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I received the following as a comment from "exiled off main street."  IMO it is worth posting as a front page post.  My apologies to him/her for its publication en bloc without the usual format.  pl

"They committed the perfect crime, knowing that proof would be nearly impossible to come by. When they stopped counting late Tuesday night, Trump knew the game was up.

They probably reacted quickly in reaction to his speech, so faits accomplis of fake votes were presented early Wednesday morning. Fake results were printed out with Stalinist unanimity, and even signatures can probably be forged since scrutiny will be difficult, and they may come up with a bogus standard argument such as "privacy concerns" or any number of other typical bullshit excuses, as a reason to destroy the ballots before any signatures can be checked.

I am sure that modern software reveals who didn't vote, so it was easy for them to come up with the necessary names. While limited proof of certain elements of the initiative may emerge, the propaganda press and the power structure, including the FBI et. al, will be able to cover it up. This is my best guess as to what has occurred, and I think this represents a sort of seizure of power under the circumstances which will have major permanent consequences. As a further indication of skulduggery, bear in mind that Trump will end up with 10% more votes than the harpy did winning the popular vote in 2016.

The fact the democrats ran no traditional ground game, using the virus as the excuse, is an indication that they had some "plan b" on the go. Biden, with his indications of incompetency and the family based corruption, was too weak a candidate to get 75,000,000 votes. The fact the media engaged in memory holing these facts was well-known, and any intelligent person had to swallow hard to vote for Biden, making it particularly highly suspicious that Biden trailed by 4% in Wisconsin, 7% in Michigan and 14% in Pennsylvania when counting unaccountably stopped. A plausible reason for the stoppage was that a target had been set for the degree of action necessary to get the desired result. This is the playbook in color revolutions where suddenly a "computer glitch" favors the yankee backed candidate in Latin American countries.

The spy agency formula came home to roost, and this will set a precedent; a rubicon has been crossed and the legitimacy of the Republic is seriously impaired from then on. Since stability is based on consent, I foresee major difficulties as a result. How was this able to happen? The problem from the get-go was that Trump assumed that the traditions would continue, so he relied too much on the usual expertise at the beginning of his term. In my view, his major failure was at the beginning of his term when he failed to secure friendly leadership in the Justice Department. Another key turning point arising out of the same problem was when he let himself be convinced to get rid of General Flynn a month into his term."  exiled off main street.

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  1. Diana L Croissant says:

    Henry David Thoreau’s essay on “civil disobedience” came to my mind as I started seeing the Left commit “UNCIVIL” disobedience in this election.
    Then suddenly I received an email from my newly elected state house representative, a Democrat, who thanked his email recipients for voting him into office.
    I emailed him back and said I refused his “thank you,” as I had NOT voted for him and will not vote for him ever if he continues to align himself with the Democrats.
    At least I live in a small town, where the local newspaper usually doesn’t cover national news. On our “Police Log” report today is a story about a “trespassing squirrel hiding out in someone’s apartment. (I could only conclude that the squirrel is a Democrat.)
    In any case, I do plan to commit as much civil disobedience as I can right now whenever a situation arises that convinces me I should do so.

  2. Noirbert M Salamon says:

    I do not know enough to judge he validity but read the article and judge for yourself:

  3. Ed Lindgren says:

    It will be very interesting to see how the run-off election for the Senate seat(s) unfold in Georgia come January 2021.
    How much does it cost to buy control of the Senate for the next two years?
    Half a billion dollars? A billion? Or more?

  4. Fred says:

    To quote Theodore Dalrymple:
    “…the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. ”
    Congratulations to Hunter’s dad and President Xi are in order.

  5. Jose says:

    “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” – Comrade Stalin

  6. EEngineer says:

    Coming soon, Covid Communism!

  7. I am a voter in Georgia. I cast my vote for President Trump. I believe this election is the death of the Republic. There is simply Zero Trust in the big city counts by the Rural Voters. Why vote and legitimize a rigged vote?
    I will not be voting for the Special Election for the Senate candidates in Georgia this January. Same thing is going to happen so it is a waste of my time. And I refuse to legitimize a rigged vote. Also, the Paul Ryan GOP party has abandon Trump and his 48% base. So fuck them.
    Their party of tax cuts for the rich is over. I’m a nationalist and economic nationalist and they are corrupt to Global Government.
    And the morale of Georgia Republican voters will ensure a decisive victory for Democrats this Special Election.
    Democrats with control of all 3 branches will get rid of the filibuster, pack the court, and add Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as states marking the death blow to Republican Government. Woke dictatorship is incompatible with democracy.
    The Woke terror will increase in intensity. White people will become more demonized and it is what it is.
    The white liberals will realize too late if ever that their future and especially their kids and grandkids is bleak in a society dominated by Critical Race Theory.
    Too bad. Consequences for stupidity in this cold world we live in.

