The United States of 2 Americas

The following article by Ret. Col. John Mills from The Epoch Times should be of interest to readers of this site.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 01: A street stands empty in Manhattan on March 01, 2021 in New York City. New York City, the nation’s largest city and cultural capital, is still suffering from a lack of tourists and workers who have not returned in large numbers since the pandemic outbreak. Hotels, businesses and restaurants are hoping that vaccines and mass COVID-19 testing will lead to a return of people by the summer. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


If you haven’t noticed, the United States is reorganizing itself into two Americas—blue and red. Although there is a president of the United States, state governors are in many ways now driving the national narrative in this new America.

The president and the vice president are who they are now because six Republican-controlled states forwarded questionable electoral votes, and Vice President Mike Pence missed a historic opportunity to challenge those votes. The current president and vice president seem trapped in foggy and abstract ideological slogans rather than providing executive leadership. Vague generalities and virtue signaling aren’t replacements for executive leadership.

And who are the true executive leaders of the two Americas? Florida and Texas on one side, California and New York on the other side. Their governors essentially dominate the bully pulpit formerly occupied by a sitting president. Many of the rest of the American states have aligned with one side or the other.

The American political conversation has become a modern Dr. Seuss’s “Sneetches With Stars” on steroids as Americans are now beginning to group, assemble, and march separately according to our ideologies. Both sides have equal ownership of this behavior—neither side should be excused or let off the hook on this matter.

Two Americas/Two Systems

A part of this blue/red separation is the manifest “Digital Apartheid” that is being applied by the blue side to the red side to create two social media systems. This Digital Apartheid is pervasive and driven by the new, vicious, lockstep, “social justice” mantra that has taken over the automatons who lead U.S. social media.

We are experiencing an unprecedented shakedown by groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa who broadcast through their relentless bullhorn of social media and old media.

There are now two business systems in America—blue and red. Many of the businesses that lead major market sectors have now revealed themselves to be de-facto thought police to enforce Social Justice.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is the poster child of this, as he has been targeted for elimination by the self-appointed high priests of “wokism.”

We’re also finding out there are two financial systems in America, as those with capital now act as the gatekeepers of who receives capital and who is excluded. Bank of America has become “Bank of who I decide to allow access to the capital system.” That’s a far cry from the intent of its founder, who wanted to make sure all had access. The modern bank staff has now become an appendage of the virtue-signaling synchronized chorus.

There are now two media systems in America. The Hollywood award shows are now a Roman circus of self-loathing, lecturing, and virtue signaling. Few are watching these award shows—in fact, few are watching legacy media as ratings collapse.

It’s curious from an agnostic business perspective how CNN even survives at this point in time. Somehow the citizen’s pocketbook is being fleeced by corporations and advertisers who recycle ad revenue through “woke” media to keep them alive when it’s patently obvious the viewership has imploded—but that’s the beauty of the new era of crony capitalism (which is a transition phase to socialism).

The citizens of our nation have consciously or unconsciously chosen sides. If you’re angry at yourself for not being woke enough and have righteous virtue-signal signs in your yard lauding BLM, you’re likely on the blue side. If the drivel of virtue signaling makes no sense to you, you’re probably on the red side.

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  1. Fred says:

    The author of the article you link too is a bit late to his wokening. It is a digital iron curtain; I commented on that here almost a year ago. His initial comments on “…trapped in foggy and abstract ideological slogans rather than providing executive leadership.” are off. They are imposing by executive action precisely the cultural transformations their ideology demands.

    • Pat Lang says:

      “They are imposing by executive action precisely the cultural transformations their ideology demands.” Totally

      • PRC90 says:

        It would be interesting to further divide these transformations into those sourced from their own ideology and those derived from the corporate sponsors behind their PAC oxygen supply.
        Both subsets would contain interesting lists of names and connections.

        • Carey says:

          > and those derived from the corporate sponsors behind their PAC oxygen supply. <

          There you go. Woke-ism is an *Elite* project; one of the
          many, many tentacles of Divide and Rule.

  2. EEngineer says:

    We already have the command economy, and command media, of a socialist state. The mechanism just has a stage of indirection, to borrow a term from the software world. If you’re a money losing business of any kind you can always raise money by floating shares or issuing bonds that are miraculously bought by “the market”, ahem, Blackrock. That they get to skim their vig in the process is a “feature not a bug”. Business then devolves into a contest to see who can be most craven to the official party narrative. With the Fed printing money in the form of zero interest “loans” to insider controlled hedge funds and investment banks like it was going out of style, this can continue until the dollar inflates away or the Fed, through the banks, owns just about everything. Market Socialism!

