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The New Drone Wars Revisited

Comment: This is a blast from the past, from 29 October 2020 to be exact. I talked about the rise of the Turkish T2B Bayraktar drones in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan and wondered what this will mean for the future … Continue reading

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“Russia Sent 70-Year-old T-55 Tanks To Ukraine Without Even Upgrading Them”

The first of potentially two or three hundred 70-year-old T-55 tanks that the Kremlin has been pulling out of long-term storage finally have arrived in Ukraine. A photo that appeared online on Friday depicts a T-55 reportedly somewhere in Zaporizhzhia … Continue reading

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Russia to base nuclear warheads in Belarus… so what? – TTG

The United States and its European allies warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday against what they said was “dangerous” nuclear rhetoric after he announced plans to store tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, a close ally of Moscow that … Continue reading

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“Russia hauls 1950s-era tanks out of storage to join battlefield” – TTG

Russia appears to have pulled 1950s-era tanks out of storage in the latest sign of a serious armour shortage in its army. Pictures and video have emerged of what experts say are T-54 and T-55 tanks being transported by rail … Continue reading

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Mick Ryan on Ukrainian tanks – TTG

From the beginning of the Russian invasion, arguments over provision of different weapons & technologies to Ukraine have been waged in Europe and the US. Perhaps the most long-standing, and important, is provision of American or European tanks. My aim … Continue reading

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“Poland wants to give Ukraine Leopard tanks as part of coalition’

“Poland is ready to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine that Kyiv requested, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced on a visit to the eastern Ukrainian city of Lviv. Warsaw is willing to deliver the tanks “within the framework of an international … Continue reading

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” … Britain’s Challenger II tanks could alter the battlefield in Ukraine”

“The world saw this last summer east of Kharkiv, when Ukraine smashed through a thinly guarded line of Russian troops and rushed east, gobbling up ground as Moscow’s retreat turned into a rout. There is every chance that could happen again, if … Continue reading

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Armored fighting vehicle – wiki

“An armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) is an armed combat vehicle protected by armour, generally combining operational mobility with offensive and defensive capabilities. AFVs can be wheeled or tracked. Examples of AFVs are tanks, armoured cars, assault guns, self-propelled guns, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), and armoured personnel carriers (APC). Armoured fighting vehicles are classified according to their characteristics and intended role … Continue reading

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“Bradleys, Self-Propelled Howitzers Head to Ukraine …”

” … the package includes 50 Bradley fighting vehicles, 100 M113 armored personnel carriers, 18 self-propelled howitzers, missiles, munitions and more.  U.S. President Joe Biden previewed the announcement Thursday during remarks at a White House cabinet meeting.  “We’re going to provide the … Continue reading

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” … the German government finally has pledged to Ukraine a first batch of Marder infantry fighting vehicles.”

“The 30-ton, tracked vehicles with their 20-millimeter auto-cannons, MILAN anti-tank missiles and steel armor represent a significant upgrade for the Ukrainian army’s mechanized infantry—and, alongside M-2 Bradley IFVs the Americans are donating, could help to give the army the mobility, protection and … Continue reading

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