The True Education and Criminal Record of Lin Wood’s Whistleblower

“Dr.” Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy aka JohnHereToHelp aka Ryan Dark White is on tape telling lawyers for Lin Wood and podcast personality Stew Peters that Vice President Mike Pence is a closeted homosexual who has had sexual relations with an underage male and that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts adopted his children with the help of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. But McGreevy/White has not provided a shred of documentary or video evidence to corroborate these claims. We are just asked to take him at his word and go after Pence and Roberts.

But I had prior experience with Ryan Dark White. After he approached attorney Ty Clevenger (and was interviewed and recorded by Ty) claiming to have sensitive material proving who murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich in the summer of 2016, I was asked to check him out. I quickly determined that White was a fabricator. Little did I know at the time that Ryan Dark White would reinvent himself as an expert in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics and that he would claim to work on advanced virology research and spy satellite encryption. White/McGreevy’s account of his accomplishment surpasses anything ever achieved by Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking.

The following is the evidence that shows clearly McGreevy/White’s true record.

Jonathan McGreevy is not a Dr. He does not hold a PhD or MD from the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland nor Green Templeton College at Oxford University. He does not hold any advanced degree from any of these Universities despite his claim to the attorney’s working for Lin Wood.

Ryan Dark White does have a GED. In other words, a high school equivalency certificate. The following document is available on PACER. It was written and submitted to the United States District Court for the District of Maryland by Ryan Dark White on January 25, 2017. He did it “pro se.” (Case 1:16-cr-00172-JKB Document 13 Filed 01/25/17 Page 1 of 5). White, writing in the third person, states:

Ryan Dark White aka Dr. Jonathan McGreevy told the court he has been “underemployed” most of his life and that he participated in the Bureau of Prison GED program. If he actually had graduate degrees from the prestigious universities and had worked on satellite encryption and gain of function virology research, this would have been his opportunity to enlighten the judge. He did not.

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8 Responses to The True Education and Criminal Record of Lin Wood’s Whistleblower

  1. Deap says:

    So tell me how George Floyd became St George Floyd with an even worse criminal record, but was lucky enough to over-dose while in police custody?

    Strange world. Along with breaking news the AZ audit breaking up as a farce after all. Fake news? No one knows any longer, and that is not fake news. These shall be the times to try many men’s souls (generically speaking), but we will emerge all the better for it. And Biden is still President. Which begs the question, who indeed were the real winners and losers in 2020?

    • oilman2 says:

      As DC continues to pursue frivolity and investigate itself to death without prosecuting anyone but tourists and people they abetted into illegal actions, the rest of us are watching. Without actually marching on DC and doing what they all are salivating for – insurrection – nothing will change. The Swamp is far deeper than most realize, in bed with oligarchs and criminals to our disadvantage.

      I don’t know what you men by thinking we emerge “better” for it. I am thinking that we will emerge different than we are today – living in a land of liars and thieves will do that to people.

      Lin Wood is an ex-con, and many people have bounced back from that. I tend to believe that sealed documents = nefarious skulduggery with government bad guys. So the assumption made here has a reasonable shot at being truth. But in this land we currently live in, there is no knowing truth when there is no investigation into facts – only narrative support for the desired thoughts.

      Broadcast and social media are purveyors of narratives, obfuscating and shying from facts at every turn. Until those edifices tumble down, there will be zero fallout for liars, thieves, conmen and crooks – in other words, government officials.

  2. mcohen says:

    they will nail the seth rich killers.just a matter of time.

    • oilman2 says:

      “THEY” ? If by ‘they’ you mean the DOJ or the FBI, then you are delusional. Both of these groups are rotten to the core. If you go do some due diligence around the Ruby Ridge fiasco, you will quickly learn that both FBI and DOJ are incompetent and corrupt.

      Time is what they count on and appropriate in order for them to continue to garner salaries, pensions and bonuses while doing as little work as possible. This is known as “federal grifting”. along with stock tips and book deals for the bigger fish. Your hopium is not going to change their SOP.

    • Deap says:

      That might explain why the name Tutor-Saliba is plastered on every single highway construction temporary traffic barrier in the entire city of Los Angeles. They must have found a way to be on the inside track for all highway construction projects. How does the exact same company manage to win so many low-bid public works projects?

  3. longarch says:

    If you take the time to read the full court record surrounding White’s 2015 arrest, you will see that there are sealed documents. There is no record of his guilty pleas being reversed. Sealed records like these normally indicate that the prisoner has become a cooperating informant. What we now need to know is whether or not Ryan Dark White approached Lin Wood at the behest of the Department of Justice.

    That is a very useful piece of analysis that will be of great interest to many researchers. Thank you for providing that piece of the puzzle.

  4. David Habakkuk says:


    I agree the point about sealed records is of very great interest indeed.

    More generally, there is I think reason to suspect that a very significant number of people who have been appearing to be collaborating in attempts to expose ‘Russiagate’ have, to greater or lesser degrees, been playing ‘double games.’

    Confronted by energetic and able people who have uncovered information which threatens to take the exposure of the ‘Plot Against the President’ beyond the ‘limited hangouts’ which had quite clearly become inescapable, and are threatening to unearth much more, a rather obvious strategy is to feed them a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information. The inaccurate can then be used to discredit the accurate.

    Having been busy trying to ‘tie up’ a lot of ‘unfinished business’ at the British end, I have not been able to follow developments in the lawsuits provoked by the claims about Dominion and Smartmatic. But for a considerable time I have suspected that precisely such a strategy may have been used to ‘defuse’ the challenge posed by the – formidable – forensic skills of Ms. Sidney Powell.

    This may be something of a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ strategy. Even if the lawsuits do not succeed in ‘crushing’ her, and others, they may simply mean that they are, as it were, ‘out of commission’ in relation to pursuing other lines of investigation.

    And then, part of the purpose of the exercise may have been to allow issues to do with the use of voting machines to distract attention from good, old-fashioned ‘ballot stuffing’, which may actually have been far more significant.

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