  3. Steve+G says:

    Excellent analysis of the current state of the
    Red vs Blue situation. I live in the epicenter of
    The ongoing SJW disaster , Minneapolis. The
    Downtown, which was once lauded as “ the
    Minny Apple”, is no more. Between the covid
    And Chauvin trial it is an ongoing disaster. I
    Walk the skyway system twice a week yearly and
    Have done so for 50 years. Approximately 150k
    People used to work there with all the attendant
    Amenities. Stores restaurants bars etc. were the
    Lifeblood of the ever growing and liveable space.
    On a 2 to 3 mile walk through the 8 plus mile
    Labyrinth I might encounter 50 to 100’people if
    That. Noon hour used to be in the thousands.
    Two retail stores, Target and Walgreens, the only
    Two open. Fights and assaults common near those
    Stores. The defund clowncil rescinded the no
    Loitering ordinance. This is the result.
    All major store fronts have been boarded
    Up and the world has seen the fencing and
    Barricades everywhere. The future here is bleak
    Indeed. The Mayoral and council are up for
    Re-election this November. If no changes the
    U-haul caravans and for sale signs will sprout
    Like the proverbial mushrooms. It was a nice
    Run despite the climate.

    • Deap says:

      That is such a sad report. On a visit to Minneapolis a few years back staying at a downtown hotel (the converted bank hotel) We hit the streets the next morning looking for breakfast, only to find almost no street life in this major city. How strange we thought, for such a major and apparently healthy looking city.

      It was only later in the day we learned street life was all going on inside the remarkable Skyway – what a magical world that was, and what a perfect way to create year round community vitality.

      You can join the rapid decline of California city street life too – taken over by vagrants, closed shops and sad out door dining operations. And a recent rash of crazy people with guns, knives, obscene conduct in public, gang fights and out of control vehicles jumping curbs and running into flimsy restaurant parklets..

      Something has clearly gone very wrong in pubic decorum and decency expectations. But we do have docks for electric bicycles. So you can at least try to get away faster than if by toot.

      • Steve+G says:

        I believe the hotel you reference might be
        The Westin? If so the bank was the former
        Farmers and Mechanic S&L. During my youth
        The elementary schools of Minneapolis had
        A passbook savings program. Every Monday you
        Deposited whatever you could in an envelope sent
        To the bank. You entered in your personal book.
        Taught you basic math and the concept of savings
        For the future. Paid for my first year college.

        • Deap says:

          Same student savings program in California, but it was Bank of America. For years after many still kept at least one account with BofA for nostalgic loyalty to that program, until BofA hated its “small” depositors so much that we finally fled.

          In handling my parents estate, the very, very, very, very worst bank to deal with was BofA. My mother was the type to sign up a new account with any bank that offered a free toaster or a free safe deposit box, so we got first hand experience with lots of them.

          Took forever and multiple do-overs to close accounts – as paper work went flying all over the US and one account manager did not know what the previous account manager had already asked for. Wells Fargo was the best – simple direct – handled in one visit. Other banks offered only empty safety deposit boxes, when we had hoped at last we would find secret family jewels. At least they did not ask for the toaster back.

    • TV says:

      Absolutely no sympathy for stupid self-hating white people.
      Been to Minnesota several times.
      Nice people, but as displayed by their voting behavior, not the brightest bulbs on the porch.
      “I’ll have a pop, you betcha.”

      • Deap says:

        Was Gov Jesse Ventura the first clue there were some screws loose in Garrison Kiellor’s Lake Wobegon? Some missing Lutheran sensibilities in this Midwest heartland. However, the General Foods museum gift shop, on the banks for the Mississippi River falls, does have a souvenir pot holder with a killer Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO, the article glossed over the risk posed by big corporations moving from storing their data on “the cloud/AWS” in today’s revolutionary political alliance with big biz, especially the tech biz and even more especially tech biz owned by “socially active” megalomaniacs like Bezos.

    I’ve recently been involved in some related corporate discussions. The lure of cost savings and scalability represented by the cloud is swaying decision making in its favor. No one seems to be seriously looking at the downside. Once the data and extract/reporting processes are out on AWS, if the political activist powers that be decide they don’t like a corporation for whatever reason, they have that corporation’s ability to access the data and do business held hostage. That would be a nuclear sized disaster in an industry sector like insurance, but is, really, pretty damaging to any industry since everything about business is now highly data driven. If Bezos decides to shut you out, you’re done for. You would not be able to re-build internal infrastructure in time to save your operation.

    Would a Bezos pull that trigger? I think so, when the time is “right”. Look at how companies like Nike are willing to alienate 50% of their potential customer base. Ditto Facebook, professional sports……… The list of woke kamikaze corporations is growing longer every day. They appear willing to take the losses if it beats their enemy (“deplorables” like you and me) into compliance in the long run.

    • Deap says:

      At one time, Dutch corporations ruled the globe too. Look what happened to them, and they invented the darn things.