  8. srw says:

    About the Trumpster conceding the election:
    Speaker of the House (and the most important politician in Washington) Nancy Pelosi may have put it best. “Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president of the United States on Jan. 20,” said Pelosi said. “I don’t have any anticipation that [Trump] will act in a way that is, for the first time, presidential. And why would I care?”

  9. Eliot says:

    “ Since stability is based on consent, I foresee major difficulties as a result.”
    Instability would be good, or at least preferable to tacit acceptance. I don’t see much fight in my fellow Americans though.

  10. turcopolier says:

    Eliot et al
    I need to decide, considering the risks under the emerging regime, if it is worthwhile to keep the blog up for the purpose of trying to keep some of you in the fight.

  11. Horace says:

    “The white liberals … Critical Race Theory.”
    The penalty for civilizational stupidity is civilizational death. Our ruling elites, who are neither elite nor ours any longer, deserve to have the communists feast upon their corrupt worthless flesh. The primary objective of the American people living within this corrupt post-American empire is to stay intact while it cracks up so that we can rebuild a Second American Republic from the ashes the empire.

  12. Deap says:

    I’ll say it again – this time with more feeling: public sector unions control a huge block of votes (10 million members to 44 million directly interested member parties). They vote 100% Democrat.
    They don’t need a campaign platform or even a viable candidate to win because they have sufficient numbers to control who is writing their own paychecks off the taxpayer check book. This is a formidable force and its deep tentacles are nearly impossible to dislodge.
    For four years we witnessed the deep state in action from the pink kitty hat riots on Inauguration Day to Russiagate to impeachment — and not even the Barr-Durham team, nor the Hunter Biden scandals could dislodge them. Even worse, they were successful blaming the chaos they themselves fomented against Trump, on Trump himself.
    Unionized government employees, started by JFK in the 1960’s as payoff for another close but fraudulent election against Nixon, has wormed its way deeply into the system until they now own us and all the processes necessary to dislodge them.
    FDR warned -don’t do this. But political expediency outvoted common sense. And the slow take-over by our own government completed its task 60 years later. Even Stalin warned us – it is not the numbers of votes, but who counts the votes. We now have total public sector union control of the entire election process from the US mail service to the election officials in each county.
    Resistance has proven futile, even when a meteor, finally speaking the truth like Trump in 2016, flashes momentarily across the sky. Winning is existential to public sector union members, their families and friends. Big Government has spawned millions more of them.
    Enough people knew something was wrong in 2016, but few indentifed it was their own government employees from K-12 government schools to unelected government administrative bureaucrats who were collectively acting in concert to protect themselves, and not our government by the people, for the people. I still wonder if Trump himself ever really drilled down to this fundamental insurrection detail.
    Public sector unions vote their own self-interests first, last and always. Which is why nothing ever changes and their “social justice” promises never get fulfilled. They are too busy gorging at the public banquet filling up their own plates. Who can blame them; we all vote our own self-interests first. We just let government grow to reach this intractable tipping point, which has now devolved into permanent party line splits.
    They can still be out-voted and this still happens when you drill down at a more immediate and local level which accounts for no wide spread Blue Wave, but nationally they appeared to have reached their necessary critical mass – by stealth and/or fraud — to stick their thumb up Trump’s nose because he was out to get them. it was existential for them to win … any means necessary.
    Why the bulk of media wants to go to bed with the public sector unions remains the enduring mystery. Why also don’t we yet know the leaders of these huge public sector unions and monitor their daily shenanigans as well as the media tracked every utterance of Trump?
    Who are these people, these public sector union leaders – expose them and drill down their agenda for their members -SEIU, NEA, AFT, AFSCME ….etc, etc, etc — we should know every single one of them – they own us.
    And they operate well outside any checks and balances, ethics, or transparency requirements. Who are they meeting with, what is the nature of their internal communications? What promises did they make to their members to support their own elections. How often do they meet to strategize? Why was the President of SEIU the most frequent visitor in Obama’s Whitehouse in the early days?
    The public sector union leaders are not subject to any political party disclosure requirements; yet they control the political agenda. Even worse, they spend our tax dollars screwing us over to get even more of them. Every dollar they earn and contribute to Democrats comes out of our pocket books.
    Quo vadis? Trump knew something was wrong. Voters knew something was wrong. That was a good start. Now let’s finish the forward progress and expose the drilling down of public sector unions, overtly or subversively, controlling our political agenda.

