under the watchful eye of ” shooters-from-behind” positioned to keep the new conscripts held in place.

  8. jim ticehurst.. says:

    I Thing Those Boys Will Be running out of Thier Tents..In Thier Red Underwear
    When Bigfoot Comes aound at 0200 Dark Early Hours…I Think November is a Good Time of the Year..Pilgrims..

  9. Christian Chuba says:

    Russian soldiers are tie rags around their feet, shoot their wounded and throw their almost dead soldiers into the Dnieper River.

    The Russians use the great river because they do not have enough fuel to incinerate their almost dead soldiers in their mobile crematoriums. The Russians have lost over 100,000 soldiers but try to hide this by sending the few wounded soldiers they reluctantly, decide to treat into Belarus. But at least they get enough stem cells from the millions of abducted Ukrainians to try to keep the terminally ill Vladimir Putin alive.

    So when is Ukraine taking back Kherson?

  10. 505thPIR says:

    Kill Them Until They Stop Coming

  11. Whitewall says:

    When did the Pentagon decide to disclose the location and movements of one of our subs, if it actually happened at all? I always thought movement of subs was kept quiet.

  12. Lars says:

    I don’t think Ukraine needs to make a major assault on Kherson. Time, the weather and corruption is going to do the work for them. All they need to do, is what they have been doing, which is exploiting Russian weaknesses, of which there is plenty to choose from.

    It is interesting that there has lately been a lot of Russian efforts to start a dialogue with Western governments and military. It may be an indication that the center is coming apart and a realization that there are no bureaucratic solutions to their considerable problems. The military solutions are increasingly suspect too.

    Spring time in Ukraine can maybe be taken both literately and figurative.

    • Leith says:

      @Lars – “I don’t think Ukraine needs to make a major assault on Kherson.”

      IMHO you are correct. They would be better off using their PGMs to decimate RU artillery and other hi-value targets on the left bank. Plus sending SOF surreptitiously across the river to sow havoc in the rear.

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