  5. John+Merryman says:

    While I agree woksterdom is a mile wide and an inch deep, the other side of the coin is that we are not going back to some proverbial happy place. American culture(why is the United States the only country in the world without a term specifying the citizen? No United Statian.) is built on several centuries of geographic, economic, industrial and technological growth, topped off with 40 years of exponential debt to keep the party going. What happens when we try looking inward? We are not the Old World, with millennia of cultural history to fall back on, when he current civil structures implode.
    Contrary to Dick Cheney, debt doesn’t matter, until it does. We are determined to max out the national credit card and the most everyone seems to do, is point to the other guy wasting it, not looking in the mirror. I’ve been saying for over a decade, our kids are not going to be wondering what side of whichever Middle Eastern conflict we will be pouring money and material, but how many countries the US break into. Now it is happening.
    As for a deeper observation, logically a spiritual absolute would be the essence of sentience, from which we rise, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which we fell. The fact we are aware, than the details of which we are aware.
    The Ancients were not ignorant of monotheism, but as there was no division between culture and civics, it equated with monoculture. One people, one rule, one god.
    Democracy and republicanism originated in pantheistic cultures, as that was how they modeled multicultural societies, with many aspects and distinctions, from two sexes to the regeneration of the population.
    The Romans adopted Christianity as the Empire solidified and any remnants of the Republic were shed. Though the Trinity was a nod to the Greek year gods. Father, son, mother. Consequently the default political model for the West, for the next 1500 years, was feudalism and monarchy, all about the Big Guy at the top.
    When the West went back to more populist forms of government, it required the separation of church and state, culture and civics.
    The problem with confusing the ideal with the absolute, is that it creates the belief one’s aspirations should be universal and beyond question. An ideological basis for both the current left and right. Though the pendulum swings back and forth, depending on the momentum.
    Where are we today? Is anyone about to seriously question their cultural assumptions, or just keep blaming the other side?

    • Eric Newhill says:

      It’s an old Cosa Nostra trick. Get them in debt to you and then pull the plug. When they can’t pay, ruthlessly take control of the business.

      Speaking of La Cosa Nostra, something that impressed me, negatively, about Italy, especially the South, is how there isn’t even sufficient electrical power for people to properly bath or wash their clothes. So much for the strength of ancient cultures. People in the US take way too much for granted. We suffer from something like “Affluenza” and are committing cultural suicide nit picking our collective conscience because we don’t realize that we have already pretty much achieved relatively as close as humans can get to utopia.

      1929 isn’t ancient history, unimageable today. It is only an idiotic decision or two away, and idiotic decisions are now the norm because an exceedingly ideological government is trusted by 50% and seizing control anyhow.

      Totally agree that the current economic policy is not sustainable. Only wise and cautious leadership could steer us back to a sustainable path. We don’t have any of that.

  6. Sam says:

    IMO, we don’t have socialism. What we have seen over the past 50 years is a steady evolution to classic fascism. The merging of Big Business and Big Government. The merging of the National Security State and Big Corporate & Financial Interests.

    The pandemic response exemplifies it best. The government through edict shut down and bankrupted small businesses while they allowed big business and big finance to further consolidate their market power. We now have the most concentrated market power in American history. Even greater than a century ago which led to the reforms like anti-trust and Glass-Steagall, which have all been successfully eroded. We now have the greatest wealth inequality and concentration of economic and political power.

    The 2 Americas is the tale and theater designed to further entrench power. The bottom 90% in both blue & red America have allowed themselves to be enslaved, precisely because of their infatuation with narrow cultural identities and the faux culture wars.

    The behind-the-scenes puppeteers of both blue & red America are the same. Obama used the race and BLM canard to political gain. His personal social network however are the Richard Branson’s and David Geffen’s. His own $12 million home is on “white supremacist” Martha’s Vineyard. Trump sold the Deplorables on Draining the Swamp and then proceeded to hire the Swamp to run his administration. Mitch McConnell epitomizes the duplicity.

    The left/right, Red/Blue, Liberal/Conservative faux battles are precisely the entertainment that the “owners” as George Carlin labeled them want, to keep the bottom 90% distracted & divided. What has changed from the Roman “bread & circuses”?

    • Carey says:

      >IMO, we don’t have socialism. What we have seen over the past 50 years is a steady evolution to classic fascism. The merging of Big Business and Big Government. The merging of the National Security State and Big Corporate & Financial Interests.<

      Agree. This isn't socialism at all; it's capital- F Fascism.

  7. China is estranged from access to capital

    No. In fact, the opposite is true.