  13. j. casey says:

    What happens to Flynn now?

  14. Given that many people will be quoting Franklin (we’ve given you a republic if you can keep it) I can’t help observing that the Roman republic was intensely political and every decision, court case and everything else was 100% political with much bribery and coercion. About the only limitation was that it was considered dishonourable not to stay bought.
    This rather long essay describes one of the famous cases, the trial of Gaius Rabirius

  15. JM Gavin says:

    My fellow citizens,
    Refusing to participate is accepting defeat. If you can’t be bothered to do the simple act of voting because you believe the system is rigged, you are doing exactly what the opposition wants you to do.

  16. TV says:

    American people….fight?
    The last 8 months showed how much fight there is in them – damned little.

  17. Leith says:

    Regarding the statement: “The fact the democrats ran no traditional ground game,…”
    That is bogus. Georgia Dems had a very strong ‘ground game’ led by Stacy Abrams. She brought forth a plan six years ago to flip Georgia Blue. It did not help her in 2018 but her crew learned from that and moved forward. Georgia GOP was overconfident and were the ones who had no ground game.

  18. FYI
    I am interested in the differences between POTUS and Senator votes and comparisons between Biden’s numbers and Obama’s.

  19. Fred says:

    Ed Lindgren,
    When you buy a politician how long do they stay bought? Of all our renewable resources politicians who are for sale seem to be the most renewable.

  20. james says:

    @ pat, i wonder if you would care to elaborate on your statement here – “The spy agency formula came home to roost, and this will set a precedent…” does this relate directly to the election?? thanks..

  21. JM Gavin says:

    You never really “buy” a politician, you just rent them for a while.

  22. A. Pols says:

    I would say the only way a bought politician ever truly stays bought is if the buyer possesses an unimpeachable time bomb of information so damning that said politician would have no chance of surviving its release.

  23. turcopolier says:

    I did not write the piece.

  24. Fred says:

    “They vote 100% Democrat.”
    how on Earth did you determine that.

  25. Deap says:

    How long has blatant vote rigging in plain view been going on in recent memory? At least since 2016 in California – when it intentionally skewed Clinton over Sanders.
    And Trump demanded investigation into voter fraud in 2016 – where did that get him besides scorn and howls there was no proof of any voter fraud.
    And so it goes, our Republic slowly snatched out of our hands by inches.
    Notice how they call them “election anomalies” not vote rigging. Calif has until Dec 11 to post its final election results. It will be another long slog until this election is certified. Keep the candle in the window.
    Keep in mind, media called California for Biden one minute after polls closed at 8pm – for Oregon and Washington.
    Not that they were not guaranteed to go for Biden, but at least allow a respectful amount of time to pass and some actually numbers recorded officially – ballots actually opened? Was that too much to ask?

  26. The best thing I’ve yet read on the statistical evidence for fraud. (Many bad words used for those offended by 4-letter-words)

  27. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – I believe “exiled off main street” is correct. This is “the perfect crime.” A perfect crime is perhaps not so much one that is undetectable, but one that is not going to be investigated and if it is will be impossible to prove.
    I think that’s how it will be in the case of this election. I submitted a video on that elsewhere recently and if I may will submit it to your site.
    Looks as if Biden has it wrapped up. Vote fraud is easy to allege – and in some cases to show that it’s likely – but to get instances proved to the satisfaction of a Court is a quite different matter.
    And if one instance is proved – so what? That doesn’t show that any other instance is proven. Guilt by association of one instance with another is not what Courts can work to. Nor is guilt by the identification of statistical anomaly. “Likely” doesn’t cut it.
    So in such cases as this Courts can offer no solution. Biden’s in.
    The effect on public confidence will be marked. “Likely” does cut it with most of us, especially among those who have witnessed anomalous events. “Not my President” was the cry for many when Trump was elected because those who said that disapproved of him. “Not my President” will be the cry this time because large numbers of people will believe he isn’t.
    This video’s getting chased around the place, apparently, but if it’s still working this is one woman who will quite certainly be saying “Not my President”.

  28. Philippe Truze says:

    Seen in the comments section of Le Monde, a pro-Biden woke bourgeoisie newspaper, whose title was announcing Biden’s “victory” :
    “Does one knows who George Floyd voted for?”
    A good idea for bumper sticker, no?

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