Ukraine Stockpiling Discarded Russian Weaponry

2S5 Giatsint 152 mm self-propelled howitzers

” Ukrainians have seized control of tanks, ammunition, guns, and even howitzers left behind by the Russian forces, as the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine approaches eight months.

Ukraine’s “breakthrough” during last month’s fighting in the Kharkiv region also brought an upgrade in weaponry, with the Journal reporting the Russian army left behind many of its “heavy weapons and warehouses of supplies in a disorganized retreat.”

Some of the Russian weaponry, including “Soviet-standard artillery shells,” was available for immediate use, reports the Journal, while other tanks, guns, and vehicles “too damaged to salvage” were disassembled for spare parts.

According to Ruslan Andriyko, Ukraine’s deputy chief of staff, one Ukrainian battalion, the Carpathian Sich, collected 10 modern T-80 tanks and five 2S5 Giatsint 152 mm self-propelled howitzers after clearing the town of Izyum last month.

“We’ve got so many trophies that we don’t even know what to do with them,” said Andriyko. “We started off as an infantry battalion, and now we are sort of becoming a mechanized battalion.”

Andriyko says the Ukrainian battalion operates four recently captured Russian 2S19 Msta 152 mm self-propelled howitzers, alongside American-made guns, and now has abundant Soviet-caliber ammunition, according to the Journal.”

Report: Ukraine Stockpiling Discarded Russian Weaponry |

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5 Responses to  Ukraine Stockpiling Discarded Russian Weaponry

  1. Pat Lang says:

    No Virginia, that is not a tank.

  2. walrus says:

    From what appears to be happening, the Russian Army – , organisation, strategy, training and tactics are completely incompatible with getting the best out of modern technology.

    The Ukrainians appear to be the ones playing four dimensional chess on the battlefield, not Russia.

    For example, blindingly fast network – centric battlefield communications, GPS, drones, and smart munitions aren’t going to help you if your junior commanders are not allowed to use their initiative quickly but instead have to wait for orders from neanderthals at headquarters. All your beautiful comms do is allow the bosses to micromanage you and fuck things up.

    same with smart weapons – they are designed to be employed by individuals at section level. Ponderous artillery barrages are great – if the enemy cannot move.

    I get the distinct impression that the Ukrainians are faster and more nimble (probably tutored and supported by NATO) than the Russians. In my opinion it is doubtful that the Russian army can change fast enough to match them. What that means is we are going to see some highly professional bear baiting until the enraged animal is either killed or turns on his handlers….

  3. SRW says:

    German support for Ukraine remains strong. Gotta love the Germans
    A survey by German @ZDF media: should Germany continue supporting Ukraine despite growing energy prices?
    July: 70%
    August: 71%
    September: 74%
    Thank you for choosing freedom and helping Ukraine!

  4. Leith says:

    Putin is the largest supplier of arms and equipment to Ukraine. Despite Putin claims about the West. From the Wall Street Journal:

    “Combined with weapons taken during Russia’s retreat from Kyiv and other parts of northern Ukraine in April, these recent gains have turned Moscow into by far the largest supplier of heavy weapons for Ukraine, well ahead of the U.S. or other allies in sheer numbers, according to open-source intelligence analysts.”

    Ukraine has captured at least:
    – 460 Russian main battle tanks,
    -92 self-propelled howitzers,
    – 44 MLRS,
    -448 infantry fighting vehicles,
    – 195 armored fighting vehicles.

    The real number may likely be higher.

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