    Big Tech can manipulate search results all they want

    That’s the only thing they can manipulate because these “big tech” are nothing more than few large data centers and about few thousands, most of them morons, code-writers stuffed into the office buildings, who write their code sitting on the furniture made in China, on computers assembled in China which run on a chips made in Taiwan (mostly). They also use smart-phones made in China. Most of those people in this “big tech” never saw real hi-tech or real industries in their life and to add the insult to injury most of them are from Pakistan and India. I would suggest to someone to start tour business into Redmond–that’s going to be fun. “Big Tech” is a simulacrum created in deep recesses of US mass-media infested with people with degrees in “journalism” and English and who never worked a day in real hi-tech.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Never under-estimate the stupidity of the typical American.

      My grandfather barely survived the Armenian genocide, made his way to America, joined the Army, was so strac he was promoted directly from private to sergeant in WW1. After service, he organized Armenian business owners in Detroit to arm themselves and successfully fight off the Purple Gang (a Jewish mafia, predecessors of the Italian mafia in Detroit). He made actually money during the depression. Real tough guy.

      He was offered an opportunity to invest in Disney Land (world?) on initial offering. He laughed it off as a con. Who would pay good money to travel across the country to spend time with unskilled actors in stupid cartoon mouse costumes? My father, another street wise tough guy, WW2 vet, and by that time, an attorney and advisor to the family, agreed. Idiotic concept.

      When I was a young man my father and I sat down and did a ballpark calculation of what that offering would have been worth, at present, had my grandfather gone for it. It was a staggering amount. It was a lesson the old man wanted me to learn.

      I understand what you are saying about “big tech” versus the real thing. However, the so called big tech people don’t need to be very real or stellar to be highly influential. True quality has always been, and only can be, appreciated by a small few. The masses are always appeased by shallow, crude, garbage. It’s a sad truth that the few tend to overlook, because it’s offensive to them. Cynics exploit it.

  8. Deap says:

    Should China “win” the global sweepstakes, how will we first start noticing it? Or can we still rot them out with our own decadent culture. I do notice our Chinese college students in Calif start looking like surf bums and little gangsters in short order.

  9. Roscoe Hillenkooter says:

    So, we’re getting updates from the Falun Gong newspaper now?

    • Deap says:

      Roscoe, We recently started a print subscription to Epoch Times too – one reads carefully, but there is some good writing and comfortable range of opinions -or what we call a comfortable”confirmation bias” today.

      Te Falun Gong” stuff is easy to spot and easier to ignore – which undermines their whole point I suppose, but when the status of daily print media is fragile, the LA Times is is your “local home delivery” option, and WSJ does not publish on Sunday, whatcha gonna do?

  10. J says:

    If the Nation has were to fracture into a United States Red, and a United States Blue. Who gets the Pentagon? Or would they even want it?

    • Deap says:

      Red America would use their share of the “military” defending their own borders.

      Because in short order, Blue America will try to flood across Red America borders, so their “children can have a better life”. Nope, they have to stay put in the bed they made, so our Red America children can finally have a better life too.

  11. J says:

    Is John Brennan the one spearheading the intelligence attacks on Libertarians, Republicans, Conservatives, and all who don’t adhere to Brennan’s Communist Manefisto? The DNI appears little more than a beard for Brennan, as she is a staunch Brennan acolyte.

  12. Seward says:

    As an example of what one of the Americas is moving to, California is mandating high-school students take a course where, inter alia, they act out worship to the Aztec gods: .
    (For those unfamiliar with the Aztecs, they were by far the largest instance of human cannibalism ever recorded. The many thousand captives they killed at the altar every year they ate, as they themselves admitted, even boasted, and as recused Spanish captives saw.)
    Read it and weep.

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  14. FeinGul says:

    There is Blue America, there is no Red America.

    There could be a Red America, but only if they can vote and talk and blog and law their way out of this…and …they can’t.

    I’d say we, but there is no we. There’s Them and they Rule us. Them=Blue.

    And as for the precious governors of the putative Red states you must be kidding.
    Kemp? Sure he’s for voter reform, now that it doesn’t matter.
    DeSantis? Gaetz? Do either of them or any of them look like they’ve been in one fistfight in their entire lives? Trump? A proven coward.

    The Happening ain’t happening. The Truth is the farm animals we call Americans are simply milling about and bleating a bit while they settle onto their new pastures.

    The Republic fell with one shot to Ashli Babbitt’s throat, and all fled or hid on base – esp Big Army of course stayed quite put on the DOD FOB – surprise, surprise. In the end no one defended the Republic because lets be honest…there’s nothing in this system for men to die for, to kill for….so Blue took all the power by default.

    There was no war, just a forefeit. Sic Semper Tyrannus, the real Sic Semper Tyrannus. Tyranny is man’s natural state and we’ve just normalized.

  15. Jacqueline U. says:

    Dear United Statian neighbours, please remember: USA is not America. :*

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